Hairy hard gay cop sex photos A high calorie treat requests to be

Hairy hard gay cop sex photos A high calorie treat requests to be
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RECAP I was 15 she was 21 1 night she came into my room we had sex.Then my uncle came in and ruined the whole thing.

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This is when I go to work with her. STORY She is driving we live about 10 miles away from her work as soon as we get in her truck we start talking before we take off. She asks "was that a one night thing?" I said HELL NO!!


I want that to happen a hell of a lot more. She said thank God I thought you didn't like fucking me. I said I love fucking you. So you wanna fuck at my work then. I answered HELL YEA. So we take off. 1 mile into the drive she pulls over to the side of the rode and she unzips her pants and she commands me to eat me out on the way to work. I didn't say anything I just started getting after her nice pink pussy. After a couple minutes we pull off again.

I was eating her pussy then I unbuckled me seat belt to get a better position and then I started getting my fat tongue in there farther and farther and while I was doing that I was fingering her ass.

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She started slowing down I guess she wanted it to go longer then about 8 miles after she started moaning and she started to cum and she squirted. We pulled up to her shop and she zipped her pants up and I wiped off my face and we walked in and she didn't have an appointment all day so it was all walk-ins.

So she opened the doors and about 15 minutes nobody walked in and so she said let's go to the bathroom. We did and she said "you gave me oral sex twice so let me give you some".

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Then she commanded me to take off my pants which I did and my semi-hard dick flopped out. She asked "Why are you only half-way up?" I said I don't know maybe if you show me a little ass I will get up so she bent over the sink and she took off her thong. With her nice medium size ass in my face wiggling in my face I was hard in no time.

She noticed I was hard so she got on her knees and started sucking my dick.While she was moving her head back and forth she was circling my dick with her tongue. Then I graped her hair and moved her head back and forth more and then I said "lean your head back" she did and then I positioned myself then I shoved my dick straight down her throat I felt her gag a little put she was enjoying it.

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After about 5 minutes of that I stopped and I sat down because the way I was positioned my legs were rubbery. As soon as I sat down she came over to me with some of my precum in her mouth and we started making-out so I was eating my own cum out of her mouth it was really kinky.


Then she got up and she positioned herself over my dick with her ass and she sat down on it and she moved up and down, up and down, up and down then I reached around her with my right hand and started fingering her and with my left hand I graped her ass and was feeling her ass check. Then she started moaning and I guess it was so in the mood a customer walked in.

She came back and came in and we were caught by a 14 year old girl.

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We were all emperessed except my uncle's girlfriend. She told the little girl to come in and shut the door behind her she said okay. She walked into the bathroom and she asked "Can I join?" I said yea. She said okay and her phone rang it was her boyfriend which was in my class and he was 16 and 1 of my best friends so I recognized her then. He asked "Where you at?

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What are you doing?" I asked the little girl if I could talk to Chris? She said yes and I heard him say ?What are you doing with Blake?" I said well she's at my uncle's girlfriends shop and I asked if he wanted to come over.

He said yea sure. So me, Chelsea, and my uncle's girlfriend talked for about 10 minutes. Me and my uncle's girlfriend got dressed. Chris walked in and I greeted him and so did his girlfriend. She said guess what I saw Blake doing? Chris was like what and she whispered "I caught him and his uncle's girlfriend fucking"Chris' jaw was on the floor he walked over to me and shook my hand and said dude you have gotten farther then me with my Chelsea in 1 year.

I asked does Chelsea and you wanna join me and my uncle;s girlfriend in a little foursome. His answer was HELL YEA!!! So we closed up the shop and we all drove to Chris' house because no one was there.

We arrived and we got out and went inside. We all started to get undressed and when we were all nude Chris was already up fully with his 6" dick ad I was half-way up. Chelsea was pretty filled out. She went over to Chris and started sucking him and I went over to them and my uncle's girlfriend followed I layed down and my uncle's girlfriend sat right on my face with her pussy right on my mouth and I started eating her out while she was fingering Chelsea's ass while she was still blowing Chris.

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Then we switched places the 2 girls were bent over the couch and we were fucking them.But 1 thing kept confusing me I was looking over at Chris' dick go in and out was getting even more horny. So after we both came I asked him if he wanted to try something he said okay. So I bent over the couch while my uncle's girlfriend was in front of me and I was laying right on top of her fucking her while I was getting fucked by Chris and what I didn't know was that Chelsea had a strap-on and was fucking Chris.

After about 5 minutes on that everybody came except me everybody dismounted except me and I was still fucking her and about 5 minutes later I came. We said good bye talk to you later we left and went home.

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This is the 2nd story in this series so stay tuned. Next time my uncle's girlfriend actually is going out with me and my uncle so yea it will be an awesome dtory bye.