Borracha orinando en un vaso

Borracha orinando en un vaso
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Hailey shut her car door before she carefully unlocked the door of the small cottage and stepped inside. The keys had turned up a few days earlier with nothing more than a note with a post code and a set of code numbers scrawled across it in Julie's unmistakable flowing.

It hadn't been easy to find without the use of the GPS navigation system in her small hatch back and was tucked away down a private country lane that had the code operated electric gates at the entrance. There were tall trees all around concealing the cottage from view and the whole property of around an acre had a tall chain link fence with private property signs attached clearly to it along with 'beware of the dogs' signs.

Hailey laughed as she reached down to ruffle Sam's head, who had accompanied her inside and was sniffing around, as she said out loud to the empty room, "sign should have said, beware of the dogs as they will fuck you senseless." Then still chuckling at her joke Hailey explored the cottage with Sam leading the way.

The frantic beeping from the panel by the door prompted Hailey to quickly enter the second set of codes of the note to silence the alarm before it sprang into action alerting goodness knows who.

The cottage was on one level and the interior had been carefully designed to be both functional and practical.


The kitchen was of a country style in oak units and a large table in the middle which Hailey could see could either be moved to clear a space or the sturdy chairs used for a willing participant to drape herself over. The same could be said of the living room which had a large brick fireplace with a modern multi burner and the coached could either be pushed back to form an area in front of the fire on a large rug or again the participant could lie over their well-padded upholstery.

The large bed in the single bedroom could be used for sex and there was sufficient space around it for any of the areas to be utilized for the same purpose. Opening the door to the bathroom Hailey could see that the walk-in shower could accommodate at least two humans and there was even a lower shower head that could be used if you wanted a dog in there with you.

Finally, Hailey came to a room with a key code lock and opening it Hailey was astounded at the state-of-the-art media equipment that filled one wall of the small room. Television screens not only showed every room in the house from at least two angles there were also cameras showing the outside which included a large dog pen and kennel. Each of the screens had a record button underneath it and the one blank screen was attached to a powerful computer to allow editing to take place.

Wandering outside Hailey looked at the kennel and giggled as she noticed there was a bench that was perfectly positioned to allow someone to lie across before being mounted. There were even eyes attached to allow the person to be restrained if they desired. Sam was sniffing round the kennels and Hailey saw there were three kennels, to no doubt accommodate the greedier clients who might visit.

Returning back to the sitting area Hailey flicked on the television and in addition to the usual cable channels there was the ability to watch the cameras in that room live as well as a playback channel.

Finally, there was a channel devoted to Perro Mundo and played the promo video starring Michelle as well a more instruction video designed to reassure the watched that what they were about to do was perfectly OK. After watching the rather clinical instruction video Hailey called Sam to her side and said softly, "I think we should make our own video to show our guests how it works." Hailey walked into the control room and pressed record on all of the television screens and went outside stripping quickly and throwing her clothes in a heap on the floor before shutting the door.

Sam stopped his searching as he caught the familiar smell of his favourite bitch who was clearly ready to breed. "OK Sam," said Hailey with her voice sounding husky, "time to breed me in every room and I can edit later into a short video so I hope you have your strength up." With that Hailey walked to the middle of the room and draped herself over the large footstool on her tummy with her ass on the air. Flicking the television channel so she could see herself on the screen Hailey wriggled a little so the camera got a good view of her rounded but firm ass.

Even though it was a few weeks past Hailey's ass was still a little painful from the savage fucking Chico had given her on the island so she had no intention if letting Sam take her there, telling him, "Pussy only for you boy, but as much as you want, and you had better get your fill as I need to start training the new dogs tomorrow." Sam padded over and sniffed deeply before licking at the sweet centre of the smell and was rewarded by the taste of Hailey's pussy juices that were starting to flow freely.

His cock was already starting to show and glancing round at the dripping end Hailey was eager to get him to mount to avoid staining the new carpet. Patting her ass Sam was quick to respond and rising up only took a couple of jabs before he found Hailey's wet and willing pussy.

