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Natalie monroe likes to suck his dick
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A Time That Will Arrive. It was dark and the rain was extreme as Collier and his nephew Burton reached their property. Having just walked the 50 or so mile home from the community centre all they wanted to do was get inside and dry their movable joint parts. On closing the property garden gate they noticed a figure to the right of the main door.

As they approached it moved as far as it could into the corner of the perimeter wall. Collier shone a light from his powerarm which made the figure cower down. They both walked directly towards the now trembling shape.

"It's a woman" exclaimed Collier "I wonder how it got in here"? "Well some one must have let it in because I clearly remember closing the gate when we left. Out you go then" said Burton pointing and re-opening the gate. Collier raised his arm in a threatening manner towards her making her scurry towards the gate, but she then turned before cowering in the opposite corner. The woman clearly did not want to leave.

"We might as well get in and dry off leave it there and I will inform the pest control" said Collier ruefully. "Where do you think it came from Uncle"?

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"Oh probably someone wanted it until they discovered how difficult and expensive they can be. A pet woman will use up a lot of your leisure tokens" -- "So someone has dumped it here hoping we will take care of it" mused Burton working out the equation.

"Yes that's about it or they have just washed their hands of it, out of sight out of mind" replied Collier. The communication screen lit up with the pest controller's uniformed body. "How can I help"? They explained the situation and awaited his reply.

"I will not be able to get over there until tomorrow night at the earliest I am over 2 plain zones away at present. Law governs it is your responsibility to protect and care for it to your best ability" said the controller sympathetically. "Are they a protected species" asked Collier with a surprised look. " "Yes for over a circule now" added the nodding controller. "Leave it to me I will look after it till then" said Burton trying to cheer up his uncle.

"Can you tell us what we can do for it till you arrive" queried Collier knowing the law was not to be disobeyed. "The first thing you should do is destroy any clothing it is wearing and de-contaminate its body before bathing it. Remember not to turn any temperature comfort on in the cleansing water; they have very sensitive skin and burn easy.

They also get cold very quickly and can die if exposed to even zero mark for too long." "Zero! They do need pampering" said a shocked Burton. "Well we will do that and then screen you back for further instruction" said a now resigned Collier. "Well looks like we got us a woman; better see if we can do what the controller told us Burton me lad". They opened the door to the garden discovering she had moved closer to the house and was laying face down.

"It is shivering they do get cold easily" said a now curious Burton. Collier moved quickly holding her firmly with his knee on her back ensuring she could not run off. She became really scared and her body began to shake. Burton instinctively began stroking her bedraggled hair which calmed her to the point where her shaking was reduced considerably. Then in one rapid move Collier raised her up and pulled her close to his body.

She kicked out with her legs and bit on his arms desperately trying to break free, but she was no match for a musculoid who could not feel her futile bites. Once inside they set about removing her clothing in order to destroy it like the controller had instructed. She had curled up on the floor so Burton continued slowly stroking her hair. He was soon discovering that this made her more controllable.

She was wearing an old regulation work plant jumper which her owner had probably given her, and a short skirt the like they had not seen before. After a minute or so of more pacifying strokes by Burton, Collier began slowly raising her jumper from the waist upwards.

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Both were surprised that she did not struggle and they were allowed to remove the jumper easily. They had not seen a woman without her top clothes on before. But her soft swaying breasts held no excitement for her musculoid hosts; who had not reproduced through sex for many thousands of years.

They were curious about them however and Burton began pressing them with his fingers like he would of a fruit saying. "Do you think its chest should stick out like that or is there something wrong with it"?

"Don't really know" replied Collier shaking his head as he too gently squeezed on them and flicked her nipples with the end of one finger. "Let's get the dirty fabric item off it" said Collier referring to the skirt. Still taking care not to shock her he pulled on her zip as Burton stroked her hair.

Then without resistance managed to slowly pull it from the bottom down the full length of her legs until it was past her feet. Both of them were open mouthed when they looked between her legs. "It has no penis urine disposal organ" they said; almost together. Collier opened her legs wider by her knees to get a closer look. "It may be further back on a woman but I can't see one; and what a strange place to have hair" he said fingering through her pubes.

Burton wearing a strained look added "Poor thing may have had it bit off in a fight; I have heard women fights can be very violent. I wonder how it disposes of liquid waste. "When I opened its legs I noticed a solids waste disposal hole more or less like ours; bet it all comes out there" Collier stated. They put her clothing in the household incinerator before quickly putting the sterilising tube over her naked body swiftly killing any alien microbes in seconds.

