Scandalous Hungarian traveler gets a free hot cum in the taxi

Scandalous Hungarian traveler gets a free hot cum in the taxi
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The first thing you had to know about Marrek Gleeson was this: the man was sick. Although his old man was long dead, Marrek had used the funds from the estate to fulfill his deepest, darkest desires. And what he loved more than anything else was to "collect." Not objects…but people. Couples.

He liked to call himself the 'Couples Collector.' The name was as apt as it was horrifying. He would meticulously plan and then carry out kidnappings of young couples.

He would hold them captive and force them to do unspeakable things to each other, or use them however he saw fit. Eventually he would grow tired of them, and when he did…well, he found ways to dispose of the bodies discreetly or sell them as sex slaves to lucrative buyers. Yet he wasn't alone in his depravity.

He had a partner in crime. His lovely wife. Sweet, innocent-looking Anna. Anna loved her husband. Being every bit as twisted as he was, she enjoyed their 'bonding time,' as she called it…torturing helpless young couples. On this particular night, a cold wind howled outside the windows of the mansion on the sprawling, lush grounds of the estate. The estate, bordered on all sides by an ominous wrought-iron fence, sat in the center of dozens of acres of almost pristine forest.

The austere pillars of the mansion's front entryway gave way to a spacious inside with ornately stained wood paneling throughout. Deeper down, underneath the mansion's main floor…this was where the true depravities were carried out with cruel, sadistic purpose.

Now Marrek lounged in the master suite upstairs with Anna at his side. Naked in their sumptuous king-sized bed, the two lovers sipped glasses of wine and watched the video feed from their dungeon below. Whenever Marrek pressed the button on the remote beside him, he could project his voice through speakers in any of the several dungeon rooms deep underground. Newly captured slave couples quickly discovered that when the unidentified "Master's" voice boomed loud and clear over the speakers, it was wiser to obey instead of suffering consequences best left unmentioned.

Now Marrek's broad, handsome face narrowed with focus as he stared at the huge 70-inch screen. "What do you think of our newest couple?" Anna asked. Marrek had turned the channel to Room 2.

On the giant screen they saw an unusual sight. A sexy teenage brunette straddled one end of a narrow bench. She was completely naked, slender, with long, luxuriant dark brown hair, an adorable face with a button nose, and medium-sized, perfectly curved breasts. Her ankles were chained to ringlets entrenched in the concrete floor while her wrists were chained with dark steel bracelets hoisted high above her head. The girl's name was Sophie. Sophie's boyfriend Max was also there, and totally nude.

He'd been forced into a kneeling position right in front of her, his wrists cuffed behind his back. He was handsome, in a boyish way, with light green eyes and a buzz cut. His ankles were also chained tightly to ringlets in the floor. His head was pressed between his girlfriend's legs. He licked dutifully at the girl's snatch. Her unwilling moans echoed in the dungeon. Max's tongue battered devotedly at her joy nub, and all the while the teen girl's nubile breasts were topped with hardened nipples, fully aroused.

"Oh please!" Sophie moaned. "Oh god." She looked up at the video camera mounted along the ceiling, all too aware that they were being watched.


"Please, Master, let Max rest! His legs are killing him. He's been kneeling on the concrete floor for over an hour." The slender teen squirmed as Max sucked deeply on her clit, making a loud slurping sound. He pulled back for a brief moment, his mouth glistening with Sophie's aroused fluids. He too looked up at the camera, begging. "Please, whoever you are, I can't…I can't feel my legs or feet.

Please, don't keep me chained like this!" In response, Marrek pressed the intercom button connected to Room 2. "You will continue feasting on your girlfriend's fuck-hole, Slave. Keep licking and sucking clit. Or do you want me to come down there and whip you again?" Along the young man's back, welts were forming where Marrek's whip had lashed hard against his once-pristine skin.

With a resigned expression, the young man leaned forward once again, his tongue lapping at Sophie's sex. Her renewed moans and squirming made Marrek's cock harder as he watched, loving the way the soft lighting played off of the female captive's breasts. He noted how the teenage girl couldn't quite help herself either. She gently thrust her crotch forward against Max's mouth, her moans intensifying as she began to climb the precipice towards impending orgasm.

"It won't be too much longer now," Anna murmured. They watched the couple very intently for a good while. Sophie's chest heaved more and more violently as she began to crest the wave of pleasure. Her pussy nudged forward to meet Max's sucking and licking. Suddenly the girl's head snapped back. A high-pitched, unwilling moan tore from her lips.

Then it happened. Sophie's cunt finally surrendered to the attentions of her boyfriend's tongue. "OOhhhh god! NO!" Sophie wailed. Max began frantically lapping at the gush of fluids, Sophie's body quaking from her orgasm.

