Big boobs girl domineated and fucked bondage blowjobs and rope bondage

Big boobs girl domineated and fucked bondage blowjobs and rope bondage
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(This is my first ever story so it probably won't be great but let me know what you think; good or bad and if everyone likes it, I'll write a sequel.) "Fuck", thought Amber. She had just gotten her math test back and failed, again, big time. She knew she was gonna be in deep shit when she got home and showed her parents&hellip.or maybe they didn't have to know. If she didn't bring it up then how would they know?

"Amber, stay after class please" said Mr. Hubble. "Goddamnit, this can't be good" mumbled Amber. Class passed very slowly after that. Amber didn't even focus on the lesson (she usually didn't but today she didn't even hear a word) she could only think about what that douchebag of a teacher was gonna say to her after school. If he called her parents she was dead.

Eventually the bell rang and Amber packed up her things and tried to sneak out of the door. "Not so fast Ms. Harper" yelled Mr. Hubble. "I asked you to stay late, remember?" "Sorry I forgot" said Amber sheepishly. "Amber, what are we going to do about your grades? If you continue at this rate then you're going to fail this class and not graduate" "I know sir, I know" "Well we have to fix this and I have a plan as to how" "And that would be&hellip.?" Said Amber, getting a little creeped out.

"I'm going to have to set you up with a tutor" "Oh", responded Amber, clearly not what she was thinking. "Well who is it" "I think Jordan will be a suitable tutor" "Jordan? Is he that kid that never talks to anyone?" "I guess. All I know is he has a 97 and can help you" "Ughh. Fine. Can I go?" "Yes you may" Amber didn't get much sleep that night.

Out of all the nerds in her class who could've just done her work for her, no, she gets Mr. Doesn't-Speak. How was this going to work? But then she got an idea. She could persuade him to just do it for her. Sure, she was head cheerleader, blonde, athletic, about 5'4, 120 lbs. 36C tits and the cutest ass in the school. Amber had been using her sexy influence to get things from boys since middle school; she'd just have to do it again.

She found Jordan on Facebook and immediately added him as a friend. She sent a message saying "Hubble wants you to be my tutor." He responded with "I know". Great she thought, this guy couldn't be less interested. She pressed on "When can we start the lessons?" To which Jordan answered "Whenever". Starting to get frustrated, she abruptly did the thinking for him "Alright fine.

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Tomorrow after school my house" His answer was "Fine". "Oh my fucking god" she thought. "This guy has to be the most boring person in the world, and to make things worse, he seems not to give a shit about who I am." "There are guys who would give up a leg to come to my house". Still a little pissed off about Jordan not respecting her social standing, she began to get ready for tomorrow.

If she was to impress this guy, she needed to pull out the big guns. She quickly showered and shaved her legs, did her nails and did a check for any skin blemishes. Then she had to pick out a wardrobe. Usually leaving her top button undone and showing off some cleavage was enough to get any guy to follow her around like a drooling fool. But she knew that this guy would take more.

She stood in the mirror and admired her stunning, 17 year old body. "What guy wouldn't want this?" she said out loud. She ran her hands over her smooth, flat stomach and down towards her shaved pussy except for the small heart right above her clit. Then she ran them all the way back up and played with her beautiful, supple tits. Her nipples got hard and she started to get horny but she quickly shook it out of her mind.

There was work to do. She went to her closet and examined all of her clothes.

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Her daddy owned a bank so she always had the name brand stuff. Gucci, Prada, Guess etc. She walked inside her closet and went to her underwear section. She decided on a pink thong with black lace around the top and a matching bra. She was a 36C but always bought bras a size too small, just for that extra pop of cleavage. She set those aside and began working on the rest of her outfit. She looked at some black yoga pants that hugged her ass in a way she really liked but when she saw her daisy duke cut offs she knew those were the ones.

