Babe is having wild threesome with stud and elderly teacher

Babe is having wild threesome with stud and elderly teacher
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This is a work of fan fiction. All characters are property of their respective owners. I own the story line. Let's Get This Party Started Hermione arrived with Ron, Ginny, and Harry in the sunroom of the family cottage at Anglesey.

Cottage was probably a bit of a misnomer, holiday home was probably a better term but even that failed to express the size and comfort of the home. It was an extensively remodeled, two-story, 12-bedroom Georgian built on a secluded five-acre plot surrounded by trees.

Despite their remoteness, they had electricity connected to the house and it was a wonder of Muggle and Wizarding technology and style, as the thumping stereo in the living areas attested. Still in a party mood from the events in Diagon Alley, Hermione raised her arms above her head and began to move her hips in time to the beat. Ron wasted no time moving in behind her and grinding with her. Hermione hiked up her skirt and began to grind the bare globes of her ass against his leather pants.

"Oh, yeah, baby," Ron growled reaching around her and inside her open jacket to fondle her leather-clad breasts. A few feet away Harry and Ginny were madly kissing each other. Harry's hands were tangled in Ginny's long curling hair while she frantically loosened his tie and tried to undo the small buttons on his white button down. His hat had fallen to the floor and trench coat hung by one arm until he disentangled his hand and shook it to the floor. "You kids seem to have gotten the right idea," Angelina said from the doorway.

The four stopped and looked sheepishly at her. She was still in her Vegas showgirl outfit. Her coffee-with-cream dark skin stood in sharp contrast to the white fabric and sequins that barely covered her essentials, the tall feathery head-dress brushed the ceiling as she walked toward them. Hermione couldn't imagine how she was walking in the obscenely tall sequined stilettos she was wearing, but had to admit that it did do interesting things to the way she walked. "Don't stop on my account," she purred as she offered around a tray of champagne glasses.

"Why don't you guys bring it on in to the den though, the others will be arriving shortly." Hermione tugged her skirt back into place and helped Ginny stuff her tits back into her sequined evening gown, which was of course the perfect opportunity for a quick grope. Ginny moaned softly then yelped as Hermione tweaked a nipple. Both the boys watched with amused looks.

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Angelina asked if she could play too and gave Ginny's left boob a healthy squeeze. "I thought we were supposed to be moving to the other room," Ginny said, "not standing here groping my tits." With a laugh Angelina led them to the den.

In the den, the lighting had been turned down low and the couches had been pushed back against the walls to create a large dance floor in the middle. On the dance floor a woman in a red "bathing suit" with a white collar and black bow-tie was gyrating in slow time with the music against a man in a tuxedo. In turn he was also being groped by a short slip of woman with long white-blond hair in a toga.

A man in Roman legionnaire's' armor, sans cod-piece, moved from behind the toga-clad woman to the other. In the process, he managed to grope all three others in the dance. "Oh, my," Ginny said in a quiet voice. "I know this is so wrong, but Bill looks really good with his dick hanging out like that." "Uh-huh," Hermione agreed, "on both accounts." "That's just wrong," Ron interjected.

"He's your brother, Gin." "Yeah, but I've never seen his dick before. I'm just saying." "You've never seen mine." "That's what you think." She reached over and closed his mouth. "Maybe I'll tell you about it later." Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him out on the dance floor. "Help me get close to Fleur, I want to see if I can get her head lost in my cleavage." "Be nice, sweetie," Harry chided her.

"I'll admit I would pay good money to see her face between your legs though." "Don't bank on it." She pulled him close and writhed against him as she tongued his ear and whispered, "Stay close to me if you can, I don't have a lot of options tonight.

You and Lee are the only guys I'm not related to." "I'll stay with you all night if you want." He pulled her dress up to her hip exposing the long creamy legs beneath. His hand slipped around and squeezed her ass. "When did you lose your underwear?" "Hermione has them in her jacket pocket," she said with a devilish grin as she turned around so that Harry's hand rested on her clean-shaven crotch.

The move briefly exposed her to all present, then the dress fell back down over Harry's arm hiding the movement of his hand against her. His hand slid down between her legs, a finger slipping inside her. "Oh yes," she moaned, leaning back against him and pulling his mouth against her neck.

"I just love beeg breasts like these." The voice accompanied a tug on the front of her dress and her breasts sprang free.

She felt a small, cold hand began to wander over one breast as a tongue began lavishing attention on her other. Ginny couldn't help herself as she reached out and pulled Fleur tight against her chest. Harry's contact with her hypersensitive clit made her grind against her future sister-in-law.

"Oh, yes, rub my clit." Ginny couldn't believe she was rising so quickly to Harry's ministrations, but then she'd been pretty horny all day thinking about the possibilities of tonight.