The tube was removed quickly before she had time to feel threatened by it. Collier raised her naked body before carrying her into the cleansing water room. Her eyes widened with fear once again though when she spotted the wave movements of the pool. Her legs kicked with panic until Burton's hair stroking once again reassured her; allowing Collier to carefully lower her bare flesh in to the water.

She soon realised it was not so bad after all; a nice feeling in fact. Her body released its tension as she stretched her legs with pointed toes and floated with arms reaching out behind her. They let her enjoy the moment sensing they had won her trust, "It is quite pleasant on the eye when it is floating like that" said a bemused Burton.

Collier was extremely puzzled as to why he was agreeing; it was very rare for a visual living image to bring tranquillity to a musculoids mind. "Well now its relaxed Burton I suggest you get into every nook and cranny with the cleansing oil". Burton interrupted her moment of peace by pouring oil on to his hand and indicating he was about to put it into her hair. Burton's hands began frothing her hair causing her to stand upright; the waterline reaching a couple of inches below her breasts.

In this position his oiled hands ran down to her shoulders and across the back of her head. Her skin was becoming clearer and strangely felt nice to the touch; another musculoid rarity. It was all going smoothly with each of the three parties enjoying the unique event until she jumped in discomfort; his hands had reached her breasts. "Oh you are tender there" he said talking to her in earnest for the first time. She could not hear him however as musculoids speak through thought transfer, although she was able to hear sounds.

He knew this but something compelled him to say it anyway. He resumed cleansing her breasts with firm but gentle hand movements which she seemed to approve of. They were learning step by step about women. She began letting out sighs of comfort as the cleansing continued, with his hands bringing pleasure as they ran down the length of her back.

Eventually he had cleaned all of her body above water level so he began reducing the pool. They watched as the water disappeared and her body did the opposite. First her waist then a red bushy mound was exposed by the falling water level until it fell to the top of her knees.

Burton resumed cleaning the new visible parts of her body; and along with Collier became happily bemused as the sighs of comfort increased. His hand reached her bush which he worked into lather before cleaning his way down between her legs. Her eyes went in to a wide stare though she did not seem distressed as he sensed immediately this was another sensitive part of its body.

So he gently moved his fingers back and forth up to the beginning of her rear waste hole. The stare changed to almost closed eyes as she let out more and more comfort sighs with each careful cleansing movement. Burton stopped her moment of pleasure by raising her from the pool holding her legs apart on each arm and asked Collier to come closer.

"What is it something wrong"? Burton explained "While I was cleaning between its legs I seemed to feel a very soft spot like an insertion; now it is clean take a good look and tell me what you see".

Collier with a clear view in to her open legs studied carefully with his eyes. "There seems to be some sort of downward cut no wonder the poor thing was having comfort sighs when you cleaned it. I am sure the controller will want to have a good look at it when he arrives" he added. "While I am holding it like this you can you put some oil on your finger and clean its rear hole; but gently I suspect you will find a much softer one than our own".

Collier oiled his fingers and he slowly inserted a single finger making her wriggle her ass in appreciation.

"It seems to enjoy this" said Collier becoming more amused. He held his finger still as she rocked herself up and down on it. "It does like it how strange" agreed Burton as they enjoyed a rare moment of musculoid frivolity. "Must enjoy a clean back hole" he said removing his finger. She was returned to the pool so the cleaning could be completed.

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And after many more comfort sighs; her slender legs and nimble feet were spotlessly clean. Her eyes then closed as she basked in the comfort of the warm drying area. It is much more pleasant on the eye now they agreed looking on. Her hair no longer tangled was flowing as it reached down her back; while touching her breasts at the front. They dressed her in clean trousers and jumper before leading her to the relax area; pointing to the rug which was to be her makeshift bed.

Collier began calling the controller for further instructions; but before contact was made the woman was fast asleep. "How are you coping"? "We are doing fine Controller; we have cleansed and re-clothed it" said a dutiful Collier.

Burton eagerly added "Strange thing is we have enjoyed the task don't know why; but it gives us a feeling of well being". "Don't be surprised by this" smiled the controller. "Women can have this affect on you; by giving you a pleasing mind set.

There are lots of musculoids who spend all their leisure time and tokens on women. They can not be happy without one around the property; some have two or three" the Controller informed them. Collier continued "Fraser at the advanced mind centre loves woman's; he has always had one as long as I can remember. All of us members think he is crazy we may have misjudged him; his scans always show a huge contentment reading".

