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Watch hot twink teens sucking hard
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"No he's not…" I say, and she throws something blue at me. "Stop arguing, I'm not sure if I would even have stayed in the nurse's office with you even…" she says. I take the piece of gum, and put it in my mouth, she does the same, "So what if he is… It's not like I'd know…" Almost as if to answer my question, Pat appears and sits next to me, as well as another kid.

I'm assuming he's from the football team as well, he has really nice eyes, and the UnderArmor shirt he was wearing did his pecs justice. Sitting down next to Kelly, he was the first to speak, "We thought we'd find you hear." Holy fuck his voice was deep.

Too shocked to answer myself, Kelly piped up, "Right, and you found us… Now what?" and giving her world famous smirk. "Thought we would say hi…" Pat answered.

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"Hi." I say smugly, trying my hardest not to cuddle up to him, run my fingers through his hair, and jump on his lap. "Anthony wanted to know if he could come over with me tomorrow?" Pat asked me. "Up to Kelly…" I said nodding at her.


"Sure!" she says, "The more cute guys at my house, the better!" "So where do I fall into this mix?" I ask grinning.

"Your cute…" Pat says, looking me in the eye. Kelly kicked me in the leg from across the table, and I shot her a venomous look. "Right, fag." Anthony said playfully and I shot Kelly another look. "Just being honest…" Pat said raising his hands, "I mean, look at his girlfriend!" he then pointed at Kelly. "Oh, we're not da-" Kelly and I both said in unison. "We aren't dating…" I said smirking at Kelly. "Oh so the pretty lady's free?" Anthony asked Kelly. While he was looking at Kelly, Pat gave me the strangest look; I cocked my eyebrow and tilted my head at him.

"So… Right… I'm gonna go, Pat you comin?" Anthony said. "Yea, cya later Seth, you too Kelly." He said, and for a moment, I thought I saw a flash of sadness cross his features as he walked away.

"Quit staring at his ass!" Kelly said when they were out of earshot. "Whoops." I said sticking my tongue out at her. Kelly drove me home, and we talked a lot about her project, how she had to study my class for a week… And I began to drone her out… "Well here we are!" she said cheerfully when we got to my house.


"You coming in?" I asked her. "No, I'll be getting ready for tomorrow." She says winking. "Right." The next few hours were, uninteresting.


I did my homework, had made dinner for my mom, but she passed out on the couch and when I woke her up- she just went upstairs. All the while thinking of Pat. What I would make for dinner tomorrow, what I would wear tomorrow… What if Pat changed his mind? When I fell asleep, I didn't even notice. But I woke up in my bed no less, to something tapping at my window. Rolling over, I ignored it, but after a few moments, another tap! Getting to my feet, still groggy, I went to the window and saw a figure standing on the ground below.

"Hey! Hey, Seth!" I heard a familiar voice yell.

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"Pat?" I ask, still groggy. I looked at my clock and saw it was 11PM. "Hey! Sorry to wake you! I was just wondering, you seemed kinda upset when I asked if Anthony could join us tomorrow. Do you two not get along or something?" "Oh, yea… We get along." I say smiling, "So you came all this way, just to ask me that?" I said, when he lived two streets over.

"Well… I was bored and couldn't sleep." He said.

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"Midnight Swim?" I say grinning. "I'm game!" he says. "Did you bring a bathing suit?" I ask. "Maybe…" "Gonna swim in your underwear?" I grin at him. "Maybe." "I'll grab you a towel," I say "Run around back and I'll meet you at the pool." He nodded and I ran, what should I wear? A speedo?

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Underwear? Or a full bathing suit? I decided to go with the speedo, I thought it showed off my ass pretty well.

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Grabbing two towels I ran out back, careful not to wake my mom up, though she's gonna be dead to the world for the next few hours. Going out the door, I notice Pat wasn't outside. He was nowhere to be seen. "Pat?" I ask out loud, and the response I get is bubbles rising from the pool. "You comin in?" he asked when he broke the surface.

"You didn't even wait for me?" I say smirking. I ran forward, dropping the towels on a chair, and did a front flip, diving into the pool. Staying under for at least a minute, seeing how long I could, but before I could start coming up on my own, Pat was down with me.

Looking into my eyes, he pulled my head forward. What was he thinking? I found out quick, he violently pressed his lips to mine, and I felt him exhale through me. Before I could get in the kiss, and I'm thankful of this, he pulled me to the surface.

Swimming backwards to hide my erection, I asked, "What was that for?" "I thought something was wrong." He said a worried look on his face.

"Oh, no!" I say laughing, "I was just staying down to see how long I could stay for." "Oh, sorry Seth…" he said frowning. I waited a moment, trying to get my erection to die down, but with him frowning at me, it died quickly. Then I rushed forward and hugged him, still treading water in the twelve foot deep pool, but careful to keep him afloat.

Unfortunately my boner quickly came back, but I sent my hips back to stop him from noticing, but I think that I felt a poke against my thigh. I tried pulling away, but he held me in the embrace. "Pat?" I asked nervously. "Yea?" he said, a dreamy look in his eyes. "You okay? I'm starting to get tired…" I told him. "Oh… Want me to swim to the shallow end?" "There isn't really a shallow end… But you can sit in the center, there's like an island." I tell him.

"I'm game for that." He says, and he let go of me to swim to the island. He was a slow swimmer… But he was sexy when he swam… Showing off, I dove under the water and swam under him. Getting to the island before him, I sat down and watched him approach. "Quick little bastard…" he said, "I didn't even notice this here!" "Well have you ever swam here before?" I stick out my tongue at him. "No… But I thought I swam through here before." "Guess not." I said looking away, not wanting to stare.

"I think it's starting to get cold…" he said, looking at me. "Maybe we should get out then…" I say, looking him in the eye. "I have a better idea," he says pulling me close "Much better." Cold?

What was he talking about?! His skin was on fire! I was slightly cold, and thankful for the embrace, but what was he doing? "How can you be cold? You feel so warm?" "Cause you were over there." he said grinning, and pulling me closer.