Prostate cumshot with huge dildo

Prostate cumshot with huge dildo
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Today was a great day, the day I met Rebecca. She was young and beautiful, about the age of 14 or 15, about 5' 4", she had a piercing in her eye brow and snake bites, and she was an overall drop dead sexy emo girl.

It started when I accidently bumped into her at a mall, she dropped her purse.

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I looked at her, she had black hair with white and red extensions, a small sexy ass and the hottest biggest breasts begging to be sucked on, her eyes were light blue and she had the cutest face I've ever seen. She was wearing white skinny jeans with a tight black tank top, barely covering her tits. I took my eyes off her and I went to help her pick everything up until I notice a small, lime green vibrator.

She immediately gasped and quickly grabbed it, I stood motionless while thinking. She immediately look embarrassed, she thanked me and then ran off. I was thinking that it was an accident and she might not have known she put it in her purse, but also, I was thinking on how she looks while using it.

A few days passed since that day, I went back to the mall to go pick up a few things, then like fate, I ran into her, this time she was wearing a short green skirt; I tried not to look up her skirt, she had a small tight emo rock band shirt on, which made her breasts look even bigger than last time.

She instantly remembered me and said, "HEY! Thanks for the other day. I'm Rebecca but my friends call me becca." I Replied, "You're welcome and my names Sean." I gathered the nerves to ask her to have lunch with me and we talked for a few hours, I found out she was an only child with an abusive mom and I found out that her father died a few years ago, then she told me a personal secrete, she was still a virgin!; she seemed really interested in me and she knew I was head over dick for her.

Later on, I took her to my house to relax; she immediately got comfortable and sat down on the couch. I looked at her and saw her legs slightly and slowly spreading apart from each other. I tried not to look at her skirt but somehow, I couldn't stop, I kept looking and saw her pink Hello Kitty Panties.

I turned away, and I felt my cock began to get stiff and twitch.

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"Hey, Mind if I stay here for a while, since me and my mom have been fighting?" She said. "Of course you can baby." I winked and smiled as she blushed and scooted closer to me. After a while, we watched movies, she went to the bathroom. I noticed her purse was open and had the same vibrator inside from when I saw the other day.

She came out from the bathroom and caught me looking at her purse, "What are you looking at Sean?" she asked. "I uh… there wa- um I was just looking." I replied nervously, hoping not to get caught, while she grabbed her purse and looked in it. "Oh. I know now." she said softly, I didn't say anything; I just sat there like a boy caught with his hand in a cookie jar. She smiled, and put the purse down and sat on my leg, facing me. "You wanna see what it can do?" She said softly and innocently, she began to slowly rub her panties against my leg; my cock began to grow hard and throb.

From that moment I knew she was wet and wanted to get fucked. "Sure." I replied. She slowly took out the little lime green vibrator from her purse.

I watched as she slowly pushed down her panties until they were against my leg, she slowly pulled it off one foot and then the other; she slowly turned on the vibrator and winked at me.

I looked down at her pussy and noticed it was wet, I began to get even harder, suddenly, she put the little vibrator against her wet pussy lips and began to moan and groan in pleasure.

I gently grabbed both sides of her hips and smiled. I was watching as slowly she began to moan even louder, pushing the little vibrator a little further in. "UUUURGHH… Ah.

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Ooh. oh… my god." She said while rubbing the vibrator harder into her wet pussy, moaning and gasping with each word. My Cock Instantly got hard. "Mm mm.Here taste." She slowly took the vibrator off her pussy and slowly put it to my lips, I sucked on it and tasted her juice, and it was like sweet heaven.

"Mmm. It's good." She turned off the vibrator and got off my leg; she slowly took off her Small shirt and exposed her big breast. "Come." She said softly and beckoned me to her.

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I got up and went to her and slowly began to kiss her breast. "MMMmmmm. you want them don't you." She said while I kissed her hard pink nipple. "Urghh." She began to moan while I kissed her nipples. "MMM. fuck me!" She said as she pushed me against the wall and began to took off my pants. I began to help her as my rock hard 8 inch cock instantly sprung out from my boxers. "Mmmm. Hello." She said while she kissed the tip of my hard cock. I smiled and watched her as she slowly got onto her knees and grabbed my hard cock, slowly sliding it into her mouth.