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"Harree,mind eef I 'elp?" Fleur asked. Ginny didn't even have time to protest that she didn't want Fleur touching her pussy when the girl pinched her clit between two ice-cold fingers. With a few gentle squeezes and a bite to Ginny's nipple, Fleur had Ginny cumming in a panting, silent-scream orgasm.

Ginny opened her eyes to see Fleur licking her cunt-juice from Harry's fingers. "How, how did you do that so quickly?" "Veela magic haz eetz usez," she said with a smile. * Ron cocked his head forward and squinted. "Isn't that Lavender over there grinding on my brothers?" "Let's go find out," Hermione replied, striding across the floor towards the threesome that was practically fucking standing up. Hermione was in something of a trance as she watched Bill's hardening dick slide up and down the lycra-covered ass of the woman she was now almost positive was her hair-dresser and friend.

"Lavender?" The blonde broke her kiss with Charlie and used her ass to push Bill back a little bit. She turned to the couple and her face split into a wide smile. "Hermione!" She pounced on the girl and gave her a hug and quick kiss full on the mouth. "Ron!" She jumped up into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. "May I?" she asked Hermione, who nodded her assent.

Lavender turned her full attention back to Ron and pressed her lips to his. Ron opened his mouth and sucked her tongue in, playfully pushing his own against her. His dick really started to wake up when she started rotating her hips against him.

Ron was only vaguely aware of Hermione greeting his brothers, he hoped not quite as enthusiastically. He broke the kiss with Lavender. "Good to see you too, Lav." He returned her hug and set her on her own two feet.

"So, what are you supposed to be?" He waved his hand at the outfit she was wearing and noticed the shirt cuffs with cuff links. She shrugged her shoulders, which made her large breasts do some very nice things, "It's an American thing. A comic book character named Vampirella. It was your brother's idea." "It was a good idea, you look amazing." "She does, doesn't she." Charlie said. He fisted his hand in her hair and nipped at her neck, making her shiver.

"I couldn't get her to dye her black though for the full effect." Ron crinkled up his nose. "Lavender with black hair?" He shook his head. "No, blonde like this is much better." "See, Charlie, I told you.

Besides," she said with a toss of her head, "I stand out since I'm the only one with real blonde hair." She pulled aside the crotch of her outfit and exposed a tuft of blonde pubic hair. "And it's all natural. You don't mess with that." "Amen," Ron said. "Wow," Bill said in an awed voice.

All three looked up to see Bill and Hermione staring back across the room. They turned to follow their gaze and saw Fleur sucking intently on one of Ginny's nipples and sliding her hand under her dress. Ron and Charlie both quickly turned away. "So did not need to see that," Bill said as he turned his attention to Hermione. "Yeah," Ron agreed. "That's going to be really weird having Ginny here prancing around half-naked." "Tell me boys," Lavender said, pulling aside the vertical straps of her suit and exposing her breasts and hard pink nipples, "think these can distract you." Charlie and Ron each took one in his mouth and began licking and sucking her nipples while running their hands over the rest of her smooth, curvaceous body.

"Oh yes, I like that." Ron glanced out of the corner of his eye to see Bill and Hermione still watching across the room as they casually kissed and groped one another.

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The feeling of Lavender's fingers in his hair pulling his head tight to her chest quickly brought him back to what he was doing; only to be interrupted by the sounds of raucous laughter and cheering. Ron pulled himself away from Lavender's tit to see what was going on. "Woohoo, that's what we like to see," Fred called out he entered the room, dropping clothes as he walked.

"Everybody seems to be having a good time and getting to know each other." Ron was pleased to see that Fred's dick was a fair amount smaller than his own. Fred was surrounded by George, Lee Jordan, and their respective wives: Angelina, Alicia, and Katie- most of whom were in various states of undress and getting more naked as the seconds passed. Angelina was the first to strip to nothing except her sequined heels. She shimmied her shoulders and wiggled her hips as though finally freed from some confinement.

This drew applause and whistles from the gathered men, as well as some of the women. Ron moved over next to his wife and slipped an arm around her. "Nervous?" "A bit," she replied. "I'm not as pretty or sexy as the others." "Yes you are," he whispered as he kissed her ear, "more than. Who do you want to go with first?" "You and Harry. I'm comfortable with that, or maybe you and Lavender.

What about you?" "You and Lavender would be good, or maybe you and Angelina." "Not Fleur?" "You don't want me to sleep with her, do you; despite what you've said." "It's okay. I'm just nervous and it's making me possessive of you." "Are you having second thoughts?" He noticed his wife's glance at Bill's crotch, but said nothing.

"No, It's just nerves. I've never been with anyone other than you." "Not counting Harry and Lavender." "You were still there." Angelina pranced to the middle of the room and called for everyone's attention- as though she didn't already have it. Ron kissed his wife again. "Everything will be fine, I'll be here all night for you if you want.

