Crazy slut slapping her own tits

Crazy slut slapping her own tits
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Dear readers, Just thought I would share the experience I had the other night with my Sister in law.

It was a hot Wednesday summer afternoon. Everyone was relaxing, staying as cool as possible with the air conditioning going. I guess at some point, I managed to doze off on the couch and when I woke up, it was past seven in the evening.

I couldn't believe I had slept so long. After getting up and seeing where everyone was at, I found my wife April hanging out watching movies with her sister Christy on the couch. When I walked in, Christy said, well well sleepy head, good to see you could join us. As she got up to give me a hug, I couldn't help but notice she was looking extra hot tonight.

I mean, she always looks good, being that she is a personal trainer. Christy is about 5'6, slim, nice firm small tits, a wicked ass and from what her sister had told me, she was a naughty girl. She loved cock and from what April had told me, she had asked about how big I am. Being that they are sisters, they were used to discussing cock sizes, so she told her.

So, as I am standing there, hugging her gorgeous body, I started getting a hard on with these thoughts going through my mind. Mm, so yummy she is. After we hugged, I excused myself for a drink and said I would be back.

Once I got in the kitchen, I reached into my shorts and stroked my cock a little. Fuck she looked so good in the white pants and sheer black top she was wearing. As I felt the head of my cock under my finger tips, I wondered what color thong she had on. I wanted to devour her, but I had to be cool, after all, she is my wife's sister. So, I regained myself and went back to the living room. When I walked in, only Christy was in the room and she was leaning forward on the couch some.

I glanced over, just to see if I could get a peak at her panties. Catching me, Christy asked me what I was doing. She had busted me looking. When I tried to stutter a reply, she laughed and told me I was such a pervert. Christy said she knew I was an ass lover, so she wasn't surprised I was trying to look. Otherwise, she didn't seem to mind me looking, which turned me on even more.

I settled in on the opposite couch, laying with my feet up some, Christy was across from me. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I had gotten comfortable, the damn movie ended. Before I could change it, Christy got up and walked over to pick out a movie, asking if I had any preference. While she asked, she bent down, showing me that sweet ass of hers.

As I looked at her ass, I could feel my cock stirring again, and when I looked at her, she was looking back at me. This time she didn't say I was a pervert, but smiled and continued looking for a movie. She said, so any thoughts on what you want to watch? All I wanted was to say how much I wanted to see her peel those pants off in front of me. But again, I kept reminding myself, I had to behave. She finally picked a movie, but my mind was off in dirty land, fucking her every which way possible.

So when April finally came back into the room, I was throbbing hard. Good thing she sat with Christy, she would have felt my cock and would have let it be known that I was hard, curious as to why I was hard. She is a wise ass about things like that and would have called it out. Not that Christy would have been surprised, she knew she was turning me on teasing me, but she would have still gotten a kick out of teasing me with April.

As the night went on, the movie played and I went to get another drink, feeling a little buzzed, I decided I wanted a kick to my buzz, so I took a toke off the bong we had in the bar. A friend of ours had grown his own weed and damn it was good. I knew it would be a perfect addition to my buzz. As I took in my first hit, I heard Christy say "Hey" from behind me. I turned and she came up, telling me to share.

She teased, a pervert and a bogart, laughing. I handed her the bong, but told her to be careful, it may be to much for her to handle.

Christy giggled, then told me she had yet to have anything she couldn't handle. With a smile, she looked up at me and put her lips to the bong. Mm, the dirty thoughts in my mind were flowing like crazy. I felt my cock getting hard again and had no way to hide it this time. Watching her take the bong to her lips with each hit was hot, she is so beautiful, and naughty, so the energy was intense.

Christy smoked a couple more hits, then turned to walk back into the other room. Before walking out, she told me "white, sheer", with a smile, she walked away.

I was pretty stoned, but after a minute, I realized she had told me what color her panties were. Yummy is all I could think, such a naughty tease, playing with me now.

I loved it. I began imagining her pussy showing through the thin material of her panties. Shaved and pink, mm, so sexy. I was so hard, I had to go stroke my cock somewhere. I decided on the hot tub. I grabbed a towel, the bong and kept them in front of me as I went in the room and told April my back was bothering me.

So I was going to take a dip in the hot tub for awhile. With a kiss, she agreed and was right back into focusing on the movie. I did notice Christy was looking over and had heard me telling April I was going outside.

When I got in the hot tub, the hot water felt so good, mixed with the thoughts of Christy, naked, fantasizing of her sheer white thong being the only thing she had on, as the fantasies played out in my head, I pulled my cock out of my shorts, stroking over the head with my finger tips, then down the shaft.

