Gay sex doing nicely by naked videos After gym classmates taunt

Gay sex doing nicely by naked videos After gym classmates taunt
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Prior : The Do-gooder MILF The Do-gooder MILF -2 The Do-gooder MILF -3 MILF Meat The Do-gooder MILF -4 BASTARDS Joans head twisted, she could not see when the next blow was coming. He body flinched, quivered AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Another hit with the belt.

Every part of her body hurt the way she was tied. Totally exposed to all the men. Pain. Fear, Despair. AHHH. Her head shook. Her head had been slapped. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Another hit with the belt. The hands on her ass. A cock again inside her. Pounding against the metal rack she was tied to. He legs ached. Smack, another hit to the head. Pounding. This was crazy.

They were going to kill her. Darkness. Total PAIN again. ======================================================= Now it was my turn. Tommy's cum ran down her leg. My three Boys had filled her with three loads. Bent over the fuck bar I watched her quivering. I ran my hand over her bitch ass. How many times had I watched her thinking about this minute. SHE IS MINE. SHE IS FUCKING MINE. I ran my hand over her ass. I bent over and grabbed her tits. Please, no more. Stop. Please. Who are you, why are you doing this.

I grabbed her hair and pulled up her head, I am next and I will have a little extra for you. I loved that pathetic begging look. I patted her on the cheek, teasing her, here I come Baby. My heart was pounding. I was going to finally fuck that pussy filled with my son's semen.

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The Fucking pussy was overflowing. I pushed the cum around using the head of my dick to play around with her. I could feel her quiver. I pushed my dick slowly into her. It was smooth, coated with cum.

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Fuck Ya, this is what I had waited for. It was better than I had thought. SLOP SLOP SLOP SLOP I slowly fucked her, my dick slurping in her cum filled cunt. I signaled to Tommy, made a sign. He grabbed her head by the hair as she hung over our fuck bar. He smiled looking down at the helpless MILF.

All she could see was his gruesome mask. I kept my slow steady rhythm. Tommy took out a plastic stretch cord with plastic hooks on the end. He hooked one end in the side of her mouth, ran the end around the back of her head a pulled it tight hooking the other side of her mouth. The bitch mouth was now held safely open as Tommy pushed his dick inside her mouth. Now this is what I am talking about.

I was only a few feet from my oldest mouth fucking the MILF while I was inside her cunt. It is a good feeling, raising your boy and seeing him come out good. We reached out and clasped hands. Cum was dripping down her leg as I worked her cum filled slut pussy.

We had worked a long time for this moment. It was all the much better, the time I had spent with my kids, planning and working together. HMMMMM, I kept up a slow rhythm. Unfortunately for the Bitch, Tommy was not as patient. He was mouth fucking her with a vengeance but then his two brothers were waiting their turn. I smiled as I heard her muffled grunts with his cock deep in her throat. Barry handed me A Cock sized vibrator.

I began to push it into her butt hole. Tommy kept pushing his dick down her throat. The MILF's body started to wrench. Her face was red, she was choking. THAT'S IT, CHOKE ON THAT COCK, I YELLED.

The pig threw up over the floor and Tommy's cock. We were all laughing at her. The vomit came out her nose and mouth.

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A real mess. Tommy reached down on the floor, scooped some of it up and smeared across her face. I hear the contorted scream as I shoved the vibrator further up her ass. Take up your ass yelled Tommy.

Tommy stuck his vomit caked dick back in her her mouth. I got ready to fuck her ass.

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I threw the crap covered vibrator to Tommy for her to clean with her mouth. Six hours Later: Joan stood chained against the wall. She was left half standing, knees bent, she could not kneel or stand up. She was left there in a terrible state. She had been raped.

Raped in the mouth. Raped in her cunt. Raped in her ass. She was coated with pissvomit and cum. She was left in the dark in this horrible position. Who were these men?


Why did they pick her? What would happen next? She had not seen their faces. Maybe they would let her go. If she did what they wanted? She would do what they wanted. When are they coming back. I can't stand like this much longer. OH it is so painful. I can't take it.

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Oh, please, I can't stand here. I can't see a thing. Who is that? Please take me down. I can't stand here. Please help me. Hey Momma were back for some moe seet lovin. OK OK, I can do whatever you want. I can show you. I don't know who you are. I won't say anything. Please I can take care of you. Please.

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Please. Let me fuck you. I can show you. Lay down. The older man laid down and Joan Knelt over him pushing her cunt down on his cock. OK, one of you guys, kneel behind me and fuck my ass. I can take you both, I'll take care of you.

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OH that's it, I like it, both you guys fuck me. OH yes, fuck me, yes. Yes. I couldn't believe how well everything was working. The stupid cow thinks we are going to let her go.

It was all Tommy's idea, let her think she might get away. She will do whatever. But I never thought she had this in her. She was being double teamed and it was her idea. WOW, maybe she really liked it.

The way she is fucking, she must have done this before. You just never know. She was fucking two of us and had one cock in her mouth.


How cool was this? I mean I am in her cunt and my boy is in her ass. I can fuck this pussy forever. I want each of my boys in her ass. I can see their cock in her mouth. Oh this is so sweet, my Tommy has her tits in his hands and I am grabbing them too. Oh shit, we are working together. I can actually feel him throbbing inside her. I can feel him cumming. Ah the Bitch is moaning. She likes it. Tommy shot his load in Joan's ass.

Come on, one of you guys, fuck my ass. It was hard to tell if she really wanted it or she was just trying to game us but what the fuck difference did it make. Terry was in her now. He was fucking the ass filled with his brother cum. Barry's dick was in her mouth. Pussy fucked, Ass fucked, Mouth fucked Milf. I wondered how long she could keep this up. She had been through a lot and we were good for two more rounds. I reached back and pulled down on her full Ass.


Terry had his hands all over her tits. Nice MILF tits and a nice MILF ass. Very full, very fucakable. Stupid bitch. To Be Continued