"I am going to leave you some woman educational training links to watch I hope they are enjoyable viewing for you; maybe you will discover the pleasure these creatures can give you. In the meantime follow these feeding guides and enjoy its company till I reach your plain zone; oh and think of a name for it". With that the Controller was gone. "Fucker, Cunt, Slut they are all woman names" said Burton enthusiastically. "I sometimes watch a documentary about eccentric musculoids.

One edition was all about someone who had moved away from civilization; he would only eat old world food that grew out of the earth. The strangest thing was his only companions were three woman's; and I am almost certain they were the names". "Perhaps he had malfunctioned; you can be sure he will be under observation at all times" replied Collier. With the woman sleeping they took their favourite seat and engaged the training link. They were in for a surprise because the first figure to appear was the musculoid they had just been discussing.

He began by shouting "Fucker, Cunt, Slut and his three woman's came running out of his dwelling to his side. "Well he may not be so odd after all if he is making training films" said Burton with admiration of him. The voice over began as the film showed scenes of the tasks the woman's were able to do with training. Collier and Burton were amazed as they watched the woman's prepare food, clean utensils, make beds, tend to the old world growing food, bring their master leisure drinks and lots of menial tasks.

Then what really left them speechless was the fact he had trained them to use the body waste cubicle. There they were sitting down discharging their waste just like a musculoid. "Good our woman is not injured; none of them have a penis discharger" said Collier as they watched the woman's on film urinating. "Like we thought, it all comes out the back waste hole" added Burton. "Not so sure about that" Collier said looking as closely as possible.

"It seems to be coming from a point before the rear open". They replayed the urinating over and over before finally agreeing it was not escaping from the rear hole.

They would have discovered this from the musculoid however; for all was explained as the film continued. "Fucker" he shouted and one of his woman's ran to him. He ordered "Fucker" to take its skirt off and jump into his arms. He spread Fuckers legs and pointed out exactly where the waste comes from. They were even more astonished when it was revealed there was another opening which was used as a way of rewarding the woman's.

He demonstrated by inserting two fingers into it; causing loud comfort sounds from Fucker. The master had to shout over his shoulder to Cunt and Slut to be silent; as he explained Fuckers sighs made them jealous and they too wanted their masters' fingers in them.

He finished the film by saying there are other ways of rewarding a woman which they enjoy even more and can be seen in the next episode. "Cumdump" shouted Collier. "What does that mean" asked a puzzled Burton.

"It was the name of Fraser's favourite woman. I remember he was devastated when it died; we will call our woman that for now; crazy Fraser will be delighted". "Maybe he is not as crazy as you all think" said Burton wistfully. The moments thought was then interrupted in amazing fashion. Newly named Cumdump suddenly leapt to her feet quickly removed her trousers; opened her legs and began urinating on to the carpet she had just been sleeping on.

Burton instinctively ran towards her not wanting this fast flowing stream to soil the rug. Cumdump sensed the displeasure towards her and the stream stopped when Collier raised her by the waist and hurried her to the waste cubicles. He sat her firmly on one; her face revealing a little fear and a lot of uncertainty. Burton indicated where the urine should go by pointing vigorously into the water below. Her expression did not change she seemed momentarily froze apart from a glance in the direction Burton was pointing.

"Maybe this will do the trick" said Collier stepping forward to the next cubicle. There were no barriers between the cubicles so Cumdump could see quite clearly.

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He removed his waste penis and although not wanting to urinate; managed to force a jet out which splashed into the unit. Burton began alternating his eyes in a pleasing way between Collier and Cumdump.

Then a jet could be heard hitting the water under Cumdump. Whether it was because she could no longer hold it in or she had realised the situation they did not know; but their happy faces brought the end to any tension she was feeling.

On standing Burton dotted a disposable tissue like he had seen on the film between her legs and dropped it into the unit. They led Cumdump back to the relax area and gave her a clean rug to lie back down on.

"I think Cumdump did extremely well there considering it was its first time" beamed an enthusiastic Burton. "Yes let's hope it can remember that lesson" he agreed. "Do you think we should reward it Collier"?

"How"? "Well I could give her a couple of fingers like the master did in the film". "Yes his woman seemed to really enjoy that" admitted Collier. It was too late however; Cumdump had fallen asleep again. Collier and Burton took this quiet moment to take there daily body scan which took only a few moments. Musculoids had evolved a long way since being the male counterpart of the woman they were caring for. Their bodies were in the main manufactured, though most of the penis and some parts of the brain had remained the same for huge passings of time.