I love you." He squeezed her hand as he turned his attention to Angelina. He tried not to think about how he might stack up against his brothers- all of whom were older and probably had more experience than he.

He saw he was about in the middle size-wise. Fred and George were both smaller. Bill's looked longer but about as thick. Harry he already knew about, but Lee's was a fucking monster. It was as thick as Harry's and probably as long as Bill's. He hoped Hermione didn't sleep with Lee; he'd never measure up again. "All right everybody," Angelina said. "I've noticed a few of you still have clothes on, time to get naked.

If you get a little help, please don't take too long or we'll send you off to a room and you'll miss the real fun." Ron obligingly helped Hermione out of her Leather skirt and jacket.

When her jacket hit the floor he noticed two pairs of panties in it, only one of which he recognized. By the time Hermione and Alicia had stripped him of his leather pants and vest, his dick was standing up in all its glory. "Just like I imagined it," Alicia commented as she sucked it into her mouth and then let it go. Ron pretended not to see the flash of jealousy in Hermione's eyes that evaporated when Bill reached around her and told her what a great ass and a nice body she had.

"That's better," Angelina said, turning down the music. "Now, some of us know each other very well, others have a guess or two.

We're going to get to know each other better now." Somebody commented that Truth or Dare was no fun if you were already naked.


"No, Truth or Dare takes too long and quite frankly I've been dying to get laid all day." There was no shortage of offers. "We're all going to get to know somebody we don't know yet. Lee, come here." "Angie, you know it takes more than that to make me cum." Angie turned her ass to him and shook it. "That's all you get for now." She waited till Lee walked up behind her and smacked her ass. She unrolled a blind-fold she had been carrying and put it on him. "Okay, girls spread out on this side in a half-circle, boys on this side." While they rearranged themselves, Angelina began turning Lee in a circle to make sure he was good and disoriented.

"The rules are simple. Without peeking, and touching only from the neck down, you have to identify somebody. If you're right, you keep going until you're wrong or you've identified all the members of the sex you're trying to identify. If you get them all right, you get to pick your partner. If you're wrong, that's your first partner and the blindfold goes to who you thought it was.

Ginny is the only one who has an option to pass, and she can pick any single or couple she wants on her turn." Ron breathed a sigh of relief, worried that his sister might get stuck with one of her brothers.

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The tension level of the room rose slightly as Fred stepped up behind Lee and Angelina joined the line of girls. The music started thumping again, a solid beat that was fast enough to make it good for either dancing or fucking.

A couple of the girls started dancing where they stood. Without any warning, Fred gave Lee a shove. He stumbled a few steps and crashed into Angelina.

He wrapped his arms around her and began kissing across her shoulder and down to her tits. She wrapped one leg around behind his and began to move up and down against him. She seemed to purr as her pussy pushed against the base of his dick. Lee sucked in a mouthful of tit and gave her arse a good squeeze before turning his face up to her and saying, "Hello, Angelina." "So I am," she replied and disentangled herself from him.

She gave him another shove and he stumbled over and bumped into Lavender. This time he slid around behind her and began to grope her in a reach-around. Ron could tell by the way that Lee was moving that his cock sliding up and down the crack of her ass. She let out a soft 'mmmm' and pushed back against him.

Ron was getting really turned on seeing Lee's black hands moving across Lavender's creamy white skin. The way her large nipples stuck out between his thick fingers as his hands lifted and squeezed her tits together to form a deep canyon of cleavage.

Lee's hands slid down over her full hips and around to run through her thick bush of blonde hair. His finger slid into her with no resistance then came back out and dragged along her clit. She let out a louder moan this time and pushed his hand hard against herself.

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It was damn near enough to make Ron want to reach down and stroke his dick. "Would this be sweet little Ginny?" Lee asked.

"Lavender," she replied as she leaned back and pulled him into a wet, tongue filled, over the shoulder kiss. "I'll take that," Lee replied after they stopped kissing.

He pulled off the blind-fold and tossed it to Ginny before leading Lavender over to a couch so that they could watch the rest of the festivities while they continued to kiss and fondle each other. To Ron's surprise, Ginny asked Hermione to help her put the blindfold on instead of passing it. Hermione did, then spun her around a couple of times and pushed her in the direction of Harry.

Ginny stumbled on her way though and fell into Ron. He was about to say something when Bill clamped a hand over his mouth and 'shushed' him. Ginny ran her hands up over his chest and shoulders. "Not Harry," she said, "too tall." Her hands ran down over his arms, "Not Charlie." Her hands came back up and slid down his flanks to his hips and on to his upper thighs as she dropped to her knees. "Not Bill." Ron was wishing she would hurry up and finish.

Her hands were warm and soft as they moved over his body, and he found it disturbing that his body was responding in a positive way. Her hands slid up to his crotch and she smiled as she "saw" how hard he was.

