Keuschheit Zwangsentsamung Melken klingender

Keuschheit Zwangsentsamung Melken klingender
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The Chief's Daughter Chapter 4 Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller By Jax_Teller Previously in Chapter 3 As I began to drift off to sleep I wondered what the next day would bring. I was happy this day ended with no problems, happy my girls were drifting off to sleep at my side.

Still I could not shake the feeling that something was wrong some where in the world that would come to our little spot of heaven. But for now life was as good as it gets. Chapter 4 Seven years ago I made a commitment to get off the grid and to live happy, no more rat race. I connected with Mike an old friend who was growing community along those lines. He had just purchased an old trailer park that had been sitting empty for years.

Apparently the location was to far out for most people and the power to that area had not been restored after a main line had been severed in storms and flooding that came through. The old park was perfect for what he envisioned secluded affordable, with no neighbors to annoy or or be annoyed by. Mike was a combat veteran who just wanted to live in peace with his friends.

We reconnected just as he was purchasing the old trailer park. I purchased the lot I wanted from him and began work on my place in the sun. The septic systems were mostly collapsed so I bought a backhoe and went to work. The first month I spent getting all the septic systems dug up.


I knew it would take a few months to get them refitted and would need to be backfilled. I finely got to mine, digging it out I thought to build a storm shelter under where I was going to put my mobile home. I built a storm shelter with one foot thick steel reinforced cement walls, a ventilation system, and a lot of redundancy of systems.

I even put in an earth generator electrical system back up.

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I put two ways to get in, one a steel bulk head that I re-enforced outside, another to the inside of the mobile home. Over the years I had disappeared for days at a time and no one could find me or the bunker. I had the security feed from upstairs, but no one realized I was just below their feet by twenty feet.


Mike knew it was there and to my knowledge never told any one. I had solar, wind and generator that runs on gasoline, propane, and wood gas. Some of the other folks who moved in over the years had similar setups minus the bunker. Mike and I had private discussions about surviving Armageddon over the years but he had always maintained that he would be on his roof with a beer when the end of civilization came. We each had our own places and goals, to each their own. The next morning I woke with my girls Janis and Clair as most days, but I still couldn't shake the impending feeling of doom.

As we got moving and started our day, I got a call from Willy. I thought he would be wanting to set up another date, but he was half yelling half crying, about the attack. This morning I had opted not turn the TV on but as it turns out I should have.

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I saw the same video from channel to channel as I got to BBC, but as the channel locked in I could see missiles flying. The commentator was reporting the missiles from China and North Korea were launched simultaneously at the USA. The next video was our missiles being launched at them, that was when the TV channels went dead, not one working. I barked at the girls who were standing near me watching, to get their essentials and go to the hallway.

They looked puzzled but did as I said. I grabbed a few things and opened the hatch in the hallway to the bunker. The girls came from the bathroom with all the supplies they could hold. I told them to head down which they did immediately as I grabbed the last of the armory supplies and lowered them into the hatch.

The trailer shook and I stepped into the hatch myself as I heard a roar coming. When I reached the main room of the bunker I closed the interior hatches locking them down tight. I turned to see both girls looking at me like we'd stepped into the twilight zone.

I started to explain as I fired up the radios and closed the vents. I had practiced the sequence of switches to turn on or off and did so without much looking at them. As I completed the procedure I thought to myself how many times I had questioned whether it was worth it or not, and then looked over at the girls knowing it was.

In all the rush to get into the bunker it occurred to me that I probably should have stocked up some clothes for the females as they stood looking at me in nothing but panties. I told the girls we'd be safe in the bunker, but that I had not prepared to have females.

I took them on a quick tour of the bunker and heard the EBS tones on the radio, so we went back to the main room. The broadcast that followed was a quick summery of the damaged areas and cities. A quick list of things you should gather and where to go followed. After the broadcast I turned to my Ham radio and there was a lot of interference but I was able to make connections with one of my contacts in Ireland.

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He filled me in as to the extent of the damages. This was the beginning of a true world war, with no country uninvolved. The electronic age we had lived in had connected every one in such a way that no one country could not be involved in some way, making every one vulnerable. Janis and Clair were hugging and hanging on my shoulders as I sat in front of the radios. When we finished communicating and setting up times and codes for future coms I signed off and took the girls to the stored clothing bins.

They found pajamas and sweats to wear as I briefly explained the construction of the bunker and it's history. They seemed to be overjoyed that I had this available and didn't question why I had never even mentioned it to them before.

We gathered around the television and watched the bits and pieces of news for a short time and then I put in a DVD of The Big Bang Theory tv series. I planned to use entertainment ahead of time to make the transition back to a new normal routine. A few minutes into the series the ground shook violently, much more than the first series we experienced 45 minutes ago.

Although we could not see outside, the interior lighting flickered and for a second it was like the light was from within our own eyes, reality changed for a second becoming fluid, and then stabilized. The bunker held up and all my systems were working properly, and the charge from the earth generator was maxed shunting the excess electricity to my hot water heater. From the strength of the last event I assumed that either we took a direct hit or it was close.

The sensations we had felt must have been the EMP from the explosion.

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I got on the radio making connection with one of my contacts at the north pole Lisa. She told me that either White Sands or Roswell had been taken out. She told me until the radiation cools down some she couldn't tell which one for sure.

I repeated my location and probability of feeling the blast that strong from that far away given what we'd all ready felt. Lisa said that the information she was getting suggested a larger detonation over one of our missile sites that still had active missiles. As the static became stronger, I wished her well and set up times and codes for future contact. The girls and I were in a dark depression at that point and a check of the TV proved no reception at all.

