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Busty liza del sierra fucked in the ass with a black dick
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As time progressed things started to change. Kylee started to change. It had been a year since we started to date and I was falling head over heals in love with her. I had filmed thousands of scenes by then and was one of the most popular porn stars in the industry. One day I was out filming a bunch of scenes and that's when I noticed how distant she was becoming. It seemed as though she no longer had time for me anymore.

She stopped calling me and texting me. Well as it turns out she had been cheating on me with one of her dad's business partners. He was a married 40 year old with several kids. My sister caught her red handed. She was making out with the guy and my sister walked up to them and took a picture with her cell phone. She didn't say a word to her, she just walked off. Kylee chased her down pleading with her to not tell me. The entire time my sister ignored her and pretended she wasn't even in the same space as she was.

I came home and my sister broke the news to me. I was devastated. I was in love with that girl. Our sex life was absolutely amazing for crying out loud. We had sex almost twice a day and many, many, many threesomes. She even went with me to a lot of my shoots. I treated her like she was my queen. I spoiled her like crazy and everything. My sister cried for me as she held me. Later that day Kylee came over crying. When I opened the door she attempted to hug me but I didn't want her near me.

"Can we talk?" She asked. "About what?" I asked. "Look Chad I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She said as she sobbed. "Why?" I asked. "I don't know why. It just happened." She said.

"I'm not a bitch you know." She said. "I would never call you that." I said. "Can we ever fix this?" She asked. "I doubt it. Right now I need my space to let all of this sink in." I said as my sister stood on the other side of the door caressing my arm. "Can you ever forgive me?" She asked. "Yes I can, but I will never forget." I said. "Can I come in?" She asked. "No. I need my space right now." I said. "Your sister told you didn't she." She asked.

"What did I tell you in the beginning?" I asked. "That you two were very close." She said. "So what makes you think that she wouldn't?" I asked. "Nothing I guess." She replied. "Look, you really are a great person, you are. I just don't think we are going to work out anymore.

I can't be with someone, who I have bent over backwards to make happy, for them to stab me in the back." I said.

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"Chad I'm sorry." She said. "Look, I need to go." I said. "Can we at least talk about this first?" She asked. "No. I'm hurting pretty bad right now." I said. "I understand." She said. "Take care of yourself. You're a great person so I have no doubt that you'll do fine." I said.

"So does this mean it's over between us?" She asked. "Pretty much." I said. "Please Chad I want to be with you. I love you." She said. "If you really loved me, this conversation would not be happening right now." I said. "I do Chad, I do love you." She said. "Actions speak louder than words. Look, I keep saying this because I mean it, you're a great person.

I know that without a doubt. You'll be fine." I said. "Can we at least be friends?" She asked as she sobbed. "Yes, but we really need to be apart until I'm not hurting so bad." I said. "Ok.

I'm sorry Chad. Can you at least think about giving me a second chance?" She asked. "We will have to see." I said. "I gotta go." I said. She walked off and got into her car. She stayed out there crying her eyes out for a few minutes before she left.

She called me multiple times but I never answered her, or call her back. Her parents even called me and begged me to take her back. They loved me like crazy and were planning on us getting married.

It sucked ass knowing that my first real love had betrayed me the way she did. I was physically sick for several days because of it. My awesome sister stayed at my house and took care of me. She didn't go to school for several days just to make sure I was ok. Her then boyfriend got mad at her for it but she didn't give a shit. It took a while, but I got over it finally. We did remain as friends and hung out together from time to time but we never had sex again. It was funny how she complained about the size of his dick and how she had never had orgasms like I gave her.

In fact, they never even came close. She confessed that she faked a lot of her orgasms with him. Time went by and it had been two years since since Kylee and I started to date. A long while after our break up, a very beautiful friendship had bloomed between us and even my sister. Of corse my sister had a really serious talk with her prior to that happening.

We had a very very close friendship between the three of us. It was sad seeing her go through the shit she was going through with the douche bag she had been with for a while. They eventually broke up finally to my relief, and my sisters relief. It was an abusive relationship and she said that I was the reason she ended it with the guy. She knew she deserved better mainly because of how I treated her. Her parents were elated to find out that she and I were hanging out again.

