Hot shirtless men gay porn xxx Not surprising given his pretty

Hot shirtless men gay porn xxx Not surprising given his pretty
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It was like any other day at Smallville High. Just waiting till the bell rang Kara thought to herself while playing with a lock of her blond hair.


"Just 10 more minutes and I'll be out of here and I can finally have some fun for my birthday" Kara's thought was interrupted by the sound of the bell. "Okay class, that's it for today! Don't forget tomorrow we have a big test so be on time!" exclaimed the teacher. Kara had caught the last few word of what the teacher had said on her way out and proceeded to head to the bus on the way home she had been thinking about life on earth, and how she had ended up in her situation.

The bus finally reached her stop where she got off, she was glad to be home, and with her uncle and aunt gone for the weekend she would be able to have the house to herself. Kara had no problems with grades except human history.

She was incredibly athletic and had prime figure for an 18 year old. She didn't dress slutty, rather trendy, she had gorgeous crystal blue eyes, almost other-worldly beautiful, her tits were prefect for her frame which would catch the attention of many boys at school when she would wear a tank-top. She had caught many of the eyes of boys around the school but had never accepted any of their advances. This was not because she was shy, but rather, she had a secret; one that scared her but at the same time was something extraordinary.

She was the cousin of the man of steel, superman. Kara shared many of her cousins abilities, super strong, super fast, X-ray vision, which she had fun using to scope out some of the cock sizes of the boys form school, she wanted to compare them to the very few of her kind she had remembered seeing and playing with when her home planet was still around.


She soon realized earth boys on average had larger penises than that of home. This excited her very much, but her past experiences with what human women called dildos proved otherwise. Every dildo she had owned and used would be crushed flat by her pussy muscles when she would orgasm.

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Most of the time Kara had to resort to melting down a steel pole into a dildo with her heat vision. Even then the steel dildo would last up until she had a multiple orgasm at which point the 3 inch girth 7 inch long steel dildo would come back out as a steel knife covered in 18 year old love juices. Kara was getting tired of having to get herself off all the time but she had no other choice.

Her pussy would flatten an earth boy's cock at the first orgasm let alone survive a multiple one-and mind you Kryptonian women have some violent and messy multiple orgasms.

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She remembered her first time where she had a multiple orgasm, her body thrashed around almost uncontrollably, her eyes rolled back, and her head was swimming in euphoria, her legs shook and quivered, and her pussy would squirt out her sweet love juices. She soon found herself rubbing her nice firm 18 year old breasts as her other hand was playing with her clit ever so slightly through her black panties from the reminiscing of her former sexual adventures back on her now non-existent home planet.

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She was starting to get wet from playing with her clit which was more sensitive than most earth girl's. She stuck 2 fingers into her wet and waiting pussy hole and every so slightly, finger fucked herself for a few minutes at which point she pulled out her fingers, brought them up to her nose, took a sniff and then proceeded to lick each finger clean of her sweet teen pussy juice.

This very action, and the very taste of her own love nectar sent her into a a wild flare of horniness, she rapidly shoved her hand back down to her wet pussy and began furiously rubbing her clit and slapping her pussy, every-now-and-then she would stuff 2 or 3 fingers in there and finger fuck her self to her heart's content.

She was so turned on by what she had done she even began to rub her asshole, which for kryptonian women was also rather sensitive and could produce quiet exciting orgasms.

Kara looked at the mirror in her room seeing her sweet 18 year old body laid out on her bed with legs spread and her hands furiously at work trying to get herself off. This send her over the edge, she started to feel the orgasm coming, her body felt hot and every rub, slap, and finger fuck she was giving herself felt better and better and better, till she gave off a moan and a grunt as she let the orgasm take over her body.


She looked down at her wet pink pussy and at the little puddle of love juice she left on the sheets. She quickly began to lick the stain trying to get whatever she could of her own pussy taste in her mouth extending that euphoric feeling going on throughout her body.

Kara thought to herself "now is the time to try out that new reinforced steel dildo" she had fashioned this dildo out of a piece of steel from a wrecked building, the steel she knew was of high grade and was infused with other metals making it rather dense and heavier than any dildo any earth girl would use.

She pulled it out of the shoe box she hid it in, it was 3 ½ inches thick and 8 inches long and had a chrome finish to it. Kara's pussy was getting wet again from anticipation of what she was about to stick inside herself.


She laid back on her bed, the stain was now gone, most of it she had managed to lick back up, she was almost in a trance with the sexual urge to have a multiple orgasm, the very thought consumed her. She rubbed the dildo on her clit and then slid it in between her sweet, pink, wet teen pussy lips and then shoved it halfway into her wet pussy.

The feeling almost made her cum again, the dildo was thick and felt really good inside her as she moved it in and out of herself.

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She felt her pussy get wetter and started to slide the thick dildo deeper into her tight teen cunt. She started to go faster, harder and deeper all whilst rubbing her clit and pussy lips with her free hand. She felt hard orgasm coming, and started to fuck herself relentlessly moving the dildo in all sorts of directions until she shoved it all the way in herself taking the whole 8 inches of the dildo, as if her pussy swallowed it up whole.

Kara's body exploded in the most erotic of senses, she was shaking uncontrollably, she was drooling, grunting, and moaning at the same time, her pussy was squirting her cunt juice all over her bed, herself and the floor. She felt her pussy muscles tighten and the dildo that she was so sure wouldn't become crush inside her began to crumple like a soda-pop can.

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After her orgasm subsided Kara pushed out the flattened dildo from her cunt. It slid out and looked like a flatten squarish plate no more than a ½ inch thick.

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Kara felt spent from fucking herself, and besides her dildo was now a plate and was of no use to her, at least she could clean up some of the pussy juices she and sprayed so liberally around in her room.

Kara thought to herself "great now I gotta find a new piece of metal for another dildo". Kara often wondered how her cousin dealt with this issue, but it occurred to her that any earth woman could just ride her cousin to their satisfaction but probably not be tight enough for him to cum. She had just finished cleaning up from the fun she had with herself when she had heard news of a meteor headed straight towards earth and that her cousin superman was no where to be found.

Kara knew what she had to do, she opened the drawer and began to put on her costume.