They would really show off her ass and would make sure there was as much skin showing as possible. She then decided on a pink tank top that would show off her nice tits and clung to them no matter how she moved. Satisfied with her choices she laid them out and went off to bed. Amber over slept and woke up in a hurry. She quickly tossed on her outfit, brushed her teeth and hair and ran down stairs.

Her parents opened there mouth to protest but she came down so quickly, kissed them both on the cheek and was out the door that they never had a chance to say anything. Amber pulled up to the school in her cute little Porsche her dad had bought her and parked it in her usual space. As soon as she stepped out of the car, the stares started. Even for California, she was showing a lot of skin at school but she loved the attention, fully knowing all the boys that stared didn't have a shot in hell at her.

She sat in her first two classes with every male (including her teacher) stealing glances at her. She of course noticed but didn't say anything, simply enjoying the attention. After 2nd period she found Jordan in the hallway at his locker. She made sure her thong and bra were visible before advancing towards him. "Hey Jordan" she said in her sweetest voice. He grunted back at her and walked past her. Not skipping a beat she caught up and struck up a conversation.

"So were still good for tonight?" "If we weren't I probably would have told you" "Oh…right&hellip.Well I can give you a ride if you need one" "I'm good" "Oh ok…well I'll write my address down for you" "I know where you live" "Oh you do? How'd you find that out?" she said thinking he had finally realized she was the most popular girl in school.

"Got it from a friend" "Oh…" she couldn't think of a mutual friend they had. "Well do you need directions?" "Nope, I'll find it" "Your just gonna drive around till you find it?" "Google Maps" "Oh…ok well see you then" She left feeling awkward and stupid.

He grunted again. Well that had been a total cluster-fuck. Not only had he not showed any interest in her outfit, he barely noticed her. The chances of him doing her work for her seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. She needed to make an impact when he got their tonight.

She quickly drove home after school and called her parents. She said she needed the house for cheer practice and asked if they could just go out for dinner or something. They agreed and Amber began to get ready. She ran upstairs and put on her dress from junior prom. It was a stunning blue, strapless dress that was a little snug because she had grown in all the right places over the past year.

She went downstairs and ordered her chef to start cooking a dinner for two. If dressing like a slut wasn't gonna get him under her spell then maybe a classy girl with tonnes of money would. Around 4:30 she heard her butler call her down.

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"Miss Amber, there is a Master Jordan here for you." Showtime she thought. She quickly descended the stairs and saw Jordan standing there in a plain black tee in jeans.

She hadn't noticed before but he was kind of good-looking. Probably around 6'2 and looked to be rather chiselled under that tee. He had short brown hair and green eyes that were currently fixed on Amber. But it wasn't the normal look she got from guys who wanted to fuck her.

It was different, kind of like he was looking through her. She got to the bottom of the stairs and for once he started the conversation. "Nice house" he said looking around the massive foyer. "Oh why thank you" she said smiling. "Shall we get started"? "Whatever". As Amber led the way towards the den where they would study, Jordan found something rather odd.

"You normally wear a dress around the house?" "Oh no, only in front of special company" she said trying to score some early points. "Riiiight" responded Jordan, rolling his eyes. Once in the den they got down to studying. For the first half an hour Amber tried everything to try and get this guy interested in her.

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She leaned over the table so he got a nice cleavage shot, she grabbed his arm (which shocked her with how big and defined it was) she even dropped her pencil on purpose sop she would have to bend over to get it and still nothing!

She was getting really fed up with this guy. What was he gay or something? How could he not want her? The worst part about it was that she was now kind of attracted to him. Not being able to attract a math loser was bad enough but not being able to attract one and then becoming attracted to him was unbearable. She had to get him. As much as she hated to admit it, this tutor thing was working. Within the first two hours she learned more then she had all semester.

All of a sudden he got up and said he had to leave. "Oh come on. You helped me for two hours. I think I owe you dinner" "I don't know…" "What am I gonna bite you or something?" "Fine" "Good" she said beaming.


