DP loving babe tastes warm jizz in threeway

DP loving babe tastes warm jizz in threeway
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After many weeks of writing to Terry and Cathy and swapping photos of our wives, I was really surprised when he suggested I visit them at their house.

(I had thought that it was only Terry reading my letters and wanking over my wife's photos.) I arrived at their detached modern house as agreed at 11.00 o'clock one Saturday morning. Terry answered the door and showed me into the lounge. He said Cathy would be down in a minute. Just as I was wondering if she was even in the house, the door opened and in she walked, dressed in the same business suit that I had seen in some pictures Terry had sent.

She looked pale and nervous and seemed glad to leave the room after I had shaken her cold hand and accepted her offer of coffee. 'She looks a bit unhappy. Is she okay with this?' I asked. 'Yeah no problem, she's just a bit shy.' Terry said. 'Does she know why I'm here and that I've seen her pictures?' 'I wouldn't mention the pictures but I showed her yours and of all the blokes who sent us pictures, she liked yours best.

Anyway it will be okay so just follow my lead.' At that point Cathy return with the coffees and we sat around making small talk until Terry said, 'I was just telling Steve that you liked his photos.' Cathy blushed and looked down at her cup.

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'I bet you'd like to see the real thing wouldn't you my love?' 'I don't know, I don't think so.' She smiled weakly, 'I don't really think this is such a good idea.' Then she looked at me before turning back to him, 'I'm sorry.' 'Well I'm sure Steve didn't want to come all this way for nothing.

Did you Steve? So feel free to give us a quick flash if you want to.' I was quite happy with this invitation. My cock was already getting hard and so I stood up and slowly undid my belt. As I unzipped my fly Cathy's eyes flicked up and then quickly down again.

I pushed my trousers and pants down to my knees and stood with my cock pointing at Cathy. 'Aren't you going to look?' I asked. Slowly she lifted her gaze and stared at my prick with the same weak smile. 'You can touch it if you want,' I said taking a step towards her but she shook her head and turned away. 'Whose is the biggest Cathy, his or mine?' Terry had now released his erection and he was smiling broadly at his wife as he wanked his cock.

She just shook her head and said nothing. 'Come on darling don't be a spoilsport, we've shown you ours now it's your turn.' 'Look Terry, I told you before I really don't want to do this.' So now it was out in the open, she wasn't just playing the innocent, she really didn't want to know. 'Oh come on please darling,' he said in wheedling tones, 'It's just a bit of harmless fun.

I tell you what, just give us a flash of your panties.' He watched the effect of his words and then added. 'Just lean back in the chair and pull your skirt up a bit.' She looked nervously at me and then leaned back in her armchair.

'That's a good girl. Now pull up your skirt.' She slowly pulled it up and I was delighted to see that she was wearing black self-supporting stockings. Not something most young girls wear on a Saturday morning. Then the skirt went higher until just the smallest patch of white panties was visible. 'Come on baby, higher, and open your legs.' Terry urged. She was blushing furiously now and she closed her eyes as she pulled her skirt up further and parted her thighs I could see the slight bulge of her pussy and dark mound of her pubes.

It was a fantastically erotic sight, simply because she was so shy. I stepped forward to see if I could have a feel but she opened her eyes, pulled down her skirt and said to Terry.

'No touching! We agreed Terry, there was to be no touching.' So! They had discussed the matter and had a deal of sorts as to how far things would go. Terry had obviously been nagging for some time. 'Okay sweetheart you're right but you agreed to flash, so why don't you stand up and undo your blouse.' She stood up slowly, and with obvious reluctance, she undid her blouse, and with a wave of encouragement from him she opened it so we could see her bra.

'That's it baby, now undo the bra and show Steve your lovely boobs.' This took a little longer and as she reached behind her and unclipped the bra, she bit her lower lip and I thought she looked close to tears. Her face was grim as she lifted the bra and exposed her beautiful firm young tits. The nipples were not very hard so I knew that she wasn't turned on and she was looking pleadingly at Terry.

'Well done baby, now turn round and show us your bum.' She gave an exasperated shrug and turned round and after one more futile glance at Terry, she pulled her skirt up over her bottom. 'Knickers down baby, come on, knickers down.' She must have felt more comfortable with her back to me because she pulled her panties down and revealed her pretty, white bum.

'Now turn round,' he ordered. 'That's enough Terry,' she said, turning round and pulling her skirt down. 'No it's not enough,' he said crossly. 'It will be enough when you've shown Steve you pussy. 'Please Terry, I don't want to,' And she looked to me as if for support. I was wanking my cock and near to coming, so she had no chance! 'Come on darling,' wheedling again, 'just one quick flash and it will all be over.' I was a bit disappointed to hear him say this and watched the young embarrassed girl as she struggled to decide.

She twisted agitatedly from left to right, screwing up the hem of her skirt in her hands.


She opened her mouth trying to find the words to appeal to him but she was losing and she knew it. 'Please Terry, please don't make me do this.' 'Come on now stop being a baby,' his voice then took on a hard edge, 'Come on!


Get on with it, just show us your pussy and then Steve will go.' 'Promise?' She asked him and he nodded but then she looked at me for confirmation. I gave her what I hoped was a friendly, sympathetic smile and nodded. She took a deep breath and as she exhaled loudly, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties.


I could see her light brown pubes and just a hint of the dark cleft of her pussy as she still had her legs together. 'You'll have to take your panties off and sit in the chair like before if we are going to see anything,' he said, adding, 'Get on with it, it's not such a big deal.' 'Right!' She said angrily, and pulled off her panties and threw herself into the armchair with her legs open. I was just beginning to enjoy the sight of her exposed pussy and the way her pink inner lips protruded, when Terry pushed past me and fell on top of his wife.

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'No Terry no!' She tried to push him off as he fumbled between them trying to feed his cock into her. 'Shut up you silly bitch! It's only me doing what we always do.' 'No Terry don't, not with him watching.' I certainly was watching. Terry had managed to push his cock into her and as he thrust into her he kept his legs open and I could clearly see then pink lips of her cunt stretched around his shaft and below that the wrinkled pink-brown smudge of her anus.

She had given up trying to stop him or push him off and covered her face with her hands, while he began to fuck her with a steady rhythm.

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'Have a feel of her tits Steve.' He invited and I gladly stepped forward and grabbed a handful of her right tit. She opened her eyes, grasped my wrist to pull my hand away just as Terry's mouth covered her other nipple.

I bent forward and pulled my hand, and consequently hers away from her breast and rubbed the end of my cock over her nipple. Then Terry really surprised me. He released the nipple from his mouth and turning his head he took he head of my prick into his mouth. I was too shocked to react at first and so was Cathy. But as he bobbed his head back and forth I really began to enjoy it.

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'Terry! What the hell are you doing?' She shouted at him, her eyes wide in disbelief. 'You do it then,' he snarled, grabbing my shaft and pointing my knob-end at her. Needless to say she turned her face away but then he turned really nasty. He grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted it, forcing her head around to face me.

'Do it you fucking bitch, I want to see you do it.' He still had a hold of my cock and he rubbed the end roughly over her lips. She was groaning and whimpering through gritted teeth and tears filled her eyes. 'Do it,' Terry hissed and cruelly pulling her hair, causing her to whine with pain. 'Okay,' she gasped, 'I'll do it, but please stop hurting me.' She opened her mouth and allowed the swollen head of my cock inside.

Terry let go of my shaft and wrapped his wife's slender fingers around it instead.

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Then he pulled back and stared with gleeful lust as she awkwardly sucked my cock. As I moved my hips gently to and fro he watched me.

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'Yeah,' he breathed, 'Fuck her mouth.' Then he resumed his own fucking motions. We continued like this for some time and when I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it over her lips, Terry continued to instruct her. 'Lick it baby, you know how to do it, go on let me see you lick it.' All the fight seemed to have gone now and holding my prick in her hand, she obediently flicked her tongue over my bell-end and then up and down the underside of my shaft.

'Now his balls baby, lick his balls.' As she lowered her head and lapped around my balls Terry's demeanour changed. 'Good girl, that's the way. See it's only a bit of fun and you're getting wet so you must be beginning to enjoy it aren't you?' She turned to him. 'Okay I've done what you wanted so can we stop now?' 'Soon sweetheart, soon,' he said soothingly. 'We just need to give Steve his turn.' I anticipated that he would want me to fuck her, so I was ready to move.

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She on the other hand was caught by surprise as he pulled out of her and I quickly, and none to gently, fell on her and forced myself between her legs. 'No Terry no! She shrieked, trying to hit me and push me off. I grabbed her wrists as I felt Terry's hand feeding my prick into her.

He was right! She was wet and I wrapped my arms around her wriggling body.

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I experienced the delicious hot wet tightness of her cunt as I began to fuck her. Terry's face was close to my parted thighs as he watched my prick sliding in and out of his wife's cunt. Then he stood up and presented his cock to her mouth. She opened her mouth and took it without protest and he grunted his approval as she sucked his cock.

As I continued to slowly fuck her, I also sucked her nipples. Then, as I released one of the hard, pink buds and looked up, I found that Terry's throbbing prick was right in front of my face.

I looked at him and he smiled. 'Want to try it?' There was no doubting his meaning as he pointed the smooth, round, bell-end at me. What the hell, I thought and I took hold of it, opened my mouth and closed it over the hot flesh. I stole a quick glance at Cathy as she watched me sucking her husband's prick and as if to give her a lesson in the art of oral sex, I began to move my head up and down, taking the full length into my mouth.

I cupped Terry's balls and fondled them gently before running my tongue down his shaft and lapping his hairy balls. Then Terry had another idea.

'Get on your back Steve, with her on top.' Cathy only put up some token resistance as I pulled her down out of the chair, and with Terry's help I was soon flat on my back with Cathy on top, still impaled on my cock. Terry arranged her on her knees and picking up a camera from a table nearby he looked through the lens. 'Spread her cheeks Steve.' As I complied I heard the click of the camera. He moved to the side and clicked again. 'Give us a smile baby,' and as she gave a weak grin he clicked again.

Then he knelt behind her and began to lick her arsehole. The expression on her face was now one of increasing pleasure and she moved up and down on my cock willingly. Then suddenly her expression changed and she moaned as Terry started to push his prick against her tight, wrinkled hole. 'Oh yes!' Cathy cried.

'Fuck my arse! Yes baby fuck me please.' Then I felt Terry's prick slide into her anus. As she moved rapidly up and down on the two cocks that penetrated her, I felt my orgasm approaching.

I tried to delay the moment but then Cathy looked me straight in the eyes and said, 'Fuck me Steve. Fuck my dirty cunt!' This pushed me over the edge and as my prick exploded and squirted cum inside her I heard Terry groan with lustful pleasure as he came in her arse.

As we relaxed afterwards, I congratulated Cathy on her great acting performance. Terry told me that he had hours of pleasure coaching her how to be the innocent and reluctant little wife.