Italian Milf fucked by photographer Milf italiana trombata dal fotografo

Italian Milf fucked by photographer Milf italiana trombata dal fotografo
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Monique was on her knees sucking on her daughters boyfriends cock .Jimmy was only 20 years old&Monique was 50 but because of his gift for hypnotism he had enslaved her a week ago. Currently in his basementJimmy had also placed his mother Joyce in the human cage he had assembled in his torture chamber .Joyce Nelson who was 42 & married to Jimmy's stepdad Bill wish it was she who was sucking her son's 11 inch dong instead of Monique.

Jimmy had ballgagged, collared, leashed & had her wear her thigh high hooker boots. In the cage the 5ft 9 stackedfat ass housewife was proud of her only son who was now fucking the bigtitted latin spitfire. Monique had never had such a massive member up her cunt.

Her husband was small in the penis department. Jimmy had given Monique her creampie, so he went to the cage & unlocked it & had his mom eat the jism out of Monique's pussy.


Chapter 1- Breakfast 20 year old Jimmy was talking to his 19year old petite girlfriend Linda (Monique's daughter ) on the phone. Joyce was naked except for a pair of 3 inch heelsshe was giving Jimmy his daily blowjob. Did you lick my cum off your mom's face, when i dropped her off the other night. Jimmy asked?

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Yes i did sir said Linda. Did your dad Jose take a picture 1st of Monique with my jizz on her face ?


Oh yes he did its framed with the others in your bedroom suite when you visit us. Great Jimmy responded as he unloaded a massive dump of jism down his mom's throat as Joyce swallowed her Son/master's man dessert.

Im glad no punishment for Moniqueshe followed my instructions to the tee. Ok Lindayou & your mom will be spending the weekend hereso let Jose know. JIMMY HUNG UP.

Joyce was now making breakfast for Jimmyshe wore a short apron with her heels.

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Jimmy had given her ,her usual morning protein she smiled. Chapter 2- Watersports Joyce was rubbing her clit violently as she watched one of the videosJimmy had made of him dominating her. In this particular episode Jimmy wore a hood & she was wearing complete bondage gearJimmy shoved his whole fist up her cunt & Joyce noticed she was screaming like a banshee, it was a good thing that Bill on orders from Jimmy had made the basement sex chamber sound proof.


After Jimmy took his fist out of her pussyhe had to take a piss but instead of going to the bathroom he urinated all over her face & down her throat ( this was the first time he had done this to her but now it had become at a once a week occurence) Joyce had an orgasm thinking about being a pissbucket/slut to her master/son.

Chapter 3 - Mother & Daughter Monique was wearing a yellow thong bikini & heels but was on her kneesLaying on a poolchair by the Nelsons fenced in pool was Lynn ,Jimmy's girlfriend, her top was still on but her bikini bottom was off, as her mom Monique licked her cunt, Jimmy the pervert was taking pictures & soon was going to make a video of his sluts getting it on.

Joyce would soon be backhe had sent her on an errand at the adult sex store to pick up some supplies.

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Licking away Monique had made her only daughter reach bliss. So now Jimmy had them switch positions& now Monique was ooohing & aaahing from the pussy eating Lynn was giving her. Munching away on the old cunt Monique also reached climax.

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Jimmy went & grabbed some lube & soon finger-fucked both assholeshis mom would be back soon with the big surprise for both ladies. Chapter 4- Joyce & her strapon Joyce was completely nude except for her 8inch thigh high spiked high heeled hooker boots& she wore her 12inch strapon dildo. Jimmy pressed video on his cellphone as both ladies looked in horror as they both realizedJoyce was gonna fuck them both up the ass with that monster rubber phallus .

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Linda was first as Joyce drilled her ass piston-like syle as Jimmy's girlfiend screamed in pain & ecstasy. Next Monique who had been sucking Jimmy's prick as he filmed her daughterswitched with Linda. Joyce in the meantime was loving being a femdomJimmy knew his, mom had this streak in her & maybe he'd make her a complete Lesbian femdom and she could dish out the bdsm punishment when he said.

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As both Mom & daughter reached orgasmJoyce on orders from her master/son Jimmy put both ladies over her knee & spanked them. Joyce would watch the video later & rub her cunt once again to orgasm.

Chapter 5 Joyce's face was covered in Jimmy's cum. He had brought home a xxx video with his favorite pornstar on it getting gangbanged and he had facefucked her without mercy. Nude except for an apron & short heelsJimmy told her cook his supper & keep his jism on her face.

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Which she did, her husband saw her like this many times before and was only interested in what was for dinner ? It had been nearly a year since Jimmy had brainwashed the both of them & now Bill (stepdad was a cuckold ) & Joyce was nothing but a cum/pissbucket for her Master Jimmy.

Jimmy loved his life as his mom whose face he had covered in jism brought his dinnerburger, fries & a beer to the table.