Sexy black babe Ana Foxx bangs with the pool guy

Sexy black babe Ana Foxx bangs with the pool guy
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Hay, If you've read another of my true stores, you will already know a tad about me. If not, Hi! My name's Josh, I'm an actor and I live in the south of England. You will probably also know that I like to detail my stories very much, so it may seem very long but if you want the full benefit of it I do suggest you read all of it (if you can last!) I was 12 at the time of this story, and so was my best friend, Cameron, who this story involves.

I didn't think I was gay.


Neither did he. In fact I still like to think that I'm not gay, but I did enjoy it and there is a part of me that would like to do it again, so, I probably am gay even though I don't want to admit it! Haha When I was 12, I was a school prefect there was a team of only 12 of us. Separate from the rest of the school was a special building where the prefect meetings where held nicknamed 'the chambers'.


It used to be the old school shop but the previous year, it was transferred to the use of prefects. Anyway I usually had lots of homework to do, so at lunchtimes, my prefect manager would give me the keys so that I could go in there and do my homework in private. It had a kitchen, bathroom, computers, blinds you name it. It was quite small but that didn't matter. Now onto Cameron. Cameron who was also my age was in every single one of my classes.

We lived opposite each other in town and were literally best mates. We had been doing everything together for about 8 years, but nothing sexual went on between us yet! It was one Friday, the last lesson before lunch and Cameron asked me if I was going into the chambers at lunchtime. I said "yeah but sometimes it gets very lonely with just me in there on my own so you can come with if you want?". He smiled at me and said "yeah id love to!". I didn't anticipate anything sexual going on between us.

I don't know if he did. I was just after the company. So the bell rang for the end of the lesson and I went to collect the keys. Within two minutes we got to the chambers (they were virtually off site separate quite a way from the rest of school).

I opened the door and we went in. I locked the door, but that wasn't necessarily intentional I always did that for over-obsessive safety reasons. I started logging onto the computer. It was taking ages to load. Cameron was just looking around.

Although I wasn't necessarily gay, I was slightly attracted to Cameron. He was a very nice looking guy. Perfect even. I don't think I would be allowed to show you a picture but he was the bee's knees!

When I looked over to Cameron, I noticed he had an erection a very large one too! I didn't make an effort to look at it it was just difficult tot to notice.

We both looked up at each other. I sort of stared at him with confusion as he smiled at me. He was making no attempt to hide his hard on whatsoever. He was just standing there bold as brass with his legs slightly open no modesty haha! He simply said "it's alright Josh I know you've got one too I don't mind". I looked down. "Sh*t!" I thought in shock. "I DO have one!" I just didn't notice it.

Like Cameron's, my boner was just sticking out of my body through my trousers, very visible indeed. So now we were both standing looking at each other from opposite sides of the room with very exited penises! It was silent in the room for a moment.

I looked at the screen of the computer. The damn thing was still loading! Only by 20% as well. We were about 10 minutes into lunch. Lunch lasted for 45 minutes so we had about half an hour until we needed to make a move. I thought "by the time this thing loads there will be no time left!". I looked back over to Cameron who was still starting happily at me with a bulge in his trousers.

"I wonder what this will lead to. I'm not gay but, maybe I will enjoy it. Maybe I should give it a go. It will pass the time. Might be fun. He obviously wants to do it". Whilst thinking this, I knew exactly what I meant by 'it'. So I jumped in at the deep end risking it. I turned my whole body to Cameron and said "what the hell?!?" as I lifted up my shirt and started to unto the belt of my trousers.

Then he did something which I quite liked he rushed over, grabbed hold of the top of my trousers and said "let me help you with that", laughing cheekily.

So I dropped my hands and let him take care of it. He slowly undid my belt and then the button and zip in my trousers, but he was looking at me face the whole time.

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He was very close to me, he was just smiling at me happily with that cute twinkle in his eye. So I was looking at him back, smiling. Within an instant I felt my trousers drop. I undid my shirt buttons and took it off, throwing it onto the floor. Then I sipped out of my trousers.