They both connected to the machine, and a few seconds later a voice gave each the reassuring message "You are functioning at total capability with no low levels". At this time they would normally relax by studying work programs, hoping to improve efficiency by discussion with colleagues via communication screens.

There were other things such as engineering, chemical processing and architecture which they enjoyed covering, keeping their minds ever active.

Work being THE most important thing to musculoids. There were sporting pursuits such as speed flying, sea hovering and space jaunts, but these used a lot of leisure tokens.

Collier and Burton liked to spend there tokens on leisure energy communications, a musculoid luxury. This facility allowed you to transport any none living animal life, from zone to zone in seconds; a wonderful thing for inspecting new tools and charts at close quarters.

This night however the only thing on their mind was the helpless woman sleeping soundly on their floor. Collier said "We may as well look at some more of those woman training programs". The second part started off showing the best foods to feed your woman; nearly all were old world foods growing from plants.

What struck them both was that all the planting, tending and picking of the produce was done by the womans themselves. "They are very smart animals; opened my eyes a lot" admitted Collier. "And so relaxed and in control, bet they could survive without a musculoid in those conditions" added Burton. The voice over continued explaining after working on the food land; a woman liked nothing better than stripping off to have its body caressed by their master.

Caress was not a word that was understood by most musculoids. They were soon to learn what it meant, as the film continued. Fucker, Cunt and Slut entered the room naked having had their end of work bathe; each playfully jumped on to the huge soft sleeper.

The musculoid who they now know to be called Tanner set about demonstrating caress. The womans all laid face down and Tanner placed himself among their legs on the sleeper.

Beginning at their shoulders his hands began to run over the surface of their soft bodies. Knowing through experience the right amount of pressure to use; his hands were running up and down the entire length of their bodies.

The trio in unison were making vocal comfort sounds becoming even more so when his hands ran across their rear bottoms. Then the intensity of their moans became extreme as Tanner began pushing his hands between the gaps at the top of their legs. The vocal noise woke up Cumdump; she quickly looked at her hosts before returning her focus to the film sounds that had awoken her.

Burton and Collier decided to make no indication towards her and let the program continue to run as Cumdump became engrossed in it. Tanner's devoted three were now all on their backs and each had raised their hands begging for his favours. He moved to the back of them and surprised the watching musculoids when he began pressing his lips against theirs. Each woman in turn held the back of his head as their lips met.

Cumdump stretched forward as she watched with her head supported by her hand under her chin. "It knows what's going on" conceded Collier. "Yes and seems to be enjoying it" Burton agreed. Tanner began kissing each of his trio again; this time reaching for their breasts and rolling their nipples between his fingers. The louder and louder comfort sighs were very amusing to Collier and Burton as they appeared to make Cumdump wriggle her body in a restless manner.

Tanner then moved back alongside their legs as he began inserting one, two or sometimes three fingers into the place between their legs which he called a twat. "This is certainly a noisy program" said Collier as the sighs continued. Tanner showed to the camera a close up of the three twats; each had whitish sticky fluids running out of them. He went on to explain that this wetness proved how much they enjoyed doing this. Adding they sometimes spray huge liquid gushes from their twats; that most mistake for urine waste but is in fact twat juice.

Tanner said with their twats so wet they are now ready for the ultimate pleasure rewards a musculoid could give them. Collier and Burton looked on intently wondering what it could possibly be. Tanner seemed to signal his 3 womans by a nod of the head; and they moved their hands to his belt and zipper unfastening his trousers and removed them.

Cutting back to Tanner he explained; "Musculoid penis organs are almost the same now as they were vast time stages ago. Incredibly early life used to use them for reproducing by inserting it into a woman similar to these here". Collier and Burton had heard a little about this sort of thing in past memory classes but were no experts. Tanner explained how testicles were once part of the anatomy until becoming useless. He carried on explaining how each woman wanted him to insert his penis in their twat.

Adding "The only way I can do this is by making my penis become hard". Now this really puzzled the pair because the penis is the softest part of the musculoid body. "Every woman owner should learn how to do this; a peaceful wave of thought and your womans help are the only ingredients needed" he continued. Tanner lay back on the sleeper and closed his eyes.

Fucker, Cunt and Slut his 3 loyal womans began playing their part. Fucker spread her legs as she pushed her twat into his lips trying to lure his tongue out. Cunt and Slut both began kissing his penis before Cunt put it into her mouth; and Slut began inserting a finger into his waste hole. This continued for a few minutes with the womans never flinching from their duty.

Then a moan of comfort from Cunt as incredibly to Collier and Burton watching; Tanner's penis began visibly growing in Cunts mouth. It grew so much Cunt had to move her mouth off for air; allowing Slut to fill her mouth with her masters reward tool.