She began to bob her head back and forth, slowly adding more of my hard cock into her mouth. I began to moan, watching her continuously bobbing her head back and forth. She slowly took out my cock from her mouth as a massive glop of saliva and pre-cum fell out from her mouth and fell onto her leg and she began to lick the tip, slowly sucking off the pre-cum from the hole. My cock twitched and throbbed, getting rock hard as I began to moan even louder.

Suddenly, she began to suck my dick again, this time she added more than last time. She began to choke and gag while forcing my cock into her mouth, until I felt my balls against her chin, and my penis was all the way into her mouth and into her throat.

She began to caress my balls slowly and softly while slowly bobbing her head back and forth till the tip almost came out and slowly slide it back in till my cocks all the way in as saliva ran off from the corner of her lips and slowly down to her neck.


"URGH." I began to moan and gasp, my cock began to throb more than usual; from then, I knew I was about to cum. Suddenly, she dragged me onto the couch and straddled me, my hard cock was up her skirt and in between her lovely warm ass cheeks, and she slowly wiggled her skinny ass against my hard cock. I began to moan and lifted up her skirt till it was against her stomach she smirked and looked at me. "Mmm, I know you wanna fuck my ass and fill it with your warm cum." She said as she slowly grabbed my cock and led the tip onto her small butthole.


yes. let me fill tiny sexy ass with my cum. Let my hard cock inside your small tight asshole" I said as I began to slowly rubbed the tip of my dick down from her asshole and onto her pussy to make it wet and slippery, then slowly slide it back up to her asshole and began to insert the tip. "AHHHHH-HHH… MMM." She panted and moaned while biting her lower lip.

"Baby. it-t-ts n-not… Ohmm. gonna." I slowly shoved more of my hard cock into her small asshole, while her and me panting. "AHH-HH. It-ts to.

Big. It. Hurts." She said painfully but looked like she likes it. Slowly I kept pushing it in, little by little and then her eyes began to fill up with tears. "No. take… take it out. PLEASE…" She said while tears began to slowly roll down her cheeks, but I didn't stop, instead I kept going. "NOOOO. BABY. IT HURTS!!" She replied crying and with a shakey voice. I put my hands on her ass and moved her up and down roughly on my cock while she began to pant heavily.

"Mmmm feel how hard it is." I said panting "Ohhhh you… Are so tight and I love it." while she closed her pain filled eyes, keeping them closed.

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". Ahh-hhh. Harder.!" That moment I began to ram my cock in and out of her ass, panting heavily and faster, with each ram I began to moan louder, while she began to moan and cry in pain and ecstasy.

I kept ramming her small asshole until my cock twitched and throbbed inside her ass, Suddenly it began to release a big glob of sperm into her small tight ass while she began to pant heavily, move and twitch while my cum was squirting into her ass. "AHH." She began to moan and began to have an orgasm, stiffening up and clamping harder onto my dick, milking the cum out of it. After 8 big shots of warm cum entered her nice ass, I slowly began to catch my air.

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I slowly pulled out my cock as a big long stream of cum fell out from her small butthole while she shivered and moaned softly, she began to pant softly. "Mmm.

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did you like my cock becca?" I said to her as she sniffled and smiled. ".y-y-es. I did. Th- thank you Sean, I love you…" she said while panting a little and tried to calm down from crying in pain.


I smiled looking at her told her I loved her, and then I kissed her passionately on the lips while she began to kiss me back. She cuddled up to me and smiled through her tear filled eyes, "I'm sorry I fucked you too hard in the ass becca…" she looked at me and smiled and said, "I-it's fine…" she kissed me on the chest and laid her head down on it.

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I smiled and watched TV, thinking to myself "I am so in love with her". As I took her to my spare bedroom I told her she could use the spare room as long as she wanted. She smiled and thanked me for letting her stay, "Hey becca I'll be down stairs getting dinner ready ok?" she giggled and smiled "ok Sean… I love you." She smiled and closed the door.