She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, then the other just above that. The ring at the base of the head was between her index and middle fingers, the head peeking just beyond her hand. She ran her thumb across the tip of his dick and smeared a bit of pre-cum over it.

She stood up and leaned against him. He was acutely aware of her hard nipples and large breasts pressing in to his chest. His dick jumped and pushed against her soft stomach. He prayed to any god she wouldn't start rubbing against him. He didn't think he could take the embarrassment of cumming on his sister. What kind of sick fuck would his wife think he was? "Sorry, Ron," she whispered in his ear.

"Hermione said she was going to try and get me to Harry." "It's okay," Ron whispered hoarsely. "I'll try to pretend you didn't like that," she whispered back. Ron could imagine the wicked smile on her lips. "Be a dear and give me a shove towards Katie." She turned around and said, "Poor Ronniekins, I think I embarrassed him." There was some laughter, some nervous, some not; Ron shoved his sister towards Katie, only too happy to get her warm, soft hands and long delicate fingers away from his body.

He tried not to watch as Ginny fell into Katie's arms and began to grope and fondle her. He watched Harry instead, who was watching with rapt attention. Ron noticed that Harry's dick was filling and stiffening rapidly as he watched his wife and Katie.

Ginny dropped to her knees and ran her hands around behind the girl, pulling her pussy to her mouth and giving it a quick taste. Katie seemed unable to stop herself as she reached down and pulled Ginny's head tight against her.

Ginny's hands slid up and cupped Katie's breasts, which were about the same size as Alicia's, and a little larger than his wife's. Ginny leaned back and asked uncertainly, "Alicia?" Ron was pretty sure she was lying, she'd gotten just who she wanted.

He thought about it, but decided he wouldn't lie when his turn came. He wanted to sleep with all of them anyway so he'd take whomever he got. "Sorry sweetie," Katie said, pulling off the blind-fold. "Guess you'll have to come with me." "I think I'd like that," Ginny replied, and put a kiss right at the top of Katie's shaved slit.

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"Mind if we drag Harry along with us?" Ron thought Katie's smile looked like Christmas morning. "I think I'd like that," Katie replied, holding out a hand to Harry after helping Ginny to her feet. Ginny tied the blindfold on Alicia, spun her around and set her loose. Alicia ran into Bill, and after taking a moment to regain her balance she began licking his nipple and stroking his cock. "Mmm, could be a couple of you," she said. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her mouth around Bill's cock.

After a couple of long strokes on it, she slid the whole thing into her mouth, nestling her small nose in Bill's pubic hair. Ron almost choked on his own tongue. Hermione had never been able to get his whole dick in her mouth, and Bill was longer than he was. He hoped there was a trick to that and that it could be taught. He really wanted Hermione to learn that; or maybe just make sure that he got Alicia to give him a good blow this weekend.

Self-consciously, he looked over at his wife, who was standing in wide-eyed amazement, with her mouth slightly opened. She looked up and saw him looking at her.

Her cheeks flushed and she gave him a look as though to say 'how did she do that?' Angelina leaned over and whispered something in her ear, causing Hermione to blush even harder, but she smiled at Ron.

He smiled back at her and went back to watching Alicia suck his older brother's dick. It glistened as she pulled off of it. "You have a very nice cock, Bill," she said without shame as she stood up. "You give great head," Bill replied and helped her stand up. With a kiss, he gave her a light push toward the other end of the circle where the twins were. She stopped when George took her hand. She immediately dropped to her knees and sucked all of his cock in to her mouth in one swallow.

She moved up and down its full length, occasionally dragging her teeth gently along it. After about a minute she released it. "I'd better get this one right since it belongs to my husband." Everybody laughed and she stood up and French-kissed him for another minute, the two of them groping each other with abandon. Ron felt himself blush watching the two. He'd never expected himself to take such voyeuristic pleasure. He didn't particularly enjoy watching porn, but this was something else entirely.

With a flourish, George swung her around, right into Ron. Without preamble she dropped right to her knees and began licking his head like a lollipop.

She then put just the head inside her lips and began moving around on it like she was making out with it. He could feel her tongue flicking across the very tip. Ron was torn between closing his eyes and just enjoying this and looking over to see what his wife's reaction was. Just as he was about to look at Hermione, Alicia began gently squeezing his balls and sliding more of his prick into her mouth. His head rolled back and a deep moan escaped his throat as she slid all the way down his shaft.

He had never experienced the feeling of lips on the base of his cock, but he loved it. The muscles of her throat were stroking the head and collar of his dick while her tongue moved along the vein under it. He could feel the insides of her cheeks against him as she sucked hard on it, then began sliding it back out of her mouth. Just as Ron thought he was going to get back in control of his body, she did it again. The long moan that escaped him was louder than anything else in the room. His entire focus was reduced to the cock that had Alicia's mouth wrapped around it.

He felt Bill's hand on his back and realized he was leaning back; he stood up straight again.

