Ex whore doing it how she does

Ex whore doing it how she does
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VI. A Sunny Day I went to sleep with his fingers inside me and I slept soundly and only awakened after it had grown light outside. I could tell that it had cleared and the sun was shining.

We were in the same position but his peter had shrunk and his fingers had slipped out. He was sleeping soundly, breathing deeply. I reached back and found his soft peter nearly touching me. I pulled on it and it began to grow. Visions of him licking my pussy flashed in my mind and I felt a tingle down there. I wondered what he would do if I asked him to lick my pussy. Did I dare ask him after how I had spoken about it? After some time debating with myself I decided to ask him.

I guided his hardening peter between my thighs and moved his fingers closer to my pussy opening. Then I nudged him to wake him.

As usual he woke slowly but once he realized where he was he said, "Good golly Carly, it was great sleeping with you." "Yeah and look what happened outside." "A sunny day, how perfect…" He was quiet for a moment.

"No, perfect would be for me to say…" he again paused before saying, "Carly, I love you." "I love you too, Bobby." "We came real close to fucking last night, didn't we?" he asked. "Pretty close," I agreed before adding "We won't though 'cause I'm keeping my cherry." "Okay sis, as long as we can keep playing I will make sure you keep your cherry." "Still wanna lick my pussy?" I asked. He did not answer right away. I had time to worry that something was going wrong.

"Yeah, sure but…" I interrupted him with, "I changed my mind." Until this point he had not moved a muscle, with his hard peter between my thighs and his hand in my panties. I guess the thought of licking my pussy motivated his movements.

His fingers curled and slid into my pussy. His hips flexed and thrust pulling his peter back and forth between my thighs. He stopped moving and asked, "Right now? "If you want." He suddenly moved, sitting up and looming over me he asked, "Really?

Right now?" "You better get started before I change my mind again." He flipped the sheet and blanket out of the way and said, "Look at that." I looked to where he was pointing.

There was a large wet spot on the sheet where he had shot his stuff. "I'm sorry…I should have gotten a towel or something." I was slipping off my panties and I said, "Never mind. Get your tongue down here." I pointed to my pussy. He moved in slowly, looking carefully at his destination. I was eagerly anticipating what I expected. I was sure his tongue would at least equal his fingers but I hoped for even more.

He used both hands to examine my pussy, opening the lips apart and peering in. I was a tingle with anticipation but what he was doing was not doing what I wanted. "You are so wet; you're just running with juice," he said as he continued his examination. He added, "Wonder how it tastes." His tongue lapped like a dogs tongue with several quick strokes.

"Mm…mm…mmm…that's good," he said before diving in. What the girls in the movie had said about enjoying pussy licking does not even begin to describe what I experienced. If my fingering rates a 10, and Bobby's fingering rates a 100, this rates 1,000 or even more and he had only started.

Each time he licked my button I moaned my pleasure a little louder. I gripped his head and held him in place.

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He began kissing my button, sucking it in between his lips and pushing it out. "Oh…oh…oh," I called out each time. That rated 10,000. It was the best…the best of all time. I was soaring on high; above anywhere I had ever been. I did not want it to end but did not believe I could take any more. My Eyes closed. Although I tried to remain still to help him keep doing what he was doing, my body betrayed me by thrashing about as though I was trying to get away from him.

He valiantly held on as he rode my violent movements like a veteran who had done this before. My body was suddenly in overload. What I can only describe as an electric shock ran up and down my spine.

My head buzzed and I was screaming for him to stop. He did stop and it was a few moments before I regained enough control of myself to speak. "Are you okay, Carly?" he asked. "Okay?" I questioned. "Lots better than okay…Wow!" I exclaimed trying to catch my breath.

My pussy was still throbbing with pleasure. I would come down but the internal spasms continued to carry me up. "How was that?" he asked as he looked at me admiringly. "Worth a million," I said. "You really liked that, huh?" I was now beginning to come to my senses. "Oh, Bobby, I never knew anything could feel that wonderful. I love you doing that; god, my pussy feels so good." "It sure tastes good, too, Carly, real good.

I'll do that any time you want," he said smiling down at me. "I'm sure I would enjoy you doing it again right now but maybe I should rest a little," I said as I still felt my blood coursing through my body as if I had run all the way home from school. "Yeah, you are all red in the face, in fact you are red all over," he said as her stroked his fingers over my tummy and down my thighs. I tensed up and felt a contraction deep in my pussy.

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"Oh Bobby stop! I can't take anymore." "I love getting you off Carly. You enjoy it so much but I think you do need some rest. I'll go down and make us some breakfast and you come down in a little while." "Kiss me before you go," I asked.

He bent down and kissed me. I offered him my tongue. As I explored his mouth I became aware of a new taste. I thought to myself that must be my pussy juices, not bad. "Gotta pee," he said as he darted from the room.