She eventually moved in with me into my house with me. That's when her true colors began to show. She was amazingly sweet and holy shit was she hilarious!

She was thee biggest smart ass and funniest person I had ever met! She made a comment to me once that made me laugh so hard I almost passed out. She looked at me like I was an alien for a few minutes not believing that I took it as a joke. I couldn't stop laughing and she just stood there grinning. The comment was directed at me too, and I still couldn't help but laugh my ass off. She looked amazed that I didn't get mad at her at all. She made several more making me laugh even harder.

The only person that had ever made me laugh that hard was my little sister. She also loved acting like a kid. Whenever she did that, it made me want to act like a kid.

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I was starting to absolutely love being around her. One day she made me laugh my ass off and as soon as I calmed down I looked at her and smiled. "What?" She asked with a big grin. "Where was this Kylee when we dated?" I asked. "I don't know. I just got so use to hiding the real me that it became second nature I guess." She replied.

"Good god girl. Is this really the real you?" I asked. "Yes and after my last douche bag boyfriend I have decided to just be me. I don't care what people think." She said.

"Oh my god, you shouldn't care at all Kylee! You're fucking hilarious! Do you even know that?!" I asked. "You know what? Had I known that you had an amazing sense of humor like you do, I would have never cheated on you." She said. "You never gave me the chance to show you because you were hiding the real you. To be honest Kylee, I llllove it!! Holy shit girl!" I said. "So you like the real me then?" She asked.

"What did I just say? Hell yes! I love the real you! In fact, these last few days alone just really, I don't know. I am seriously thinking about giving you a second chance. I'm really starting to seriously considering it" I said. She sat up straight and her eyes and mouth opened really wide. She looked incredibly floored and was starting to cry.

She covered her mouth. "Really?!" She asked. "Hell yes. I want to be around this Kylee. I love the hell out of this Kylee. Oh my god girl! I want to be around you like crazy now." I said.

"You would really give me a second chance?" She asked. "Kylee look, I don't know what made you hide the real you, but now that your true colors are showing, and I am seeing you, god yes girl. I tell you what. You just be you like you have been these last few days, and you'll have me back in no time. Just be yourself and embrace that." I said. "Seriously?" She asked. "Yes. I love that you live with me now. I liked it before but now I love it." I said.

"You are by far the best boyfriend I have ever had. You were so so amazing to me. You treated me like a queen. That's why I broke up with my last boyfriend. He wasn't nearly as good to me as you were, not even close. I am so so sorry that I ever screwed it all up. I haven't been happy ever since you broke up with me.

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I'm so sorry I hurt you Chad." She said. "Listen, stop holding on to that. I haven't forgotten but now I am willing to let all of that go if you are." I said. "Ok. I will try." She said as she sniffed and tried to compose herself. "The sooner you do, the sooner we will be together again." I said. "I'll try really hard. And Chad, I swear to god that if we do get back together that I won't hurt you again.

I am willing to do anything I need to do to prove that to you. You're the only guy I want to be with." She said as she cried. I grabbed her and hugged her tightly. It was awesome to finally see the real Kylee. And to be honest, I started to have really strong feelings for her. Only this time it was different. It wasn't all lust and sexual feelings like the last time. This was much much deeper.

These were feelings I had never experienced, ever. Days and weeks went by and the sexual tension between us started to build slowly. She started to wear less and less around me, showing off that petite sexy body of hers.

So I got her back and just walked around with tight boxer briefs on only. Yeah you can imaging how thick the sexual tension between us was starting to get. It made our feelings for each other start to really take root.

The sparks between us was nothing like it was before, in fact, this time I realized that I didn't love her like I thought I did. It was the same for her as well. She really got comfortable with herself and it became the new norm for her if you will. Then her 18th birthday started to get really close. As in a week she would be 18. Here is the awesome thing, my sisters birthday fell on the exact same day as hers, and my sister was turning 16.

Now, my sister had grown up and my god was she a cutie. She was just as tall as Kylee was, and her tits were almost exactly as small as hers. She was very flirtatious with me whenever Kylee wasn't around. She and I were lucky I guess, because we both looked years younger than we really were.