At the same time Fuckers twat was vigorously rocking back and forth on Tanners tongue as his voice over explained. "When you get an erection a warm feeling comes over you, compelling you to insert your erection, tongue and fingers into all the holes on your womans body". Cutting to an earlier scene which had Fucker holding Tanners soft penis up; Cunt measured it pointing to 4 inches on the scale, then with an erection Fucker held it as Slut measured it to be 9 inches.

Tanner went on to explain during moments of erection wonderful feelings are conveyed between you and your woman.

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He continued, "Shagging is the ultimate reward I mentioned earlier; the twat is the favourite place for nearly all womans, but lots like it in the back waste hole and many like their face shagging also. I find as a musculoid I enjoy doing all of them. It may seem crazy to anyone watching, but believe me it is pleasure from the highest pleasure zone once you are trained in woman care". It cut back to the sleeper Tanner explaining, "I am going to push my erection up each of their twats, before doing that I will remove all the hair from their twat areas so you will have a better view of them".

Demonstrating on Cunt's twat he continued, "Take a piece of musculoid job number remover tape and place it over the area of hair; leave it two or three seconds and pull back it's all painless" Tanner pointing to Cunts now bald twat, before a close up of Fucker and Slut who were removing their own twat hair just as easily. "There you have it simple and painless; and I will slip two fingers in each just to show how wet they still are".

Collier said thoughtfully "There is quite a lot of detail to their twats when the hair is removed". Tanner went on, "I will be shagging each one in a different position so you can see exactly where to push it and how versatile a woman is. For the first one Fucker I will pull her right to the edge of the sleeper. Cunt and Slut will each hold one of her legs up.

I raise the sleeper so it is level with my erect penis push a finger in so you can see the hole I want; then push my penis and in it goes".

Tanner went silent and all that could be heard were the womans pleasure sighs especially from Fucker as Tanner could be seen thrusting his penis back and forth up his beloved Fuckers twat.

"What is Cumdump doing"? Asked Collier. She was watching the viewer screen most intently and with one hand down her trousers she seemed to be scratching herself franticly. Departing his mind from the screen Burton knelt down next to Cumdump to investigate. She hardly noticed him her eyes not leaving the screen as she continued scratching inside her trousers.

"Take a look at what its hand is scraping at down there" implored Collier. Burton quickly turned her over and with one quick pull her trousers were down to her knees.

Cumdumps eyes opened in surprise and stared at Burton; but his gentle stroke of her hair reassured her. He began feeling and looking through her bushy mound to see if he could see anything that would be irritating to her. She seemed to like it and held his hand so he could not take it away from her bushy twat area.

Then Burton was averted back to the viewing screen as strange noises were being omitted. They were like the earlier pleasure sighs but much louder; pleasure mixed with danger. OOOHHHH AAGGHHH sounds were coming from Fucker; as Tanner continued penetrating her with his penis. Cunt and Slut were each sucking one of her nipples as her sighs erupted. Then Cumdump started making the same noises OOOHHHH AAGGHHH. Collier and Burton were speechless, stunned what was happening?

Cumdumps legs were writhing and her body was shaking as her hand was rubbing in her twat area. Gradually her body was calm; much to the relief of the two startled observers. Collier turned off the viewing screen not now being able to concentrate due to Cumdumps strange noises and movements.

Burton stroked her hair as he looked into her face happy to see her reacting normally again. She looked back and smiled; Burton in turn looked at Collier, both were registering "I am baffled" looks. After some deep thought they concluded that it was the film that made Cumdump act strange; but why did she make all those strange noises?

The woman on the film made exactly the same sounds and her body had writhed about also; but she was being inserted by Tanner's penis.

Cumdump was only scratching herself at the time so how did it happen to her? They decided to get the answers they needed, personal contact with Tanner was essential. They had a light snack after transporting some old world food of bread, fruit and vegetables mainly for Cumdumps benefit. It was an enjoyable change from the usual fulfilment capsules.

Collier said "We have began this mission let us complete it; our knowledge on womans should be vast after this experience. I will try and track down communication details for Tanner while you entertain Cumdump" and in a determined mood opened his contact network.

Burton was beginning to enjoy Cumdumps presence and could not understand why. She could not speak to them apart from comfort sighs; she had disturbed their usual routine even causing them to be under a controller's scrutiny. Yet he could feel his contentment level rising; something which had only happened previously after engineering achievements. Perhaps there is something in what the "crazy" owners say about them being loyal companions after all.

