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First Class Amateur paar Hardcore Anal Show bekommen
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He awoke some hours later, when the afternoon sun was slanting across his bed. He got up and stretched, then shuffled over and grabbed his shirts and shorts. He pulled them on and went downstairs, hungry again. His sisters were in the kitchen again, sitting at the table again.

"Ah, sleepyhead finally awakens." they said together. He yawned hugely. "Did that really happen, or was it a dream?" "Did what really happen?" Adriana asked, and to his shock and dismay, he realized he'd accidentally spoken aloud.


"Uh, nothing." he mumbled, turning away. "Are you going to let us practice again after dinner?" Ariana asked, so Mike turned back around and goggled at them. "Holy shit, it really was real!" he said, grinning slowly. "Hell, yeah, you can practice again. Whenever you want!" "Okay, I'm ready right now!" Ariana said, a smile lurking at the corners of her mouth. "Although now I'm not sure I want to win so much." "You little slut!" Adriana snapped, and the grin instantly fled from her face.

"I'm not getting the reputation as a girl who goes all the way at school, and neither are you. Forget about ever doing THAT again." "Which THAT are you talking about?" Ariana pouted.

"That with you, or THAT with Mike?" "Either one, if you don't shut up!" Adriana was blushing furiously at being outed again in front of her brother. "Don't worry, Ariana, I'll do it with you whenever you want. That was the best thing I ever felt in my life!" Mike said, putting his hand on her shoulder. She sighed and leaned into him, smiling up at him.

"This is fuckin' great." Adriana fumed, pouting.

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She looked to be on the verge of tears. "My sister is getting stolen away from me." "No, I'm not, Adriana." her sister said. "We've found our brother, and our family is bigger and better for it." "I used to have you to myself." Adriana retorted.

"Don't give me that shit about sharing!" "Adriana, how about we go `practice` some more. I'm sure that none of this is going to matter so much, up in my room." he said, putting his other arm around her shoulders, too. "I've got enough to share with both of you." "Fuck you!!" she screamed, throwing his arm off her.

She bolted from the table and fled upstairs, tears streaming down her face. "Come on." he said to Ariana. "We can't leave her like this." They followed her up the stairs, and she slammed the door in their faces. Mike had put his foot in the way, though, and it bounced off his toes and recoiled back, hitting Adriana in the head and knocking her back into the room.

"Oh my God, are you okay?" Ariana exclaimed, rushing to her side. She saw a huge bruise forming on her sister's forehead and looked up at Mike, worried. "Is she okay?" Mike knelt at her side and peeled back an eyelid, then felt the side of her neck for a pulse. He nodded. "She'll be fine. Just got knocked out, is all." he said. "We should get her onto the bed, tho." He scooped her into his arms and carried her over to the bed and lay her down on it, tenderly arranging her into a comfortable position.

"Shoot." Ariana said, clinging to his side. "I was hoping WE could use the bed." she said, coyly.

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"We can use my bed." he answered, letting his hand go around her waist and pulling her close. "Would you like that?" "Oh, yes!" she sighed, tilting her face up to his for a kiss. His hands slipped down and cupped her ass through her little miniskirt, then slipped lower and went under it. She lifted her legs up around his waist and let him hold her up as they kissed. He carried her into his room like that, then lay her down on his bed, crossways on the mattress. "Still no panties, I see." he noted, going to his knees by the bed.

He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and buried his face between her legs. "Mmm, delicious." he said, licking up her juices. "Ohh, yeah, just like that!" Ariana moaned, opening her legs up wide for him. She began bucking her hips into his mouth after a moment, getting off on his tongue lapping at her most secret place.

"Are you ready for this?" Mike stood up and pushed his shorts down, then worked the head of his cock up and down his sister's wide open gash. She bucked her hips up at him and tried to catch him inside, but he drew back and grinned down at her. "Beg, little sister.

I want to hear you ask for what you need." "Oh, God, Mike, don't tease me like this!" she moaned, feeling his cock sliding over her opening once more, then pull away. "Give it to me, put it inside, FUCK MEEEE!!!" she cried out. "FUCK ME NOW!!" "That's what I wanted to hear." he said, then sank it into her, pulling her ass to the edge of the bed by her hips and driving it into her, full force, his balls slapping against her asshole.

He pinned her down with his body, laying atop her and fucking her with increasing tempo. Faster and faster he drove his cock into her, until she bit his shoulder to stifle a scream as she came, shuddering and writhing in ecstasy under him. At the last possible second, he pulled out of her and straddled her torso on his knees, jerking his cock in his fist with it pointed right at her face. "Open wide, sis." he said. "I'm about to come, and this time, I want you to swallow it all." Ariana opened her eyes and saw his cockhead mere inches from her mouth, so she opened it up and prepared herself for his come.