Hailey groaned with sheer joy as Sam slammed home forcing his cock deep inside and fucking at a fast and furious pace. Although Hailey wanted to enjoy herself she knew that she had to collect shots in every room before you could afford the luxury of letting Sam spurt inside her.

Happy there would be some usable footage much to Sam's disappointment she stood causing him to slide out of her and stand there panting as his heavy cock swayed from side to side with almost a mind of its own. Hailey moved to the kitchen and pushing the table to one side knelt on the cold tiled floor and once again patted her ass in encouragement to Sam.

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The dog was overjoyed to know that his fun hadn't ended early and his claws clicked as he scrabbled frantically trying to gain purchase as he mounted. Hailey realised that perhaps she should have lain over a chair but it was too late for that now as Sam found his mark, this time it seemed almost with more vigour. Hailey made a whooshing sound as the air was forced from her body and she found it a struggle to remain upright as Sam drove his cock home.

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Hailey could feel her orgasm starting to build and her body was screaming to allow for release but once again she stood causing Sam to slip out and stand frustrated. Hailey almost ran to the bedroom although the fire between her legs seemed to make movement disjointed and uncoordinated.

Draping herself over the edge of the bed on her back and her legs on the floor Hailey whistled to Sam who came into the room and looked at her with a wary look in her eye. "I'm sorry Sam," said Hailey sadly, "but these are the sacrifices we must make for art." and with that patted her own pussy. Hailey felt a shiver run through her body and her patting stopped as she found her own engorged clit and started to rub herself. Sam sat between her legs and watched for a moment, unsure what to do as his bitch was not in her usual position of on all fours.

Moving closer he sniffed at her pussy that was being played with by her fingers and wanting to taste licked with his long rough tongue. Hailey was so close to cumming as she felt Sam's rough tongue rasping across her fingers and also her clit and removing her hands altogether arched up giving herself to him completely. She was rewarded by Sam licking her harder and deeper, his tongue actually curling up inside as he licked and lapped. Hailey reached out to grab his shaggy head and found it wasn't there and the licking had stopped, before it could register Sam was up with his paws either side of her chest and his face close to hers.

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Reaching between their bodies Hailey grasped Sam's hot cock and positioned it at her entrance before releasing him and allowing him to slam home. Hailey grunted with pure pleasure and didn't care as Sam slobbered in her mouth as for the first time they fucked face to face.

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The angle was strange for them both and Hailey had to keep adjusting her position to ensure Sam stayed inside and eventually he couldn't maintain his position and slipped from her.

Making a mental note to practise missionary in the future Hailey took the opportunity to get unsteadily to her feet and head outside.


Glancing in the mirror Hailey could see the scratch marks on her belly and twisting sideways saw they were on her calves and hips. For her they were the marks that showed she was truly Sam's bitch but at the same time knowing she would have to explain them to her husband made a second mental note to get socks for the dogs. Leaving the cottage Hailey headed to the outdoor dog pen with Sam following her, sniffing the air and every so often nipping at her buttocks and growling for her to assume the position.

Reaching the breeding bench Hailey threw herself over it and gripping the legs waited, panting like a bitch in heat. Sam rose up and this time frustration had got the better of him as he was determined his bitch would take his seed this mating. Gripping with his front paws Sam leant forward and took a firm grasp of Hailey's neck and nipped hard enough so that Hailey would know she wasn't moving but not hard enough to draw blood. Hailey orgasmed at the moment she felt the teeth clamp on her neck, her body convulsing as Sam truly made her his bitch by showing she was his to be taken.

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Hailey had no intention of moving anyway but the thrill of being out in the open air and being fucked in such an animalistic manner sent her brain into overdrive. Same slammed home and for the next 60 seconds his hips were a total blur as her hammered at Hailey driving any air or possible resistance from her body. Hailey moaned loudly, "Oh yes Sam use me like your bitch, fill full of your dog seed." then grunting orgasmed again on Sam's cock, her own juices flooding over his knot. The extra lubrication allowed Sam to drive the large knot home and as it swelled even further locked him inside.