Burton sat next to her as she stretched out; her trousers were still down to her knees. He pulled them off as he knew Tanner would want to look at her twat when they contacted him. Remembering the film he retrieved some job number removal tape and covered Cumdups bush hair; then carefully peeled it back revealing a now bald area between her legs. Burton thought how different it looks now; but could see no abrasions anywhere that would make her scratch.

"Good news" interrupted returning Collier. "I have managed to contact Tanner and he will be talking live to us as soon as he is clear". Cumdump immediately pulled on Colliers trousers to attract his attention; then pointed at her now bald twat with a smile on her face indicating she was very pleased with it.

"We might discover what was causing all the commotion now we can see it properly" said Burton. They were then alerted to the fact that Tanner was about to come through on screen. So they made their way to the conversation soft bench and allowed Cumdump to sit in between them. Tanner then appeared on screen with his three womans sitting comfortably just behind him. After introducing themselves and telling the story so far; they asked Tanner if he could explain why Cumdump started having loud comfort sighs when she was watching the film even though she never had a penis inside her.

Tanner told them if they had seen the film all the way through they would have known, but it was probably better showing them first hand anyway. He instructed them to strip Cumslut naked and put her bottom on a cushion; then open her legs wide to get a clear view of her twat.

He went on "The noise you heard Cumdump make was caused by what is called an "Orgee" a wonderful sensation that spreads through the body; it happens at the culmination of your womans reward. A woman can have an orgee by using her fingers if she knows where to touch; Cumdump (beautiful name by the way he said) obviously does. Before the end of this screening I hope to see Cumdump have an orgee brought about by the two of you". Collier and Burton smiled at each other then at Tanner as if to say we are up for the challenge.

"First I would like to say thank you on behalf of all woman lovers for taking care of Cumdump. You have high tolerance levels which are a credit to you both. I would like to think you will become her legal owners" stated Tanner. "It was our lawful duty; but we have both had good contentment feelings in the short period it has been here" said Collier. "Very much so" added Burton.

With a look of smugness Tanner continued "I know exactly how you feel; my contentment levels have been at a maximum since being sent here. I was in workplant just like you and very satisfied; hoping to stay there forever. Then it was decided we should have more old world food as it is good for our general well being. Most of the meal capsules we all eat now contain old world food; some may have been grown here. I reluctantly came and began growing as ordered; there were already four other growers here and they introduced me to women.

That was over 90 circules ago now I would never leave; my women are my total contentment. I say women and not womans because that is the correct term; and they should be referred to as she and her not it; not a lot of musculoids know that. Unfortunately a woman only lives about 40 circules; it is like losing a relation musculoid when they die.

Don't worry yours only looks about 16 at the most. They become part of your family, always obedient, trustworthy, hard working and want little in return. We tend the crops daily though most of the time I am free to spend with my women. If you decided to keep Cumdump I could arrange a free hold for you here. Cumdump would be trained up by the other women and you would quickly learn crop grow" said an assuring Tanner.

"Sounds interesting, but it would have to be something very special to make us leave the workplant" replied Collier. Burton nodded tentatively but could not think of anything to say he was in deep thought over Tanners words. "Well you two think about it, and in the mean time we can concentrate on Cumdump" resumed Tanner. Burton and Collier both instinctively stroked her hair as they eagerly awaited his words. "Now I want you to each take a breast gently in your hands; I look forward to holding those myself if you come out here" he smiled.

"Now move your fingers around it to get the feel of it. You are both doing well I can see the nipples are hard. That is a sign of contentment, though in all my time I have never come across a woman that does not like body rewards said Tanner. Cumdump was so at ease she began rubbing her hands up the backs of each as they fondled her breasts.

Impressed Tanner continued, "Move your heads down and let your lips meet the hard nipple and flick it with your tongue. Remember a womans flesh is not tough like ours; that is why it is so pleasing to touch". She began rubbing the top of their smooth heads as the two mouths pleased her nipples.

Instructions continued, "I now want you to move your hands all over the top of her body the back, arms and keep switching breasts. Cumdump began moaning sighs of pleasure; arousing Tanners women who gathered closer to him. "Later for you my delicious trio" he smiled. "Lay her back slowly and run your hands down the outside of the legs; then bring them back up the inside stopping at the twat.

I want you to both concentrate on the twat now; it is very complex and Cumdumps will be aching for pleasure right now. Open the legs and observe the slit; each in turn run your finger up and you will feel it open". She began moaning even louder as the fingers moved between her twat lips; then out of lust reached for her clit and began driving it towards the pleasure point. Tanner told them to stop her as he wanted them to reward her with the orgee; he then pointed out exactly where the clit was.