The teenage girl looked so sexy and beautiful coming in her boyfriend's face. Marrek turned back toward Anna, who was taking another sip of her pinot noir from her elegant crystal goblet.

"I think that little slut will make an excellent slave, Anna. We'll see how long she and her boyfriend last. The male is too whiny for my tastes. I may retire him long before the cute bitch. I think she'll probably last at least three or four months. Maybe even a full year." Anna grinned. "I hope so, M. I was looking forward to fucking her with my new strap-on dildo…not to mention trying out some of my nastier toys on her." When the beautiful redhead set her wine glass down, Marrek leaned over for a long, sensual, and very flavorful kiss.

"Count on it, my love. Now…shall we see what else is going on in our little sandbox?" "Yes, please." He turned the channel to Room 4, and the enormous 70-inch flat-screen monitor came to life showing a young couple on a dilapidated bed.

They were now watching a pale 22-year-old girl named Emily with a shapely ass riding her husband's dick. Emily had large, firm breasts with small areolas and beautifully curved hips beneath her impressive butt cheeks.

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The husband's name was Frank. Frank grunted and sighed as his wife's perfectly sculpted ass bounded up and down on his engorged shaft. Marrek and Anna watched intently as Emily's naked figure continued to hump her hubby's dick, her big tits shaking with the constant motion of their joined bodies.

Seeing how much his cock was stretching her tight asshole was such a turn-on. Anna turned, taking a long pull of her pinot noir, and noted the obscene erection sprouting from Marrek's crotch. She put her fingers around the base. It felt as stiff and unbreakable as a baseball bat. "You look just about ready to cum, babe," she teased with a little laugh. "How much longer should we make them fuck?" Marrek shrugged, his smile adding not a hint of warmth to his face. Meanwhile, he heard the girl Emily grunting and groaning, and then her plea rang out.

"Please, Sir, please stop this! This is…barbaric. It's…it's sick. We're so tired, Sir. My ass hurts so bad. Please can we rest? Please, I'm begging you!" Marrek pressed the button to communicate with Room 4. "Frank, I suggest you remind your wife to keep impaling her sexy ass on your cock. If you don't keep fucking until I tell you to stop, I'll come down there…and you don't want me to do that, do you?

You saw what happened to the couple next door when they disobeyed me, didn't you?" There was a reason that the dungeon rooms had windows, allowing each slave couple to see what happened to their 'neighbors.' Marrek and Anna noted that his threat had the desired effect. Emily pressed her hands onto Frank's chest for leverage, grinding her butt furiously on top of his huge girth.

A mixture of blood and pre-cum trickled down the husband's shaft all the way to his swelling testicles even as his poor wife was forced to continue the anal fuck-show. Now Frank reached up, cupping his wife's gorgeous young breasts and trying to give her what comfort he could.

He gently played with her nipples. He caressed her and said soothing things to her even as her ass ached from the constant rhythm of the cock embedded so deep between her butt cheeks. "UGHH!!! UGGGHH!!! Oh god!" Emily wailed. "Aaahhh…It's going to be okay, baby.

Uhhh…We'll get through this somehow.


Uhh! Hang in there, Emily," Frank replied. Shame made him blush a deep crimson as his stiff cock continued to split her ass cheeks in such a sexy pose. His face was contorted from the effort of not coming. Once more, Marrek pressed the intercom button for Room 4. "Don't forget, Frank, if you cum in your wife's ass before I give expressed permission, I'll cut off your balls and make your wife watch every agonizing second of it. You better behave, Frank. No early ejaculation, not if you want to LIVE." Frank grunted and groaned so plaintively.

He looked up into his wife's eyes with desperation as her butt wiggled on his lap. "Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry," he groaned. "I can't…can't hold it…uhhh!" Emily stilled on her husband's cock. "No, you can't come, Frank. Don't!" But it was too late. Frank twitched beneath his beautiful young wife, shooting great bursts of cum up into his wife's sexy ass, filling her rectum with so much warm, sticky jism.

Emily sighed as she felt the hot cum of her doomed husband fill up her aching, torn anus. Meanwhile, Anna gave Marrek a look. "Isn't it my turn? I want to cut off the husband's balls. You know how much I love seeing the look on the woman's face when I take the hubby's testicles as a pair of trophies for my personal collection." Marrek shrugged. "Why not? I'd rather watch and enjoy every second of this young slut's pleas from the comfort of the bedroom here anyway.