Hailey felt the first gush of hot cum inside her body like a hose pipe and felt Sam's knot pulse and throb as jet after jet pumped deep inside her. Eventually Sam subsided enough for his knot to shrivel a little and as he pulled away Hailey moaned as she felt her insides being tugged and that sad feeling of a void deep inside her.

Unable to gather the energy to move Hailey lay there for a moment and to her pleasant surprise was rewarded by Sam commencing to clean her up. His long tongue caressed her pussy lips sending small tremors through her body, making her nerve ends tingle as each mini-orgasm ebbed and flowed deep inside.

Finally, when Sam was satisfied with his handiwork did Hailey gingerly push herself to her feet and trying to walk with her legs apart moved to the large walk in shower and allowed the hot water to cascade over her body refreshing her. Wrapped in a large fluffy white robe and a towel wrapped round her curly black hair Hailey padded into the kitchen and searched for something to eat as all the exercise had made her ravenous.

***** "Will you tell her?" asked Michelle, lifting her head from between Julie's legs where she had been feasting on Julie's shaved and very tasty pussy.

Julie laughed softly as although Hailey would have seen the PIR sensors in every room and assumed they were for the alarm system; what Hailey didn't know was that they also activated remote viewing. "Well she should know." said Julie in an amused voice, "After all the villa when she performed with the bottle was covered, but I guess I will tell her soon enough or you can tell her when you go and join Deepti over there." Michelle looked at Julie quizzically before Julie responded, "Deepti can't train the dogs on her own and we need at least 20 based on the initial enquiries about the holiday rentals.

In addition, we have a few very interested parties in trying out what the cottage has to offer so Hailey will have her hands full." Michelle shrugged to herself knowing that it would give her more dogs to fuck which was always a bonus and it was good that Julie was on the island helping out while Deepti was away. "So who will service the dogs while I am away?" asked Michelle realising that there was likely to be a week without her or Deepti being on the island.

"Why do you think I am here," laughed Julie, "or don't you think I deserve a holiday?" then pushing Michelle's head back between her legs Julie carried on reading the papers in front of her on the desk while Michelle's talented tongue continued its work. ***** Still wrapped in her towel Hailey watched the replay of the various videos and using a preloaded editing tool soon had a very hot 5 minute clip of her being fucked in every room and outside by a very energetic Sam.

In most of the scenes she had been able to splice in clear shots of her face contorted in pure pleasure fading to close ups of Sam's cock parting her pink pussy lips at a tremendous pace.

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Hailey was particularly pleased with the way her face had shown just how good it was and was sure it would be excellent encouragement for guests. Loading it onto the loop to follow the instructional video as well as the Perro Mundo video, Hailey also loaded a copy onto a flash drive which she carefully tucked into the bottom of her bag.

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Hailey had to laugh as the flash drive was concealed in what was a novelty reproduction of a dog with the head removing for the flash drive to be inserted.

'Should have been a dog cock," Hailey said out loud and then had second thoughts as perhaps that would have been harder to explain hanging of her keyring at the local shops. Hailey was still smiling to herself as she walked through the door of their house only to be greeted by a very agitated and angry Craig pacing round the room in full dinner suit and tapping his watch. "Where the fucking hell have you been," Craig shouted, "the taxi will be here in 30 minutes and we cannot be late." With everything that had been going on Hailey completely forgot that she had agreed to accompany Craig to a posh black-tie charity dinner organised by Craig's boss who he was eager to impress.

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"Oh I am so sorry. I will be very quick I promise," shrieked Hailey throwing her coat and bag on the couch before heading up the stairs two at a time. What she didn't notice was that in her haste to rush upstairs her bag and bounced off the couch and onto the floor spilling the contents everywhere.

Tutting angrily Craig scooped the contents back into the bag and laughed with incredulity as he came across the plastic dog wondering idly why his wife had such a piece of tat in her bag. His curiosity was aroused however, when he found that the head of the dog came off to reveal it was in fact a flash drive.

Putting the rest of the contents in the bag Craig carefully placed the flash drive in his pocket with a view to examining the contents in more details later.