So I was now standing there in just my boxers. Cameron was still in his uniform but not for very long! He said "hang on". I thought "what's he doing leaving me in the learch?". He went to make sure that the door was locked, then he closed the blinds so nobody could see in. It was still light we could both see but it was no guaranteed privacy. He came back and started to look at my erection. As he did, he started to smile as I saw his hard on get noticeably bigger as he was looking at mine.

It was like he was daydreaming. Then, he snapped out of it, looked up at me and said "your turn, sexy", in a seductive, provocative voice as he took off his shoes and shirt. So now he was there in his trousers. Just as I had expected, he had the perfect body tanned and musclely. He was standing so close to me, so I hardly had to move. I just reached across and started to undo his belt just as he had done to me. I then undid his button and zip slowly, as I began to lower his trousers.

His trousers were now fully loose, but I kept holding them up. I thought it would be exiting to not look at his boxers until his trousers are fully off. So I closed me eyes, and dropped his trousers.

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As he stepped out of them, he kicked them to one side along with his belt and said "ready when you are". I opened my eyes and looked at his gorgeous face. As he looked back at me and smiled, he looked down.

My eyes followed his until I we stopped at our underwear. I looked over to him where I saw his boxers. It was so sexy. I saw his very exited hard on sticking up, creating a tent in his awesome boxer shorts.

There was also a bit of precum seeping through which emphasized how exited he was too. It was quite funny our boxers.


We were both wearing EXACLY the same brand of boxers. Exactly the same make and they looked exactly the same. The only thing that was different was the colour he was wearing red and I was wearing blue. But that just got us even more exited because his favourite colour was blue and mine was red!

It was silent once again as we just stared at each other's hard on's. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to touch it. So I did. I reached my writing hand across and graded a hold of it. But that wasn't enough. I also wanted to wank him (I had been wanking myself for a year or so now so I knew the drill).

So once again, I followed my instinct! I put my hand down his boxers and hauled out his dick. It all happened so quickly. I took a brief moment to check him out. Like the rest of his body, his cock was slightly tanned, as though he had been sunbathing completely nude! It looked about 4.5 inches (exactly the same size as mine at 12 years old).

He wasn't circumcised (which I was glad of because the thought of having no foreskin puts me off to be honest). His cock was straight, it didn't have a bend up or down or anything like that. So, his dick was perfect. He also had decently sized balls and a perfect amount of pubes. You could tell he hadn't had pubes for long. But they were black, and he had just the right amount and they were just the right length.

Put it this way if you didn't know his age or what his whole body looked like and you just saw his genitals you would instantly be able to tell that he was 12 years old. And I liked that.

As I looked at his gorgeous penis, I noticed quite a bit of clear, sticky precum oozing out of the tip, showing how exited he was. Then, I started to get to work, I moved my body behind him. My boner was touching his back (I was quite a bit taller then him), but never mind that… I grabbed hold of his dick gently but with enthusiasm and started to jerk him off at a perfect pace.

Up and down, up and down, up and down, pumping his hot, precum moistened cock. You could tell he instantly really liked that. As I started jerking him, he went all floppy and lent back into me. He then closed his eyes and let out a long, sigh of orgasmic pleasure. You would think he had never pleasured himself before. I don't know if he had jerked off before, but he liked it more then anything.

He was way into it. Maybe it's just because usually it feels better when somebody else touches you. This was all done in silence for a moment. Cameron then broke the silence by calmly saying "oh Josh - that's that's sooooooo good!".

I said "you like that?".

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He nodded his head, with his eyes still closed and me still behind him satisfying his beast. He started to tense, breath heavily and make noises of pleasure. I knew what was coming it would be HIM coming if I continued. And silly as it may sound at first, I didn't want that. Not just yet. I wanted to go further. I wanted to give him a blowjob, and I wanted him to give me one as well. I had never had one before but I knew I would like it and I knew he would too.

