Schüchtern süßes Mädchen wird von Gynäkologen untersucht

Schüchtern süßes Mädchen wird von Gynäkologen untersucht
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This is the first time I've attempted to write a story in about 5 months. As I doubt I'll be able to produce magic, please bear with me. I'm attempting to add on to an already-existing story to get my creative juices flowing. Thank you. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Steph crept over to the bed which supported the bodies of her exhausted brother and equally exhausted cousin.

We sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. Steph sat down between us and put a hand on each of our inside thighs. "So boys," Steph started, "what do you have in mind?" "Well, now.I a nap." I said with a smile. Even though it was still relatively early, it seemed that every minute just tore my body down. I'd been ramming my hips multiple times a day everyday since I'd been here.

I was starting to tire out. "That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea." Steve admitted. "Oh, you boys." Steph said. I brushed Steph's hair from her shoulder and planted kisses on her neck.

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"Can't help it." I said. "You're wearing us out." Steph let out a little giggle. "I suppose. How about we all go to my room and take a nap?" Steph said. I wasn't stupid. If I went in there, I'd end up fucking someone. "No go, Steph." I said. "I need to get some REST." "What about you, Stevey?" Steph asked with a pouty face. "Well, you know, I could.but you'll appreciate it more if I make you wait." He said with his normal, toothy smile.

"Fine then. You know where to find me." Steph said. She got up off the bed and walked out of Steve's room, bare ass swaying with each step. "Well, I think I'll get a shower." I said. "Want me to come with you?" asked Steve.

"Not this time, Stevey." I said. "I need to save some energy." I walked into the bathroom and stepped in the shower. The hot water pelting my body was just the start of the full rejuvination my body so desparately needed. I stood under the shower head for a few minutes but could have stood there for hours. I wiped my previous night and my morning from my body.

Shutting the water off, I felt something I hadn't felt since the first night I'd arrived here.clean. I got out of the shower and dried off. I even went to the trouble of putting some clothes on; shorts and shirt.

I walked out of the bathroom back into Steve's room. Steve hadn't yet gotten the initiative to get dressed. "Damn. What'd you get dressed for? Haven't you been paying attention around here?" He said. "Figure I'd like to see how your furniture feels with my clothes on." I joked. "Alright, dude. I'mma get shower too." he said. I walked out of Steve's room and into the party room. I knew beyond the door at the other end of the room was Steph, still horny as ever.

I was serious about needing some sleep, though. I laid down on the couch and turned the TV on. Soon enough, the sandman paid his visit and I was asleep. My dreams involved me looking at Amy but being unable to speak. Then out of nowhere, Steve showed up smiling making some weird signs with his hands. None of this made sense, but I was behind on quite a bit of sleep.

When I woke up, the sun was just starting to fade. I wasn't sure exactly what time it was when I laid down, but it was almost 6 when I woke up. I know I'd taken a long nap, but I felt that I needed it. I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. The fact that I was still wearing my shorts was nothing short of a miracle.

I couldn't believe that no one had taken advantage of me in my deep slumber. I was still the only occupant of the party room and saw no signs of anyone ever joining me. I stood and walked to Steve's room. The door was open but I couldn't find Steve. I had a strong hunch as to where he might be.

I walked out of his room, across the party room, and opened Steph's door. Just as I thought. Laying on Steph's bed with one leg under the covers, looking happy as ever, was all his naked glory.

Steph lay beside him, turned on her side facing him, head resting on his extended arm, nude as the day she was born. "Nice to see you kept busy." I said. "Had to do something.

Bored as fuck without ya." Steve said. "You guys just finish?" I asked. I only asked because Steve didn't have a raging hard on.which was usually a tell-tale sign that his sexual tension had been released.


"It's been about, what.half hour? 45 minutes?" He asked. "I think. I don't really know." Steph replied. "I don't either.

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I know I could go again, though." Steve said. "But Stevey, you don't even have a boner!" Steph teased. "Well Jesus Christ, we'll fix that!" Steve yelled. Steve ran his hand down to his cock and began to tug it. After just a few moments, he was showing signs of a blossoming erection. "What the hell, Steve? I thought you were gonna make her wait for it." I joked. "Well, you know I was going to.

But then I got bored so I gave her one. So I decided I'd make her wait. But I got bored and gave her another one. Hell, I just made her wait a half hour or so.I think that's long enough." He said, smiling.

Steph took her hand and began running a finger slowly up and down Steve's lower stomach. "Come on, Bretty-boo." Steph said. "You need some, too." I agreed. I'd waited long enough. I was rested. I pulled my shirt and shorts off, and made my way to the side of the bed Steve wasn't jerking himself on. The side that held Steph. Steph turned to me. My fresh cock dangled by her face. She took the same finger she'd been running over Steve and used it to pet the length of my member.

She lifted her head up and let her tongue dance out and contact the head of my favorite organ. I placed my hands on my lower back and thrust my hips out. Steph wrapper her hand around my still-dead shaft and began giving slow, meaningful tugs. I looked over at Steve who was now searching out a bottle of lube.

Apparently, he was having trouble getting his soldier to stand at full attention. Steph sat up on the edge of the bed and spread her legs apart. She looked up at me as she continued to pull on my cock.


I ran my hand through her hair as we stared into eachothers eyes. Steph brought her head down and inserted my ever-hardening cock into her mouth.

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She pushed my cock hard into the side of her mouth as her tongue washed the sides of my shaft. I continued to run my hand thorugh her hair as she started to bob her head back and forth on my pole. She sucked on just the head of my penis as she used her hand to glide up and down the rest of my cock. My legs were starting to feel like jelly.

