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Mummy's true passion- part three I woke up moaning. When I opened my eyes I saw only shadows at first. There was a short phase when I didn't know where I was. I needed to orientate. Then it all came back to me as if I was hit with a huge hammer. I opened my eyes fully. I looked around and realized I was naked. Then I looked down my body and saw my mum waking me up the best way any woman can wake up her man.

The feeling as my horny mom gave me that waking up blow job was unbelievable. Her lips were wrapped around my blood filled shaft, her hand was massaging my cock and I was laying there in ecstasy. She opened her eyes and looked up to my face. As she realized I was waking up she gave me a really sweet good morning baby look. Then she speeded up and I felt my first orgasm that day build up in my balls.

I reached down and lay my hand on her head. Wave after wave of thick, white cum shot in my mother's mouth and she sucked it all down. A few drops dropped from her nose.

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She gave all she had to swallow it all. Then she licked my cock clean and came up to me. "Good morning honey" she said, "today is the day.

I'm so excited what the specialist will say. I hope the results are positive then we can finally do all the stuff we ever dreamed of. Oh, darling I love you so much." Then she gave me a deep kiss.

And we didn't split for minutes. Finally she went to the bathroom. She let the door open and sat on the toilet. "Mum, what do you think you are doing there? " I asked. "I'm just peeing honey" she replied. " "In there?" I pointed on the bowl. "That's what I planed, my love" "Now don't you…it's all mine. Mommy, yesterday you told me not to waste any drop of my cum because it's all yours. And it's the same with your tasty pee. It's all mine. And you won't waste a drop." I stood in the bathroom now.

Without any further word but with another hot little look I got on my knees and crawled to my mummy's little pussy. I saw her eyes flaming. I lay my lips on her slit. "Now mum, give your son a nice drink…" I said. She didn't need to hear that twice. Mum peed a strong stream right in my opened mouth and I sucked and swallowed it all down like a thirsty little dog. "Oh, honey, you really love drinking mommy's pee, don't you." she said. And I did indeed. When she was done I licked her clean and as dry as I could.

Then we showered and got dressed. "Darling", mum said, "I thought about something." "What's the matter, mummy" I asked her. "Well, I think it would be hot if we made some sexy rules…" she answered. "What do you have on mind mum?" I gave back.

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"Maybe we could have the rule that it's forbidden to wear any underwear ever. " "Oh my god mum, that's probably the best rule I ever heard of. But let's make it that way: asses, pussys, cocks and breasts must be uncovered. The rest of the body can be dressed up as one wants it.

What do you say, Mum" "That's a perfect idea, so I can still wear sexy corsets and negligees." "Exactly, I love you mum" I watched mum getting dressed. She wore a hot black corset with white needle stripes and black see though stockings. Over that hot underwear she wore a sexy business outfit. A short black skirt that showed the upper end of her stockings when she walked and a jacked that reached till the upper end of the skirt.

She completed it with nice businesslike high heels. Then she gave me some tight, black cotton trousers and a tight white shirt. Finally we were ready to leave the house. Mum gave me the car keys and asked me to get the car from the garage.


A few moments later she sat in the car with me. I took her hand and pressed it. She leaned over to me and kissed me. I pushed the pedal and drove down the street to the highway to New York.

When we had driven about one and a half hours mum asked me if I wanted some breakfast. I was really hungry but hadn't realized until she asked. So I simply said yes.

My hot mum reached down between her legs and pulled a juice covered banana from her pussy. She gave me a tricky look and offered it to me. "Once I heard that true lovers only eat things that have touched their lover's genitals." she said. "That's a great idea mum" I answered. We shared the fruit and drove on.

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Another hour later we came to Manhattan. Mum's specialist had a nice and representative praxis in Park Avenue. I was a little surprised I hadn't expected that I thought it would be some backyard doctor in the Bronx but I was lucky I had been wrong. First we had a short talk with the doc.