I started talking to the girls about the possibility of being in the bunker for the next five years or more. It was a preliminary discussion about our resources and how we would survive. We mourned for those who we thought were dead or dying. The first night we slept tight together, and the sleep was interrupted several times by mourning.

When we woke it was disorienting in that there was no sun light I was accustomed to waking up to. I checked the time and it was noon hour, we'd slept 20 hours. I showed the girls the kitchenet and asked them to make some breakfast food while I checked the radios.

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The charge on the batteries was good and my systems were working, so I turned on the radios and the Ham bands were jumping. Most of the chatter was discussing whether or not the aggression was over, and what was destroyed. I heard discussion of a television broadcast from Canada and the frequency so I programmed it into the TV and sure enough there was a broadcast.

The girls brought in some scrambled eggs and cheese from powdered and we watched the devastation. The news that really was useful for us was the wind directions in relation to the different hot zones. I was able to find out that once the initial radiation cleared, the winds that would push to us would not be contaminated.

White Sands being North west of us the winds would take the radiation just north of us. So we had at least a year to shelter in place safely, before it would be safe enough to go out side. While I wasn't looking for sex it occurred to me that I got lucky, that Karma had gave me an opportunity.

I talked to Clair and Janis about what we had on hand and the likelihood that unless we, curbed our sexual routines one or both of them would become pregnant. They kind of giggled at first and then they got serious about it, there was no running out and getting more birth control and I only had a box of thirty condoms.

The girls reminded me that anal might be available, and I told them a mite is a bug on a chickens butt. We laughed but I knew it was just a matter of time until one or both of them would get pregnant.

Clair surprised me by saying she would be interested in seeing Janis pregnant and we all agreed that if or when it happened we should savor the moment. We three made love that afternoon like we never had before.

It was as if we each needed to affirm our relationship and some how draw power from our bond.

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Janis and Clair started out kissing each other and a lot of prolonged fondling. I realized this would be the first time that time itself, really had no meaning to us. We could just lay and love as long as we wanted, only limited by our bodily functions.

As I made love with them their striking beauty and real love for each other shone through. Watching Clair kiss and lick up to Janis's jaw line from her breast was as good as any porn. Janis sucking on my cock slowly as if trying to nurse from it, and Clair joining her was incredible, their two tongues kissing and twirling around my cock. Two hours of making love and having three orgasms myself, I was ready for rest and food. It would have been logical if we would have used a condom, anal or blow jobs to control my semen, but the girls each took great effort to hold my cock in them this time as I came.

We discussed it later and they came to the conclusion that they both wanted to get pregnant sooner than later. I said well then ladies I am your man, mostly because I was the only man, but you must know a few things. The girls both perked up to attention as I went on to say that I was 25 yrs older than them, which lowered the chances and that the volume of semen, ejaculate would reduce because the special ice tea was top side.

The girls said don't worry Sir~ they knew the formula and I had the ingredients, in their best innocent voices. They also said that it would take some time to get pregnant anyway because both of them were using the pill before today. I asked if they were concerned about the birthing process. They weren't too concerned especially after I reminded them I was Medic in the Navy, and a paramedic when I got out. The next radio transmission was from the alert from the EBS after the tones there were a series of locations to go to if you could get to them.

Then they announced that the president was dead and that Washington DC didn't exist anymore. We were told to defer to what authority was available in our local areas but to stay sheltered as long as possible. We listened as different locations were listed but there were none anywhere near us.

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The announcer went onto say that if there wasn't one near you than the chances were that there was no local authority. It seemed as though there was more but the broadcast went dead mid sentence. After a week of listening to the Ham radio everyday and not getting much information other than people looking for others, I finely found a conversation going between two operators.

I heard them talking about a high-powered microwave (HPM) weapon that China was working on at a top secret laboratory at White Sands before it was destroyed. They were discussing the effects of the weapon and if that was why White Sands had been taken out. They also discussed whether the HPM had been used or set off during the destruction of the facility. I didn't know anything about the weapon or that the US would allow China to conduct weapon research and development with in the continental Usa.

In fact I didn't know there was any active military operations left at White Sands. These guys were obviously in the informational loop, and must not have thought anyone would be listening to them. Life around the bunker was a managed circus at best, for every thing had to be done with fore thought. Rationing of the food, energy, and entertainment were hot topics of discussions. The girls deferred to me as it was My bunker, but they would often get restless at the confinement. Janis was the first to get her period after not having birth control and she was very anxious to get pregnant.

Clair on the other hand still had not had her period and was just taking every day as it would unfold, no pressure. Being in very close quarters I could tell there was some stress between them but not to the point of boiling out. For me, the sex was great but having them under my control was becoming a part of my enjoyment. As much as I had seen it between the two of them, another tier was forming with me over the both of them.

It was a month after Janet had her period before Clair had hers. It was during the initial "heavy" time that I had ordered Janis to give Clair a massage that I first noticed the bump.

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I was pretty sure she didn't even know yet, because she would have been over joyed and unable to contain her self, if she thought she was pregnant. So as I watched her massage Clair moving in different angles I could definitely see the slightest of a bump forming. Although I was happy and I knew it would make her happy, I intended on waiting to say anything until Clairs' time was over.

Until that moment I had no children and knowing one was in the oven was very satisfying finely. In the next Chapter the trio will emerge from the bunker to a new world with new life.

Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller