Dirty old gay man young boys Camping Scary Stories

Dirty old gay man young boys Camping Scary Stories
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Chapter Eight Jean stopped at the supermarket on the way home to pick up a few things she needed for dinner. She was feeling a lust burning inside her, giving her a warm feeling between her legs. She thought of Kevin and the wonderful time that they would have together. She'd put the make on him tomorrow at work, but for tonight she was going to try out her husband for some relief. She checked out the fresh vegetable section and picked out some lettuce, carrots and bean sprouts.

Her hand wrapped around a cucumber and felt it's hardness. It would be so good if the old man could get it up like this again, she thought. Her nipples hardened under her blouse and she felt a tingle as the material grazed her nipples as her arms moved to place the cucumber in a plastic bag. She turned to walk to the check-out counter and noticed a nice looking man of about thirty looking at her breasts.

Her nipples were protruding and were very obvious to anyone. She put a little more bounce into her step to make her breasts bounce and walked by him. Her face turned to look directly into his eyes. She smiled at him as she walked by and realized that she still had what it takes to please a man. When she arrived at home she found her husband on the couch watching TV.

He looked over at her and said a brief hello and went back to watching his television.

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Jean made herself a salad and took a hot shower. The heat and force of the refreshing water felt wonderful. Her nipples again hardened under the spray and she lathered them up as she washed her magnificent breasts. Her hand lowered the soap to her full bush and gently lathered it, bringing her clitoris into full erection. She rubbed her fingers into her wet vagina and gently worked her fingers over her clit and pussy lips. She opened her legs slightly and inserted two fingers into her sucking vagina.

It felt so good, but she needed a cock. She would have prefered Kevin's cock, but her husband Steve was also inviting in her current condition.

She quickly got out of the shower and towelled herself off. She added a spray of perfume and quickly went to the bedroom and pulled on a long black nightdress.

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The nightdress clung to her breasts and hips, revealing every sensual curve of her shapely ass. She quickly brushed her hair dry and applied her make-up. When she was done, she looked fabulous. Her lips were deep red and shimmering with immaculately applied lipstick.

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Her eyes were made up to bring out the Spanish beauty in them, while her hair, freshly brushed into fullness, fell down over her back and shoulders.

The ends just touching her swelling breasts. She left the bedroom and found Steve still sitting on the couch enjoying his TV. Jean walked over to the set and turned it off. Steve was shocked and watched as she turned and walked toward him.

He saw her nipples, hard and erect under her nightdress and the swell of her hips flaring under her small waist. She stood in front of him and pulled up her nightdress, revealing her black bush. She looked down at him and said "Getting any ideas?" Steve wasn't really ready for this.

He hadn't expected it and the last time she had come on to him like this was months ago. He'd had a difficult time getting an erection. His doctor had told him to see a specialist but he hadn't.


He locked his eyes on her pussy and felt a slight stirring in his groin, but it was anything but hard. He looked up at her and said "I don't know if it will work." Jean removed her nightdress and dropped to her knees. She unbuttoned his pants, zipped his fly down and pulled his pants and underwear off. She threw them across the room and pushed his legs apart.

Her hand wrapped around his cock and slowly jerked it a few times. She lowered her head and licked the head and slowly licked the shaft down to the base. His cock was slowly reacting and started to harden. It grew larger than the size of the cucumber in the supermarket. It was massive, but semi-hard. The first time they had had sex, his cock was a giant, hard, throbbing thing that filled her pussy entirely.

This thing that she held in her hand was still a giant but it was soft and didn't throb as it used to.

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She lowered her mouth once again and wrapped her lips around the head and sucked. She moved her head up and down as his cock slid in and out of her sucking lips.

He started pumping his cock into her now and it continued to harden. Jean told him to lay down on his back and when he did she straddled his head with her thighs. She lowered her pussy down onto his face and found his mouth with her pussy. She ground her hips sideways, rubbing her pussy all over his face.

Her face dropped to return to his cock and held it in place while her mouth ungulfed it's head and her tongue lashed at it, trying to coach out the cum that she needed to feel splashing inside her mouth.

Steve had snaked his tongue into her pussy and his hands grasped her buttocks and pulled them apart in an effort to insert his face more deeply into her hairy crotch. His cock was actually getting hard again. He could feel it pulsing and it was becoming engorged with the blood it needed to feed the nerves that would bring him the pleasure he had longed for for so many months.

Jean was moaning with pleasure as Steve's tongue slaved over her hard clitoris and cunt lips. He encircled her clitoris with his lips and trapped it between them.

His tongue licked back and forth as his lips continued to suck the tender bud into full tumescence. His face was completely covered by her throbbing crotch. Her hairy cunt lips were spread wide and gave him full access to every part of her throbbing pussy.

Jean was frantically working his cock with her mouth. It had grown to it's former size and was throbbing in her mouth. Little drops of cum were dripping from it's tip and her tongue lashed at them while her hands continued to pump on the shaft of Steve's massive erection. His cock had grown to such an immense size that she had wrapped both hands around it's shaft. The head was fully exposed for her mouth to suck.

She bobbed her sucking mouth up and down, and continued to milk the massive organ. The sticky fluid would soon errupt from his balls and bathe her mouth with his juices. It was time and they both knew it. Steve was arching his back and plunging deeper into her mouth, while Jean's entire body was shaking with lustful pleasure. She ground her pussy down onto his face again and screamed "I'm cumming Steve, Now Steve.

Ooohhh fuckkk, I'm cumming. Her cunt started contracting in waves of pleasure and she felt her pussy oozing her cunt juices onto his face. Steve was trembling all over by now and his cock was ready to explode. He gritted his teeth and pumped his cock into her once again as his balls exploded into her sucking wet mouth.

The first jet of his cum shot, thick and hot onto Jean's tongue. She pulled her mouth from it and stroked his exploding cock onto her tits and face. It continued to explode in spurt after hot spurt.

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Each explosive spurt sent hot flashes through her body. The cum simply didn't seem to ever end. It covered her face and tits, and ran down her grasping fingers to his balls. All Steve could do was lay there pumping his cock in and out of her milking fingers, enjoying the feelings of pleasure that rushed through him as it continued to errupt in hot squirts of sticky cream.


Finally, it was over, and Jean licked the last few drops of cum from the head of his cock and trembled at the pleasure it gave her.

She raised herself up and swung her leg from it's position that had him trapped during the sixty-nine sex that they had both enjoyed. She rose and stood before him. Her breast were dripping with his cum and there were traces of it still clinging to her lovely mouth and chin.

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She smiled and said "Well sailor boy, what did you think of that?" Steve sat up and laughed. She looked beautiful in her nakedness but he had never seen her act or expose herself like this to him before.

All he could say was "Jean, I didn't think you could ever do something like that. I like this side of you, but for the life of me I don't know where it came from." Jean left the room and took a long hot bath. The water felt very refreshing and she started to feel the old feelings that she and Steve had forgotten so many years ago. Maybe this was the beginning of a new marriage for them both.

Kevin had awoken feelings in her that she had been too prudish to recognize in the past let alone act them out. It was good to feel this way again and she resolved to continue feeding it and not let it die again. Steve opened the bathroom door and saw his beautiful wife laying in the bath. He approached her and dropped to his knees. He lathered her back and rinsed off the soap, then turned his attention to her breasts as he gently soaped them up and squeezed them in his hands as he massaged their nipples into erection.

After her bath, Steve showered and soon they were both in his bed. She lay on her back with her knees drawn up, exposing her pussy to his thrusting cock as it hammered into her.

The night ended in a climax that they both would never forget. The moon rose and shone down on the small town of Surfside.