"Follow me" Things had not gone to plan so far. She thought the outfit at school would do it but it failed. The classy girl with servants had failed. Now her only chance was this dinner.

If this didn't get him to fall for her then she would probably be doing her own math work for the rest of the year. But it had become more than that. She wanted him because at the time, she seemed like the only guy she couldn't have. Like the child who neglects its toys until they are taken away, then they will do anything to get that toy. Once in the dining room it was time to pull out all the stops. She needed this guy to fall for her…now. Soon the butler brought them their food.

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mushrooms. "Bon appetite" smiled Amber "Thanks" he responded. They ate in silence for a while. Amber needed to be direct if this was gonna work. No more flirting bullshit. "So explain something to me" "What?" "How is someone like you so good at math?" "Someone like me?" "You know, you're good looking, you seem to be in good shape yet you still work hard in school.

Why?" "I'm just good at math" "Bullshit. There's something to you and I want to know what it is. Why not just use what you got and be popular.

Play sports; get girls, party all that shit" "I just believe in working hard I guess, like my parents" "Oh you're poor!" exclaimed Amber, before slapping her hand to her mouth. That had just blurted out. He just laughed. That was it. Amber was hooked. This was the first time she had heard any real emotion from him and she craved more. Fuck doing math for her, she just wanted him.

She was genuinely interested in another person for the first time ever. He then continued. "I'm not poor.

In fact I'm far from it. My dad is a stockbroker in New York. My Mom's family owns 70% of Cadillac" "Holy Shit" responded Amber. "Yeah, I don't work hard because I need to. I do it because my parents built themselves up from nothing. Sitting on their money would be an insult to everything they did to give me this situation" Now it was Amber's turn to be speechless. She had never thought of it that way. She always just sponged off her Dad because she could. "One other question." "Shoot" "Why are you not attracted to me?" "How do you know I'm not?" "Well I threw on my best slut impersonation today in school and got nothing, and I flirted with you for nearly two hours and got nothing.

Why? Do you think I'm ugly?" "Hardly" "Then what is it?" "I knew you wanted me to do your work for you." "You did?" "Yeah. Let me guess, every guy who has ever tried to help you ends up falling for your body in the first 30 seconds and does it for you.

And then you pass the class but learn nothing. I knew I could've done the same thing and been out of here an hour and a half ago but I wanted to get past your body. I wanted to see if you really were intelligent." Again, Amber was speechless. This guy had her figured out.

And even though he looked like every guy she had ever dated, he acted completely different. He saw through her. It was those eyes, there was something in them.

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She got so lost in his eyes she hadn't noticed their faces were now inches from each other while he talked. Without thinking she reached out and grabbed his head and kissed him. This wasn't the normal do-my-homework-for-me kiss or a buy-me-that-purse kiss. It was an I-want-you-right-fucking-now.

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She got up from the table and led him upstairs by the hand. Neither said a word until they were both in her room. She closed the door behind them and immediately jumped on him. Wrapping her legs around his waist while still kissing him. He carried her to the bed and laid her down on it. Amber knew what was happening and knew she wanted it bad. She had had sex a few times before but it was usually sloppy and drunk.

This was for real. He took off his tee shirt and revealed a perfectly ripped chest and abs. She felt her pussy getting wet and quickly unzipped her dress. He pulled it off her as she wiggled out of it.

She laid there in her soaked pink and black lacy thong and bra while he stared at her and muttered one word "Fuck". "Bout time you noticed me" she laughed before pulling him towards her.

They made out with each other for a while feeling their tongues inter-twine with each other and exploring each other's mouths. After a while Jordan moved down her neck kissing every inch or so before stopping at her breasts.

He reached underneath her back and with one hand undid her bra. Her pert, teenage tits were exposed and she loved it. He instantly went to work on them sucking each one and playing with the unoccupied one with his hands.

"Ohhhh myyyy" moaned Amber slightly.


