Clara grimadi et mister cheaps interracial and hardcore

Clara grimadi et mister cheaps interracial and hardcore
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Mindy came home from the gym flushed and sweating, and extremely randy.

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I followed her into the bedroom, admiring her full swaying ass framed deliciously in her tight yoga pants, her back and arms still glowing with perspiration as she sat down on the bed. I knelt down in front of her and untied the laces of her running shoes, then slipped one shoe off and held it to my face. The heated stench of foot sweat and leather hit me and I instantly got hard, my cock stiffening in my pants. Mindy grinned and pushed the shoe away with her foot, damp sock brushing against my face.

Her white socks were plastered to her feet with sweat and the stink coming from them was driving me crazy.


Mindy pushed her other shoe off and lay back on the bed, putting both of her socked feet against my nose and mouth while she opened her legs. Her tank-top had pulled up a bit, revealing her smooth stomach, perspiration beading in her bellybutton. I held both of her socked feet against my face, inhaling the powerful scent of the damp socks as Mindy curled her toes across my nose and rubbed her white socks-clad heels against my lips.

I tasted the damp socks and warm, sweaty foot underneath. My cock was throbbing as Mindy continued to rub her feet up and down my face. I could see Mindy's stiff nipples poking against her sweat-darkened grey tanktop and she slipped her hand underneath the tanktop, purring as she tweaked a nipple while I devoured her socked feet.

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I rolled one sock down over her ankle, then heel, licking the smooth, hot skin of the bottom of her foot. I pulled the sock off and pressed her bare, warm foot to my mouth, tongue sliding over her warm salty toes, then in between them and down the sole of her perspiring foot. Mindy moaned as my tongue washed her stinking foot clean and she slipped her hand down the front of her tight yoga pants, exploring between her legs as I sucked on her delicate toes.

I took each pink, salty toe into my mouth and ran my tongue between them and again up and down the sole of her foot and she moaned deep in her throat, her hand rhythmically rubbing under the waistband of her tight gym pants. I held both her feet to my face, licking the smooth skin of her bare foot while inhaling the sour stink of drying sweat from her other socked foot. Mindy flexed her hips and whimpered softly, and I knew that her fingers had found their way under her panties and inside of her soft mound.

She was tightening her thigh muscles and gently hunching her hips against her hand while I worshipped her feet, pulling the other sock off and devouring her sweat-soured toes, soles and heel.

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I pressed her feet together and slid my tongue up over both her big toes and washed the salty tops of her feet with my tongue. Mindy was groping her breast under her tanktop and bra with her left hand while her right worked it's magic inside her panties.

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I stood up and released my cock from my pants, clasping it in between the arches of her pretty little feet. I started slowly fucking my cock between her clammy hot feet, soles and toes clenched around it while she pumped her fingers into her wet pussy and rubbed her clitoris.

Mindy was breathing heavily and I could hear the sound of her fingers working into her slick wetness as I fucked her feet. I didn't want to come yet so I slowly released her feet and climbed up on the bed beside her, admiring her tight, curvy body. A pink flush was creeping up her chest as she continued to work her fingers under her workout pants and a fine sheen of perspiration had appeared on her face and chest, her breath quickening as she fingered herself.

Mindy smiled wickedly at me as I slipped my hand down the front of her tanktop and felt the stiff nub of her nipple under her sports bra, gently rubbing it between my thumb and finger.

Her tit was full and firm and she closed her eyes when I cupped her breast. I entwined the fingers of my left hand in hers and extended her arm out on the bed while she continued to finger-fuck herself, grinding her round hips against her hand.

Her muscular arm was flexed and I bent to her exposed underarm, inhaling the strong essence of her armpit after her long gym session. I kissed the short rough stubble of her mostly shaven underarm, tasting the salty smell her hot sweaty armpit, licking her up and down.

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Mindy gasped and rubbed herself faster as I lapped at her stinking shaven patch then wiggled over on the bed so my throbbing cock was pressed against her face.

It was my turn to gasp as the dirty girl opened her mouth and took the tip of penis in, then bobbed her head up off the bed, gagging as my cock jabbed down her throat.

She let it pop out then began washing my balls with her tongue, using her other hand to jerk me off, her fist pumping my prick while she sucked and lapped at my balls. I leaned down to kiss her and the cute blonde grinned up at me.

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Mindy's mouth opened eagerly, sucking my tongue in and crushing her lips urgently against mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth and kissing me wetly. We shared sweat and desire as our mouths were crushed together, swallowing hotly, tongues working against each other. She began to fondle my hard-on as she kissed me and I and pushed her tanktop up, revealing smooth milky-white breasts with stiff pink nipple underneath. I bent and took a nipple in my mouth and Mindy hissed, squeezing herself through the front of her pants, hand clenched over her crotch.

Her chest had the tangy taste of stale dried sweat as I kissed between her breasts, massaging her round hanging tits then licked up her chest and neck, across her lips and stood on the bed, pulling the foreskin of my cock back and guiding the head of my cock between her lips and into her eager mouth.

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Mindy bobbed and sucked, deep-throating my cock while her saliva ran down the shaft. She pulled me back down to the bed while still blowing me, then swung her leg over my shoulder and mounted me in a 69 position. She was still wearing her yoga pants and I could feel the heat of her liquid center as she pushed her hips down against my face. The crotch of her pants was stiff with her juices and I pulled the yoga pants down over her curvy hips to her knees while Mindy continued to suck on my prick.

She was wearing a black thong under her workout pants and I grabbed her hips and pulled her crotch down to my face.


Her thong panties were soaked and the sour and sweet vinegar smell of her vaginal juice was tantalizing. I gripped her ass and buried my mouth into the heady funk of her panties, feeling her pussy lips slick and open beneath the stinking cotton.

Mindy groaned and sat up on my face. I pulled the thong from between her delicious round asscheeks, baring her puckered bumhole and jammed my tongue inside her backside, jabbing it into her sphincter as she yelped and squirmed around on my face. Mindy was furiously rubbing her clitoris with the heel of her hand while fingerbanging her twat at the same time as I rimmed her asshole and pulled her hips down onto my face, again slipping my tongue as far into her rectum as I could while she whimpered and moaned.

Mindy's ankles were pressed against the sides of my head and I could still smell the stink of dried sweat from her feet as she grinded and flexed her groin over my face. I could hear the wetness as she pumped her fingers into her cunt and she was panting hard as I continued to lick her asshole.

"God yes oh God" Mindy gasped, "eat my bum, fuck fuck fuck, oh Christ, I'm coming, suck it, oh my Godddd" and she arched her back, yanking two fingers from her open twat and pushing her wet pussy against my lips, jamming down onto my mouth as she came.

I tasted two hot thick jets of wetness as she clenched and squirted, her open vagina locked against my lips and tickling tongue. Mindy collapsed on top of me, her body shaking and vagina still quivering as I cleaned and licked her engorged and swollen gash.

The soft little patch of trimmed pubic hair directly above her clitoris tickled my chin, droplets of her heady dew running down my cheeks as I drank and savoured her sweet wetness.

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