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Pussy pussy porno
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Why drag me out on a cramping trip to sit at the tent site and do nothing!? I was so mad. I can remember not knowing where I was headed, just away from him. Was I scared I would get lost? Yeah, I suppose, but when you're mad like that sound judgment does not always seep into one's thoughts. The morning was humid, the air thick. When and if the sun ever come ups, it will burn this off, and the day could turn into a pretty one. One spent on the lake - fishing, finding new coves, enjoying a picnic in a cove miles from the camp site.

the day had such possibilities.

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I wondered deeper into the dense woods. No idea where I was going, or what on earth I was going to run into. My mind on spiders, and other creepy crawlies looking for a snack etc. I almost didn't hear them. I almost walked right up into the middle of them! I had a clear view, the two of them lost in their own world. I shouldn't be here. I should quietly walk away and not look back.

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I couldn't. My feet planted firmly, my couriosity rooted deeper. I watched as his hands spread across her mid-drift, he pumped his cock deep into her soft tender flesh. I listened to the ellicit sounds escaping from within her.


Her own hands exploring and enticing hightened pleasure from her own body. Biting her finger tips on one hand as she cups and squeezes her nipple with her other hand. I feel the heaviness of my own breasts rise and fall with my breathing, which surprising to me, has become heavier yet shallower at the same time.

He moves his hand to the top of her pelvis and I know all too well how his thumb just snuggled into the folds of her warm and moist clit. My suspicions are confirmed as she moans and grinds her hips into him deeper as ripples of excitement vibrate through her body - starting at that very touch on her clit to the delicious pleasure she is giving herself by pinching her nipple to mix pleasure with pain taking her to hights of serreal delight.

She is insationable, her desire and need is not being filled as she demands. As her body demands at this very moment. I watch from the edge of their world, perched percariously on the edge of my own. I am drawn into the emotions, the heat, the desire, and the fantasy they share with each other. Something so private, yet now, a part of me as well as it is their own. Not sure when, but my hand is in my shirt.

Not wanting to mess up one of my own, I slipped on his this morning, rolling up the sleeves and tieing the ends into a knot at my waist. The top buttons unbuttoned, in an attempt to tease and draw my own lover into our own world of fantasy and reality of sex in the natural and beautiful surroundings of the weekend. Instead, I stand at the edge of another's world of tender and exciting exctasy - with my hand in my shirt. My fingers slipped into the lacy cup of my bra, and my nipple warm and firm.

I watch this couple and nothing else exists. When did it start to spinkle? When did the drops become larger? She arches her back and the rain beads on her skin running down her body. Her hands move along her body as to rub the drops into her skin.


He stops moving inside her. She falls forward as he leans up to meet her mouth. Kissing her deeply he moves his mouth to her breasts. Again her back arches and the rain falls onto her chest as he sucks at her nipples. His love bites cause her to scream and wiggle in his arms. In unison they move to their feet. She reaches and holds on to limb that extends from a small stout tree.

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As the limb is sturdy, she grips it and leans into it just slightly. Her legs spread and her beautiful round soft bottom exposed. She looks over her shoulder at him and smiles a naughty come hither smile, and giggles as she rocks her bottom from side to side just a little. He is standing there watching her. His cock protruding from his crotch. I watch as raindrops fall and he never feels them drop onto his cock. He throbs for her. The only feeling he will feel is the warm deep folds of her wrapped around him.

He moves to her and while grabing her hips, he slips his cock between her legs. I know he has not entered her, he's just in position and ready to thrust himself into her. She wiggles and wants him too, and he doesn't for this very reason.

He teasingly slaps her bottom and a red mark developes. They giggle and gasp as lovers do, and I longingly want the same. He slips into her, thrusting hard and she yelps in excitement and enjoyment. He begins to pump her and drive into her as deeply as he can. This is not as genlte as when I first encountered them making love.

This is raw and unbrideled. He occasionally slaps her bottom and thrusts deeply into her causing her to gasp sharply.

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I notice with each thrust her titties are rubbing along the rough bark of the tree limb. Her beautiful breasts rosey with slight abrasion from the tree bark.

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I am so enthrawled, and excited. My panties are wet and both of my hands are griping small tree saplings firmly, my knuckles are white. I continue to watch him fuck her. I listen as her screams of extasy escape from within her beautiful body. The rain has let up, and a thick fog lingers around us. He is cumming.

He holds his cock in his hand and continues to massage it as cum shoots onto her red bottom.

She is spent, and leaning forward, hanging onto the tree limb is her only support. Her breasts fall from her chest and droplets of rain slowly cascade and drip from her nipples. I quietly retreat, stepping slowly and very silently back into the dense woods that surround us.

I make my way back to camp, and alone, decide to walk down to the waters edge.

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Our tent is on a cliff like area where the ground has given away to erosion. We are secluded, and feeling safely so, I slip out of my clothes and walk into the warm waters. The still waters sliced by my movement, and gently open to accept my intruding body. The water is relaxing. I lay back and allow the water to wash away the built up tension in my body. My lover watches me from the side of the boat.

Unaware of what I have been watching, unaware of the mounting desire that has built up inside of me. He slips out of his jeans and comes to me. When the water begins to move around me I am aware someone or something is coming up on me. Startled I right myself getting my feet under me.

My lover reaches out for me and pulls me to him. Kissing me deeply. Does he know he is making up for the pain and tension he has caused my body this morning in this one act such as a kiss? His hands are quick. His fingers are deep inside me and within moments I explode. My gasps never escape past his mouth.

His cock is hard. He slips into me slowly as he know's I need time to adjust to his size. The water laps at my breasts. I watch his eyes watch my nipples as they appear to only disappear in the lake water.

His thumb is on my nipple and I lean back and allow him to have my body like no other is every allowed to have me.


My lover fucks me in the shallow water without a care as to who maybe watching. I let my arms float back, over my head and the water and my lovers hips support my body. I do not care if anyone sees, not because fair is fair. But because this enjoyment should never be locked away in a dark room for only two people to revel in.

My lover cums inside of me. I feel his deep pulsing thrusts as his body releases into mine. He kisses my neck and whispers that he loves the way my pussy feels around him when he comes.

I smile as I know he is talking about the way I tighten myself in an attempt not to let him slip out of me, while attempting to squeeze every drop of juice from his cock at the same time. My sexual tension is no longer a problem. Tonight, while the stars hang in the night sky, I will slip out of my clothes at the fire. I will take my lover by the hand and lead him back down to the water, and I will take him.

The stars will bear witness to gentle and loving act of two bodies fully pleasing the other.