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Milf juicy pussy fuck xxx Ryder Skye in Stepmother Sex Sessions
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ABDUCTION I stretched out in the chair and yawned. The sun was shining and it was comfortable in the diner. The night's exercise had left my body feeling pleasantly used, I took a bite of my burger- the meat was charred around the edges from the griddle- the bitter crunch mingled well with the taste of the coffee. The waitress was bent over opposite me, talking to a regular.

Her skirtt was tight-stretched over her shapely buttocks. I admired the view for a moment before calling her over to order more coffee. It had been a successful night and I had deserved my breakfast.

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Managing the change-over is always difficult but I have to replenish the breeders or my supply line literally dries up. Clients across the world would not be pleased and I know that one "missed order" means one "lost order".

They will take their business elsewhere. In this line of work I am acutely aware that I am only as good as my last consignment. It would take a while but I should have supplies before my next shipments are due. The breakfast news came on the TV. a story about a missing girl. I tensed but no-one in the diner seemed to notice.

There was a picture, it wasn't even a good likeness and I relaxed. My tracks were covered and only I knew where this unfortunate girl was now confined. It had been pretty easy, a textbook case in fact. I had befriended April on the web after we met in a chartroom. She was lonely and anxious for a new partner, a new father for her child. I had been careful to be everything she was looking for- perhaps even a little more.

I turned down the first two opportunities to meet- not appearing too eager. Each time building a little more trust. I took the opportunity to learn more about her- getting to some personal details. And eventually trading pictures which progressed to the more intimate variety. Mine were not of me of course, I'd chosen them from a selection on line to match more closely her ideal- the overweight middle-aged and balding man now enjoying his burger was certainly not what she had in mind.

April, I had learned was 24, a single parent. This all boded well for me, young, fertile and with a body already prepared for my use by prior childbearing. She was well fleshed with larger than average breasts. When I saw her pictures it was her breasts that had sealed her fate.

Their skin was creamy white, but the dark outline of her veins spread like a river system beneath. Her nipples were broad with spreading areolae and each bore a prominent berry-like nipple at its centre I knew from experience this all suggested good potential for production; water-rich flesh and generous secreting ability.

True I would not get to harvest her breasts for a month or so but they were a strong guide to breeder selection. On her third request I agreed to meet, I asked her to take the bus to the next town (where I supposedly lived) and meet me for a drink and meal at a local restaurant.

Although this place was new to me, I had researched the town- I had familiarised myself with its street names, bars and cafés. I knew this was a fairly expensive place and she would be both impressed and tempted. I even phoned to make a reservation under my assumed name in case she checked or phoned to postpone. 10 minutes before she was due to arrive I phoned her on the bus, just a minor change in plan.

I had just picked up my car from the shop as the job had been delayed. This meant I was already half way towards her direction anyway! Why not get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and then we could arrive together? I had taken my time and built the trust, she didn't even question it and happily agreed to get off 4 stops out of town.

This was a wooded area- verging on forest in fact, but served by a bus stop for folks heading to the lake, a short walk through the woods.

However this time in the evening and this time of year there were no such visitors and I was already hidden in the bushes, watching and waiting. I heard the bus and saw its lights glowing through the darkness some way off. It drew closer and pulled up at the stop a loud hiss escaping its air brakes. A single female figure got off. If anyone on the bus wondered why a lone woman would alight in this lonely spot so late in the evening then they didn't show it.

I studied the bus as it drew away, no one looked around, no-one paid any attention. The bus pulled away in a flurry of dust and spent diesel. April stood at the stop and looked for the waiting car I had promised.

My car was parked about 100 yards from the stop with its lights on- obvious for her to see. I of course wasn't in it.

To reach it April would have to walk past the darkest part of the bushes, right by where I was hiding. She saw it and turned waving at the occupant she assumed would be there.

She started to walk towards my hiding place, closer, closer. She was one step to my left, she was in front of me and then one step to my right, in front of my hiding place. I rose silently like a malevolent spirit from the grave, she was unaware of her peril, In one swift movement I reached around her head clamping the chloroform soaked tissue over her mouth and nose.

She struggled and tried to scream- good! The panic, the sudden exhaling and loss of breath would be followed by a deep inhalation that would aid my purposes. Her body was tense in my grip, I felt her struggle and writhe and got my first real contact with her breasts. They were large and heavy. Her perfume was pleasant, feminine but not too expensive, she had been wanting to impress me- sweet! She struggled some more, the breath hissing violently from her nose and followed by an equally violent inspiration.

It was an unequal struggle. I am not a strong man but I had the twin elements of surprise and preparation. Perhaps I should add a third. practice? Her eyes rolled upwards in her head, her lids dropped and her body went limp in my arms.

It could be a ruse so I held the pad in place for a full minute more before I was satisfied. I removed it and dragged her limp body the rest of the way to the car. I spread her on the back seat and covered her with a tarp for the drive home- any casual observer wouldn't even know she was there. I did a U turn and drove back to my real home- away from the town rendezvous and the unused dinner reservation.

The County line was a river, I stopped on the bridge and threw her cellphone over the barrier- it plopped into the deep water below. A little further on I stopped and buried her bag and its contents (including the money). I couldn't risk anything that might trace back to me. I drove the rest of the way, topping up her chloroform every 20 minutes. It was a long drive and it was already around 3AM as I pulled off the road and drew up on my own drive.

I lived on the outskirts of town- quiet and private. My house was wooden construction detached and set in a small garden with large front yard. This was ideal for me and my hobby, a semi derelict Buick station wagon stood in the drive a short way from the garage. I would fix it one day. A few other old classics stood rusting quietly around the place.

The garage itself doubled as my workshop. It was a separate wooden building some 50 yards form the main house. It looked a little derelict, simple and run down. An honest building that could hide nothing.

I parked in front of the garage and got out to open the doors before driving the car fully in and closing the doors behind. Best to act fast. I opened the rear of the car and pulled out my prize. She was heavier than I had expected but I managed. I half carried half dragged her to the rear of the garage. The back of the place was covered with a fitted shelving unit on which was stored old paint, oil cans, a few car spares and tools.

I dropped her on the floor and reached high up on the right for the latch, it clicked and the shelving hinged open revealing the wooden wall behind. I fumbled for the second latch and the hidden door clicked open an inch or two. I pulled it wide and then dragged her limp body down the stairs behind, trying not to cause too much injury or bruising. We reached the bottom, I opened the third door and dragged her inside.

I flicked on the light, this was it, my factory floor. Some 20 feet underground, soundproofed and completely hidden from view this was my secret, my sanctum; the source of my income and the focus of my pleasure. I cast a quick glance around the room, everything looked as I had left it.