She had never gotten this hot from just her tits being worked on. She felt the moisture on her pussy and soon was pushing Jordan's head down towards her pussy. "Eat me baby, eat my fucking cunt please I need it" Like usual he said nothing, but he expertly worked down her stomach and towards her hot, young pussy.

He slid off her thong and tossed it aside. He could feel how wet she was. He traced the outline of her cunt with his tongue while using his thumb to tease her clit. "Holy fuck baby stop teasing me. Eat me! Eat my tight fucking pussy!" He obliged and dove at her cunt with his face. He used his tongue to expertly hit her all the right ways. She began to squirm and thrust her pelvis towards his face, trying to get him to drive his tongue in further. Soon she felt an orgasm coming and she arched her back as numbness took over.

She felt her orgasm hit like a fucking train. Using just his tongue, he had made her have the best orgasm of her life. She lay there for a while and tried to regain her breath while he laid there next to her . "Baby that was incredible" "Why thank you" he said smiling. She fucking loved his smile. "You need to ditch those pants and boxers cause I'm about to rock your world" He smiled again and obliged. Amber got her first look at his cock and her jaw opened. It had to be about 8 inches long and 2 inches around.

She didn't even wait for him to get settled before her mouth had fully engulfed his cock. Amber considered herself a pretty good fuck but she had to step her game up for this guy.

She began to deep throat him instantly. Only stopping to put his balls in her mouth. She'd suck his dick and fondle his balls then switch and jack him off with his balls in her mouth. She would look up at him and give him the "Am I bad little slut?" look. She knew she was doing well because his eyes were closed and his back was slightly arched.

"Amber I'm gonna cum!!!" he finally screamed She didn't miss a beat. She just kept bobbing up and down on his huge shaft and swallowed every bit of his load. She had never allowed a guy to cum in her mouth but she loved it. Now it was Jordan's turn to catch his breath. They lay in each other's arms for a while before Amber spoke. "It's 8. My parents will be home in an hour&hellip.what can we do in an hour?" she said with a devilish grin.

He laughed again.

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"Got a condom?" he asked. She whispered into his ear "I'm on the pill" then climbed on top of him. She squatted over his huge dick and carefully placed the tip on her cunt then quickly and suddenly impaled herself on his throbbing dick. It was perfect; it felt so right inside of her. She slowly worked up a rhythm of slowly bouncing on his cock, getting used to the size.

Then she sped up. Her hair started to go all over the place and her tits bounced along with her. Jordan reached around her and grabbed her bubble butt. He helped her by lifting her up and then pounding her onto his huge dick. "OHHH FUCK" yelled Amber "Yeah that's it baby split me open with that fucking cock, it feels so big and hard inside of my tight little cunt" "You like my cock Amber?" "Oh sweetie I fucking love it, I need it.

I'm your pretty little cock whore" This drove Jordan nuts and he started to thrust up every time she came down. She kept riding him and he looked up and saw her blonde hair every wear, her tits going up and down and her head was thrown back in pure ecstasy. "Oh Jordan baby fuck me like the slut I am, make me cum baby please!!!" This sent Jordan over the edge. "I'm gonna cum baby" "Me too, let's cum together.

I wanna feel your hot seed in my pretty little pussy." "Ok.ready…NOW" With one final thrust they both released and cum spurt up into Amber's waiting pussy. And her juices splashed all over his throbbing dick.

They laid together for what seemed like an eternity before getting dressed and Amber walked him out to his Escalade. "Thanks baby, you were great" said Amber as she kissed him good-bye.

"Oh no thank you" "Same time tomorrow? I think I'm gonna need more help in math." "Ok, but you have to wear what you wore to school today, so I can really enjoy it" "You got it babe" With that she kissed him again, slipped her soaked thong into his back pocket and watched him get in his car and drive off. "Fuck I love math", she thought to herself. (Well that's my first ever story. Any tips are appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed it. If I get good reviews I'll write a sequel.)