She was turning 16 and looked much much younger. So much younger in fact that no one believed her when she told them that she was about to turn 16 in a week or so.

Seriously, if you didn't know her at all, you'd swear that she was 10 or 11 years old. People finally believed her when she showed them her drivers permit. There are still those that still can't believe how old she really was. She had really long very very light blonde hair, not platinum blonde, but very very blonde. Her skin was pasty white and she had these gorgeous ice blue mesmerizing eyes.

She was quite the little hottie to be perfectly honest.

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I loved my sister to death. She was the most amazing person I knew. Kylee also loved her to death and they were like two peas in a pod like before.

One day Kylee was in school for her nursing license and I was home from a week of shooting porn. My sister had mom bring her over to my house. She looked really good that day. She came in and pulled me into my living room and sat me down. "Ok. Do you remember when you asked me what I wanted for my birthday?" She asked. "Yes." I said. "I really really want two things.

Things I can't tell mom I want so I'm hoping you can help me with it." She said. "Ok so what is it sweetheart?" I asked. "Ok ummm, first I want to know what you do for a living. I figure that since you won't be home for my birthday, you can at least do that for me. Now you have to promise me you will give me that for my birthday." She said. "Hun, you're not 18 yet." I said.

"I don't care. I really want to know and to be honest, I am tired of waiting. All I know is that you have been leaving ever since I was 14 and you're making a bunch of money and you're really rich now. So I want to know why." She said. "Ok I will tell you, just promise me that you won't look at me differently when I tell you." I said. "I promise Chad. We have been close forever, nothing will ever change that." She said.

"I hope so. You may not like it though." I said. "Even if I don't, I will never look at you any differently." She said. "Ok good. I will give you that for your birthday, now what else would you like?" I asked. "Ok, now, you know that I am bi." She said. "Yes I do know." I said. "I have never been with a girl before and I'm dying to find out what it's like. I want to have my first lesbian experience, I want to have sex with a girl for the first time. I want that for my 16th birthday too." She said.

"Ok. And how would you like me to set that up?" I asked. "I really want Kylee to be my first girl." She said. "I can't say that I blame you. She is really really hot and extremely sexy." I said. "She has a very yummy body. I really want my first lesbian experience to be with her." She said. "I will set it up for you then." I said with a big smile.

"Really?!" She asked. "Yes, really." I said. "Oh my god your the best brother ever! I love you so much Chad." She said as she hugged me. We hung out for the rest of the day. We went and took lunch to Kylee and then I took her home and hung out with her for a while. Kylee and I got home at the exact same time so we ended up racing to the door and wrestling to see who was going to get the door opened first.

I made it to the door first and she tried like hell to get me away from the door.


It looked like we were fighting. The neighbors called the police on us and everything. When they showed up and told us why they were there, we both looked at each other for a second and started to laugh like crazy.


We were finally able to explain to them that we weren't fighting and we both were messing around. The cops all started laughing at us and finally left us. Living with her now, was almost like I was living with my sister.

We made dinner and just before she went to her own room, I pulled her onto he couch. "Kylee I need your help." I said.

"What's up?" She asked. "Well my sister has the same birthday as you and it's coming up and she talked to me about what she wanted." I said. "What does she want?" She asked. "I'll just come right out with it. Do you remember when I told you that she was bi?" I asked.

"Yes I do." She said. "She has never been with a girl and she really really wants to have sex with one. She wants you to be her first." I said. "Wait.me?" She asked. "Yes, she specifically said that she wanted you to be her first lesbian experience." I said. "But, what about you?" She asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Are you going to be ok with that?" She asked visibly worried. "Perfectly to be honest, I think you're right, she is a real hotty. So yes I am perfectly ok with that. I wish I could be here to watch." I said.

"That would be sssssooooo hhhhot! Especially if you joined us. So you're giving me to her for her birthday present?" She asked. "I guess that is pretty much what it sounds like." I said. "God I've wanted to do very dirty things to her for the longest time." She said. "I know." I said. "I'll be more than happy to be her birthday present." She said. "She will love it." I said. "So will I. I'm going to tell her that I am her birthday present from her sexy big brother." She said.