Wooden lining painted white and faded to grey. On the far wall there was a sink and taps, a few power sockets and some shelving with a large cupboard under. The shelves bore my packing cases and mailing supplies. On the right there sat an old refrigerator next to a small chest freezer.

There was a pulley wheel mounted high on the wall above the freezer and connected to some lines that fed through a second pulley on the roof, hanging down in the centre of the room. An old TV was fixed to the wall next to the door through which we had entered and below that a small cot with a grubby mattress. I used this on the occasions when I had a rush order and I needed to stay on site.

The left hand wall was covered in my order and production charts and in front of them a small desk and PC plus printer. It was the fittings in the centre of the room that mattered, all the rest simply serviced that installation.

In the middle of the room stood a chair, simple, wooden, with some basic padding on the seat. A grey featureless box of equipment stood next to it, wires trailing to the wall sockets and several hoses hanging limply or connected to jars fitted into racks at the base.

There were a few switches, a couple of dials and a power light (currently off). It was my own design, part pump, part refrigerator and part. well you'll see. Above the chair hung a pair off cuffs attached to the lines coming from the the pulleys.

They were fully adjustable for length by winding the chain up or down via the wheel positioned on the wall. A second pair of cuffs were fixed to belts that were bolted into the concrete floor of the room. All seemed fine, just as I had left it. I dragged April through the door and propped her up on the chair. I was in somewhat of a hurry since it had now been rather longer than 20 minutes since her last top up with chloroform and she was beginning to stir.

Quickly I cuffed her wrists to the upper chains and let them hang whilst I fitted the floor cuffs to her ankles. She hung limply but I was able to raise her into a more pleasing position by winding the wheel on the wall.

Tightening the upper chains straightening her back and cranking her arms up into a "Y" shape over her head. Secure at last. I turned and left the room, closing the door behind me. There was one more task-tedious but essential, I returned to the garage and jacked up the car. I kept a second set of tyres in the underfloor inspection pit- couldn't risk tread matching and new tyres would always look suspicious so I had acquired a second set long ago for use in breeder recruitment.

Once safely home I changed back to my normal well-used wheels and stashed the specials back under the floor in their place.

The sun was well up by the time I had finished. Maybe it was the relief of tension now that the worst was over or maybe it was simply from the exertion of the night but I suddenly felt really hungry. I checked April- still unconscious but secure.

I shut and locked the lower door, and left up the stairs closing the upper door and swinging shelves securely. I dropped the timbers back over the inspection pit and stored wheels and got back in the car. I fired up the motor and reversed out of the garage.

Calmly I closed the doors and headed for the diner. INSTALLATION The morning passed in mundane chores, I had supplies to get, the fence needed painting and I had some letters to write, bills to pay etc.

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Throughout the day at odd moments I would recall April, each time I would get a tingle of excitement and anticipation. Installation is always a thrilling process for me.

However the mundane has to be kept up, a large part of my survival tactic is simply to be boring. Not I hasten to add in any way a "loner". that just gets you labelled as "suspicious", no, I was simply boring.

Sociable but so uninteresting that no-one really bothered to seek me out. So I would go to the town dance, the fête and the 4th July parade. I would drink in the bar, eat in the café. I met people, spoke to people and bored people. I was not odd, just uninteresting and steady. So keep up the normal behaviour- no unexplained disappearances in the middle of the day or behaviour out of the ordinary- it will be noticed and it will stick in people's memory.

It was Saturday and I needed to be seen around town as usual. All this cover meant that I was unable to continue April's installation until around 4 that afternoon.

I had made myself a cup of coffee about 3- which I drank with Rob from the tow shop, we had a common interest in cars and he (as usual) asked me when I wanted him to tow the partially dismantled Buick to the scrap yard! We chatted and chewed the cud and arranged to meet later for a beer. So about 4 Rob left and I was free to go back down to my secret room. I locked up the house and went across to the garage. I slipped inside but locked the door behind me- if anyone called they would find the house apparently deserted and everything locked- they would simply think I was out.

I opened the rear internal doors and locked them behind me before heading down the stairs. I guessed April would hear my descent and I wondered what she would feel- certainly fear? But what else, curiosity, anticipation?

I opened the lower door and stepped into the room, slamming it behind me. April was a terrible sight. Bedraggled and sweaty, her make-up running down her face and her smart dress grubby and dishevelled. She opened her mouth and let out a scream as I entered. No problem, it was part of my plan. I trusted my soundproofing, it had been well tested over the years and I needed her to wear herself out before she would accept the hopelessness.

No matter how much she screamed no-one will come. It simply pisses me off and is likely to earn a slapping or a cursing if I get too annoyed by the noise. I strode across and slapped her hard on the face. Some blood dripped from her nose but the noise stopped. She looked at me with hatred in her eyes. That was good, lots of spirit. She spat out the words.

"Where am I? Who are you?" I said nothing but walked over to her and twisted her hair round behind her head. I put my face close to hers and hissed into her ear.

"Shut up, you are here with me and I have you. There's no-one else here, no help for you to call. Your life is over now, it will all be different from now on. You are mine and I will do with you as I please and take from you what I need. You can scream all you like, and no-one will come. See- you aren't even gagged" She looked at me. there was an air of incredulity in her expression- how could I say these things?

How could I do them? Surely this isn't possible, it cant be true. I walked past her to the far end of the room and unlocked the cupboard. Aprils predecessor tumbled out. Wrapped in an assemblage of bin liners I'm not sure April recognized a body at first. Then after a while a muffled whimper of horror and all colour drained from her face. I dragged the heavy sack across the floor towards the door. There was a certain amount of leakage and some fluid trailed behind.

I cursed under my breath and fetched more sacks to double-bag the body. "There's no way out- except like this" I dragged the body through the door and started up the stairs. The bagged head cracking on every tread. I stepped over the crumpled heap and locked the door behind me before pulling and tugging the sack up the stairs. Very physical work this.

I bundled it into the rear of the car in preparation for the night's disposal trip. Slamming the trunk I went back down the stairs to confront April.

She seemed in shock, her eyes were sightless, unfocused, staring into space. Her lips were trembling with fear, this was now all too real.

I went to the cupboard and removed a large knife, deliberately flashing the blade in the light, before crossing again to April. She flinched and winced as I went to her.

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I showed her the blade, her eyes nearly popped out of her face, her whole body was trembling as she shook her head and silently she seemed to be mouthing the word "No" over and over again. She needn't have worried. There is a certain value in a woman's dead body but its nothing compared to her value alive.

