Chocolate Skin Cutie Amethyst Banks Rides Her Driving Instructor

Chocolate Skin Cutie Amethyst Banks Rides Her Driving Instructor
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The Rest Stop: Part 3 Ok so just want to say sorry it took so long to get this written lol. Have been a very busy chick lately. cut my hand at work and ended up writing it with one hand so I apologize if anything is wrong with it lol. As always I hope you all enjoy and positive or negative feed back is welcome!

Part 3 will begin from Alyssa's point of view and will show what exactly happened between her father Dave and herself.

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Enjoy! Alyssa closes the motel room door, as her dad turns a lamp on and throws his bag to the floor hard.

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Laying down on the bed and turning the tv on to ESPN, she sits at the edge of the other bed and put's her bag down as well and wonders whether or not she should try to speak to her father about the arguement he had with her mom.

Or more importantly.what had happened between herself and her father at the rest stop. did he know.? She licks her lips as she tries to find the words to use.ummm dad.? Without looking at her he says in that sweet soft voice that she only ever heard him speak in to her " yes sweety?" God.she fucked her father, and enjoyed every goddamn minute of it!

Why did she keep thinking about it though? Even now as she was trying to be serious with him. He looks at her when he see's that she hasn't spoken up yet.

Look sweety.your mom and I.we both love you very much but it's just that we don't really like each other very much anymore.we have grown so far apart that I don't think we could ever even love each other again. She looks up at her father as tears begin to roll down her cheeks. She cries as she finally speaks, daddy.I understand but that's not the only thing that's bothering me.

He sits up and looks at her deeply. She looks at her dad and finally gets the words out, at the rest stop dad.that was me.I was the one on the other side of the wall. His facial expression changes from concerned to a kinda half smile, I know it was, and I thank you for the good time sweety. She looks up shocked at his words and the big smile that was forming across his face, She stands up not knowing whether to feel disgusted or.turned on.?

You knew it was me and you continued!? She takes a step back."you're sick." He stands up as well and steps towards her until he is standing right in front of her. She looks up at her much taller father as his hand goes underneath her chin.

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She is caught off guard when he lowers his head and plants a kiss on her lips. caught even more off guard when she returns it and wraps her arms around his neck. What was she doing!? The father and daughter kiss for what seemed like forver before Alyssa feels herself being scooped up and tossed onto the bed.


She frantically rips at her black leggings as she slides them off her dad has her cute little feet in his hands as he kisses them and continues to kiss upward on her leg until he reaches her vagina, he slides her green panties off and plants a few kisses on her little pussy lips as if he is kissing her mouth. He opens her tiny hole a little bit with his fingers and moans softly to himself, "such a perfect little pussy my baby girl has". Alyssa smiles as she feels her fathers tongue begin to flick her clit and feels one of his large fingers slide into.

Ooooohhhhh daddy!

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She tilts her head back a bit looking up at the ceiling. Then she stops and grabs his head, " daddy what if mom comes back though!?" He rolls his eyes, fuck that bitch! Alyssa smiles at his response and lays her head back down and lets her dad go to work on her pussy with his tongue. She grabs the sheets tightly from the sensation running through her body, he eats her for a bit longer before he stands up and begins to strip down, Alyssa sits up and takes her Yankee shirt and her bra off.

Her dad is standing at the edge of the bed with a rock hard cock sticking up as she lays on her belly at the edge of the bed and with no hands she slides his cock into her mouth. Her feet in the air moving around as she lays on her belly at the edge of the bed and sucks her daddys big cock.

Oooohhhhh thats a good girl! He says as he reaches down and squeezes her soft cute little butt. Mmmmmm you're making daddy so fucking horny baby, go lay down on your back for me. Alyssa does as she is told and let's his cock out of her mouth and lays down on the bed as the large man gets inbetween her legs and positions his cock at her entrance.


He smiles down at her and she returns the smile back up to him as he begins to slide his cock inside of his little girl. Ooooohhhhh fuck Alyssa! Her eyes closed as she feels the 8 inch cocks full length go inside of her. Ughhhh ugh ugh! dave picks up his speed and starts to really give it to her. She can tell from the look of her dads face that he's never had pussy like hers before. Wrap your arms around my neck sweety. She does as shes told and tightly wraps her arms around his neck.

He smiles and then wraps his arms underneath her thighs and with his cock still inside of her he lifts her up and he then stands up with her and begins to pound into her standing up. OOoooohhhhh fuck dadddy! Oh myyyy god! She has never felt such pleasure as she gets pounded into from her standing father. He grunts and moans loudly as he fucks her like this for quite some time.

Finally he puts her back on the bed on her back and as he stands at the edge of the bed he thrusts into her wildly and hard. Slamming into her for atleast another 20 minutes before he pulls out and begins to stroke his cock fast.

Alyssa slides down to the floor on her knees and opens her mouth for him.

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Ugghhhhhhhhhhh! All she feels is warm cum hitting her face as her dad breathes heavy and grunts. He stroke his cock fast as more and more keeps coming out, how could he have so much left after what happened earlier that day?

Finally he stops and takes a deep breath before laying down on the bed.

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Alyssa stands up and goes into the bathroom and turns the light on, oh wow.her face covered in cum. She laughs at the sight before cleaning it off of her face and returning to the room and laying by her dad and cuddling him. He kisses her forehead as they just cuddle with one another.not realizing how tired they both are they drift off to sleep. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? Alyssa sits up quickly awaken out of her sleep by the yelling as her dad does too.