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Alicia grabbed his hands and pulled it into her short brown and bottle-blonde hair. Instinctively he wound his fingers into it and started fucking her mouth in long strokes. He pulled out after a minute or so; he didn't want to be the first one to cum in front of everyone else. "Oh, Little Brother, I do love your cock," Alicia said in an almost dreamy state.

Little Brother was the nickname his older sisters-in-law used for him rather than some of the names his brothers used. He didn't mind, because they always said it rather affectionately. Ron looked up at a gasp from his wife, who now had a unpleasant scowl on her face.

Ron was sure life was about to go to hell in a hand-basket when Angelina put her arms around her and began to whisper something to her very quickly. Hermione calmed down after a minute or so, but she still didn't look terribly happy. Ron hoped she got picked soon, and that she got what she wanted, because he really didn't want her to change her mind now.

He pulled Alicia to her feet and gave her a quick kiss. "That was a-fucking-mazing," he said quietly to her. "I thought I was going to lose you there for a minute. You almost fell over when I swallowed your cock." "I've never had that done before; it was a bit of a surprise." "Oh," Alicia said while kissing his neck, "Hermione and I will have to spend some time with you this weekend so I can teach her how then." "You can do that?" "It's not hard, once you know how.

Now, spin me around and get me on my way." Ron gave her two quick spins like they were dancing, then swung her over to Charlie. She was a little unsteady on her feet, but Charlie got her on her knees in front of him.

Ron noted Charlie's was a little shorter than his, but he wasted no time pushing it into her mouth. He grabbed her by the hair on top of her head and started stroking in and out of her mouth in long, hard strokes.

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It didn't take long until she pushed away from him and stood up. She reached around and patted his ass, rather hard Ron thought. "Nice and firm, Charlie." She took a second to regain her balance, then looked over in Hermione's direction.

"Don't worry Freddy, you get your cock sucked too." Ron swallowed a snort of laughter. She raised a corner of the blindfold and sauntered over to Fred. She kissed her way down his chest and then coated his dick with her tongue.

Finally, she sucked his balls into her mouth, eliciting a very loud moan from him. After a short minute she stood up and placed the blindfold in his hand. "You take this." She reached over and wrapped a hand around Ron's dick, "I'm taking this." She pulled Ron away from the circle and over to a couch.

"We're not gonna start here… in front of everybody, are we?" Ron asked as she motioned for him to sit down. "I wasn't planning to, but we can if you want." "No, no. I'd rather start somewhere more private." "That's fine." She sat down on his lap, pulling his hard cock up between her legs so that it peeked out above her thighs and nestled against her slit. "I like private, too." She lay back against his chest and Ron wrapped his arms around her middle, a bit nervous as to how forward he should be with her.

"It's okay," she whispered while tonguing his ear, "you can play with them." She pulled his hands up so that they were cupping her breasts. He squeezed them gently, and ran his thumbs over her nipples. He kissed her shoulder and neck and tried to see what was going on.

Fred was on his knees in front of Hermione, her leg thrown over his shoulder as he nuzzled her thick bush. She was clinging to him, her hands fisted in his hair, vainly trying to keep her balance.

To make matters worse, he was pinching her nipples and she was twisting back and forth trying to keep his hands on the breasts and away from her nipples. She did seem to be enjoying herself though.

Finally he stood up, announced that Hermione had a very sweet pussy and moved on to his wife. "You and Hermione are gentle lovers, aren't you?" Alicia asked quietly. "I guess so." "You don't spank each other, tie each other up, anything like that?" "No, that's not really us.

She doesn't even like me to tangle my fingers in her hair when she's giving me head." "I thought so." Ron moaned as she flexed her thighs, causing his cock to slide along her very wet slit. "I hope she doesn't get Charlie then.

He's pretty rough." "Is there anything I can do?" Ron asked. He really didn't like the idea of Hermione being smacked or spanked, especially not in a bed where she was supposed to be enjoying herself. "If she ends up with Charlie, we'll swap and I'll take Charlie." "Do you like it rough?" "It's a nice change sometimes." She pulled him into a deep kiss and put her hands over his where they were stroking and squeezing her breasts. "I really like this, though." "Me too." Ron rocked his hips under her and gave breasts a good squeeze.

He liked her breasts, they were bigger than Hermione's, but not as big as Lavender's. He looked across the room and saw Fred lying on his back, Fleur was grinding her crotch against his mouth.

For the first time Ron really took a moment to study her. She was still pretty, but in an almost exotic or alien way. Her tits were nice, small like Hermione's, but they matched her small frame. Her hips were slender too, they had almost no curve.

Last but not least, she kept her pussy shaved which Ron thought was kind of a shame. It made her look young, almost too young to be doing the things she was doing. She reached down and grabbed Fred by the hair and pulled him tight up against her pussy as she let out stream of words in French. The only ones of which Ron recognized were 'Fred' and 'oui.' When she was done, she leaned forward and rolled off him.