The knife wasn't to harm her. I reached around and unfastened the neck of the dress she had put on to impress me. I pulled the zipper down to her waist but the garment couldn't drop as her arms were raised above her head and her legs spread and tied. She convulsed as she saw me raise the knife, but I didn't hurt her, I simply used the blade to shear through the fabric of the dress, severing the waistband, tearing the sleeves and shoulders and ripping it from zipper slot to hem.

I pulled the dress off her and tossed it aside. She was revealed in her underwear, a matching bra and pants set- maybe intended to please me as my reward if our evening had gone well- perhaps simply to increase her confidence.

I unfastened the bra and used the knife to cut the shoulder straps. The bra joined the shredded dress. I turned to look at April, her breasts were every bit as promising as her pictures so carelessly webbed had shown.

They looked heavy, rippling with a liquid fluidity as she shook and shivered, straining to distance her soft flesh from me and the knife. Her nipples were hardening nicely in the cooler air. I muttered in admiration, I was pleased and had chosen well. I shredded her panties next, raising the torn fabric to my face to inhale her scent.

There was a heavy musk there, mingled with sweet and the tang of urine where she had leaked a little, perhaps in fear perhaps simply because she needed to. I regarded her thatch as I inhaled, neat trimmed curls that even now she was trying to hide from my gaze by squirming and twisting in her bonds. Her whole body was trembling now and then; a sudden hiss as she emptied her bladder, sobbing and shaking uncontrollably as it happened. I cursed - I had been distracted by her body and forgotten the bucket.

I tossed her panties onto the pile and went to the cupboard for my cleaning gear. In any factory cleanliness is essential, so I mopped up and disinfected. Picked up her pathetic pile of tattered clothing and left, locking the doors behind me.

The disposal run was the last big job in breeder exchange and before production can start. The worn out unit serves to focus and condition the newer. The new girls are usually more pliant after they have seen the sack.

I paused in the garage where the heating furnace was situated. I checked the clothing for metal, once I had called an engineer to service it and her had remarked on the blobs of solidified metal in the ashes- no real problem, a simple explanation was accepted, but this was not something I was going to risk again. Panties OK- I tossed them in first with only a twinge of regret, their scent had been intoxicating but evidence is evidence and it has to be reduced.

The dress was fitted with a plastic zip so having made sure there was no metal I tossed that in too. The bra was under-wired with metal hook fasteners. I used the knife to remove all of these parts and then tossed the torn fabric remnant into the firebox and slammed the door. The metal parts I dropped in an plastic bucket of old battery acid to dissolve. Having sorted these arrangements to my satisfaction it was now getting dark. I got in the car and headed out for the highway.

I wont bore you with the details, suffice it to say that I was driving up to the forest. It was a long drive and I knew I wouldn't arrive before dark so I relaxed and listened to the radio.

This girl had been missing for nearly three years now. No one was seriously looking for her any more so I was relatively relaxed about the disposal- it was necessary but not particularly worrying. I pulled off the road and started to dig a shallow trench. It was heavy work but it was a remote area and I wasn't disturbed.

I tossed the body in and returned to the car for a sack of quicklime. Its important to use the right form of lime for these disposals, quicklime with its horrendous and caustic appetite for water is ideal. In a matter of days there would be nothing recognisable of this body, no hair, no DNA, no dental records or old bone fractures. Not even a lingering scent to attract the charges of any passing dog walkers; just a patch of phosphate rich soil. I ripped the bags so that the lime could contact the cold flesh.

The body looked pathetic now, colourless, crumpled. Dark circles showed where the breasts had been detached and the was a similar dark stain around the top of the thighs. Her breasts, never parted in life were now on opposite sides of the Atlantic, whilst the lips of her labia had been mailed to Japan. I didn't know what was going to happen to these body parts and I had been well paid not to ask. Her cunt lips at least I was pretty sure would end up in a stir-fry.

I moved the car away before putting on plastic overalls and covering the body generously in the lime. It was dusty stuff and I didn't want to have traceable deposits on myself or my vehicle. Finally I covered the body with the earth I had dug out of the hole and left, erasing my footprints as I backed out back towards the car.

I stuffed my overall into the sacks, bagged the lot inside a new sack and threw the bundle into the car. They were destined for the furnace and the car for a thorough clean at the weekend.

I was already contemplating my rewards as I drove home. April was now safely prepared, all the risky parts were over and its time for me to start enjoying myself! Have a little bit of fun ahead of starting work. INDUCTION It was getting late when I returned home. April had been mine now for nearly 20 hours, unconscious for 6 of those and tied up for 14.

She had not eaten or drunk in that time. I usually give my breeders a fluid-rich diet. It aids production, forms less waste and its convenient to administer. Usually this is a body building shake I get on mail order- I keep some weights in the back room in case anyone ever asks- I am to all intents and purposes trying (unsuccessfully) to curb the excessive and growing flabbiness of my body. I went to the kitchen and mixed up one of the shakes in a paper cup before heading down to my factory floor.

April was hanging in her bonds, she had been crying and clearly screaming- her face was puffy and she was tired. I went to her she looked up in fear. I showed her the cup and gently tipped some into her mouth. She fought not knowing what it was and tried to spit it out. Then she seemed to realise it was food and she gulped down a mouthful-then another, then she was drinking greedily.

I grinned with pleasure. Accepting food is a crucial stage in breeder conditioning and it had gone almost without a hitch. Soon she would be grateful to me for these interruptions, but for now I let her drink and stroked her hair as she did so. I think she was too far gone to notice the assault. She drained the cup. I tossed it into the sink and went around behind her. Raising her from the chair I moved it out of the way and replaced it with the bucket.

She seemed to know what was expected and filled it with fresh urine, it had a fruity almost apple smell. I let her finish and then removed the bucket to replace the chair.

I disposed of her vented liquid, turned off the lights and left her to digest in the darkness for an hour. The next stage could cause a reaction and I wanted to be sure the nourishment was properly in her before I started. I made a cup of coffee and fixed a steak while she settled. A tasty meal to keep my strength up. I hadn't eaten much over the last 24 myself hours either. I remembered my arrangement with Rob.

It was only around 10 so I headed out to the local bar-a couple of beers wouldn't go amiss - and as before- I had to keep doing the ordinary! A pleasant evening- light chatter and gossip. News was on in the bar- no mention of the missing girl. I downed a couple of beers and a whisky chaser- I was decidedly light headed when I made my excuses and stumbled uneasily out of the bar. It wasn't far back to my place, the cool air on my face woke me up a little and I started to think of my next move.

