Glorious first timer Terry fucks wildly

Glorious first timer Terry fucks wildly
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My dad shouts a quick hey into my room and then follows mom to the bedroom, I grab my new book to entertain myself, I read over the things I wrote half an hour ago and feel in content about them I scratch away the thing about everyone wanting to fuck me and I scratch the part of all my sexual partners being completely loyal, I change it so I first have to say a set of magic words, I can't really think of anything so I just write down: 'Master of you commands you now', it sound cool in my head and all so I decide to do that.

I play with Sandra for a little while until I hear a shout from my parent's room and my mother comes into my room to tell me my father is all tied up. I get up and follow my mother to her room, my father is indeed in there, he's tearing at the bindings but apparently my mom is talented at laying knots, once he sees me he starts shouting at me and asking what is going on.

"I don't like your voice anymore, mom get all the different knives from the kitchen will you." I command her, mom leaves and I go with her to pick up some other stuff; salt, cloth, antibiotics, vinegar, meat hammer, grater, sandpaper, candles, clamps, lighter fuel, latex gloves, a lemon, a cutting board, large plastic sheet, wrapping foil, a lighter and a couple of bottles of beer.

My mother takes the knives to her room and I follow her back in with everything else. I empty the desk that's in the room and lay out every knife next to each other and stall out everything else. I turn to my father with the first knife and straddles his chest. "What are you going to do?" My father asks seeing me twirl the knife between my finger.

"Well like I said, I don't like your voice anymore so I'm going to make you lose it." I state.

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Suddenly I remember this thing will involve blood and get back off him, pick up the gloves pull them over my hands and jump back on him. "This is going to be fun, dad, just some bonding." I say with probably the biggest grin ever on my face. I grab his jaw and force it open and take out his tongue. I pull it out as far as I can, putt the knife against it and pull his tongue over it severing it.

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My dad shouts in pain but because his tongue is missing it just sounds as loud mumbling. "Great that's much better now I can think." I say putting the knife back and thinking of something I forgot. "Mom, get me an oven box with alcohol and bring duct tape too." I command her my mother scurries off and I walk to my dead and punch his lights out for now.


I untie him drag him of the bed, and cover the bed in the plastic sheet. I tie my father back up after that and see my mother come back with the requested items. I toss the used knife in the box and wait for my father to wake up, all the time I think out several things to do. When my father wakes up again I get up from a chair I had brought in and look at him.

I think of Sandra and mom who are in the other room, they shouldn't see this, not because I think he should die but I will feel bad about it but I don't want to expose them not yet, Sandra's too young and my mom doesn't have to see her husband die gruesomely. "Now dad, don't think this is because of some reason in the past, this is solely for my entertainment and because you don't fit In my idea of a nice live." I say and I pick my next toy of favor: the meat hammer.

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I don't say anything but I grab his hairy balls hold them up in my hand and slam the hammer down on them, hard enough to crash them but not hard enough so he bleeds. My father once again blurs out some word and I look up.

"You should be quiet, you're giving mom and Sandra a big scare." I calmly state and I duct tape his mouth shut.

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I grab a thin candle, grab his small cock and press it into his piss hole, it goes hard but I don't actually care for his pain so I just press on and on. Finally the entire candle is in and I go on with the next thing. I put 3 clamps on his smashed up balls and grab a small vegetable knife.

"Alright, time to teach you something multicultural, the Chinese invented a torture technique called the 1000 cuts, it's real simple you know, I'll show it to you." I explain and I draw the first cut.

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It's not deep and on his chest. "Let's see how much I can do." I laugh and I start making similar small cuts all over his body. When I reach 500 my father is screaming under the tape. "I'm surprised we got this far, come on dad just 500 more and then we'll do something else." I say with a smile, before I can carry on there's a knock on the door.

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I walk over and open the door just a bit, outside is my mother and Sandra. "Master we're getting hungry and we know you're busy and all but can we get something?" They ask. "Sure go and pick up Chinese and bring some for me to." I react, both smile and I give my mother some clothes to make sure they don't go out naked. I hear the door slam and turn back to my dad.

I manage to finish the last 500 cuts before the girls get back, I have dinner with them and tell them both they can decide on what to do tonight. After my dinner I go back in the room and put a pair of fresh gloves on.

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"Alright for my next trick I will show you the potential effects of vinegar and salt combined. I explain, I grab a larger knife pour vinegar all over it and then putt salt on that. I turn back to my father and make a cut, the vinegar burns is the wound and my father starts tossing around, I make several other cuts before I toss the knife in the box of alcohol, right now I'm up to 3 used knifes.

"Alright lessons are over, now for something fun and different." I react and I grab the meat cleaver, with it I start cutting up his fingers and toes. Then I proceed with smashing most of the bones in his body. I carry on the entire night, just cutting, slicing, and smashing until I finally feel satisfied. "Alright dad, for my final tortureafter that I kill you I will take away the last 2 things you have left: your manliness and your anal virginity." I react, I grab hold of the last knife, a crude bread knife and start sawing at his dickthe blood splashes all over my naked chest and face, when finally his dick comes off I simply stuff it in his mouth.

Then I proceed with turning him around on his stomach. I grab my dick that actually got hard by the torture, spread his as cheeks and stuff my cock up his ass. My dad cries out and I start pounding inside of him, a stream of blood trickles down my cock as I pound away until I feel the excitement from earlier and the tightness of his ass forcing me to shoot inside his colon. I pull my cock out and look at it, it's covered in shit and blood.

"I'll have to ask mom to clean this up. But first" I state with another sadist smile on my face.


I turn my father around one last time. I straddles his chest like I did once before and make fists, then I start ramming away into his face, I land punch after punch into him until his face is just a bloody pulp made up from skull, brains and meat.


I finally see the light shimmer out in his eyes, once I see that I stop and just get off him, roll him up in the plastic and leave the room, both woman are sleeping in my room but before I have mom clean up my cock I first grab the book one last time today, I open it and grab a pen, I write: "The body of my father disappear, no one wonders where he went." After that I wake my mother up and push my still erect cock in her face.

"Clean it up." I command.

"But it's covered in shit and blood." She argues. "Well, then clean it." I command again. With a simple yes master She starts sucking on it, after only a few bobs on my cock it's clean but I have her suck me off until I cum one final time inside her mouth today.

I fill my mother's mouth with my seed and force her to swallow it, after which I lay down next to Sandra grab her waist and press my soft fuckpole between her legs.