"That will work. Plus there is another thing she wants." I said with a grin. "What's that?" She asked. "She wants to know what I do for a living." I said.

"She still doesn't know?! How are you going to tell her?" She asked. "I have no idea." I replied. "Wait! I have a great idea!" She said getting very excited. "What's your brilliant idea?" I asked. "How about I tell her? What if I told her what you do?" She asked. "That may work." I said. "So what I'll do is just tell her that I have two birthday presents for her and they are both from you." She said.

"Don't show her the movies though. They are all about incest soooooo yeah. I don't need her thinking that I am some sicko." I said.

"You never know, she may like that. I know I would love to see you two together." Kylee said. "I don't know, I'm kinda scared that she might freak out and our relationship will not be the same." I said.

"Honey, stop worrying about it. You have supported that family ever since you started to do that. She knows that, so I doubt your relationship will be ruined." She said.

"I hope you're right." I said. "It'll be ok, I promise, and if she does freak out I'll talk to her about it." She said. "Thanks." I said. "You're welcome. Now I need your help." She said. "Ok, with what?" I asked. "I really like your sister and I think she is really really sexy. So I was wanting to know if you'll help me send her some pictures of me to her to get her to really want me." She asked.

"I would love to." I said. "Good I'm going to bed now. And Chad, I love what we have now. I don't remember the last time I have ever been this happy. My life is amazing thanks to you." She said. "I love what we have now too." I said. She hugged me and went to bed. The next morning I got up and took a shower and started to pack for my next shoot. As I was packing Kylee came into my room and my jaw dropped.

She had on a very very small lace bra that was see through and a matching little g string on. She had her hair up in a pony tail and her tanned tight body looked very very tasty.

She walked up to me and grinned as she watched me look her over really good. I was only wearing my boxer briefs at the time. She looked down to see my bulge growing. Keeping her head down she looked up at me and bit her lip. "It's been a while since I've seen that." She said softly. "I know, it's been a while since I've seen you like this." I said. "Will you help me?" She asked. "Yes I will." I said as she handed me her phone.

"I'm sorry, but my god you look so hot." I said. "Yeah?" She asked. "Yeah, you look very sexy." I said. "So do you." She said as she giggled looking at my growing bulge.

We went to her room and I started to take pictures of her she started to pose and show her yummy body off. She then started to strip and down naked. She actually took the phone from me and took a bunch of selfies. She took pictures of her tits and her pussy. She took a bunch and as she started masturbating, she looked up at me.

By then my cock was straining really hard in my boxer briefs, pushing my waist band away from my body. She sat up and pulled her panties all the way off. She laid back and spread her legs really wide and I could see how wet she was.

My mouth watered as she sat back up and grabbed my hand. She looked up into my eyes and pulled me to her as she bit her lip. She rubbed my stomach and down and across my twitching cock. "Can I?" She whispered. I just nodded my head as she continued to stroke me through my boxer briefs. "It's been so so long since I've seen this huge beautiful cock." She whispered. "It's been too long since I've seen you like this." I said.

"Do you like it?" She asked. "You tell me." I said as I looked down at myself. "I'm going to take this as a yes." She said as she gripped, and rubbed me through my briefs. "God that feels so good." I said as I exhaled. "Yeah?" She asked as she started pulling my boxer briefs down. "Yeah." I managed to say as chills ripped through me. My cock sprung out and hit her chin.

She pulled them all the way down my cock. She immediately opened her mouth and started to suck my cock head into her mouth. I was still holding her phone so I took several pictures of her with my cock in her mouth.

I dropped her phone on the bed and she really started to suck my cock really good. Her tongue went crazy on the underside of my cock as she tried to deep throat me. I groaned and threw my head back. I felt like there was electricity pulsing through my body. I looked down to see her big blue eyes looking up at me. She released my cock from her mouth with an audible pop. "I know you have to leave soon, so can I have this beautiful monster inside of me before you leave?" She asked half whimpering, stroking me slowly using her saliva as lube.