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Her name was Hamilton M.D. and she was a really nice older lady. Maybe in her fifties, but she still looked good and seemed to know what she was doing. And since mum had told me she wasn't here the first time I trusted her.

And I really appreciated her confidentiality. After the talk we were led to a nice decorated and really cozy room. "Don't feel forced please, take your time and when you r done you can put the tin though the small door" she pointed at some little door in the wall which must have lead to the lab I thought. As soon as she had left mum and I started kissing each other.

We were like wild animals and it took only seconds till mum's business dress lay on the floor.

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My cock grew fast and mum kissed it all over. Then she fell back on the sofa and spread her legs. I could see her wetness glittering on her pussy. "You want to fuck your mommy, don't you?" "Oh yeah, more than anything" "But don't forget why we are here.

So you better fuck mommy till she has to shit&hellip." And hell she didn't need to tell me twice.

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I lowered to her and she grabbed my cock. Mom placed it on her pussy entrance and I pushed forward. For the first time I entered my mommy's pussy. It felt so great. She was tight and soft. "You like sticking your cock into your own mothers pussy, don't you" she moaned. I started pumping and I felt mum getting even hornier with every time I pushed into her. Her juice ran down my cock and my legs and I enjoyed fucking this beautiful woman who was my mother.

Then she rolled over and told me to fuck her doggy style. I came deeper inside that way and she enjoyed getting a feeling of my full size. Mom moaned and I felt she was very close. "Baby, that's it make mommy cum, make mummy a happy woman." I speeded up and pumped mum's pussy deep and hard. Then knew she was ready. I turned her on the back again and held the tin under her little pinkish asshole.

As I gave her a few more pumps to push her finally over the edge I massaged her asshole with two fingers. "Oh&, massage mummy's asshole. That's what turns me on. Go on oh please never stop." Suddenly she began shaking. And I felt her asshole widen. As her massive orgasm exploded from her body a gigantic piece of shit was forced from her butthole. Like a thick brown snake it ran from her contracting intestine in the silver tin.

The odor was breathtaking. But for peoples like us there is nothing nasty in it. Mum looked at my face as I watched fascinated like my own mother shitted in a tin between my legs.

"Do you enjoy watching mummy taking a shit?" she pressed between her teeth.

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"Jesus Christ mum, I do like hell." I had to hold myself back to not taste the forbidden meal mum was pressing out of her beautiful body.

"Can I touch it mum?" I asked not sure if it had sounded the way I wanted it to sound. "Baby, you can it's all for you and as soon as the doc sais it's ok there won't be any walls left." Finally the snake broke. Its length had rolled surprisingly ordinary in that silver tin. After mum had pressed the main part out a few small flocks followed and fell on the snake like brown snow.

"That's it honey, now put it in that small door, please" mum said. I did as I was asked. Now it meant to wait for the results. I turned back to face my mum. She still sat on that sofa with her dirty ass hanging over the corner and looking at me. "Baby, would you like to fuck your mommy's shity asshole?" she asked.

I realized that I hadn't cum jet because I had been focused to satisfy mum and make her shit from ecstasy. So my cock was still like a rock.

I got on my knees in front of mum and lay my cocks top on her soft and relaxed and shit covered asshole. I pushed forward and as if my cock was floating on a thick paste of shit mummy's asshole got wider and wider for my cock. "It feels as if I was shitting backwards" mum giggled. I pushed till I was all in. Mum used her ass muscles to massage my shaft as I kept sliding in and out of her asshole which was all a mess.

After only a few pushes I felt my cock trembling in there and knew I couldn't hold it any longer. Mum for sure realized that, too. "Honey that's so sweet, fucking mummy's shity ass makes you want to cum. All right now shoot your load in mummy's asshole." Hearing mum talking like that drove me totally over the edge and I finally emptied my boner in her hot asshole.

We cleaned us up and got dressed again. When we were done the doc informed us that the results were there and that we should come to the first room again. As we had taken place she opened a blue map&hellip. End of part three.


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