A huge torrent jetted out and coated her tongue, and she closed he mouth to swallow it. She had just gotten it open in time for his second blast, and expertly swallowed that, too. He put it inside her lips and she sucked the rest of it out of him, swallowing his last spurts like a pro. "Oh, God, Ariana, that was great!" he sighed, moving to the side and laying down beside her.

They cuddled for a moment, kissing tenderly.


"I can taste myself on your lips." she whispered with a shy grin. "You are really good at pleasing a woman with your tongue." "Really?" he said, pleased with the compliment. "That was the first time I've ever done it." "Really?" she said, surprised.

"I'm glad I was your first. It makes us even, in a way." "Yeah, kinda." he said. "I really like you, Ariana. I'm glad my first time was with you." "Me, too." she said, snuggling closer into his arms.

"I'm glad you were my first for everything we did today." "Well, I'm sure you're going to win that bet tomorrow." he said. "Everything you did felt really great." "Yeah, I hope so." she said.

He looked at her. She had sounded nervous. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing." she answered. "Something." he insisted. She looked up into his eyes. "Well, I'm just nervous about doing it with a boy I don't know." she admitted. "It was different doing it with you.

I knew you would never hurt me or make me do something that I wasn't ready for." "If you want, I can be there with you tomorrow for the bet." he offered. She shook her head. "That's not how it works." she explained. "Melanie has the boys already picked out." "Well, both of you just tell her that it's changed a little, or the bet is off." he said.

"I'm not letting either one of my sisters out of my sight tomorrow if there's a chance you might get hurt." "You don't know Melanie." she sniffled. "That girl is more of a control freak than anyone I've ever met. Including Adriana." "Wow, that really saying something!" he joked. "Adriana even bosses Mom around sometimes." "Yeah, well, if what you say is right about how good we are at sucking, the Ice Queen is going to get cracked tomorrow." Ariana said with a little smile.

"Another reason for me to be there." he agreed. "I want to see her with her mouth full of cock." he sighed. He had never spoken to Melanie, or she to him, but he knew what she looked like.

Every guy in the school knew who she was. "Well, we'll see if Adriana can arrange it. She's much more… forceful than I am.

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I bet if we can convince her, she'll be able to convince Melanie." Ariana said. "Speaking of which…" Mike said, getting up.

"Let's go see if she's ready to wake up yet. They got up together and went down the hallway to the girls' room. Adriana was still on her back, in the same position they had left her in. Mike went over and checked her pulse again, and pried open first one of her eyelids, then the other. "Well, both her pupils are the same size." he said. "Probably no concussion." "Let's see if she'll wake up." Ariana said.

"I know her favorite way to wake up, too." She got onto the bed with her sister and spread her legs wide open, bending her knees up a little. With no hesitation whatever, she began licking her sister's pussy with long, slow strokes that went up the whole length of her slit. Adriana began moaning and tilted her pelvis up, giving her sister full access to her secret area. Ariana took full advantage of it, too, putting her whole mouth over her sister's sex.

Her hands cupped under her ass and propped her up with her elbows braced on the bed.

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"Oh, man, this is too much." Mike groaned, and the sound of his voice brought Adriana back to full consciousness. He saw her body stiffen in shock and she quickly pulled the covers over her breasts.

"Get out of here!" she hissed at him. "What the fuck do you think you're doing in here uninvited?" She pushed her sister's head out of her crotch and quickly closed her legs. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!" she yelled. "No, I don't think so." he said, amiably, and sat on the bed next to her. His raging erection stood straight up out from his loins. "It's your turn to practice for tomorrow's bet." "What?

What are you…" Adriana's voice faded to nothing as she remembered what he was talking about. ""Oh, no!" she said softly. She tried to sit up, but then lay back down and pressed her hands to her head and moaned. "Oh, God, my head!" "Careful there." said Ariana.

"You got quite a nasty knock on the noggin a little while ago." "Don't tell me what to do!" she snapped. Mike and Ariana just looked at each other. "We'll just leave you alone, then." Mike said, holding out his hand to Ariana.

The slim girl took it, and Mike helped her to her feet. "Where do you think you're taking her?" Adriana whined. "I told you to get out, not her." "I'm going to take her in the ass this time." Mike smirked at his sister. "Then I'm going to take her in the pussy once more, and then I'm going to finish in her mouth." He looked at Ariana. "If that's okay with you, my dear.

"Sounds like a lovely plan." Ariana smiled up at him brightly. "We'll just leave Adriana here to stew in her own juices." "No, wait." Adriana said, dully.

"Don't go, please." "Are you going to be nice to us?" Mike demanded to know. "Are you going to do everything we tell you to do?" Adriana got a sour look on her face, but she nodded grimly.

"What was that, sister, dear? I couldn't hear you." Ariana said gleefully. For once, she had what her sister wanted, and all the power, instead of the other way around. She really liked this new found ability to boss her older twin about.