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She looks to see her mom standing at the end of the bed. Her dad looks terrified " baby I can explain!" But he doesn;t even get a chance to speak as her mother leaps at them both. Alyssa tries to get away bugt her mother pulls her hair and begins to smack her over and over again. Owwww stop it! Alyysa screams at her mom as she tries to fight free of her grasp.

Finally she breaks free of her mothers grip as Allison begins to punch Dave in his face repeatedly, Allison stop it! Dave yells but she continues to hit him three more times before she stands back up and walks over to Alyssa again.

You little piece of shit how fucking dare you! She grabs Alyssa up by her hair again and yanks her to the bathroom and throws her in, het dressed now! Alyssa hits the cold tile floor as she feels her bag being thrown at her by her mother. Allison grabs the SUV keys and her bag, you can fucking stay here you worthless piece of shit! Looking at Dave fills her with even more rage and she begins hitting him again over and over.

He tries to get her to stop, you fucked your own daughter you sick mother fucker!!!! Finally she stops and points her finger at Dave, we're through.done.there is no us.quite frankly that stupid whore of a daughter is lucky that i'm taking her with me. Don't you dare try to follow us! Dave looks terrified as he looks at his furious wife. Alyssa steps out of the bathroom in a baggy black shirt from her school and some denim short shorts with sandals.

Allison looks at her " get in the car now!" Alyssa doesnt dare say no as she opens the motel door and darts for the SUV. Allison looks back at Dave one last time before spitting right in his face and slamming the room door.

Alyssa looks out the window and then looks at herself in the mirror above her and see's all of the bruises her mom gave her, still terrified of what her mom did. IIt also doesn't help that her mom hasn't said a word to her since they left fact the only thing that she has done since the drive began is reach over and hit her a few times out of the fucking blue. The two females have been driving for hours and Alyssa has no clue where they are going.

The sun begins to go down and night comes as they continue down the dark roads. Alyssa can tell that her mom is maybe we should pull over so you can res.She can't even finish before she feels a hand slap her across the face followed byt " SHUT UP!" About an hour later Allison turns off heading towards a rest stop and drives down the long narrow road until she reaches parking.

She parks the suv and put her hand to her head, "stay in here.if I catch you even opening the window their is gonna be some hell to pay." Alyssa shakes her head yes with a terrified look on her face. Allison is inside the rest stop building looking at the vending machines, she can;t believe what happened.she wants to kill them both.but also feels that she needs to apologize to her daughter.her father took advantage of her, plain and simple she thinks to herself.

Is that you Mamma? She turns around to see the large black man from the night before and she can't help but let out a smile.


Oh.hi she blushes a little remembering the night they had together. He walks up smiling, " funny running into you here" He puts his hand on her side and leans down giving the much shorter woman a kiss. She returns the kiss and then backs off a bit. Bad day? He asks her and she shakes her heaed yes. He smiles again "well was about to go use the showers in this building if you.feel like cooling off a little with me?

She smiles " yeah.yeah that sounds nice let's do that". He ushers her into the mens restroom and he checks to make sure it's empty before pushing her into the section that contains the showers.

He opens a curtain and guides her in as he closes the curtain and begins to strip down. He wasn't muscular but you could tell that he was very strong. His boxers off now and she see's his huge cock. Better get them clothes off mamma.wouldn't want them to get wet.

He smiles wickedly at her and she just can't seem to tell this man no as she quickly strips down herself.

He cups her ass cheeks as he squeezes her round ghetto booty as he called it the night before. He turns on the water and they begin to shower was nice, he even started to wash her. It felt good after what happened. She looks up at the tall man and smiles before she starts to slide down his body and her face meets his cock as she begins to stroke it. She smiles as she slides it between her lips, "ooooohhh shit mamma.thats right suck that fat cock" She strokes it with both hands and sucks it at the same time.

Water trickling down her face as she is lower to the floor. He leans back against the wall and holds his head as she works her tongue around his big shaft.

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She sucks him for a bit longer before he finally lifts her up and bends her over. Smacking her ass multiple times and leaving a big red handprint. Shit you didn't gvet enough last night did you? couldn't wait to get some more of this black dick huh? She giggles as he talks to her and smacks her ass. She feels his large head at her pussy entrance as he begins to slide inside of her. It goes right in this time though as she had already recieved multiple poundings from him the night before.

He picks up spoeed quickly and the sound of their wet bodies smacking off of each other can probably be heard from even outside of the building.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh oohhhh shit! Allison has her hands as firmly against the wall as she can as she takes a rough pounding from this large man again and she loves every second of it! Goddamn I love white pussy! He says as he slams into her over and over before he starts to slow down and grunts.

She feels his cum go inside of her as she takes a deep breath and feels him pull out. She looks back and see's him drying off and getting dressed. Hey.can I know your name.? He looks at her snd smiles, " maybe another time Mamma" He winks at her and walks out of the shower room.

Allison leaves the building after dressing and is ringing her hair out a bit as she heads back to the SUV. The shower fun took her mind off of things a little which was definitley good.

She sees that Alyssa has fallen asleep inthe passenger seat as she gets to the suv and unlocks the door getting in. Alyssa wakes up and looks at her mom with a scared look, "mom.where are we going." Allison frowns. I really don't know but I think you and I need to have a long talk. To Be continued???