I stopped jerking him. Within seconds, he came around and looked at me. He said "why did you stop?" with a cute, innocent look on his face. So I said "if you liked that then there's something that you'll like even more", winking at him with an approachable smile to my lips and shine to my eye. He knew instantly what I meant. He opened his eyes wide and said "are you talking about - ?" and did a 'blowjob' motion with his hand and mouth, still standing there with his very erect dick, as was I.

I just nodded at him heavily and smiled. He jumped up and down, laughing with a huge grin on his face. He said "Oh my god! Josh! Iv always wanted one! Id really love that I really would! But, are you sure you'd do that for me? I would give you one as well I promise!".

You could tell he was very exited at that bless him. I said "yeah! Deal! Of course I will give you one!". We both looked at each other and smiled, as our boners were centimetres away… …I looked at the clock. There was still nearly 20 minutes left before we had to make a move plenty of time… .Then I looked down from the clock and looked at the cock! Cameron's cock, that is.

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It was still there, throbbing, dying for a nice suck. And so was mine. So I looked back up at him and said "lets do this!" He smiled back. To make it fair and simultaneous, we both decided we would do it together in the 69 position.

Even though neither of us had given or received a blowjob before, it was like we knew what to do. We both laid down on the soft carpet of the meeting room floor, topping and tailing. So my dick was right by his face. Likewise, his tallywacker was staring right at me. We decided we would both do it on our side as well, because neither of us wanted to go on the bottom and get 'chocked' haha so we agreed to do it on our sides, which started to ache but oh well.

We didn't care we were getting something much more pleasurable in our mouths and on our cocks! Cameron said "ready when you are!". And then it happened… I immediately got stuck into Cameron.

I looked down, opened my mouth and lowered my head onto his hot precum moisturised tallywacker. As soon as I had over half of his dick in my mouth (manageable in size), I locked my lips around it and started to suck like a vacuum. Meanwhile, I felt exactly the same thing happen to my cock at the same time. I felt Cameron's kissable, hot, wet lips as they clamped in position around my throbbing penis. His mouth was so warm and moist on my sausage. I then felt him to begin to suck with power, lightly moving his tongue around the top.

It was the best feeling I had ever felt. It was so nice. So pleasurable. So much better then a jerk. I didn't think you could get a better feeling then a good long orgasm by jerking but I realised how wrong I was when Cameron started moving his head up and down my throbbing cock. It was so amazing and sent a huge shutter of pleasure all across my body. So I closed my eyes and started to breath heavily to 'tame' my pleasure… Meanwhile back in Josh's mouth, as my pleasure increased immensely I decided I wanted to give Cameron that exact same tingling experience in his willy that he deserved.

So I began to bob my head up and down, whilst continuing to suck like I meant it, whilst also exploring his 12-year-old penis with my tongue. He really liked that. He started to make sexual noises of pleasure.

We both closed his eyes and let out a sigh of immense pleasure whilst opening our legs wider for better 'accessibility'. So there we were sucking each other. We were also jerking each other at the same time like most people do sucking the first manageable half and then using our hand on the bottom to compliment the sucking. We both did that and it was totally amazing… It was one of those moments when we seemed to be in sync.

It wasn't long, about 2 minutes in fact because it was so intense maybe not even that. As the pleasure between us started to build up even more, it was obvious that we were both very close to climaxing and cumming in each other's mouths.

Cameron opened his legs wider as he started to tense his whole body. He then started to make pleasurable noises as he began shaking and lightly thrusting his cock in and half out of my mouth. I didn't mind, because meanwhile, I was doing the same to him I opened my legs wider and began 'humping' his mouth as I was also imminently near orgasm… I felt Cameron's cock continue to grow bigger and hotter in my warm, wet mouth with a bit of cum seeping from the top as he persisted to breath heavily and tense his young body.

You could feel the tension from him ready to explode. And then it did he couldn't hold on any longer it was so nice for him so as he began to shake faster and make even more noises of pleasure he came… It was AWSOME as he orgasmed. I felt a hot stream of salty liquid fill my mouth in an instant as it spurted out of his rock hard dick, hitting the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth.