I lay there wondering how I was going to be able to keep from having him do that to me every moment we are alone. Then I asked myself, what am I going to say or do when he asks me to go down on him because I am sure he will? Gee, I had him kiss me after he was down there and it actually tasted good.

Maybe I am all wrong about what his peter would taste like. I wished I had a girlfriend I could talk to about this. But of course I would have to make out that it was a boyfriend and not my brother. I will keep the secret because I love Bobby and I don't want anyone to think badly of us. I have to pee too. When I arrived in the kitchen I found Bobby had cooked bacon, eggs, and toast. "I was about to bring it up to you," he said.

"That's okay. I would rather eat here," I said and added, "Wow I'm hungry!" "Me too," he said as he placed our food at places side by side. I sat at one of the places and he sat close beside me. We ate in silence. He had made coffee but when he tasted it he said, "Don't drink the coffee. I evidently don't know how to make coffee." "Everything else is good," I said. I touched his bare thigh with my left hand and said, "I bet you want me to suck on your peter." "Carly, I said you don't have to do anything you don't want to." "Yes but you want me to." "How could I not." "Go take a shower.

Get all cleaned up. When you come to my room I will try. Okay?" "Shower? Your room…" he mumbled. He stood and said, "Okay." He left the kitchen. He moved almost in slow motion. I think he had resigned himself to never getting a blow job. Now that I had raised his expectations I could not back out but if it did not taste good I would not be able to do it.

Maybe if it did not taste bad I could do it, even though it did not taste good.

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Just so it doesn't taste bad, I told myself, I'll do it. I went to my room and stripped the sheets off my bed and put clean sheets on. I took the soiled sheets to the laundry where I put them in the washer with some other dirty clothes. Bobby must have moved the clothes I had put in the washer the other day to the dryer.

I checked…they were dry. I found my flannel pajamas and changed into them tossing the T-shirt in the washer.


I returned to my room. I had not been there long when Bobby came in wearing a towel around his waist. The towel was tented out where his hard peter pushed it out. We smiled at each other. I was very nervous. More nervous than I had been before each thing we had done so far. I kept telling myself I could not back out now.

Bobby appeared to not know what to do. I was sitting on the edge of my bed so I stood and told him to sit where I had been. I reached out and undid his towel exposing his peter.

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I sat on the floor between his feet. I looked closely at his peter. Although he had washed and dried, there was a bead of moisture oozing from his pee hole. I said to myself, that is what can't taste bad. I touched the moisture with my index finger and brought the finger to the tip of my tongue. It tasted only slightly salty. In fact it had almost no taste.

I assured myself it did not taste bad. I kissed the tip, sucking in another drop of his peter oil. Not bad, I assured myself again. I licked around the head end of his peter. It had a clean taste. I sucked the head in my mouth and pushed it out with my tongue several times.

"Oh Carly…that feels so good," he said. I took a little more of his peter in my mouth. Remembering the vision of seeing the girl in the movie take the boys peter deep in her mouth and remembered how she had said that if you begin to gag, swallow and keep swallowing, I took his peter all into my mouth. It touched the back of my mouth and I gagged. I spat it out before my breakfast came up.

I took it deep again and this time I swallowed and the tip started down my throat. His peter was not long enough to go farther but I continued to swallow. "Oh wow Carly…oh wow," Bobby said. I pulled back and took it deep again, swallowing, swallowing, and swallowing. I repeated this several times and Bobby continued to tell me how wonderful it felt. I was beginning to feel confident that I was making him feel good without grossing myself out. I licked around his peter and began taking it deep again.

Five or six times and Bobby announced, "Carly I'm gonna come." "You mean you are gonna shoot already?" I asked as I lifted up part of the towel he was sitting on to catch his stuff.

His stuff began to shoot and I caught it all in the towel. "Oh Carly, that was great, really great." I looked at the pool of his stuff. I thought that it kind of looked like runny cake frosting. Maybe it did not taste bad…maybe even good. I stuck the tip of my index finger in the warm pool. I brought my finger up close to my face.

I sniffed…it did not smell bad. I touched my finger to my tongue. "Yuck," I said as I realized it had an unpleasant bitter taste. I looked up to Bobby and said, "Thank you for warning me. I would not want a mouthful of that stuff." "Oh Carly if real sex is any better than that…well…I wonder why adults don't fuck all the time." "Do you think real sex is better?" I asked.

"If it isn't people would be sucking instead of fucking and the human race would die out. Anyway we won't find out until you are old enough to break your cherry." "You could find a girl who would let you break her cherry." "I could," he said, "but Carly, I love you so much that I don't want any other girl." That seemed so sweet that I moved up and began kissing him.

We kissed for a long time and only stopped because our tongues were getting tired. We lay in each others' arms feeling very relaxed. I was about to drop off to sleep when a noise outside caused us to jump up and go to the window.