This is always difficult to decide because when you can do anything how do chose? Probably, in time I would do everything but How do you prioritize? April must be wondering what was in store for her, she must be expecting some sort of assault- or worse. She probably doesn't know where this is going and exactly what I will demand of her, and she will not learn for a week or so.

The first week is in some ways the best and most enjoyable for me, I have to moderate my demands once production starts. I leaned on the upper door and belched. I jerked it open and trod a little unsteadily down the steps. I opened the door and flicked on the light. April was hung from her bonds in the centre of the room, just as I had left her, her head was tipped forward and I suspect she had been asleep, she must be exhausted. She looked up when I entered, her breasts shaking with that lovely fluidity, as she did so.

"What do you want?" Please let me go" I could see tears starting at the corner of her eye. I went to the far wall and took a riding crop from the drawer above the cupboard.

Her eyes widened. "No No, please don't hurt me, I wont tell, let me go- I wont ever tell anyone" I walked around her twice so she could see the crop in my hands.

On my second circuit I suddenly whipped it out, slashing across her back. Her body flinched and she let out a cry of pain. I paused and then repeated the action across her buttocks twice in rapid succession so that her flesh was still jumping from the first blow when the second cut in.

The tears were flowing now and there was a forlorn sobbing coming from her "Please please don't hurt me- I'll do anything" My soul leapt inside me, how I loved those words! My captives always say them eventually and they always please me. What's more I know that they are true- she would do anything. Down here my word law, my desire are paramount.

I am king, I am a God! She would indeed do whatever I wished. I went to the wall and would up the pulley there, tautening her ties. At first raising only her arms above her head, then further until she was dragged from the chair, raising her so that she was part standing, part hanging in her cuffs. I kicked the chair away and studied her. Her body was well fleshed, generous. Her breasts were heavy and full, the areolae and nipples as enticing as ever.

Unable to resist any longer I sank my mouth to one and bit before sucking greedily.

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She screamed and jumped. It was an enjoyable action, but the nipple had nothing to give, there was no secretion, no flavour but her breast felt good against my face and there was a slight taste of blood where my teeth had torn her skin.

She was shivering now, fear or cold I couldn't tell but the jiggling motion that was imparted to her breasts was pleasant to watch. As I sucked I sent my second hand to plough her furrow and probe into her thatch.

Her pubic hair was fairly short- obviously trimmed; perhaps in preparation for our date. I approved, it would need to stay that way but future trimming was down to me- I couldn't risk her with a razor or even scissors. My probing fingers found her nether lips, they were dry and shrivelled, she wasn't finding this experience erotic at all. I on the other hand was beginning to rise to the situation. I unfastened from her nipple and went behind her again. The welts across her back and buttocks had reddened nicely, a few drops of blood oozed from the ends of the slash where the crop had dug in most.

I licked them from her, her blood salty and metallic on my tongue. I sank to my knees and bit her buttocks, so silky smooth, so soft. I separated her bum cheeks and probed her ass, she was tight and the sphincter flinched and gripped my invading finger automatically at the intrusion. I reached through her legs to caress her sex, She froze. "No!" But she had known from the very beginning, from the moment the chloroform pad covered her mouth and even as she lost consciousness, she had known then that this, or something very like it would be coming eventually.

At least this wasn't painful. Even so the I felt every muscle in her body tense, the lips of her vulva tightened in an attempt to resist my finger's entry- to deny me access to her deeper delights.

I withdrew my finger and put it in my mouth. There was only a faint scent of pussy she was too dry and it smelt mainly from her ass.

I wetted the finger with my saliva and plunged it back into her. This time the lubrication helped and it slipped easily past her constricting muscles, a tight and satisfying rasp on her inner walls. There was no denying this, she was delightful.

I probed my finger in and out of her, feeling the rippled walls, sensing the growing moisture there. Revelling in this woman under my control, who was mine for the taking. My desire rose, my conscious thoughts faded. I no longer worried about what violation to chose, what part of her to enjoy first, there was a pussy and my finger was in it. My choice was clear! It had been made automatically by my own body's needs. It was sometime since I had enjoyed vaginal sex and I wanted that now more than anything.

I withdrew my finger and started to undress. She saw this and whimpered again "No, No, please" She must have known that this was a vain appeal, there was no escape possible here.

My clothes lay scattered on the floor, my prick was standing proud like a flagpole as I circled her. She must have worried that my intention was her anus as she seemed to bend forwards, away from me as I circled behind. She needn't worry about that, not tonight. Later her anus will become my second home and will comfortably and frequently accommodate me, but not yet, not tonight. I faced her, her eyes looked scared. I rubbed myself on her body, feeling the large breasts flatten against my chest, I pushed my hips forward and scraped my prick on her pubis, feeling the scratch of the coarse and trimmed pubic hair there.

Then I slipped it lower, delving into her thatch, its head finding her vulva and teasing the lips apart. She was thrashing and bucking now but the bonds held. Her motion simply rasped my prick-head up and down her slit, the feeling was exquisite. She was too dry though, I could not enter her. I withdrew temporarily and spat in my hands, wiping the saliva over my engorged cock head. Just as with my finger the lubrication will aid my penetration. I approached the vulva again.

She convulsed as I did so and whimpered, No No no no " Her voice rising in pitch and loudness as I eased myself forward, teasing her lips apart with my cock-head Her voice was no almost a scream as I felt her body start to open to me, her lips just beginning to part.

"NOOOOO!!!" One last push, her vulva opened, the lips parting under my thrust. Strangely the tension in her muscles that was so determined to keep me out actually ensured that her lips clamped shut over my glans as soon as my prick-head was in her.

This time her voice was almost soft, a whimper "No" We both knew the battle, unequal as it had been, was now over, I was inside her and nothing would change that. She couldn't run, she couldn't hit me, even screaming was as now she knew no use. Her body was mine and I was inside it. I would enjoy her. Her body sagged in her cuffs determined perhaps that she could at least not be a willing partner to her rape. Her face was expressionless, her eyes focussed in the distance.

Perhaps this was no longer happening to her, she had gone to another place. A better place where her pussy wasn't being violated, where her delights were not being plundered, where her vulva was not stretched open and her body not pierced by a stranger's unwelcome member. It didn't bother me, I was free now to thrust into her, each movement caused her body to rock backwards in the straps so I didn't penetrate as quickly as I had intended, but nonetheless each thrust gained me a centimetre or two of bliss.