Go ahead." The 32-year-old Marrek watched on the video feed until Anna stood just outside Room 4. She waved her pistol in one hand and hefted a toolbox in the other. Inside the toolbox were the instruments of true horror - a tranq gun, shackles, and sharp implements used to fully emasculate a helpless male captive.

"I'll give you one chance to redeem yourselves," Anna shouted to the couple through the open slats in the dungeon room door. She gestured at Emily.

"Suck your ass juices off of your hubby's cock. Put on a very convincing show, you worthless cunt. Make him cum in your mouth." Emily immediately knelt at her husband's crotch.

She ignored the blood and cum seeping from her ass and just smothered Frank's cock. Her slurps and moans were a sweet music to Marrek as he watched. He loved the sight of the desperate, slender girl sucking her husband's manhood. Frank gathered Emily's brown tresses back from her face. Emily grasped the base of Frank's girth, pumping his penis with one hand while she gently fondled each of his testicles with her mouth.

Watching from the private comfort of the master suite, Marrek clasped the base of his 10-inch cock, pumping it slowly towards an incredible finish.

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'Get his cock nice and hard, bitch,' he thought. 'At this rate I'm going to CUM.' Meanwhile, Emily's tongue discontinued its ball-caressing, and now she licked the tip of Frank's penis before staring up at him while she engulfed his manhood completely in her soft, warm mouth. "Ohh, Em. Oh…Emily…oh god. You're going to make me…OHHH!! AHHH!" Frank moaned. Emily slurped with a frenzied dedication on the man's cock, her tongue cradling him as she impaled her cute mouth.

Her jaw rippled as his cock bulged inside her cheeks. Then he was coming so hard, his plaintive groan joined by Emily's widened eyes and the taste of cum filling her mouth. The girl sat up coughing, cum streaming down her chin and oozing onto her exquisite breasts. The female slave now turned toward Anna. "I did what you asked. Please will you let us rest now?" But instead of mercy, Anna's voice struck like a whip.

"You call that cock-sucking? That was pathetic. That was a 3-minute blowjob which any high school slut could have done with far more finesse. Just for that, I'm taking your husband's balls, bitch." "NO!" Emily cried. Marrek watched the naked woman plead for her husband's life as cum continued to slide down the delectable slopes of her gorgeous tits.

He pumped his cock so roughly now. He was about to come, but then an idea came to him. His hand slapped at the intercom button for Room 4. "Anna, wait. I'm coming down." Fifteen minutes later, the tall, naked, muscular figure of Marrek strode into the corridor outside of Room 4. Anna gave him a questioning look. "Follow my lead." He took the gun from Anna. He was also carrying his own toolbox with a few useful items.

He unlocked the heavy door of the dungeon and led Anna inside. Emily and Frank sat up on the dilapidated bed where they'd been ordered to fuck. Marrek pointed the gun at the naked couple. "You want to save your husband's balls, cute bitch, I'll give you ONE more chance.

Get him hard again and mount his cock, this time with your little cunt." "OK! OK!" Emily gasped. She began sliding her tongue up and down the sides of Frank's shaft.

It took a lot of cajoling and patience, but finally, after a good eight to ten minutes of cock-caressing with her mouth, the big-breasted captive got her husband's cock to something approaching firmness.

She grasped the base of his cock and positioned it at her cunt lips, sighing as the bulbous head pushed inside her warmth. She stretched the palms of her hands on Frank's chest, her cunt pumping up and down at a steady pace. "That's good, bitch, but now is where it gets really entertaining." Marrek whispered something to Anna.

Anna reached inside the toolbox and pulled out a small hammer. "If you fail to please us, we're not just going to cut off your husband's balls, bitch. I'm going to break them with a hammer." She strode over to the poor woman, who looked over her shoulder in her horror as Anna approached.

Marrek meanwhile had his gun trained on the young couple, making sure they didn't try anything. "Uhhh!!" Frank gasped. "Stop! What are you doing?!" Anna knelt behind the woman, watching as her pussy sucked up the length of her husband's manhood.

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She reached a hand down, massaging the man's testicles. Then, with the hammer poised, she said. "Repeat after me: 'I'm a slut-whore with a worthless pussy who doesn't deserve to live.'" Emily moaned, her cunt slamming hard as she impaled herself once again on Frank's overworked penis.

"I'm a slut-whore with a worthless pussy who doesn't deserve to live!" she cried. Her breasts shook as her quim kept bottoming out on Frank's dick, the wet sounds of their joined bodies indicating the primal arousal of the captured girl's snatch despite the threat to her husband's life. Frank's hands were clenched tightly into fists, gripping the sheets as he watched his beloved wife grinding on his dick.

