Blonde amateur with mile long legs begs

Blonde amateur with mile long legs begs
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I am 19 now, and this happened when I was 18 and still a virgin. I worked at a jewelry store that was part of a run-down mall, with several other booths alongside.


Everyone there including me is Asian except some of the older sales people. I had to do sales there and sometimes polish jewelry, I did this for the money for college. The boss had 5 daughters. I know what you're thinking but NO. Three of them were not even in their teens really, and one was just "unacceptable." There was only one named Janie that was sort of pretty, and she was 17-close to my age.

I knew she liked me because her sisters were always telling me, but I could tell she was too immature to really do anything about it.


I knew it would be a stupid relationship to even pursue so I never did anything. She was Chinese, and 5'11 so pretty tall, pale skin, dark hair down to her shoulders and broad shoulders. A little too broad for my taste too, another reason I didn't pursue anything. She was very athletic and that made me feel a little weird, she was sort of more into sports than me and didn't really fit that feminine model I wanted.

She would do stupid things and say childish comments about me, I guess because she liked me and didn't know how to show it. So I basically ignored her and just did my job at the jewelry store. She was pathetic I thought, she would flirt a little and when things became a litttle intimate she would be shy and awkward, one time I tried to sneak a peak at her crotch as she was cleaning the display showcases from outside, and she actually noticed and quickly ran away.

I just gave up after that because I knew she was too immature. I did fantasize about her though, I mean-the boss's daughter.

I don't know why, she had a cute face, and her innocence was appealing. I always did what she told me to, after one time I ditched her when she asked me to her junior prom, I just felt bad. So one day she tells me to go bye her lunch from the booth a few minutes down in the strip mall, and I go with her money.

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My boss is working the customers and doesn't notice I leave, he usually doesn't care. But I don't go to the Chinese food store first, I needed to stop at the bathroom and take a much needed dump, I remember my stomach was extremely unsettled that day. That was when Janie surprised me by what she did. I was inside the bathroom already walking into the stall, when she opened the door to the smelly bathroom.

The bathroom was empty besides me and her, and she just stared at me as she approached. I got nervous, than confused because I knew she wasn't into anything. But than she said, "Come on, I want to show you something", I felt my wang twitch, after all I was a virgin! She took me by my hand and led me into the stall.


Locking the small door behind me she put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me hard. She pressed her crotch right into my already stiff penis and grinded it fiercely, this was too much!

I had never been this close to a girl in my life. I just held onto the small of her back, and groped her ass because I thought it was appropriate. She slowly made her way down to my pants and pushed me down.

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I fell back onto the toilet, thankfully the seat was down, but I thought "ew, this is nasty." My cock didn't feel the same way, it was still stiff. Janie unbuttoned her jeans and I saw her white cotton panties with pink stripes. I started taking the initiative, I wasn't even thinking how I didn't even find this girl attractive.

I peeled her panties down to her thighs and grabbed at her cunt. She has dark black pubic hair that was not too bushy and she threw her head back as I ran my hand up and down her vagina, stopping at the clit to tingle it. "Oh shit, I'm a virgin you know?" I told her "It's ok, I don't mind." She grabbed the back of my head as she sat down on my lap. I was definitely hard at this point and she wasted no time. Janie Stood up a little and guided my cock towards her pussy, I just sat there holding the small of her waist.

I was shaking uncontrollably. She slowly sat down on my dick, and that was the best moment of my life. Slowly she bounced up and down on my lap, and I just held onto her. We were both uttering and moaning. "Oh fuck, that feels so good Janie. Don't tell your dad." "Oh my god, I haven't fucked in so long." She was so warm on my lap, I felt her pubic hair brushing against me and her vagina was wet. The piston motion was getting too overwhelming so I held her still and said, "stop, I don't wanna cum in you." I held her still and kissed her neck, my dick was still in her and I kissed her lips again.

I could tell I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer so I stood up with her still on me, and she straddled me with her legs as I held her against the wall. Then I pulled dick out and pushed it in slowly again looking as her pussy separated. I pulled and pushed in about four more times and then I knew I had to come.

" Oh god." I could tell she wasn't satisfied but I didn't care. It was my first time!


I felt her small breasts through her shirt and let her down onto the ground. Then she sat on the toilet and pulled me by the dick towards her, she said " Do you want to cum in my mouth?" "Uh.if you want to. I don't care." I was looking at her little cunt again. I wanted it bad, and I wanted to cum in her cunt, but I knew it would be wrong. So i pulled her head towards my dick and she swallowed it all, I'm Asian, so it's only about 6 inches long.

I felt her warm tongue on the bottom of my dick and couldn't believe it. She held me by my bare ass and one hand was on the back of my thigh. I just held the back of her head as she worked every inch of my dick slowly. Out of no where, I felt the orgasm coming, and I felt a hard load of cum shoot out of my cock as my dick was still deep in her mouth. She coughed a little but immediately pulled away in time. Slowly she stroked my cock a little as she wiped her mouth, I think she swallowed it, I'm not sure.

As she stood up I was still so confused but thrilled.

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I kissed her again grabbing at her naked ass and pressed my still erect dick against her pussy. "Don't she said." It might have semen on it. "Ok." I started to help her up, but then I dont't know what got into me, as she turned around to pull her pink and white panties up, I pushed my dick against her anus a little and I just had to feel her again. She said, " Hey, com'on stop, we have to get back before my dad sees we're both gone for so long." "I just wanna feel you again one more time, you're so hot." She didn't really resist.

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I held her against the wall and stuck my cock into her pussy from behind and just fucked her really fast. I think I stuck it up there about 10 times and she wasn't making any sounds, but I ejaculated a small load inside her. I was immediately nervous after, but she said. "Good thing I'm on birht control." I was so relieved but I knew I wouldn't do that again.

I pulled my boxers and pants up and watched her ass as she dressed. She is about 120pounds and pretty fine, but I just couldn't forget the warmth of her pussy.

I finished work that day with a semi-boner. I quit that job after a few months, we never talked about that time nor did we ever have sex again. I don't know why, but that day was unforgettable.