A soft moan of protest escaped her with each push. After a few the moans stopped, replaced with a grunt and hissing escape of breath. Her eyes closed and a tear rolled own her cheek. That only encouraged me and I thrust harder, deeper into her. Fucking standing up is a glorious sensation. The blood rushes to your penis, your brain is momentarily starved of supply and this, coupled with the vertical position, generates a light headed, slightly dizzy sensation.

The world tends to fade and there nothing but the wonderful fuck-stuff of the tied woman. My prick burrowing from this world through her and into paradise. Blood rushed in my ears, I could hear it pounding almost drowning her cries in the distance. I was giddy, dizzy, seeing stars and there is always the risk of losing balance and falling. So I grabbed her roughly, clinging to her shoulders and breasts, steadying myself with her body at our points of contact- through my arms and my prick.

She was now supporting both herself and a good part of the weight of her rapist, this must increase the load on her wrists and she moaned in pain. I regained my balance- a momentary lapse as the world came back into focus. I resumed my thrusting. She was truly delicious. Perhaps it is the sheer succulence of her pussy and its delicate internally folded membranes that was indescribably lovely. Is her vagina really just softer and more welcoming than that of any other woman?

Or is it the fact that she does not want me inside her, yet here I am nonetheless. That if she could she would freeze her body and deny me any single ounce of pleasure from her cunt, but I am relishing it despite her wishes. Is it that she is mine and will be mine to use as I please? Perhaps it is all of these things. I carried on, plunging deep into her cunt so that my balls flapped against her.

The blood was starting to roar again in my ear. Distantly I heard her voice "Don't come in me! Please, please don't come in me!" I knew she wasn't on the pill. I knew I wasn't taking any precautions.

I also knew that I would come in her, and keep coming in her at least daily. I already knew she was fertile, her daughter proved that, and I would enjoy vaginal sex for as long as I could before either my next consignments fell due or nature took its course and my semen found its mark. There is a point in sex when you know you will come. You have laboured up the gentler side of the hill and come to the escarpment.

You can see the view but it is too late to stop. Your momentum is already such that it will carry you the last few yards, over the edge and you will plunge headlong into space. Falling falling, rolling and spinning down into the void. Orgasm is assured and even if you pull out of the woman, you will still come, your prick will still pulse its seed, whether you remain in her or not.

I had reached that point, and in my case I had no intention of withdrawing, I froze and let the momentum of my efforts carry me forward. I felt the tingling sensations building in my prick-head, growing stronger, stronger even though I had stopped moving.

I felt myself strain, tightening every muscle and locking my thighs as I was rushed towards orgasm by currents beyond my control, like a raft in white water rapids. The build to orgasm mounting, mounting and then at last the raft flicked over and I was flung out. I was falling, falling into the water, foaming hissing spray rushed about my ears, the water thundered in my head.

I burst within her, my prick twitching and jumping as it sent stream after stream of my thick sperm to coat her inner depths. I don't know how long it took me to return to reality, but as I calmed down I realised I was gripping her with vice-like hands. My fingers were digging into her soft skin. She was crying the tears falling on my hair.

I grunted and released my hold, there were purplish marks where my fingers had dug in. They would darken to full bruises over the next few hours. My penis felt wonderfully spent inside her, content and satisfied. I tired to rouse myself, to return to the situation in hand. It had been a while for me, it was a large emission. I needed to get her body flatter, before the bulk of my sperm could run out of her.

I looked around the room. Damn- I had left the chair too far away, Oh well I would remember next time. I pulled out of her quickly, my prick flopping wetly against my thighs. I went to the wall, releasing the chains so she collapsed to the floor. She fell silently, without a word and lay there, a gentle sobbing the only sound I could hear.

I parted her legs and studied her cunt, some of my sperm had already trickled out in a white rivulet towards her ass.

Some, but not all than goodness- I was sure my emission was larger than that so I would leave her there and give it a chance to take root in the fertile soil of her womb. I picked up my clothes and turned off the light as I left. PRODUCTION I had owned April for a month now and I was pleased with my acquisition.

I was feeling very happy, I always enjoy this phase as I was fucking her on a daily basis. Usually I would indulge straight after breakfast as I always seem to wake up horny and orgasming inside her just seemed to set me up nicely for the day. Often I would pop home at lunchtime and fuck her again and occasionally on some days I would give her a third injection in the evenings before I went to bed. I was sleeping soundly and my penis was curled contentedly in my pants.

April I think was getting used to the routine, she was eating OK after a couple of days of refusing anything and some colour had returned to her cheeks. She didn't say much but she had stopped screaming and generally didn't struggle. She just abdicated her body to me whilst I used it. I don't think she had come at all in this period which was something of a worry but I was sure this wouldn't be a bar to production and she could be urged over that barrier in good time.

As usual I emptied the bucket of her morning urine after my morning fuck, and I dipped a pregnancy test stick in the still- warm fluid. Today however was a turning point for April- the stick clearly developed a second line and the word "pregnant" appeared on the white ground. My heart skipped a beat, fantastic news.

Of course this also meant that I would have to forego vaginal sex for the foreseeable future but this was always going to happen about now anyway. Up to this point I had been filling my orders from frozen stocks but these were nearly exhausted. It was time to start breeder production and it all seemed to have worked out like clockwork. I think April had been ignoring the silver grey equipment box, the control console on the desk and the various hoses, wires and bottles about her cell.

I busied myself with them now. Cleaning, attaching and testing. She hadn't seen me do this before and seemed curious.


"What's that? What are you doing, what's going on?" She asked, a nervous edge to her voice. "Nothing to worry about" I lied smoothly. I opened the front panel of the console and checked the fittings. Inside was a large-ish dildo structure and a range of hard plastic breast cups. I gauged her size by eye to check I would have something to fit- the second largest would fit. I wouldn't need this for a month or so but it was as well to be prepared because I ordered them from Europe, if I had needed a new one now was the time to order it.

The equipment was mounted on castors so I was able to wheel it over to her. She tensed, clearly nervous "What's that?" "Just a little treat for you" I lied again I withdrew the dildo-like structure- it was about 10 inches long and ribbed along its length.

It wasn't quite straight but had a slight kink about half way up to help it grip. My first prototypes had been straight and were expelled too easily.

The penile part of the dildo was attached to a long transparent plastic hose and internal wires. I plugged the wire contact into the panel and screwed the hose union onto a bottle top.

These were fairly small 100 ml collectors; I thought it best to start with these and hopefully move up to the 250 ml and perhaps even 500 ml in due course.

I had sterilised them all previously.

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I opened the base panel of the machine and clipped the bottle into a tray. This was a refrigerated area that would chill the harvest rapidly and keep it cool until I could process and pack it. I powered up the machine and felt the vibrations start through the dildo.