"Please, this is wrong!" Frank groaned. "You don't have to do this. If you let us go, we won't tell anyone!" Anna gave a thin smile as she tightened her grip on the hammer.

"Oh, believe me, I know that you won't tell anyone. You won't be ALIVE to tell anyone, stupid slave." Anna slammed the hammer as hard as she could onto the mattress right next to the husband's jostling testicles. Emily and Frank gasped at the near miss, their terror spiking to an all-time high. "That was just a warning, my little pets. Now keep fucking like that. Be an enthusiastic pair of fuck-toys for us.

I want to see a good show. Think of yourselves as porn stars, and this is the most important scene of your careers." Anna put the hammer down and instead now put her hands along the beautiful contours of Emily's ass.

She fondled the girl's shapely bottom as she watched the girl's cunt fuck that cock again and again and again, loving the way Frank's overworked shaft vanished inside of the girl. Marrek stood back, marveling and just enjoying the show. It was the absolute terror and desperation of the captive couple that made his dick as hard as a slab of granite.

He looked down at his penis, veins pulsing as it stood out like a fleshy spear. Then he looked back at the frantic couple on the bed. Emily was moaning. Her gorgeous face contorted with effort as her nakedness ground madly on top of Frank. Her cunt was shaved except for a small patch of finely trimmed pubic hair. Each time that cunt descended on Frank's cock, its heavenly snugness made him grit his teeth with the effort not to come.

It was as if he instinctually knew that once he gushed for a third and final time, exhausting his supply of baby-making seed, that his usefulness to their captors would come to a terrifying end. "Isn't this sweet, honey? Look how much these two love each other," Anna purred, turning toward Marrek.

It was true. Frank just lay there, looking up into his wife's eyes with pleading and love and regret all rolled up into one chaotic mix. What did he wish he could tell her, in these, their possibly final moments? Somehow that unanswerable thought made Marrek's dick even harder.

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He motioned for Anna to come to him, then handed her his gun. "You take over guard duty," he murmured. "I want to have a little fun." Slowly he approached the frantically fucking couple from behind. He reached around the brunette's torso, cupping her beautiful young tits. "Who owns these, bitch? Answer me!" Emily squealed as he squeezed her breasts roughly. "AAAYYY!! You do, Sir! You do!" Her cunt tightened around Frank's shaft as the surge of pain from Marrek's squeeze tore through her torso and created an unexpected chain reaction of sensations.

Marrek withdrew his hands from her breasts. Now he began pumping his cock hard and fast with one hand. With the other hand he began swatting the girl's ass cheeks. He watched the girl's fuck-hole slide up and down the penis of the man she'd vowed to spend the rest of her life with—the man she truly loved.

"Do you love your husband, bitch?" "Yes," Emily moaned. Her bottom bounced in a blur of motion. She impaled herself on Frank's cock faster and more firmly than ever before. Her hips moved in time to her fervent grinding. Her breasts shook with a new level of violence. The girl's nipples were like thumb tacks, so hard and aching with primal feminine lust. "If you love him, make him CUM right now bitch. I want to see his seed oozing out of your little fuck-hole.

DO IT! Make him burst!" The pale girl humped as frantically as she'd ever humped any cock in her young life. The naked girl flew up and down Frank's straining manhood. "Cum inside me, baby. Please cum!" Emily cooed. "It's okay Frank. We have permission. AAHHH!!! I need your cum inside me, Frank. Frank! Fill my pussy!" She moaned to increase Frank's arousal, despite the appalling situation.

The girl's method worked, though. Frank groaned the most plaintive cry imaginable. His body tensed up. His torso went rigid, his balls tightening up as their last baby-making load shot like a rocket from the tip of his penis. His cock spurted a fresh batch of cum deep into his wife's pussy.

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She felt every warm drop filling her up, coating her insides with stickiness. "Oh god! Frank," she sighed, enjoying the last twitches of his shaft inside of her. Then, as the flaccid cock slid free of her soft folds, Marrek relished the sight of what came next: Frank's cum leaked in rivulets from the girl's cunt, dripping back onto Frank's pubic hair.

There it began to congeal in a sticky mess. Marrek had been pumping his cock the entire time, turned on by the desperate zeal of these two fuck-slaves. Now the sight of the cum trickling from the beautiful girl's pussy sent him over the edge. He groaned like a dying man, his cock shooting huge swaths of cum across the sexy brunette's lower back and ass cheeks. "UUGHHHH!! Fuck!

You look good glistening with my cum, bitch," Marrek growled as the last spurt shot onto her left butt cheek. He turned to Anna, picking the hammer up to hand it to her while she gave him the gun. He trained the weapon back on the couple. Emily and Frank turned to look at their captors. The young husband and wife were still panting from their exertions. Frank had sat up and now had his arms protectively around Emily, partially blocking the enviable view of her gorgeous, cum-encrusted breasts.