When she stood up Ron could see that her back was covered with cum. "Holy shit," Alicia said sitting up a little bit. "I've never seen Fred get off that fast." Fred held up his hand and pulled off the blindfold. "Since there are an uneven number of men and women, I'm nominating George to come with Fleur and I." He turned his head to look at Bill, "How do you do it man? How do you keep up with her?" "Zat ees our leetle seecret," Fleur responded as she stuck a finger in Fred's mouth and made him suck it clean.

Fred and George both turned and bowed to Bill. "Those boys are going to have their hands full with that one," Alicia said admiringly. As they watched, Angelina had Hermione tie the blindfold on her, give her a spin or two and point her in the direction of the boys. With a stumble or two, she made her way to the boys, her hips moving with the music. Her arms were over her head and her body was stretched, pulling her tits against her body ever so slightly.

Ron could see every inch of her. Her stomach was long and flat, her hips were shapely but not terribly broad, her pubic hair had been trimmed into an arrow pointing to her clit. Her long legs didn't ripple as she walked.

She was a living, breathing, sauntering bit of coffee-colored perfection. "You want a go with her, don't you?" Alicia chided him. "Yeah," Ron replied, feeling a bit guilty for staring at Angelina while Alicia was sitting on his lap. "Trust me," she laughed and squeezed his cock between her legs. "Everybody wants a go with Angelina. Look at your wife." Ron was surprised to see Hermione absently stroking her pussy as Angelina began to dance with Bill. Angelina reached down and gave his a cock a squeeze and a stroke before turning around and rubbing her ass against it.

She bent over at the waist and slid his hard cock into her from behind. Her moan was long and luxurious, like she was in no hurry to do anything but feel it inside her. "Just like I remember," she purred as Bill took her by the hips and began to stroke in and out of her. "Oh, yes." She straightened up a bit so that her back was parallel to the ground. "Bill, I have missed your prick." She pushed back against him a little harder now.

She began to grope out in front of her, as though looking for something. She found it when Charlie slapped his hard-on against the side of her face. She grabbed hold of Charlie and pulled away from Bill. "You wanna stick that in my cunt, you nasty boy?" Charlie spun her around and bent her over. In one smooth motion he had the entire thing buried inside her. "Oh, I was right, you are a nasty boy." Charlie reached around and grabbed her tits, pinching her nipples as he pulled her hard back against him.

She let out a squeak that was somewhere between pain and pleasure. Ron guessed it must have been closer to pleasure because she started pounding her ass against him. "Yes, Charlie. Fuck me hard, right here on the floor so everyone can see what a nasty little fucker you are." Charlie slapped her ass, hard, and drove her to her knees on the hardwood dance floor. Ron was amazed he could do that without pulling his dick out, but he did. Alicia grabbed a thick pillow and threw it at them.

Charlie grabbed it and stuffed it under Angelina as he pushed her to the floor. "That's right you nasty little cunt, I'm gonna fuck you till you beg me to stop." Charlie was almost growling as he said it. "Then show me what you got.

Fuck me as hard as you aah-" She was cut off when Charlie grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back. Ron noticed that Hermione was moving away from them, edging towards him and Alicia. Bill reached out and took her hand and pulled her gently to him. Ron strained to hear what they were saying. "… I guess you're right." Hermione was saying. "I just hope Angelina doesn't change her mind." "Well then, let's get out of here before she…" Ron was having a hard time hearing them over the filthy talk between Charlie and Angelina.

He hoped she wasn't always like that, he was sure he couldn't call any girl a cunt or a slut while he was having sex with her. He missed what Hermione said, but heard the words "hot tub" from Bill.

Hermione nodded, but didn't look up. Bill gave her a quick kiss and scooped her up to carry her out to the sun room where the hot tub was. Alicia leaned back against Ron. "She looked a little nervous, do you want to follow them?" "Do you think it would be okay?" Ron asked. He knew Hermione wanted someone she was comfortable with close by when they started, but he didn't know the etiquette of an orgy.

Apparently Alicia did though, so he felt better. "It'll be fine, let's get out there before they get too far along though." She reached down and patted the head of his prick. "A little later, maybe." She wiggled her hips and clenched her ass a few times though as a promise of things to come.

Ron helped lever her up with a couple of hands on her ass, which of course he had to squeeze as he did. Alicia had a very fine ass, nice and soft. He leaned forward and kissed each cheek of it before he stood up.

"Like my arse, do you?" "Yes, you have fine arse." He ran his hands over it as they walked toward the sun room. She smiled up at him. "Well that's promising. I was beginning to think I might spend most of the night with your cock in my mouth." "I'll give you whatever you want if you can teach Hermione to do what you did earlier." They stopped in the doorway to the sunroom and listened for other sounds. Other than the sound of the hot tub running, there was nothing. "Later on," she said dropping to her knees.