I picked her up and kissed her hard and the laid her down with me on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and started to pull me to her. "I want I taste you again." I whispered after breaking the kiss. "You don't have time baby. I love how you eat my pussy but right now we only have time for you to fuck me." She said as she rubbed my face gently. "You want me inside of you?" I asked. "God yeah, I've wanted you inside of me ever since I moved in with you." She said as I reached down and grabbed my cock.

"Like this?" I asked as I thrusted my hips forward, pushing my cock inside of her incredibly tight pussy. "HHHHHHUUUUUUU.oooooohhh ggggod yeah baby, just like.uuuhhh.like that baby." She moaned.

I looked in her eyes as I started thrusting, pushing my cock deep we and deeper inside of her with each thrust. Her mouth remained wide open as she started gasping. With one final hard thrust, I buried my cock balls deep inside of her. Her back arched and her body twisted. She squealed and started to tremble and jerk violently. I started to thrust slowly and by the third stroke, her pussy started to spasm and squeeze the shit out of my cock as it pulsed violently around me.

She grabbed her sheets and pulled her self over and cried out in little squeaks and loud sharp gasps. Seconds later I felt her cum force it's way from around my steel rod.

Her nipples were rock hard and goose bumps were all over her tight little body. Her tiny tits, thighs, ass, calves all jiggled like crazy as she shook. I started to fuck her harder and harder pounding my hips against her. She lost all control of her body and her back arched over and over again.

Her stomach muscles spasmed and jerked like fast as she began having one orgasm after another. I couldn't stop pounding her pussy. I was loving the way she moved and whimpered as her orgasms ripped through her like electricity.

She stopped and held her breath as she lifted her body off of the bed with her head, grasping her bed and sheets really hard and pulling them towards her. I pulled out of her just to watch her hips thrust up and down hard as her cum all but sprayed out of her.

She pushed her self up onto the bed farther gasping as her body shook and jiggled. She rolled over completely before she collapsed as her orgasm began to subside.

I got on top of her and slid my cock deep inside if her again. Her back arched as she gasped. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. "Hhhhhholy ssshhhhhhit!!! Oh my god I forgot how amazing you were in bed." She hissed as she started thrusting her hips up and down.

"You like that?" I asked. "Fuck yeah baby." She moaned as I started to fuck her hard. I sat up on my knees and lifted her ass off of the bed and started to pound her again. I felt my cock start to swell more as I continued to fuck her hard and fast. I looked to see that her neck tendons were sticking out and her blonde eye brows were slanted. She was whimpering and gasping between breaths as another orgasm started to really build. My balls started to tighten as her Pusey started to spasm again.

I was able to keep from cumming inside of her in order to give her another round of multiple orgasms. Her body started to tremble again making her tits jiggle. I felt her pussy begin to spasm again like crazy. It squeezed and released my cock over and over again.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her back arched hard. She reached over and pulled the sheets to her again as she really started to gasp and whimper. I started to thrust even harder as her cum started to force it's way from around my cock, soaking my abdomen and balls.

She shook violently and her body jerked like crazy after waves of orgasms ripped through her. My balls were hurting and I was ready to cum as well. I slowed down a little allowing her to come down for her massive orgasms. Just as I went to pull out of her she sat up and pushed me back off of the bed. She dropped to her knees and actually deep throated half of my cock with one motion.

She reached up and started to play with my balls as she throat fucked herself with my raging rod. I threw my head back and moaned as. Felt my load work it's way up my shaft. I looked down just as she pulled my cock out and rested the head on her tongue and started jerking my cock fast and hard. Just then my cock erupted into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my cock head and sucked my cock, draining every drop out of my balls. She swallowed every drop that went down her throat. Once my balls were empty she sucked up and down my shaft slowly for a minute or so.

She released my cock and giggled. "Fffffuck! We gotta do that more often." I said. "Ok. I love the idea of having my room mate as a fuck buddy. Maybe one day we can get your sexy little sister to join us." She said seductively. "You would like that wouldn't you?" I asked. "Especially if I got to watch you fuck her like you fuck me." She said slowly stroking my cock. "Yum." I said. "You can say that again." She said as she stood up.