Carefully I reduced their amplitude and frequency to more gentle "introductory" settings and then turned off. April must have guessed what this was although she cant yet have appreciated exactly how it would be used.

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I withdrew a bottle of lube and wiped it over the rippled surface of the dildo. It was time for her to find out. I pulled up a stool and dragged the mobile equipment over to April. I checked the ankle restraints and tightened them so her legs were better spread.

I fingered her vulva again fondly, it had given me much pleasure. I sighed, I had no intention of giving up sex with her ,but I would have to use other openings in future. Her eyes were a little wild and she winced when I inserted the dildo into her, the lube ensuring it slid in easily, the kink making sure she couldn't simply squeeze it out. "What are you going to do?" "Just this" I reached over and activated the settings I had pre-adjusted.

"Ohh" April's body gave a little start and she twitched up onto tiptoe. I knew the gentle tingling would be pleasant for her- at least for a while.

She came back down onto her feet and I noticed her toes were curling. I drew back towards the wall to get a good look. If she hadn't had an orgasm until now then the next few moments would be crucial. If she couldn't come then she would be no good to me and all my hard work of the last month would have been for nothing. I would be looking financial ruin in the face.

I watched her as the dildo did its work, the its insistent buzzing muffled by the tissues of her vagina. Was it my imagination-or did she look a little flushed. The dildo was nothing if not persistent and buzzed away continually.

I noticed her nostrils were starting to flare, her whole foot was now twisting into the cuffs securing her and there were gasps coming from her as she squirmed. It was looking good. It seemed to steady out like this for a long time, perhaps April was resisting, perhaps she was simply enjoying it too much to finish but I hoped it wasn't that. I didn't need a woman with such control it can only get in the way.

Surprisingly, I had even started to daydream, my mind moving on to matters of how I would inform my regular customers about the changeover when I was roused by a sudden gasp, another, another and then a long "Ooooohhhhh" This was followed almost immediately by a deep throbbing Brrrr sound as the unit switched over its function.

This is what was different about my machine and its dildo. The shaft was in three layers, a surface layer mimics flesh providing a supple rippled surface for the vagina to grip. Inside deeper machinery surrounds a central tube that passes through the length of the dildo and connects with a harvesting tube at its base.

The machinery is designed to deliver vibratory stimulation directly to the vagina, but also includes pressure sensors that detect the vaginal contractions as the woman orgasms. Orgasm triggers a virtual flood of both vaginal lubricants and fluids and its these I seek.

So the sensors turn off the vibration as the woman climaxes, at the same time activating the pumping circuits to extract all the precious secretions through the collection tube straight from the vagina to my waiting bottle. I watched with eager curiosity as the pump cycle cut in. There was a delay but then I was delighted to see some fluid moving down the clear plastic collection tube.

True it was only a small amount but in truth I hadn't expected production to be prolific- at least not at first as I knew she would need to be worked up to a decent squirt.

The pump finished and turned off. It was suddenly very quite and April seemed to sag in her bonds with a sigh. I went to look at my precious harvest. The volume was tiny, less than 10ml. It wasn't quite the disaster it seemed as these first few harvests would be richer than those that came later and so would fetch a higher price.

This would help offset the effects of the lower volume but not entirely so, and volume would need to be increased shortly. I replaced the bottle in the chiller and returned to my seat. April was looking at me curiously, not knowing what was happening. I sat down again when she suddenly jumped, her body tensing as her eyes opened wide "Nooo noo more!" The dildo had turned onto "vibrate" again. This is the secret of my machine- it is insistent, effective and continuous.

It cycles constantly through vibration mode to orgasm, pump mode to collection and a final 10 min "down time" before it starts again. and again. and again. Its this constant cycling that builds up secretion volume and improves my harvest as the woman is conditioned. It also prevents me from enjoying more vaginal sex as this would not only interrupt the cycle and prevent proper seasoning.

It could also taint my product- and my customers are very particular. I left the machine to do its work and went back upstairs to mix more shakes- I make these a little weaker at this stage, more water and less flavouring. I knew I needed to keep April well hydrated now. Her body can take this ordinary water and like an ancient alchemist transform it into liquid "gold" Well, in this case into the most delightful fluid known to man - pure vaginal juices.

A sticky slimy and delicious secretion for which there was an inexhaustible demand! Fortunately for me there were not many who were willing to take the steps necessary to produce this harvest in the quantities needed and at the price demanded by the market.

I wasn't the only supplier but I was one of the more successful and I shipped worldwide! I graded the fluids from A through to E, Currently April was producing grade A, thick and slightly cloudy with a high mucous content.

This would in all probability cease soon as I find that woman's body lacks the capacity to produce this sticky material in large quantities. Quality usually stabilises at B/C with D and E reserved for harvest containing larger proportions of squirted fluid. Much thinner, more lemony in flavour.

I finished preparing the shake and returned to the factory floor. April was hung in her harness, the pump was running so I guess it had been through one or two cycles in my absence. During the downtime I gave her the shake- she refused it at first and then reluctantly started to drink. She stared at me with a mixture of horror and hatred in her eyes.

I didn't like the expression but luckily it was cut short as the machine cycled again, Her body jumped and her eyes closed. "Noooo Noo more, please stop please stop! Please God stop it! I can't I cant. No more no more!" To be honest I did think that was a bit excessive as reactions go.

The girl had been through only 3 or 4 orgasmic cycles- that's not unheard of even for a full-on session of normal sex, so I did think she was complaining too early. Well she would get use to it. I checked the collector- only 25ml! She will have to do better than that and I just hoped my judgement of her potential had been sound.

I went over to the desk, leaving the machine to do its work. I found the rhythmic throbbing and cycling of the machine quite comforting. April was a bit noisy though which tended to break my concentration. Anyway I settled as best I could to my dispatch work, retrieving the standing orders from the computer and adding the new ones from the mail.

I was still sending out production from the last breeder who had become highly prolific before ceasing production entirely. I had collected a large quantity of grade C/D and I set to dispatching this, decanting the glistening liquid into appropriately sized plastic bottles and then mailing them either on water ice cool-packs, or frozen solid on cardice as the buyers specified.

I had been holding a couple of orders for grade A and I entered those as well as I was now in a position to fill them. Soon I had assembled about 50 packs and matched them with appropriate printed labels ready for courier that afternoon. I didn't know exactly what my clients did with their orders, obviously in this business you simply do not ask.

I have however gained a few clues over the years and I know much is used as a food additive or mixed with whisky or other booze of your choice (my favourite is a good Scotch).