"Yes." said Adriana. "I'll do it." "You'll do what, exactly?" asked Ariana, sweetly. "What are you going to do?" "I'll&hellip. I'll do everything you tell me to do." she said, dully. "And I'll be nice to you, too." "Well, you can start by giving Mike a real apology." Ariana said.

"You can suck his cock until it's hard again, and make him feel really welcome in our room." "Okay." Adriana agreed. "Mike, you can come over here and get on the bed, if you want." "But I don't want." Mike replied, giving Ariana's hand a squeeze as he smiled at her.

"I should like it if you came over here and got on your knees in front of me." "No, I have a headache." she said. "I don't feel like getting up right now." "She's disobeying already, Mike." Ariana said. "I think she needs a spanking." "I think you're right." he said, rubbing his hands together gleefully. "I'm going to teach this little bitch a lesson she's had coming for a really long time!" "What? No!" Adriana protested as Mike came over to her bed.

She tried to fend him off with her hands, but he caught them with his own, then transferred them both to his strong right hand, easily holding both her wrists in his big paw. "Stop it, let me go!" she howled. He ignored her, pulling her across his lap as he sat down on the bed. She was face down over his legs.

All she has on was an oversize T-shirt, and that had ridden up so that her bare ass was exposed to his view. "Are you really going to spank her?" Ariana asked, her eyes glassy with lust. She'd been cowed by her sister her whole life, and now, seeing her in this position of helplessness as she wailed and kicked her legs in vain was really turning her on. "What do you think?" he said, raising his free hand, then bringing it down hard and fast on Adriana's bare right butt cheek.

It made a really loud noise, but not nearly as loud as Adriana's howl of shock, dismay, and pain. He did it again, five more times in quick succession, three on each cheek, which turned bright red under his palm. He let her wail for a long moment, then said her name, quietly. "Adriana." She stopped her wailing and carrying on for a moment, hitching in deep breaths.

"Adriana, are you going to be good?" he asked, still talking in that, low, firm tone. "Are you going to do everything I say?" "Yes." sniffled the girl, between sobs. "I'll do what you say." "Good." he said. "So, when I let you go, you're going to get down on your knees and suck me off, right?" "Yes, I'll suck you off." she said. "Please let me go now?" "I don't think she means it, Mike." Ariana said slowly. "I've heard her lying before, and she's lying right now." Adriana turned and gave her sister an evil scowl, one that promised harshness later for what she had done.

"Well, how am I going to know when she's telling the truth?" he asked, still holding the squirming girl over his lap. She was so much smaller than him, it was easy to control her. "Keep spanking her.

Do it until she breaks." Ariana said.

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"Well, if you say so." He raised his hand and gave her 5 more quick slaps on each cheek, and Adriana was really howling now. "More!" said Ariana, her eyes shining. "A LOT more!" Mike kept it up until has hand was stinging and Adriana was almost out of breath from sobbing so hard. Her ass was bright pink on both cheeks and quite warm to the touch. He hauled her off his lap and practically threw her face down on the bed, half on and half off, letting her legs down to the floor so that she was almost in a position of prayer.

He stood up and got behind her, spreading her well spanked butt cheeks with both hands, then pressed his cock into her asshole quite firmly. It didn't go in right away, and Adriana picked her head up in shock and surprise as she realized what he was doing. "No, Mike, NO!!" she yelled, but his second thrust buried him to the hilt in the girl's bowels.

"NOOO!! She screamed. "IT HURTS! GET IT OUT!!" "If I take it out, are you going to do everything I say?" he asked her, grimly, bent over her back and growling into her ear. "You're going to obey me instantly with no hesitation and no backtalk, right?" "Yes, please, please, get it out!" she sobbed." "Because if you don't, you'll be right back here, with your ass on fire from my hand and your asshole on fire from my cock!" he said, making it a promise, not a threat.

"Yes, yes, I promise!" she sobbed, then collapsed onto the floor as he pulled it out of her and let her cry out her humiliation and pain.

"Quit your bawling, and right now!" he ordered sternly. "Get your ass up her and suck my cock!" She looked up at him, teary eyed.

"But… but it's been in my…" He raised his hand threateningly and glared at her. "Still haven't learned how to obey, huh?" He grabbed her by the hair and hauled her, none too gently to her feet and made her lay down over his lap again.

Instead of smacking her ass, tho, he caressed her cheeks, then wormed his index finger into her asshole. Somehow this was even worse for her, and she began sobbing hysterically. "Please, please, no!" she begged him. "Please, I'll do it, I'll do it!" she said frantically. Ariana looked on at all this, smiling smugly to herself. She might pay for this later, when she was alone with her sister, but for right now, she was enjoying the degradation of her older sib.