Collier and Burton now realised where she had rubbed her hands to cause the earlier orgee. "Time to push your fingers in she is more then ready" said an enthusiastic Tanner.

Burton then Collier fumbled about at her entrance but their fingers could not find a way in. Tanner could see they were struggling and told his three women to each stick a finger up their twat hole so Cumdump could see. Fucker, Slut and Cunt each took off their shorts before opening their legs wide revealing the area being searched for and promptly inserted fingers.

Tanner advised, "Tell Cumdump to do the same then follow her finger to find your target". After indicating to the screen and touching her finger Cumdump soon got the message and slid it up her now wet twat hole. Collier quickly took the same route tracking hers as the two fingers momentarily met inside; at last he had found the hole. He enjoyed moving his finger around because he could see Cumdump was getting so much pleasure from it.

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Burton was now eager to put his in so Collier told him to track his finger the same way till he was in. Burton was having great enjoyment seeing her take so much pleasure from finger insertion. Now they had found it they were taking turns in and out like old hands as her hole leaked more and more sticky liquid which they ate on Tanners recommendation finding it sweet to the taste.

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Tanner then directed "Time for her orgee; run your hands all over her again and remember to suck her nipples". Cumdump was now desperate for her orgee her sighs seemed to be begging for one. Fucker, Cunt and Slut were each rubbing their clits furiously while watching the proceedings. Tanner enthused "One of you put your finger inside and rub the top of her twat hole" Collier inserted his finger and began manoeuvring it. "Burton find her clit with your tongue and keep it moving; with your other hand tweak her nipples"; said Tanner feeling pleased with his coaching abilities.

Suddenly she let out an enormous OOOOHHHHH and liquid exploded from her twat; drenching Burtons face and soaking Collier all the way up his arm and chest as she shook to her orgee.

"Well, well you have got a squirter how lucky" beamed Tanner. No sooner had Cumdumps cries of pleasure stopped before Tanners trio each began their own; having fingered themselves to screaming orgees. The four women were now all on their backs with legs apart wearing only smiles. "Well looks like we have four extremely satisfied women; and three very contented musculoids" said Burton cheerfully.

Collier pondered as he had never known Burton to be so elated; while he also had a strange feeling of very well being. Tanner resumed "I am happy to have been assistance to you, but more than anything I hope we have two more recruits to the woman loving ranks. I wish you could experience penis penetration having the same feeling the women do; but you need to be here physically to learn that.

I must get my three to sleep now; they need a lot more than we do". They said their farewells only after promising Tanner they would give consideration to joining him.

"Well nothing happens for circule after circule then out of the blue we are tending a woman and talking about becoming crop growers" smiled Collier with a look of astonishment. "Would you consider it Uncle"?

"Well leaving workplant for life in a new zone albeit a warm one would be really tough" he replied. "Well it is certainly is an interesting proposition Tanner offered us" smiled Burton. "One thing we have all overlooked; the Controller will be calling tomorrow and he may be taking Cumdump away or back to her owner". And would the workplant allow us to go? With those negative thoughts on their minds the two of them rested in their favourite chair as Cumdump remained naked and asleep on the conversation soft bench.

After reading all the workplant news Burton's thoughts turned once again to Tanners words and life in a new zone. If someone had said the day before that he would soon be thinking about a woman and a new job he would have thought them unstable. Yet here he was confused; something he had most certainly never been before. He drifted off to sleep a while before opening his eyes to quite a surprise. Collier was leaning over Cumdump gently stroking her hair; he said nothing as he happily observed.

He thought to himself if Uncle the most resilient of musculoids could be pacified by it all; then little wonder he was feeling confused. Then he must have fallen asleep again as he awoke to Collier shaking his shoulder. "Burton, Cumdump has just got up and went to the waste cubicle on her own; she must be a smart woman we only showed her once" he beamed. Burton's smile of approval was in appreciation of both Cumdumps visit to the waste unit and Colliers enthusiasm.

The time for the controller was approaching so the two decided Cumdump should be clean and dressed before he arrived. The three of them decided to bathe in the comfort pool. They oiled her body and she kissed their lips as they did; it was her way of telling them she wanted rewarding again. "Well we have a bit of time before the controller arrives so lets give her an orgee" said Collier. "Yes poor thing might not get another one if he takes her away" sympathised Burton. They each began sucking a nipple like they had previously and her hands felt for each penis under the water.