"Right now I like that you think that I'm the only one who can do this." In a single motion she had his prick in her mouth up to the base. He let out a soft moan and leaned back against the doorframe. He looked down and saw Alicia's ruby red lips sliding up and down the entire length of this prick. It may well have been the most beautiful sight in the whole world. He groaned as her nose disappeared in his pubic hair and nestled there.

He was flailing around for something to do with his hands, since there wasn't a bed to put them on. "It's okay," she said looking up at him with a smile. "Go ahead put them in my hair and hold my head. It doesn't bother me. Look and see if you can tell what your wife is doing." Ron leaned out for a look just as Alicia swallowed his dick again.

This time he could feel the muscles in her throat working his head. He almost lost his balance as he looked around the indoor palm that stood between him and the hot tub. Seeing what he needed to see, he stood up and leaned against the wall again.

This time he grabbed a hand-full of Alicia's straight, fine hair. He began to slowly rock his hips against her mouth.


"They're," he breathed deep and swallowed, "they're sitting under the water to…oh gods… up to their necks. She's got her back… her back to him, and oh, yeah." He took a long stroke out, until only the head was still in her mouth. He slowly slid it back in. "Wow! That feels amazing." He felt his head enter her throat and she began swallow while sucking hard on his cock.

"You keep that up and I'm going to pop one off in your mouth." "Mm-hmm." His cock vibrated with the sound as she nodded.

She began to play with his balls as she slurped and sucked on him. "Oh god, I'm about to cum." She deep throated him two or three more times then backed off so she had about half of his dick still in her mouth. She started stroking him while tonguing his head. "Oh… yeah," he grunted as he started cumming in her mouth.

After the first couple of squirts she put it all the way back in and swallowed everything. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Alicia just kept right on sucking him though. When he went flaccid, it tickled a bit, but she kept at it until he felt blood flowing into it again. When she stood up, he grabbed her and kissed her hard. He could still taste traces of his cum in her mouth, but he didn't even care.

"Liked that, did you?" she asked when he stopped kissing her. "That was like nothing I ever… just, wow." He pulled her close and hugged her. "Do you want me to do you now?" "Let's go check on our siblings first," she replied, smiling at him.

"It doesn't sound like things are going very well for Bill." "Why do you say that?" "No moaning, no talking.

Bill is a talker." "Hermione is a kisser," Ron replied. "She's a kisser with you. She probably won't kiss as much with someone else. You said she had her back to him, right?" "Yeah, and he was kissing her neck. I'm guessing he was playing with her tits, but everything was underwater." Alicia took a quick look around the plant.

"Let's go. Hermione looks like she needs someone to jump start her and Bill looks a little frustrated." Alicia gave his prick a few strokes for good measure.

"You lead, and take my hand." He started to step away and she pulled him back. "Don't say anything until you're in the water with them. Then just say hi and help me in." She put a finger to his lips. "Yes I'm sure." Ron padded over as silently as he could. He didn't even hear Alicia behind him, but her hand was still in his, squeezing lightly. As he watched his brother and wife, he realized there was almost nothing going on. He felt bad for Bill; he had tried to kiss up to Hermione when she just wasn't in the mood and it was awful, usually enough to kill a good erection.

He wondered what was wrong with Hermione, earlier she'd been ready to all but drop down and have sex on the carpet, and that was less than half-an-hour ago. They stopped kissing, or whatever they were doing as soon his foot hit the water. "Ron!" Hermione jumped up off Bill like she wasn't supposed to be there. "Hi sweetie." He thought about asking if they were having fun but decided against it.

"Bill." Ron couldn't read his brother's expression, but it did brighten considerably when Ron helped Alicia into the water. Once she was in, Ron sat down so that Hermione was between him and Bill. Alicia squeezed in between him and Hermione. "You two having a good time?" she asked. "Yeah," Bill lied. Hermione didn't answer. Alicia leaned over and gave Hermione a peck on the lips.

"You're hair looks really sexy with that slightly wet look; very 90's porno." Hermione blushed.

"I don't suppose you would trade places with me." Hermione was scooting over to Ron almost before Alicia stood up. "I'm sorry, Bill," Hermione said as she slipped in next to Ron. "It's okay, sis. First time is always hard." Alicia did something under the water that made Bill jump up so that his dick was out of the water. She reached over and grabbed it, planting a kiss on the end of it. "You must be First Time," she said in a little girl voice to Bill's hard-on before sucking it into her mouth.

With a groan, Bill fell back and sat on the edge of the tub so that Alicia could suck his dick. Ron turned to Hermione, "Are you okay?" He ran a finger along her cheek. She started to cry tears of frustration. "I was so nervous, and then," she wiped roughly at her eyes, "Charlie and Angelina… and I got so scared." She sucked in a big gulp of air. "I don't want to be spanked and called a. a… a whore." Ron gathered her into his arms kissed her eyes and forehead.