"Please!" Emily begged. "We've tried to do everything you've asked. Please will you…will you let us go? I swear we will tell NO ONE. I mean NO ONE. We promise." Frank nodded quickly. "Yes, we promise not to tell a soul!" Marrek grunted, ignoring the couple's pleas. Instead, he reached into his toolbox, and threw two pairs of handcuffs onto the bed. "Congratulations, fuck-toys.

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You two put on quite a show for us. I think we might make Grade-A porn stars out of you two yet! Frank, I've decided to spare your balls from the chopping block, so I expect your gratitude. Now listen up, Big Tits, I want you to handcuff your husband's wrists to the headboard." With trembling hands, Emily did what her captor told her.

Next, Marrek took out two more pairs of handcuffs. Together he and Anna now forced Emily to lay face-down on the bed, her naked body pressed against her husband's. They attached Emily's wrists to the headboard with the cuffs. Then Marrek tied the couple's ankles tightly together with rope. Taking a few steps back, Anna and Marrek folded their arms and enjoyed the view of their two helpless slaves naked and bound on the bed.

"Wh-what are you going to do now?" Emily sputtered, looking over her shoulder in fear. "Now?" Marrek chuckled. He turned to Anna. "What do you think? Should we finally let them get some sleep?" Anna nodded, but her devilish grin gave Frank and Emily little reason for hope. "Oh sure, let's." The busty redhead walked up to Emily though, her fingers sliding into Emily's slimy cunt and enjoying the way the girl clenched up around them.

She leaned down, licking Emily's cum-soaked cunt as the brunette groaned unwillingly. "Oh please! Stop!" she moaned. "Shut up, bitch. I'm tucking you in for the night," Anna purred, her tongue battering at the girl's clit until she was panting and squirming from the enjoyable assault. Then Anna shifted ever so slightly, her tongue lapping at the girl's sex as she rubbed Emily's clit with a furious dedication.

"No! Please no more!" Emily squealed. She couldn't look at her husband's gutted gaze as their female captor moved her closer to the precipice. Marrek grasped Emily by her disheveled head of hair and thrust her face downward. "My wife's tongue in your pussy must be making you horny, bitch. Show your hubby just how horny you are! Kiss your hubby like a good little cunt.

Do it or I'll brand your ass!" Emily groaned as her lips captured Frank's, and the two began kissing unwillingly. Their tongues danced and Emily's hardened nipples pressed against her husband's chest with traitorous arousal. Then, like a sudden explosion, Emily's orgasm tore through her young body. She moaned with her tongue in Frank's mouth, and her cunt's fluids rushed into Anna's waiting mouth too, gushing like a river.

Satisfied that she'd brought the girl to an embarrassing orgasm, Anna took a step back. She licked her chops. "You and your hubby better get some rest, little cunt. You're going to NEED it." She turned to her sadistic husband. "Can we have them give us a fuck-show early tomorrow morning? And afterward I want to use some of our electro-shock toys on them." Marrek's dick twitched upright, hard as a slab of iron.

"Sounds like FUN. I can't wait to administer some shocks to this little slut's nipples and clit. And while we're at it, I think I'll bring some of the other male slaves to fuck Emily hard in her pussy and ass…with Frank getting a front-row seat so he can watch every SECOND of it." Marrek grabbed Frank's head and slammed it back against the mattress.

"Sweet dreams, Frank. Think of all those hard cocks that are going to be tearing up your wife's little pussy and try not to CUM." With a dark chuckle Marrek and Anna turned to leave. "Wait!" Emily cried. "Please don't leave yet. I…I really need to pee. Please!" Anna strode back up to the naked girl on the bed. Her finger slid along the girl's slit, sending a shiver down Emily's spine. Then she slapped the girl's ass hard.

"Not my problem, cunt. If you have to go, you have to go. Piss on your hubby for all I care." Emily lay there with her cum-coated breasts crushed against her husband's chest. She tried to hold off the need to pee…but she knew it wouldn't be long now. Could this get any more degrading? She gave Frank an apologetic look. At least they had each other. The two lovers just lay there, comforted by one another's presence, but nothing could change their predicament—with nothing to do except imagine the horrors to come… THE END *Disclaimer: All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.

This story is 100% fictitious and I do not condone or approve of any of the acts depicted in real life. That said, I hope you enjoyed this dark tale of sexual domination. Remember, sometimes it's good to find a safe space to indulge your fantasies… even the darkest, most forbidden. Thank you for reading. ~Kitty