I couldn't believe how hard I had gotten from just her teasing and flirting with me. But considering how sexy she is, not a surprise. As I worked over my cock, stroking it with long powerful strokes, squeezing as my hand passed over the head, wishing, imagining it was Christy's tight pussy taking me deep inside her. Being that she was so athletic, I knew her pussy had to be super tight, so I squeezed extra hard, gripping tight around my thick shaft.

Suddenly and shocked, I heard giggling.


Fuck, I had been busted. I looked over and to my surprise, it was April. She was watching me, enjoying the show. She then told me Christy was staying the night and had decided to get some sleep, something about the weed making her tired. April decided to come outside to check on me, when she found me stroking my cock. April told me she liked what she had seen when she came out to wish me goodnight and was playing with her pussy while she watched me.

I was so horny, I told her to get in the hot tub and we could do more. But to my surprise, she said no. April walked over toward me, pulled up a lawn chair, peeled her shorts down, sat down and spread her legs. As she spread her shaved wet pussy, showing me her glistening juices covering her lips and her swollen clit Then she began softly rubbing over her clit with her finger tip.

She moaned and told me to keep playing, keep stroking that big cock like you were you dirty bastard. As she talked dirty, she rubbed her pussy faster, then slipping her fingers into her hole. I was stroking my cock so hard, watching April finger fuck her pussy. She told me she wanted to see me, so I got out of the hot tub, went and stood in front of her.

She loved this, fingering her pussy hard, I could hear how wet she was as her fingers slammed into her tight hole. April watched my cock, watched my hand pump it, stroking the thick shaft, then caressing the head, using the pre cum as lube to roll my finger tips over the tip. She loved watching she said and started to shake. She was cumming hard, three fingers packed into her tight pussy and the other working her clit, she shook hard, saying out loud that she was cumming.

I could see white creamy cum poring from her pussy down to her ass, she was fucking her pussy so deep with her fingers. Her other hand worked her clit so fast, her orgasm ripped through her body. I kept working my cock hard, pumping it while rubbing my balls, squeezing them some and rolling them between my fingers.

I could feel my balls tighten and I stepped closer, barely getting out the words I was cumming, I shot my hot cum all over April's face, neck, hair, mouth, mm, fuck I came so hard on her, shooting load after load. April tried to catch some in her mouth as my cum pumped from my cock. She looked so slutty glazed in cum, while her fingers still filled her gaping wet pussy. April told me to come closer, taking my cock in her mouth, she sucked the last of my cum from my cock, sucking hard, getting every last drop.

After we kissed, April said she was going to get some sleep, but for me to go ahead and relax now, she just wanted to help relieve some stress for my back.

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She said thanks for the show, kissed me one more time and went to bed. What she didn't know, is my stress, was the stress of my cock being rock hard from thoughts of fucking her little sister. Now that I was alone, I decided too smoke a joint, have another drink and continue chilling out at the hot tub for awhile. I smoked my joint, thinking about how hot that was cumming all over April. Then thinking about wanting to cum on Christy.

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Imagining what she would look like taking my cock in her mouth, then pumping my cum all over her mouth and face, her small firm tits, yummy. My mind wandered, I imagined her in the hot tub, holding on to the edge, ass to me while I spread her ass cheeks, slipping my tongue over her asshole.

Fucking her asshole with my tongue, I bet she would taste so good, her shaved holes open for me to devour. I had no doubt she would look hot, backed into my mouth, that sweet tight ass she has, her tone body, firm tits, her soft skin. I wanted some of her so bad. Being pretty buzzed at that point, I went into the house for one more drink, then got an idea. April had told me Christy was staying the night. So I wanted to see if I could sneak a peak at her, maybe pull her blanket up and see her ass, panties, something, anything.

I was hoping to get lucky and find her panties in the floor. Just the thought of smelling her sweet smell while I stroke my cock, had my cock stirring again. As my buzzed, close to drunk ass quietly went into where Christy was sleeping, I opened the door, slowly going in.

I could see in the room pretty good since there was a night light, so I could see her on the bed. I could also see that she was laying there in a t shirt and her white thong, only, on top of the covers. She looked amazing in the low light, her curves shadowed perfectly. At that point, I whispered, seeing if she would react. Nothing, it appeared she was sleeping good.

April had said the weed had made her tired, so maybe it had knocked her out.