Some mix it into soups and sauces while others use it as a sex lubricant to spice up their own sex lives. I even have some female clients who use it as a skin treatment. My reverie was interrupted by a loud gasp from across the room, rapidly followed by a pump cycle. I turned, to look. April was staring at me, her eyes wide, almost panic etched in her face. The pump working seemed prolonged so I checked the bottle- yields now seemed much better, probably 25ml from that cycle alone.

That's better. I gathered up my packages and carried them upstairs to mail. "Be good honey" I closed the door behind me and turned out the lights. EXPANSION I'd been using April for a month now of continuous production.

Yields had stabilised around 250 ml per day (24 hours) and seemed steady. I was still indulging in her although now sex was anal. She had screamed like a banshee the first time and I'd needed a lot of lube- luckily I had plenty from her already. Even so she clamped her sphincter tight and it had been a real struggle to get into her.

Fortunately I was quite excited, having had to forego sex with her for 4 days whilst I got her set up in production. This meant I was pretty hard and I was able to rod her bum with my shaft until it at last went in. The tightness of her sphincter was exquisite although she quickly learned to relax it to keep from tearing.

The trouble with anal sex is that the rectum is smooth inside, it lacks the lovely texture of the internal ripples (or Rugae as they are called) of the vaginal wall, and it doesn't really grip. This means that really you are working mainly with the sphincter alone. For this reason I don't find it quite as satisfying, although obviously its better than nothing and I happily shafted away between her cheeks until I could feel the ecstasy start to build in my rod.

Luckily she didn't like anal sex at all, and before long she started to squirm and writhe whilst I was inside her. Although I know she was trying to pull off and unplug my prick, her movements in fact simply increased my sensations no end and she actually brought me to orgasm herself without realising bless her! I took a great satisfaction in her being almost complicit in my own satisfaction.

The production cycles were taking their toll. April didn't look at me now and she never spoke. She hung limply in the harness, her eyes rolled back in her head showing only the whites. Over the month her sphincter had loosened and she had made less and less fuss over my entry there.

I doubt she even noticed now when I fucked her. I could hear the machine cycling through its program, each orgasm marked by a convulsive twitch through her body and sometimes a sharp exhalation of breath before the pump kicked in. Despite this her pregnancy was progressing. I am no gynaecologist but I could tell her breasts were getting larger. I think the constant sexual stimulation also played its role. Each day I would try to suckle from her and after only 8 weeks I was rewarded at last with a tiny spurt of milk.

I sucked it up greedily, a really good sign. I hadn't been mistaken in her potential. Over the next few days I emptied her twice a day straight into my mouth. The volume was getting larger and a gush would often coincide with a machine induced orgasm. After a week of this I was ready to move up to the milk harvest side of my business and retrieved the breast cups I had identified the month before. The machine possessed a simple milking function adapted from a cattle unit and a pregnancy breast pump.

There was an outer cup that goes over the breast and which contains an inner flexible tube that covers the nipple. When the machine is turned on, a vacuum is applied to both tubes causing the cups to suck in the breast. The outer cup is connected to a valve in the machine that opens regularly with an adjustable frequency.

This mimics an eager mouth sucking on the tit as the valve allows air into the outer cup only then closes again reconnecting vacuum and tugging on the breast. The inner tube is connected permanently to vacuum and gradually pulls the nipple and aureola deeper inside. I don't think April noticed as I connected her breasts to the cups.

I fixed one and then had to pause as a machine orgasm caused her body to stiffen. As she relaxed the other side of it I attached the second cup and inserted the jack plugs into the console. At first the machine was simply applying a vacuum to both cups and I checked that April's breasts were well seated. Luckily her breasts were large and fluid, they entered easily and each cup was able to seal perfectly onto her mounds.

She moaned when I turned the pulsating function on and activated the valve cycling. The rhythmic tugging and constant suck are relentless. Eventually her breasts began to give up their harvest and the white liquid started to spurt into the collection tube in phase with the clicking of the valve, sucking the milk from her and conveying it to the refrigerated tray. Satisfied that all was in order I switched the machine back to synchronize milking action with orgasm detection.

I have found that the two are connected; orgasm induces both vaginal fluid and breast milk flow. I retired to await the next cycle- it wasn't long in coming (no pun intended).

April jerked spasmodically and the pump kicked in. Her body relaxed and subsided into the down time as the pumps did their work.

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I could see the vaginal liquid moving down the tube but this time there was a decent milk production too. Once more this would take a few days to build up to commercial levels but really this was a great start and a really good sign to have started so early in pregnancy. I was so pleased with her. In celebration I unzipped my fly and moved behind her. Lubing my prick with saliva I pushed forwards and and entered her easily. Once inside I relaxed and waited, knowing what would come.

I was still inside her rectum when the the vibration mode started up. This always improves my experience, firstly because the dildo in her vagina pushes on her rectum improving the deeper sensation, but secondly because the dildo is inserted as firmly as am I, it is separated from me by only two thin layers of moist membranous tissue; the vibrations are transmitted easily to my inserted penis whilst I am still bathed in the delightful warmth of this woman's body.

I didn't even have to move, I just clung to her shoulders, buried my head in her hair and inhaled the scent while the machine did the work. Tirelessly, relentlessly building us both to orgasm. April started to come first. I heard her gasp, and the muscles in her arms and legs contracted, her limbs stiffening as she strained, reaching for the release.

She grunted and pushed back onto me in a convulsive spasm. I've no idea whether that was conscious or not. She was building steadily now, The tension in her limbs spread to her torso and at last into her vagina.

The tube tightening around the inserted dildo. The taut internal tissues also pulled on the rectum trying to flatten it which of course couldn't happen as I was firmly inserted. The effect was to increase the pressure on my penis to a delicious squeeze that intensified the transmitted vibrations. I moaned with pleasure at the thrill her rectum was providing.

Incredibly the grip seemed to be still increasing. April gasped again, three or four times in quick succession and then she was over the top, her vagina spasming and the her body convulsing. As her body was suspended between wrists and ankles the convulsions made her hips flick back and forth between her bonds.

The motion pivoted efficiently on the only other point limiting her motion; my inserted penis. It was as if she was consciously bucking backwards and forwards onto me in an effort to make me come.

In reality I doubt she even realised I was inside her but the effect was wonderful, it couldn't have been nicer. The sensations built up, up, up and then over the top- my penis exploding into her as her anal sphincter spasmed; alternately squeezing and releasing me in the rhythm of her own climax.

I sighed contentedly, Oh Boy I love my job! April went silent as her body relaxed into the "downtime". The pump cycle activated and I slipped flaccidly out of her. A small stream of sperm followed, dribbling down the inside of her thigh. I got some tissue and wiped it away. If she had noticed anything of her violation she didn't show it.