"Nobody's going to treat you like that, I promise." He kissed her cheek and then once on the lips. "I can't believe I'm being so selfish," Hermione said as she hic-upped and snuffled in a breath. "Bill was trying so hard to be nice and reassure me… and… you know… and all I wanted was you to be kissing me." "Like this?" Ron pulled her against him and pressed his lips to hers. She calmed down, and soon she was responding favorably, running her hands up and down his back, wrapping her legs around him, her nipples getting hard in his fingers.

When his dick started pushing against her butt she reached down and pulled it up between them. "Get up on the deck, I want to lick you," he whispered in her ear. There was no hesitation on her part. She jumped up on to the deck and spread her legs.

"Move a little closer," Bill said, patting the deck next to himself. Ron gave her a nod of approval when she looked at him. She scooted over until she was almost touching him.

She lay back as Ron pushed her legs up and apart. He opened his mouth wide and wrapped it around her mound. She moaned as he started to suck a little. Her pussy opened right up to him when his tongue pushed against her outer labia. He could taste a bit of the chemical from the hot tub, but that went away as soon as her juices started to flow. She started to moan in earnest and bucked her hips against him.

Suddenly her moaning stopped. Ron looked up to see what was going on, but didn't pull away. Bill had leaned over and the two were kissing aggressively now. Hermione ran a hand up into Bill's hair and pushed her mouth hard against him.

Ron nudged Alicia and pointed at the other two. Alicia nodded and smiled, then slowed her pace. When Ron started to turn away she waved him back to it. "Get her off, then we'll let Bill take over." She went back to sucking Bill's cock, but at a much slower and relaxed pace.

Ron however, went for broke. He moved his tongue to her clit, using his thumbs to spread her open while his hands held her legs up. Ron raised up to come down more directly on her clit and she started writhing under him. Hermione broke her kiss with Bill and started calling out. Bill wasted no opportunity and began sucking her tits and licking her nipples. Ron felt a hand against his chin and lifted up.

He watched as Alicia slid first one finger, then two into Hermione and began pumping. Ron almost forgot what he was supposed to be doing as he watched Alicia's fingers become coated with his wife's juices. "Lick me!" Hermione whimpered; her arms scrambled to pull Ron back to her crotch. He dove back down. The total assault on her was too much, Hermione let out an ear piercing shriek that faded into whimpers and short gasps.

As she came down Bill rolled over and scooped her up against him. Hermione settled down, straddling Bill's hips and catching his dick between them. As Ron watched, Alicia leaned forward and planted an opened mouth kiss on his wife's slightly open pussy.

"Very nice," Alicia said as she broke away. "Lift up a bit dear," she said as she slid a hand between them. Hermione did as she was told and Alicia pulled Bill's dick out. "You be a good boy," she admonished the dick in her hand before giving it a kiss then pointing it at Hermione. Ron watched with some apprehension as Alicia guided Bill's cock into his wife. She settled down on to it and began to rock slightly. Ron tried to watch, but watching his brother fuck his wife was a bit much.

She seemed to take to it pretty well though. She was moaning and clenching as Bill began to thrust up and down. Ron knew from experience, his wife was settling in for a nice leisurely fuck. In just a few seconds Bill was started to get vocal, telling Hermione she was an amazing fuck, how good she felt under his hands and how good she looked as she bounced up and down on his cock.

Alicia gave Ron a smile. "They'll be fine. Now, you said you wanted someplace a little more private, and I really want this," she stroked his prick a couple of times, "inside of me." "Yeah," Ron replied, "let's go before I change my mind about this." Ron almost had to run to keep up with Alicia.

She led him upstairs to the bedroom that belonged to her and George. When they entered the room she touched something on the dresser by the door and music started playing. She swung her hips low and wide as a note was bent on an electric guitar. She did it again, this time rubbing herself against him. "What's this?" "This is my favorite song to have sex to," she said as she turned around and draped her arms around his neck.

She swayed and ground against him again. "You can fuck all night to this song." Ron gave into her as she pulled him down and kissed him. They kissed through most of the song and Ron all but missed it until near the end when she broke the kiss, started swaying against him, and started singing along; "Make love to me slow and easy, take me down slow and easy, rock me 'til I'm burned to the bone." "I can do that," Ron said with a smile as he tangled his hand in her hair and started looking for the spot on her neck that would drive her crazy.


"I sure hope so. Ooh, right there." She hooked her leg around his and ground against him. "Take me to bed, Little Brother." "Why do you always call me that?" "I'll tell you in the morning, but right now it's time for you to fulfill my fantasy.

Now take me down slow and easy." She kissed him again and all responses were lost in the moans they breathed into the darkness.