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I decided to go further, moving up to her, I reached out, touching her leg. I got no reaction, as my hand moved up her smooth leg, gently caressing her soft legs. Moving slowly, up more and more, then finally, to her smooth firm ass cheeks. Finally, they were in my hand. Her ass was firm, mm, felt so good in my hand. She had me so hard. I pulled my cock out with my other hand, stroking it, feeling how hard I was from finally getting to feel that sweet ass.

Her thong lit up in the night light and as I squeezed her ass cheeks, I could see her pussy trying to peak out of the sides. Christy was still sleeping good, so I worked my fingers over her inner thighs, caressing her soft skin. As my hands worked over her skin, my fingers grazed over her panty covered pussy. Then working my fingers, pulling her skin gently, making her pink shaved pussy peak from the sides of her thong.

I could see the material was wet from her juices too, her pussy glistened in the low light of the room. I couldn't believe how wet she was. I was stroking my cock, feeling her wetness against my finger tips. I pumped my long shaft, feeling the pre cum lubricating my strokes. I pulled my fingers from her pussy, smelling her sweet pussy juice, then running them over her soft panties, teasing her through the material.

She pushed back for a minute it seemed. I rubbed my thumb over her asshole, rubbing her pussy with my fingers. I heard her moan, but I eased back, I didn't want to wake her up. Next thing I know, she rolled away from me, pulling away and tossing around a little. She pulled the blanket and moved away from me. I wasn't busted, but I think she thought she was having a dream. Fuck, I was so hard, I wanted to play with her some more, I wanted to feel her pussy taking my fingers.

The feeling of her slick pussy felt so good under my finger tips, I just wanted more. I was stroking my cock long and hard, so I thought, maybe I could cum on her. So I tried to pull the covers off of her, inch by inch, I was able to get the covers off of her some, but she kept moving.

At that point, I decided in case she freaked out, I better stop and go back outside. As I walked out of the room, I rubbed my nose and could smell her pussy juice and a hint of her asshole on my finger tips. She smelled so good, her pussy smelled sweet. I got back out to the hot tub, smelled my fingers and thought about what I had just gotten to see, and now what I was smelling on my finger tips.

I took my shorts off and worked my cock, this time harder then ever before. It felt so good stroking my cock. The head was so swollen, the shaft throbbing and so hard. I imagined Christy pumping my cock with her soft hands. Damn she had me so horny. I wanted her, I wanted to taste her, I wanted to feel her pussy and asshole pulsing at the touch of my tongue, to see her reaction as I slide my fingers into her, one by one, inch by inch.

The thought of Christy like this, after seeing her sweet ass, feeling it, smelling her pussy and ass on my fingers, I got close to cumming quick, when I heard someone next to me. When I looked over, I was in shock.

This time, it wasn't April! Christy told me she knew I was a pervert and asked me if I liked what I was smelling on my fingers? She then told me that she was not asleep, but was hoping I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation. Christy said she was hoping I was going to do whatever I wanted with her in the bedroom, especially since she had just finished fingering her pussy thinking about it.

No wonder she was so wet I thought, naughty girl. Christy walked closer and told me she had watched April play in front of me while I stroked my cock for her.

She told me she liked seeing me stroke my cock and asked if I would stoke it for her to watch. I said yes, and she stepped into the hot tub with me. She was wearing her t shirt and white thong. I could not believe this, but not being shy either, I stood in front of her and stroked my dick for her, my cock right in front of her gorgeous face.

Her brown eyes locked on to the sight of my cock in front of her face being pumped and stroked so good for her.

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Christy was inches from my cock as I worked in front of her face, now telling her how good It felt as I rolled my finger tips over the head, telling her I had been thinking about her the whole day.

She loved hearing that, telling me she could see she had done a good job teasing me. Next thing I knew, she leaned forward, taking the head of my cock into her mouth.

She pulled my hand from my cock and replaced it with hers as she pumped my cock, sucking deep and hard, pausing only to spit on the long shaft, then sucking It back into her mouth and throat. Christy was moaning while sucking, it was incredible. Christy pulled away at one point, stroking my cock with both hands. She looked up at me and told me she thinks about me too.

She said that April had told me how big my cock was once, and that I have a thong panty fetish, so she knew I was trying to see her panties earlier. She said she has been trying to think of how to seduce me, to tease me, so she could fuck and suck my cock.

Taking my cock back into her mouth, devouring every inch. I couldn't believe it, my Wife got her sister hot for me, fuck yeah. Of course April had no clue, but who gave a fuck, her sister was now sucking my cock and slowly working her finger tip over my asshole. What a dirty little slut she was. I told her, just like your sister told me you were. She pulled away and laughed, but I pulled her head into my cock, going deep, gagging her, telling her we will have to see if she was right. Christy groaned deep on my cock, loving being treated like a slut, so I took her by her hair and worked her head back and forth with long deep strokes into her mouth, fucking her throat like I was planning on doing to her tight pussy.