Burton smiled saying "We have not reached that stage yet; you will have to make do with fingers"----- Collier said "Burton you put your finger up her twat I have an idea. You remember the first time we bathed her and she rocked on my finger when I put it up her rear waste hole; well I think she might enjoy a finger up there and her twat at the same time". Burton's finger soon found the twat hole; it was now not such a mystery after his class with Tanner.

Collier then carefully entered his finger up her rear hole; and as they moved them about Cumdumps face moved in ecstasy. She stood up straight and her finger went to work on her clit.

With the three fingers working as a team her orgee came with yells of delight. After further oil cleans between her legs she was fresh and ready to be dressed. As they emerged from the water Cumdump surprised them by deliberately kissing them both gently on the lips. They were dressed and ready in good time for the arrival of the Controller. Cumdump seemed to be very nervous as his uniformed body entered the room.

He sensed it and immediately walked across to her and stroked her hair; the three of them smiled blissfully. It turned out he was active in the protection of women's rights. He listened to the whole story and was impressed with both Collier and Burton.

Burton then asked a question he feared asking. "What will happen to her now"? The controller replied "Well she is not reported missing or registered. I scanned her when I first spoke to you on screen to make sure you were not trying to unload her. She has probably been a servant to some travelling business and they have been unable to train her, or turned her away when the business ran into trouble. If a home can not be found for her after a twentieth of a circule I am afraid she will be disposed of".

"That is outrageous" said the bewildered pair looking at their now precious Cumdump. "Don't I know it, but it took many circules of campaigning to make them protected by law and allow them time in protective care. Prior to the rights campaign they could be hunted and legally shot. There are still a lot of musculoids, Controllers even who think they are no more than vermin and hate the reforms".

"Well I think we have a lot to thank you for Controller" Burton nodded in agreement to Colliers words and they were both completely stunned. "How do we apply for ownership" asked a determined Collier. "I can have her signed over to you today" smiled the Controller.

Cumdump did not have to leave the property; and next day became a registered woman with Collier and Burton becoming joint owners. After much thought and discussion Collier and Burton decided to take Cumdump to the warm zone and grow crops with Tanner.

The alternative had been staying in the property; but Cumdumps happiness was the main thing and there she would have women friends and sunshine. All they had to do now was clear it with workplant; which Collier with all his devoted service could easily do. In the time that followed the three were together at every possible moment; while continuing at the workplant waiting for their official clearance.


Burton adored Cumdump and trained her in all home property ways. She was a very intelligent woman and learned quickly; soon she was running the domestic side of their lives.


Collier rejoiced to see his nephew Burton so content with his life. Uncle and nephew are the closest relations two musculoids can be; Collier was elated when he was allowed to have him created partly from his own genes. Medics became amazed by the huge rise in their contentment levels, even having all the test equipment checked for faults.

The two knew however it was Cumdump; and her alone that was causing their elation. Finally the day came to discuss their leaving date it seemed a formality as only Collier was asked to attend. Burton and Cumdump were hugging side by side in eager anticipation when Collier returned from the meeting. Cumdump affectionately jumped up and began kissing and hugging Collier.

"Did all go well Uncle no problems? "We are leaving very soon just a slight hitch" responded Burton."It is"? "Well there is a huge job they would like our help with; it starts in two days and will take seven to complete". "Will Cumslut be alright alone for that long" probed a worried Burton. "No, it does not matter how capable she is; women are not allowed to be left alone for more than two days it's the law" replied Collier. "So do we have someone we can leave her with"?

"I have been in touch with the Controller and he is arranging for her to stay in the protection centre while we are away; confined to her room but it's only for a short while". Burton was not happy about leaving her in confinement but knew it was the only option.

For the next two days Cumdump was rewarded as often as time allowed. Burton promised her even better rewards would follow when they reached their new life and Tanner taught him how to penis reward.

They dropped her off at the centre and both kissed her sad face; as tears from her wet eyes dripped down her cheeks. Work began and the job was going along as smoothly as any job could.

Collier and Burton were disappointed they could not have a communication screen with Cumdump because of the secure unit she was in. Only one more day was ahead of them as they sat in their temporary home reading. There was a surprise knock on the door and a Controller joined them. It was not the Controller they knew; and his face was not a happy one.


"What's wrong"? Burton asked impatiently. "I am afraid I have some very bad news about your woman Cumdump". Collier and Burton were stunned in silence as he continued. "I am afraid she has been mistakenly destroyed; it was an internal error.

The wrong instructions were placed on her cell door." I can not say how sorry I am".

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