I kissed her hard as my cock deflated. After we were done she went to make breakfast and I finished packing. We just stayed naked as we ate and walked around. Then I got dressed and was getting ready to leave. She walked me to my car in the garage and hugged me.

"Hey. When can we be together again?" She asked. "Whenever you want. Kylee, you really are an amazing amazing woman. These last few weeks I got to know the Kylee I wished I would have known before. You're funny as hell, you're the biggest sweet heart, and you are extremely respectful. You have been absolutely amazing! We have been doing things together that I have always wanted to do with a girlfriend.

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You're being yourself and I absolutely love it. You are a blast to be around! The sex, oh.my.god! I can see myself getting married to you honestly. Now I know that's a lot too much right now but I'm being brutally honest here. I really want to be with you again. I really do. So whenever you are ready for that let me know." I said. "No that is not too much. I can definitely see you as my husband. You accept me for who I really really am and you love that. I love that I don't have to pretend to be anything or anyone else anymore.

I can just be me. And you know what, I have never had this much fun being around some one before. The sex is just a huge huge bonus, especially since you're so fucking good at it.

Honestly, I don't know why I cheated on you. I know you said to let it go, but I have been kicking myself in the ass for doing what I did to you for the last few weeks. But, I'll get over it. I don't want to wait anymore. I have to be with you. Not want, I have to be. But first let me talk to your sister and hopefully we will get her blessing." She said.

"I absolutely love that you are including her on this." I said. "Why wouldn't I? She is your sister, and I love the hell out of that girl. She is like a sister to me. Her blessing will mean the world to me." She said. "God I love you." I said as I hugged her. "I love you too Chad." She replied as she hugged me tightly. "Now go out there and make me some yummy porn." She said as she sniffed.

"By the way, I still lllllove your tits." I said. "You really like them small don't you?" She asked. "The smaller they are, the more that drive me crazy." I said. "Good thing since my tits basically don't exists." She said as she giggled.

"That's why I love them so much." I said. I kissed her really softly and slowly before getting into my car and headed to the airport. When their birthdays came I called my sister to wish her a happy birthday. She seemed excited when I called her. "Hey there kiddo! How is your day so far?" I asked. "It's awesome! Thank you so much for my jeep! I love it!" She said. "You're welcome, but I have a few more things for you in store." I said. "Like what?" She asked. "You have a date tonight right?" She asked.

"Yes I do. With a really really, incredibly sexy sexy girl." She said. "Yeah? Who is she?" I asked. "Kylee." She said. "Happy birthday sweetie." I said.

"Thank you. I'm so nervous and I don't even know why." She said. "Oh don't you worry you're going to have fun." I said. "God I hope so. She is sssssssoooo hhhhhot!" She said. "Yeah she is." I said. "So she talked to me a week ago.

She told me that she really wants to be with you and you felt the same way. I had a long talk to her and even though she cheated on you, you two have my blessing. You two are amazing together and she has changed a lot." She said. "Yeah she already told me, like that night. I can't tell you how much that means to me Addie." I said. "You're welcome. Now, what about the other thing I asked about?" She asked. "You'll find out tonight." I said. "Ok fair enough.

I really want to know how you got so rich, and how you have taken care of us all of this time." She said. "Make sure you tell me everything that happens tonight." I said. "Have I ever kept anything from you?" She asked. "Nope." I replied. "That's not going to change." She said. "Good, I have to go to the set now. Have fun. Love you kiddo." I said. "Love you too. Have fun." She said. We hung up and I went to the set. I did several shoots that day.

As the day went by I didn't hear from my girl Kylee and my sister. I was elated that Kylee and I were back together again. Yeah she cheated on me and all, but I would be stupid to let her go. I wish there were words I could use to describe how much she had changed. Like I said before, she was a lot of fun to be around. I loved being around her.

Our feelings for each other went far beyond lust now. It was just pure lust before. I realize that now and so does she. She didn't give a shit that I had money. She even told me that she would sign a prenup to show me that she was with me for me and no other reason.

I loves that she was such a freak in bed. Everything about this girl just absolutely had me falling for her. It was amazing to have these feelings.

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