She looked so fucking good being throat fucked and she was loving it. So when I told her I was close to cumming, the naughty slut sucked my cock deeper, she stuck her tongue out some, licking my balls.

That was it, I started to cum, pumping my first load of cum into her throat, then suddenly there was an intense pressure. Christy was filling my ass with her finger. She slid her soft finger in. It hurt a little at first, but felt so good too. The mix of pain and pleasure was making me cum hard, I was cumming harder then I had ever cum before. I filled Christy's throat with cum, load after load filling her throat and mouth. She never took my cock from her mouth, she just kept sucking, getting every drop.

Her mouth felt so intense, her tongue flicking the bottom of my cock while her fingers, now two pumped in and out of my asshole. Fuck I was still so hard from what she was doing to me. Christy kept going, working my cock with her mouth, hands, fingers, fucking my ass, mm, it didn't take me long and I was close again. I couldn't believe she had me ready to cum again so quick. Right when I was about to cum, Christy pulled away, pulling her fingers from my ass, she turned and put the head of my to her panties.

She teased me some, then pulled them down. Her ass, pushing back against my cock. Her hand reaching back guiding my cock into her pussy. Christy pushed back, taking me deep inside her. I didn't have to move or do anything, she fucked my cock so hard and deep. I reached around, feeling her tits and hard nipples, then kissing her back, her shoulders, pulling her arms so she could push back harder, taking more and more of my cock.

It felt so good feeling her fuck me, seeing her sexy body working so hard to take every inch of my cock that she could. Her energy was intense, she was pounding her pussy back against me. She was wet, creamy wet and I could see her cum on my cock.

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Such a sexy woman fucking me, telling me how good I felt inside her. I held her hips, pulling her to me, pumping my cock in and out of her with long, deep strokes.


Slow, then faster, enjoying the feeling of her super tight pussy around my cock. The view of her hot tight ass, her pussy all creamy, while stretched around my shaft. Christy was looking back at me, holding my arm, pulling me to her, wanting more, deeper, harder she said. Fuck me, give it to me please, feels so fucking good inside me, so deep inside me. As she talked dirty, I fucked deeper, harder, deeper, harder, giving her such a long deep fucking, the one she was begging for.

Christy was cumming, telling me to please keep going, she was cumming so hard. The position we were in was perfect, I had complete control and could go so deep inside her. As her orgasm subsided, I tried to keep going, but I couldn't hold back and started to cum. Christy told me to cum in her, to fill her with my hot cum. She was talking dirty to me again, knowing I liked it. She pushed back against me, grinding her pussyfilling her balls deep, making sure I came as deep inside of her as possible.

I loved it, felt so good cumming inside her pussy, her pussy was so tight, she worked every drop of my cum from me. I couldn't believe what a nasty girl Christy was. I was flying high after that.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes, kissing, her back to my chest, her nipples between my fingers. Just enjoying each other. After we kissed some more, we re positioned, pulling my cock from her, Christy sat on my lap in the hot tub.

She started kissing my neck, loving on me and being very affectionate. Christy told me how good my cock felt inside her and that she hadn't had such a big cock before.


She said she had been with a guy who was almost as thick, but not as long. She kissed me again, biting my lip. I loved it. I asked her to tell me about it, how her and the other guy fucked. Christy liked this and told me all about him, she met him at a party, her and her friend. She had heard about his cock, so she hooked up with him one night in a closet.

She told me how she sucked him, and then fucked him hard.

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My cock was getting hard listening to her story. Christy could feel my cock against her inner thighs since she was still sitting on my lap.

With that, she shuffled a little, then I could feel her tight pussy slowly taking my cock. Christy was holding her arm around my neck, leaning in kissing me and moaning into my mouth as she filled her pussy full of my cock.

Her words in my ear, telling me how she sucked that guys cock, how she fucked him, how his cock felt inside her as she took him in different positions.

She was driving me wild talking dirty to me. The night went on for a little while longer, ending with Christy telling me about her and a girlfriend playing one time with a dildo. I lost it, cumming inside her again. After kissing, she and I both went to bed. The next morning, I awoke late, worn out from the night before.

April had gone to work early and Christy had left as well. I went to make coffee only to find a note. It was from Christy, telling me she couldn't wait to finish telling me about her and her friend. See you soon she writes. Next to the note, her white panties. Talk about a good night in the hot tub and a damn good morning. I am looking forward to next time.