You could tell he really liked it - because he came loads. I know he wanted me to swallow, so I immediately started finishing what I had begun. It was so nice. He came for quite a while, as soon as I had swallowed some of it he would dribble some more from his throbbing orgasmic cock. Most of it managed to stay in my mouth, but some managed to get out and dribble down my hand which was also still on his dick. But didn't mind that and neither did he.

So I was there just finishing Cameron off as he was still enjoying it. Meanwhile, he started to finish me off.

Like Cameron, I couldn't hold on anymore, so I just let go and started to cum in his hot, moist mouth with intense pleasure. It was a truly amazing orgasm, and the best thing about it he didn't stop. He wanted to give me the full experience so as I came he was still sucking and bobbing his head (which I loved) and also began to swallow.

Just as I had done to him, he was swallowing everything I gave him, and still kept his jerking hand at the base of my dick. As I spurted my final bit into his warm mouth, we both started to finish our orgasms… Cameron stopped coming so I managed to swallow the last of his output with ease. He had also calmed down he had stopped shaking, wasn't as tense and started to get his breathing back into control.

I was literally a couple of seconds after him I started to relax and subside my noises of pleasure as Cameron swallowed his final gulp of my hot semen. Once he had finished, I lightly let go of his dick. As I did, Cameron also lifted his mouth from my satisfied cock.

We started to rise from the floor, luckily there was no mess it was all in our mouths! As we rose, we looked at each other and smiled happily. There was still a while left of lunch so no rush. We were all there still completely naked, but we were both now quite exhausted.

We had both received and given orgasmic blowjobs simultaneously and where now just sitting there recuperating. I was worried that now we were done we would just get completely back to normal as though nothing ever happened. Or worse still we would feel guilty about it and say that we should never do it again.

Thank god that didn't happen. It was completely the opposite actually we didn't regret it one single bit and then Cameron did something that I thought was really nice… Cameron leant over and put his arms around me. And then, we kissed! We were still naked, and he just said "thank you so much that was really amazing" he opened his mouth and closed his eyes and went to snog me!

Ecstatic, I went along with it. As his hot, wet lips touched mine, I also closed my eyes as we locked in place.

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I then put my tongue in Cameron's mouth, and began to explore it. There was still some of my hot, salty come in there, mixed up with his spit, which I could taste and then Cameron also stuck his tongue in my mouth. We simultaneously pulled away and smiled at each other lovingly after a few moments.

We noticed that time was ticking on, so we got dressed and gave each other one more hug before leaving. We opened the blinds, shut down the computer (which had only just manage to log on by the way!), unlocked the door and left, still smiling at one another in excitement abut what us naughty boys had just did with each other.

It was quite funny because just as we were going back into the main school, our dicks felt a little uncomfortable so we stuck our hands down our own trousers to fiddle around to make it more comfortable. We looked at each other and smiled again as I thought "I just touched that!" in a happy and exited way. I was worried that because of it we would grow apart. You hear tales of 'mates' doing sexual stuff and then regretting it and hating each other. That was thankfully, not the case we remained friends just as normal.

But unfortunately we never did it again, because we lost contact in tragic circumstances… I wont go into much detail because it's a touchy subject. And this is true. Just over 2 weeks later Cameron, his 18-year-old brother and both of his parents died in a car crash on a highway.

A drunken truck driver collided with them. He was my best friend. It broke my heart going to his funeral. I wasn't thinking about the 'no more sex' when he died I'm not that morbidly obsessed I was in tears at the fact I lost a friend my best friend at only 12 years of age.

But its really upsetting me just writing about it, so I will end the true story on a lighter side by saying I will never forget him, or that dirty lunchtime in the chambers we spent together haha.

Although he's no longer with me in my life, he will ALWAYS be with me. In my head and in my heart. So I would just like to dedicate this story to the memory of Cameron, the kindest, funniest, simply best guy I know.

Cameron, you were and always will mean the world to me, I love you xxxx Thank you for reading Josh :)