There was a snowplow moving the snow on our side road. That meant the main roads were open. "You know Carly we need to agree on what we are going to do. I love you so much I want to be with you all the time," he said. "I know Bobby but we are too young and…" "We are brother and sister. We are not supposed to love each other in that way." He had said it. We had both avoided saying it. "It's wrong…I mean…what we did is wrong. Isn't it?" I asked. "Yeah, if either of us says anything to anyone we will both be punished.

In fact I think…I could go to jail," Bobby said hesitantly. "That can't happen…I won't say anything and we have to pretend…you know…" "I know…we have to…be like we always were so no one even…" We were both crying with tears streaming from our eyes. I handed him a tissue and dabbed at my eyes with another. We talked for hours about what we would have to do to be like we had before so no one would suspect we were lovers.

We would keep our love secret and only express our love when we knew we are safely alone. At last about three o'clock we decided to go through the house to make sure nothing was out of order.

We had agreed that when mommy and daddy came home I would complain about Bobby hogging the TV with his video game. That would sound more normal than any other complaint and after spending two days all alone we should have complaints.

"And I'll complain about you bossing me around," Bobby added.

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"Like uh…you told me I couldn't sit around all day in my pajamas." "That sounds like both of us," I said. We both agreed that it was fun being brother and sister again and we agreed that if either of us said or did anything to make the other angry it was just part of the pretense. We would never let anything come between us even if we pretended that as brother and sister we couldn't live with each other.

When mommy and daddy arrived home they had Donny with them. He greeted me like we had been apart for weeks or even months hanging on me like he never had before. Bobby and I pulled off our act of being tired of being alone with each other. We did a good job. Mommy said, "Daddy's got a surprise for everyone.

Since you didn't get into any real fights or destroy anything and you didn't have to call Mrs. Yates." We followed daddy to the garage where he opened the back of the van and pulled out a big flat screen TV. We all helped daddy set up the new TV and rearrange the family room so there was a video game corner and a TV corner.

Mommy said, "See how when you do things right, you get rewarded." "Yeah, see sis," Bobby said in a sarcastic way. I looked at him and stuck out my tongue. Things were back to normal and everyone thought that we were such good kids for being able to take care of ourselves during the worst snowstorm of the decade. When school started we fell into a routine.

We used the half hour before Donny got home as our private time. Mondays he would lick my pussy. Tuesday I sucked on his peter. Most Wednesday and Thursdays we would spend with friends and on Fridays we would have our pretend sex with him playing with my breasts and pushing his peter between my thighs.

Several times we came close to getting caught but locking the doors saved us and we were complimented more than once for being so careful.

When spring vacation came, Donny was allowed to spend the days with a friend whose mother watched them. That as mommy said, "Relieved Bobby and Carly from the responsibility of taking care of Donny." Donny would go with mommy and daddy when they went to work and they would drop him at his friends.

As soon as they were gone Bobby would come to my room. We would get naked except for my panties. We would kiss and hug before he would begin by playing with my titties. I would begin to get excited and he would put his peter between my thighs.


Sometimes I could feel his peter pressing up and pushing my panties into my pussy. I often wished we were older so we could have real sex. After he would shoot his stuff this way he would go down and lick the juices from my pussy.

His long tongue would lick deep in as though he was licking cream out of a bowl. Then he would go for my button and I would experience that wonderful, wonderful trip to my erotic dream world where I completely lost control. We then would have breakfast where we always talked about our love for each other. We would then shower after which I would give him his daily blow job. His peter had grown a little and now when I took it deep I could feel it in my throat as I swallowed around it.

He always pulled out and shot his stuff in a towel so I did not have to taste it but on Friday I told him that when he knew he was going to shoot I wanted to have him force his peter in my throat. I would swallow and he could shoot his stuff directly into my stomach. I felt his warm stuff surge down my throat.

I nearly gagged but I swallowed my way through it. The warm feeling in my tummy told me this was good. When he was done he pulled out and a trail of his stuff spread out on my tongue.

This time it did not taste bad. I wondered if I had changed or if the taste of his stuff had changed. In the next few months when I would give him his Tuesday blow job I would taste his stuff. Once in a while I found it was unpleasantly bitter but most of the time it did not taste bad. One day in June I told him to fill my mouth with his stuff. When he was done I swallowed and suddenly imagined myself as super girl with the strength of his stuff in my stomach.

When I told him about this aberration he laughed and whenever he wanted to shoot his stuff in my mouth he would ask me if I wanted to be his super girl again. Over the next year and a half nothing much changed.

We had short periods when one of us would want to stop but we would begin again. One other thing we did was to pledge to be faithful to each other. When he turned 17 he had a girlfriend that he went to school events with and I sometimes felt some jealousy.

He always insisted that he loved me and our love would last forever. He told me every detail of what he and his girlfriend did. He said that they kissed but had done nothing more serious than French kissing. Continued in Chapter VII. A New School Year