Horny dude gets hairy ass fisted

Horny dude gets hairy ass fisted
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She ground her fat ass against my hips trying desperately to get me as deep into her sweaty baby maker as possible. I pull on her long hair like reins and her head snaps back, straightening her spine.


Her dead fish face stared off into the distance, committed to making a baby any way she had to. "Stupid bitch," I spat as I shoved myself into her snatch again. She shivered in response and let out a breathless and humorless laugh. She loved being mistreated and I loved the power I had over her. When we started working together I hated Anne almost immediately. She was in her early thirties, making her four or five years older than me, but old enough to have a sense of superiority.

She was always polite, but anytime you tried to tease her, make a joke or disagree with her, she got a look on her face like you were beneath her.

That's not the worst thing if the girl is exceptionally hot, but not when she's thirty to forty pounds overweight. I mean, I'll grin like an idiot all day at a stuck up bitch if she's hot enough, but not Anne. She had a cute smile, on the rare occasion when smiled, but her face was round and flat and there was too much space between her eyes.

That combined with her usual frown gave her a dead fish face. It was clear that we didn't get along and even had a number of fights at work that needed a superior to settle. She really pissed me off and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. We kept to ourselves as much as we could, but after my first child was born she started trying to be friendlier toward me. One night, after a big celebration for the firm I went back down to the office to get my cell phone and found her crying at her desk.

It became clear after an embarrassingly drunken conversation that she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for some time, but she found out that he was impotent and didn't have the heart to tell him. More than anything she wanted a baby and I immediately understood why she had been so nice to me recently. It might have been twisted, but I think she had a new respect for me when she found out that I could impregnate my wife, something her own man could not.

I made a joke in poor taste about finding someone else to get her knocked up and then not tell her husband, she gave me a knowing look saying she had already thought about that and then she burst into tears again. "Is it true you used to go out with Steve in acquisitions?" I decided to change the subject. She looked up and she had that cold face again. "Yeah, why?" "I just heard something about.

Never mind." She hardened even more so. "Tell me." "Okay. I heard you got drunk and fucked him and one of his friends one night. That's all." She didn't even blink. "Yeah, so?

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You ever have a threesome with your pretty blond wife?" "No. And if I did, it would have to be with another girl." "She's probably never going to let you have a threesome.

She's really hot but women like that think letting you fuck them is a privilege." "I don't know about that." "Well I do. Have you ever been with a chubby girl?" "Excuse me?" "Not fat," she smiled mischievously.

"At least not so fat you couldn't get it up." I didn't know what to say. She continued, "See, a big girl has less pride. She thinks she needs to prove something, do a little extra to keep her man." I couldn't tell if she was saying what I think she was saying. She continued, "A fat girl will let you fuck her in the ass whenever you want to. She'll let you humiliate her and she'll love it as long as she gets what she wants." "What's that?" I managed.


"A baby." And with that, she dropped to her knees and crawled over to me and started unzipping my pants. "What are you doing?" She rubbed my cock and looked up at me, "Don't cum in my mouth.

You can fuck my ass, you can even slap me around if you want, but I want you to cum in my pussy." Without another word she swallowed my cock whole and starting bobbing her head up and down.

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She was good! "So you don't have any pride?" I was starting to see where this could go. She stroked me and shook her head, "As long as when you're done with me you dump your load in my belly, you can make me do anything." "Show me your fucking tits." She immediately lifted her shirt and pulled down her bra.

This was going to be hard to argue with.

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Her tits were sagging fun bags and a good cup size pushed up in a bra, but hanging free they flattened out a fair bit and looked but deflated. I grabbed a hold of one of her big pink nipples and pulled at her. She never once tried to stop me. I think she loved it. The worse I treated her the faster she would cum. My favorite so far was making her wear a paper bag over her head with a picture of her mother on it.


She got multiorgasmic that time, but as long as I put as much semen into her belly as possible, she was eager. It didn't take long for her to realize that it had worked. My fertile spunk had worked its way into her womb and was busy making a baby now. As a thank you, Anne let me cum in her ass and cleaned me off with her mouth. Of course it didn't stop there. I was having too much fun with my own fuck doll.

I still loved my wife, but come on, I could do anything I wanted, I never had to worry about her feelings and I was loving every minute of it! We kept fucking into the third trimester, where she was at her horniest.

I had pictures of her and video of her in the office bathroom, on the desk after hours, even in my bed when my wife was at work if I ordered her to take the day off work and come over.

After the first baby, we didn't wait to start again. I had her pierce both of her nipples and made her "work" late three to four nights of the week. Her husband loved the piercings and the more we fucked, the more they would fuck, so that when she got knocked up again he could take the credit. I seeded her entire family for her and she was so appreciative in so many filthy ways.

I still love my wife and everyone is happy.

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I fuck Anne whenever I feel like it and she's always obedient. Maybe because she likes it or maybe because she's afraid of what I'll do with those photos and videos, but either way I don't fuck her that much anymore.

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After four kids she just let herself go a little too far and I would never use those pictures in that way. I mean, I'm an asshole but I'm not that big an asshole!