Steph grabbed my hips and started to pull me forward. I placed a knee on the bed as she laid down. I got my other knee up on the bed and maneuvered my way down her amazing body. She brought her legs up, bending them. I ran my hands up and down her calves before lowering my head to her lower stomach.

I planted deep kisses everywhere my lips could reach. My mouth met her puffy pussy lips. I kissed each one, taking special care to suck them into my mouth while doing so. I moved up and began kissing just above her slit.

Her legs squirmed as her hands reached out for something to grab. I spent the next few minutes running my tongue along her slit. Up and down.

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Up and down. I brought a hand up and used two fingers to slowly separate her pussy lips. I planted gentle kisses on the inside.

I smelled the same sexy scent that had filled my world since I'd arrived. Pussy lips still apart, I moved my mouth in deeper, using my tongue to hit every nook and cranny I could find. Steph let out soft moans. That's like getting a standing ovation after a concert.

As much as I enjoyed this, I noticed something funny. Something weird in the tast. Oh.that's it. I could taste.Steve. Due to my experience with both siblings, I knew their distinct tastes. There was no doubt that Steve had planted his flag here earlier. But I didn't let it stop me. I continued my tongue-lashing for several minutes.

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As Steph's back began to arch, sending her breasts pointing to the Heavens, I removed my tongue. Steph's body returned to Earth.

I opened her legs a little wider and positioned my waist between them.

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I was already hard as a rock, but gave myself a few tugs for good measure. I gripped my cock and directed it towards the promised land. I teased her pussy, running the head up and down the length of her slit before giving a few false thrusts. Finally, I pushed my member deep into Steph. Her eyes shut as a smile spread across her face. I backed out and pushed in fairly slowly. I liked to start slow, no matter how wet she was. Steve had managed to get a half-ass boner and was on his knees, crawling to us.

He straddled his sisters torso, back facing me. He bent over and got on all fours, his cock now in his sisters face. Steph opened wide and engulfed what she could of Steve's cock. With Steve bent over in front of me while I was fucking his sister, a few odd thoughts ran threw my mind. 1. I wonder Steve keeps himself so trim. I was looking right at Steve's hole, the same hole I'd already become aquainted with on a few occasions, and noticed there wasn't the slightest hint of hair.

I knew he liked to keep the area around his cock nice and smooth, but I did too. However, I didn't have the incredibly bald ass he had. 2. During my entire stay so far, every sexual act with these two had been accomplished without the use of a condom. True, with Steve that wasn't a big deal. But with Steph it was different. What if she got pregnant? I'd blown load after load into Steph.and Steve had been doing the same. Remembering the conversation I had with Steve the first night I was here, about her fucking before us, put my mind somewhat at ease, assuming she was on some kind of birth control.

No matter how appealing Steve's hole was, or how the thought of Steph getting pregnant rammed my mind, the sensation I was currently experiencing. I placed my hands, thumbs inward, on Steph's hips and began pupmping with an up and down motion. I was setting a good pace when I head Steve's cock slip out of Steph's mouth and she began to speak. "Let me on my knees." She said. I pulled out as Steve got off of his sister. Steph got on her knees, ass facing me, and gave a nod, signaling us to resume.

On his knees, Steve placed his hands on his hips, presenting his now rock-hard cock to his sister. Steph resumed her sucking. I backed away just a little and used my hands to spread her cheeks wide.

I rushed my face in and began licking her hole to hole. I moved my hands to her hips for extra support. Thoroughly satisfied, I moved back up and rammed my cock back in Steph's pussy. It was a great set up in that with each of my thrusts, her head would bob forward on Steve's cock. I was doing all the work here. Steph moved her one hand back and began rubbing her pussy as I fucked it.

Not long after that, Steph removed Steve's cock from her mouth to inform us that she was cumming. This was probably news to Steve, but I could feel her pussy gripping my cock and the rush of hot fluid flooding our love canal. I wasn't done and wasn't going to pretend to be. I kept pumping, prolonging Steph's body-shaking orgasm.

Steph managed to stay up on all fours, allowing Steve to slip underneath her, laying on his back. Steve had positioned himself so that Steph could freely access his cock, and he could freely access her pussy.

As Steph took him into her mouth once more, he leaned his head up and started licking her. His tongue danced from her pussy to cock as I pumped. I could feel the roughness as I'd pump. He was getting both of us at once. I kept pumping. My cock was becoming ever more sensitive. I knew my climax was coming. Steph showed some signs of fatigue. Steve had stopped licking us and was now simply bouncing his hips up and down, face fucking his sister. Tired as she was, Steph was taking it like a champ.

Steve reached out and clamped the sheets tight in each hand. He began slamming his hips in the air, the sound of his balls smacking was clearly audible. "OH, FUCK!" Steve yelled.

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He hurried and gripped his cock, stroking it furiously as several shots of white cum shot out with quite some force. Steve's veins were all bulging as his chest began to turn red.

After his climax, Steve kept pumping, enjoying it to the last drop. I pulled Steph up to her knees, fucking her from behind. I grabbed a breast and squeezed. I kissed her neck and kept pumping feverishly. Steve laid there, exhausted, watching us.


I felt my balls begin to tug. I started to make loud groans. I shoved my face down into Steph's neck and shut my eyes tight. Finally, hot streams of cum erupted from my cock into Steph's eager pussy.

I felt as though I was filling it to capacity. I held her breast tight as I kept pumping, making sure I really got done in there. I released Steph and allowed her back onto all fours. I kept pumping slowly until I finally withdrew myself, my cock glistening. Steph lay on her stomach, breathing hard.

I collapsed onto my back, brushing the sweat from my forehead. We all lay there in ecstacy for a few moments. "So.what now?" Steve said.

"Well.I could use a nap." I said.

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We all laughed.