I took some of her milk and went upstairs to make coffee. RESOLUTION The next day it was time to activate the milk orders as well. I went to check on production- April showed no sign of being aware of my presence, she was silent, her eyes rolled back into her head. Her body was largely immobile, simply tensing every 10 or so minutes as the machine forced her to another orgasm and then drained her.

She was looking pale. However on the plus side milk production was nicely up to 200 ml overnight and should make a litre by the end of the week.

My biggest customer for milk is actually female. I guess she doesn't wonder where it came from or perhaps she thinks it's from willing volunteers? In any event she took a regular litre from me and had been somewhat annoyed by the interruption in supply. I was at last in a position to send her some and so set up the packaging for the following day. I would be able to supply some of my other frustrated customers in the next week or so too, but as my largest customer it was essential I kept her happy.

I sorted out the dispatch packs and courier labels for the consignment. Just then April screamed- more of a howl really, like an animal in pain. I went to her. Blood was seeping from her vagina; the dildo unit had fractured, the sharp edges ripping through her most intimate flesh. She was losing a lot of blood and I needed to act fast or she would die on me.

I turned off the machine and disconnected her from the apparatus. As I removed the wires she became less of an extension of the machine and some of her humanity seemed to return.

I released her arms and lowered her to the floor. Thick dark blood was seeping from her vagina. Obviously I couldn't risk a Doctor so I wrapped a bandage around a cool-pack from my mailing stuff and inserted it into her vagina to maintain internal pressure. I hoped it was working in any event the blood flow ceased.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. For the first time in weeks she spoke, "Thank you" I'm not sure if she thought I had disconnected her from the machine out of sympathy or whether she thought I had administered a coup de grace with the dildo breakage, but in any event she seemed genuinely pleased. There was even a weak smile. This was strange, and unexpected! Usually the breeders simply go silent during production. They settle into a routine, feeding, urinating and defecating each day.

All in silence usually with eyes closed or rolled back in their heads.


I don't really think they are conscious. But this is a good phase, I can siphon their riches and fill my orders until one day they just fail. There's never much warning so I need to keep a sizeable stock frozen to cover change over periods. The last girl had lasted 3 years and then simply died in the night. She hadn't spoken from the second day of production.

April was different, there was clearly a person still in there, and yes, I was pricked with remorse. However I also had a problem, she clearly wasn't about to die on me naturally, and I couldn't refit her to vaginal production, not with her wound. Not forgetting of course she was pregnant with my baby and this could only make disposal more difficult.

I moved her carefully and lay her on the cot. What to do- what to do? I suppose its cowardice but I thought the simplest course was to do nothing and then if she died the problem would be simpler. I retired upstairs leaving her to sleep and went to the bar to meet Rob- keep it normal after all. I hope my anxiety didn't show. The next day April wasn't dead. If anything she was a little better, close to mobile so I fastened her cuffs again, this time linked to the bed frame.

Her experience had changed her, she seemed to have no recollection of her former life at all. All she knew was that room, me and the fact that I fed and cleaned her. She was pathetically, if misguidedly grateful. After a week she was well enough to return to milking. I didn't do it as before- there was no permanent attachment and no vaginal stimulation to force orgasms.

I found that I could get enough from her by milking her twice a day like a cow. In fact her breasts were beautiful to behold, they grew heavy and taut, standing up from her chest as they filled. As they swelled they became quite painful and she looked forward to my visits to have them emptied. Milk was a much easier material to obtain, the body being designed to produce it for external consumption.

I didn't really want her injury to interrupt my own routine so after a week I was anxious to fuck her again. She just accepted it in silence as I rolled her over and penetrated her anus from behind. After a few thrusts I realised that I didn't have to limit myself to that route of entry any more. I pulled out of her and plunged back, seeking and penetrating her vagina. She convulsed as I entered and buried my prick balls-deep inside her. She said nothing and seemed not to notice my intrusion once penetration was complete.

Sex was simply something that I did to to her, like milking, like feeding and like taking her urine. It was marvellous to be back in a vagina- I relished the difference in texture, grip and raw moist heat. She was healed enough internally to accept me and didn't seem to experience pain. There was however a surprise. I had never fucked any of my breeders after production had started. Production simply ended when they failed, so there was never an opportunity.

To my surprise April's vaginal muscles had been exercised and the constant orgasms had developed them to the point of perfection. I had never known anything like it! They could grip my shaft and almost cut off the blood supply! They could ripple and pulse like a mouth sucking me dry and they squeezed me tight through my own orgasm so I could feel each pulse and jerk of my shaft with an intensity I had never known. I don't think she got much pleasure from this and she didn't orgasm, but she knew it pleased me and so she simply did it.

I came quickly in her, she asked me if it had pleased me and seemed delighted when I said yes. I was truly stuck now. I didn't want to actually kill April- I had never murdered anyone directly. I dare not reconnect the dildo part and couldn't trust her juices would be unaltered anyway. She was only useful to produce milk, but then the sex was unbelievably great and her brainwashed mind was actually grateful for the attention.

I have to admit I found having my own private sex slave intoxicating. . and that Dear Reader is how it ended. I have kept April for 5 years now. My factory has been largely transformed and made more comfortable for her to live in. She never asks about the outside world, where I go when I leave, or anything about her past. I know her mental state is poor but for me this is a blessing; she is only too eager to please me in anyway she can.

She didn't even make a fuss after the birth of our child when I followed my well-worn path to the missionary and abandoned him at their door. The monks there are no great believers in DNA testing- I suppose they could guess that children abandoned there must have some sort of problematic background and it was better simply to accept them for what they are and not to pry to deeply.

In any event they never seem to have noticed that 10 of their orphans actually share a father. My income has shrunk as most of the money I earned was from the vaginal juices as these are much harder to come by.

But I still milk April twice a day, fuck her at least once and I have managed to keep her lactating continuously either with hormone administration or, as now, with her second pregnancy. Her breasts have grown immense and prolific.

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Although I am making less, I am making enough. Her milk keeps us both. She seems healthy but I don't know how much damage I have done or for how long she will live. I can't even tell for long she will produce but I would guess this won't last more than a few years. If her milk fails I will need to recruit another breeder. I have been excavating another room, extending my underground sanctum against a time when I need to accommodate two.

If April fails I will take what value is left from her, and her breasts at least should fetch a good price. Perhaps I will recruit two new breeders anyway and keep the second simply for sex?

Who Knows? But for the time being both I and April are content.