Twink Aaron Aurora gifted with threesome big cock fucking

Twink Aaron Aurora gifted with threesome big cock fucking
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My wife Cindy is one of the most gorgeous women you can imagine. I met her when she was 17 and I was 24. She is petite barely five foot tall has dark brown hair a beautiful figure, and incredible sexy brown eyes. Everyone always thinks she is so innocent, and in fact she was a virgin when I met her, and until the events I am about to describe I was the first and only. She does however love anal sex although I doubt she would admit to it, usually she puts me there after long and heated sex when she is completely turned on.

We had been together 7 years and had two children, when all this happened and part of me still is shocked. At the time I was working for the local university for a division that rents houses and apartments to college students, this job required me to be available on the weekends for maintenance calls.

Anyway after 4 years of child raising we were ready for a break and when my Mother asked if she could keep the kids for a week in July we were quite agreeable. We dropped off the kids on a Thursday and came home showered and then shaved each other's pubic hair off. I love the feeling of hairless sex and we spent the rest of the evening having plenty. We took a break on Friday and made plans for a wild evening on Saturday.


We spent Friday evening talking about our fantasies. I asked Cindy if she ever thought about sex with someone else and finally she admitted she did. I told her how I thought it would be hot. She told me there was no way I was having sex with another woman. Saturday morning I had to do some work and didn't get home 'til about 1PM and just as I put my arms around my wife the phone rang. It was work, one of the tenants had lost electrical power.

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Cindy suggested she just go with me so we could spend more time together. When we arrived at the house there seemed to be a party going on with about 7 or 8 guys hanging out drinking.

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They offered us drinks and I declined though Cindy immediately accepted a margarita. It took me about 1 hour in the basement to figure out the problem. By the time I got back upstairs Cindy was working on a third drink and flirting with all these 20 something year old boys in a way I never imagined, she seemed particularly fond of this one guy Trey who had dark skin hair and eyes.

Another guy Jake offered me a drink and this time I accepted a gin and tonic. I finished my drink quickly and whispered to Cindy that we should leave, I was staring to be uneasy with the thing she had going with Trey.

"I would rather keep hanging out with all these cute boys," she answered.

Immediately another drink was placed in her hand. I went to the restroom and started considering where this was going and realized she might be acting on the previous night's conversation. When I returned to the room my suspicions were confirmed, she was in the middle of a passionate kiss with Trey who had his hands gripping that perfect little butt of hers. My look of shock prompted her to stop she walked over to me and asked, "can I?" I stammered then suprised myself by saying, " Sure, but I have to be involved." She was immediately back in Treys arms and he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him then he carried her into a bedroom adjacent to the room we were in, he put her on the bed and laid on top of her.

I followed behind, feeling like a third wheel. As I walked in Trey was removing her jeans and she was lifting her blouse her head and removing her bra.


Trey began sucking on her small breasts and that's when I noticed her panties were soaked. As Trey began working his way down she motioned for me to come over, she unzipped my pants pulled out my cock and began greedily sucking on the head as trey began kissing and licking around her shaved pussy.

My wife has a beautiful vagina with large pouty inner lips and I don't think I had ever seen it so engorged. When Trey finally licked up the slit and touched her clit, Cindy came as he began licking and sucking like nobody's business. Although she tried to keep sucking me she had to stop until the waves of her orgasm subsided.

"Fuck me, "she said and Trey was up between her thighs and I was watching as another mans cock was buried to the hilt in my wife's gorgeous pussy. I suddenly realized we had an audience and all the other guys were watching. We continued for another few minutes before Cindy suggested I fuck her for a while she blew Trey.

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I knew what she wanted, my cock is near 9 inches and very thick while Trey looked to have about 7. I myself had other ideas, knowing that Cindy had a tube of KY in her purse, I asked one of the guys to bring it for me. I took the lube out as I slid in her pussy and began building a good strong rhythm then just as she was about to come again I pulled out. I pushed her legs up, pulled her to the edge of the bed and went down on her never actually touching her clitoris then I licked down to her sweet little asshole tonguing it 'til it was good and wet with my saliva then I slowly eased my right index finger in and went back to kissing around her pussy.

She was going crazy using both her hands to try to position my tongue at her clit. When I thought she could handle it no longer I removed my finger stood up and asked what do you want, she stopped sucking Trey looked in my eyes and said, "I want you to put that big fat cock my tight little bottom." I squeezed out some KY rubbing it on my cock then smearing it all over her asshole.

I pushed in and she once again looked in my eyes and they were welled up with tears, then as I popped past her sphincter she came hard and it was all I could do not to come as well.

I alternated short and long strokes while putting two fingers inside her pussy. It didn't take long and soon she seemed on the verge of another orgasm. I pulled out of her ass and she climbed on to Trey sliding him in her pussy in one swift motion. I took hold of her shoulders positioned my cock once again at her backdoor. "No, no, no, no," she whispered. I answered back, "Please I really want this." She hesitated briefly then reached back with both arms and pulled me to her.

My God she exclaimed as I once again penetrated her ass. It took us all several minutes to find a rhythm, but when we did it was incredible. We went at it for about 5 minutes before I reached around and began rubbing her clit, that was all it took she began coming hard grinding her pelvis against Treys while using her hands to grip my ass and pull me deeper in hers.


I felt Trey shoot his semen inside her and I couldn't hold it anymore and I blasted my load deep into her bottom. I slipped out of her butt with an audible pop and she rolled off Trey.

Jake was suddenly in the room and asked, "Mind if I have a go." Cindy just rolled on her back and he was out of his clothes and sliding into her pussy in less than a minute. Another guy came in and stripped so Cindy took him in her mouth, he lasted all of a minute as my wife's talented mouth worked on him good, he pulled out spraying come all over her face. The next guy came in as Jake got off Cindy and laid down pulling her reverse cowgirl style on top of him and sliding up into her asshole.

The new guy didn't waste any time and immediately slid into her pussy. As they built up a good pace once again Cindy was coming and this new guy unloaded in her cunt. By now I was hot and ready so I took over for him. Cindy kept looking me in the eyes saying, "Fuck me, Fuck me harder." Then I heard Jake say, "Oh god I'm coming." and he let a load loose in her bum. He laid there for a moment then I finished too. I turned around to find Trey waiting another turn.

Cindy got on her hands and knees and he pushed his cock in her ass, he used a soft slow rhythm and I thought she might come again but he finished before she made it.

His cock was replaced with another then Jake came back and they DPed her again. Then a new guy came in and fucked her pussy doggy style while she gave some other guy head when they both finished she sucked the one guy drinking every last drop.

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She seemed exhausted staying on her hand and knees. Come was pouring out of her swollen red vagina and at that moment she farted and even more come sprayed out of her ass 'til it was almost like a constant stream. Well don't just sit there she said come fuck me again. The guy who came on her face earlier came back slid up under her and entered her pussy and I once gain entered her ass.

I watched as she pushed her ass against me, semen was still leaking out around my cock and she was soon coming and getting whatever I had left in her butt as the other guy unloaded in her cunt.

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She turned over looked at me and said," Please take me home". Against many protest I finally got her partially dressed (she didn't think she could put her pants or panties on, one of the guys brought a towel to wrap around her) and to my truck. She cuddled next to me that night said, "I Love you" and fell into a deep sleep.

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