"Get down and get busy, then, or you know what's next." he warned. Adriana lost no time doing exactly as he told her to do once he had removed his hands from her. She quickly knelt before him, and with only the slightest of shudders, she took him in her mouth and sucked on his cock, which was rock hard from this latest scenario he had played out. He saw the look on Ariana's face and winked at her.

"You're doing real well, slut." he said to Adriana, putting his hand on the back of her head and guiding her up and down motions as she worked her mouth over his throbbing erection. "I'm… I'm, almost… Unngh!!" he grunted, and filled her mouth with his spurting seed. She gasped and choked on it, pulling her head away and turning it to the side. His subsequent spurts blasted onto her cheek and into her hair, making a sticky mess. "Now look at the mess you made!" he said.

"God, what a filthy whore you are! Covered with come all over your face, because you couldn't stand the taste!" he said, scornfully. "How are you ever going to win the bet tomorrow?" "I'm sorry." she said, fresh tears welling up. "I'll do it right next time, I promise I will!" "I'll help clean her up." Ariana volunteered.

She got down on her knees beside her sister and began licking his sperm off her sister's sticky face, clearly enjoying the taste of his seed. "That's a good girl, Ariana. You're a natural at this. I'm sure you're going to do very well tomorrow." he said. "See, Adriana, she likes it. She's sucked me off three times now, and after the first one, she hasn't spilled a drop or let any of it go to waste. She's probably going to be the one who saves your bacon tomorrow, instead of the other way around." He looked at her seriously.

"You should definitely be a lot nicer to her and treat her with a LOT more respect than I've been seeing lately.

Right?" he said, a little menacingly with the last word. Adriana nodded, tilting her head so Ariana could get to the last of it, the stuff that had dripped down onto her neck. "Man, that's so fuckin' hot, seeing you two go at it like that." he said. "What I wouldn't give to be there for the bet tomorrow." "Well," Adriana said, a little nervously, "I do get to pick the boy that Melanie has to give her blowjob to.

I could pick you." Mike perked right up at that. "Yeah, that's great!" he said. "I'm sure I can hold out long enough to see you two win tomorrow, and then I'll get to fuck Melanie!" "I think I got it all, Mike." Ariana said, scooting back up on the bed with him and snuggling into his side.

"Come here, Adriana." he said to the girl still kneeling at his feet. "You did pretty well; and I'm not mad at you anymore. The first part of that blowjob was really great." "You think so?" she said, coming up and snuggling into his other side, happy that he had praised her.

"Sure." he said. "I've had my cock sucked off about 10 times by you girls now, and I'm almost an expert, right?" "10 times!?" she exclaimed. "You've only done it with me twice!" She picked her head up and looked at her sister sternly. "You sure have been busy in the short time I was out." "Well, you kept saying how important it is that I do well tomorrow." Ariana said plaintively, but Mike stopped her right there.

"Adriana, you said you were going to be nicer and treat you sister with more respect." he said firmly. "How about choosing a different subject and an entirely different tone of voice?" "But Mike!" she protested. "How--" That was she had time to say before Mike had pulled her back across his lap and was spanking her again, a lot harder and faster this time.

Adriana let out a howl that made her previous cries seem quiet by comparison. When he was done, he pushed her roughly to the floor. Quick as lightning, he has her facedown, and pulled her hips up, her knees wide apart as he knelt in between her open thighs. "Mike, NOO!!" she screamed, feeling his cock pressing firmly against her backdoor. "I'm sorry! I'll be good, I promise!" "She's lying again, Mike." Ariana said, smiling.

"I think you had better do it, this time." "You little bitch, you'll pay for that!" promised Adriana, looking up at her sister. "No, I don't think so." Ariana said to her. "I think our relationship has undergone a fundamental change." She looked at Mike. "Ram it into her, bro; fuck her ass as hard as you can." "As you wish, milady." Mike grinned, then pulled back on Adriana's hips as he rammed his cock into her as hard as he could.

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Adriana screamed in pain, and her sister could see blood on Mike's cock as he pulled it back out. "Oh, man, you ripped her open!" Ariana said, in wonder. "She's bleeding!" "Good." Mike said, pulling out. "Maybe the pain will help her remember to be nicer to you." He grabbed a handful of Adriana's hair and pulled her hair back, looking into her eyes.

"Won't it, bitch!?!" "Yes, yes, I promise." she sobbed as Mike let her go. "I promise!" He went around her and knelt before her. "Suck it." he ordered, and without a word, Adriana took him in her mouth, cleaning his cock of her blood.

"That's a good slut." he said, stroking her hair. "You're doing that just right. I'm sure you'll do very well tomorrow." "Well, Ariana, I think I have one last shot tonight." he said, getting up. "Where would you like it?" "Ohh, I'd like you to fuck me again, and come in my mouth, so I can swallow it." she said.

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"Now, how did I know you were going to say that?" he grinned.