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Gay porno tube emo boys first time Lucky for him  wild Colby is more
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Matt and I looked at each other at the table, smirks of eagerness on our faces. It was just me and him in a room with four ladies tonight. Well, I had Lisa, who was great with me, but Matt was up to his head in pussy.

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As we sat eating our dinner, I asked, "Should I do it?" "Do what?" he asked back. "You know, do her in front of the girls." "Well, they won't get mad. They'll just get horny. Just disregard their presence; they're attention whores." "Well, they're just whores. Shoulda seen that. Shit. I wanna piss them off." "They're leaving tomorrow night. Just get 'em tomorrow morning." "Fine." I thought fucking Lisa in front of the bitches would tick em off or something.

I didn't know they were obsessed with cock. This sucks. "Joe! Joe!" I looked behind, and saw my little sister at the bottom of the stairs. She looked funny. "What's up?" I asked. "I found this bottle under the bed in your room. What's this brown juice?" She found the spitter I had to stash.

Fuck. "Uugh, its just old Gatorade that sat there. It does that." "It smells like peach, I didn't know they had a peach flavor!" "Yep, brand new. Just toss it quick." And the damage was done. The second it was thrown into the trash, I felt the hands of the one and only Lisa grasp my shoulders. "Honestly?" she whispered into my ears. "It was the same one you stopped me using.

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I promise." "I don't believe that." I thought for a second as she stared at me straight in the eyes, without moving a muscle.

"Do you trust me?" I asked her. She didn't respond, rather walking away back to the living room. FUCK. "And there goes my shot at revenge. I think they're pissed though. Enjoy sex tonight." I said to Matt. "Will do sire. Enjoy sleeping alone." "Go fuck yourself." "Yep. Can I borrow your lighter tonight?" "Sure bro. Just for you." And after that, I went upstairs, grabbed my bag and pc, and headed into my living room. It was just Lisa and I sitting on opposite sides of the room, each on a makeshift bed the girls had set up.

I was on one that was in a group of two, and Lisa was on a bed that was grouped with three others. I think you can understand why. I lay down, stared at the ceiling, walked over, and dumped out my bag on her bed. The rest of my tins fell with my spare clothes I had for tonight. She looked me in the eyes, half-smiled, and walked away. Bitch. "Bro, are you kidding? That's the rest of the dip for this week! Where are we supposed to go now, the store down the street?" Matt asked.

"Go for it dude. I quit." I said. "Lisa's more important right now." "Pussy." He said back. I grabbed a tin, chucked it at him, and caught him straight in the upper lip. I think it hurt.

"Are you kidding me?" He proclaimed. "I will enjoy this." "Dip causes mouth cancer, duh." I pointed out. I had now argued and attempted to make up with everyone so far, but the girls. And, I didn't plan on it either. They don't deserve to be in my house. I hate them.

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Why did my sister invite them? I sat there motionless, unsure of my damaged relationship with my best friend Lisa. Literally, I let my body breathe, and do what it needed, but I just lay there, doing nothing. I just didn't give a shit. Christmas was worthless if Lisa was mad, and she was key to pissing off the girls. I missed her already. I pulled out my phone, and it read nine o'clock.

Any day now, we can chill down here. I was anxious of what could happen, but flustered. It seems more and more now likely that this was all dip and my sister's fault. I hung there for about fifteen more minutes, then I went to look for everyone. Matt was showering in my parents' floor's shower, my sister was in my shower, and the girls were getting in their pajamas.

Matt walked out as I headed down from the top floor. "God damn I'm horny." He said. "They're getting into pajamas, not looking good for you bro." "I don't think that's bad. Maybe they're extra skimpy or something." "Go get dressed. I'm heading back." "WOOO!" He walked away and slapped my ass. He was a little too excited. I laid back down on the same bed I was on before, ready to hang out finally with Lisa and the girls. Matt jumped on the bed next to mine, shirtless.

"At least make an attempt to make this feel random. Put a damn shirt on." "Fine. What, is it your period?" "You bet." He ran back up, got a blank tee, and came back. We waited for a while.


It was nearing ten o'clock. "Bedtime!" My mom yelled. "Ok!" We yelled back. And finally, the girls arrived.

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Lisa had on my flannel pajama pants, and a school tee shirt. The rest of the girls wore bright colored sweatpants and college tee shirts. They jumped onto their beds, and laughed in a really cliche giggle.

"Lights OUT! And don't you dare sneak out!" My dad screamed. "Deal!" I yelled. I went and turned out all of the surrounding rooms lights, the kitchen lights, and the porch lights, then walked back into the living room. One lamp was on, and when I went to get it, I saw all four girls sitting on Matt's bed, with Matt. One was behind him, touching his back and shit, the other two acted real flirty, and Lisa took a seat on the corner of the cushion. "You guys smoke?" Matt asked the girls.

"Eww, cigarettes are groooooss." Jane said, flamboyant in protest. It took all I could to not break into laughter, but I did let out a snort, just to get them ticked, a bit. I covered my face, turned around, and sat on the ground, with my back to the girls' beds.

I looked at Lisa, who looked back, unsure of her feelings. She held her head in her hand, looking at the ground and me simultaneously. I pulled out my phone, and typed 'srry' and sent it to Lisa. Ten seconds later, she got it, got up, and sat down next to me. We kinda just sat there watching the four of them do weird shit. We glanced back at each other a couple of times when one of the girls did something funny.


She casually played at my right hand with her left as we watched. The girls were so fucking dumb and weird, it was so entertaining. I could tell though Lisa was getting kind of antsy while we sat there, so I flashed her my pipe. She looked down, bit her lip, and looked back at me, nodding. She led me to the back room, and pulled a window up.

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I gave her the pipe and my light. "Thank you. These girls are killing me." Lisa said, then took a hit. "Why did you invite them?" She exhaled, and said, "They're my friends normally. They're just acting weird around you. They think you're cute and have no idea we fucked." I inhaled, and exhaled, and said, "I want to get them mad.

You wanna help?" "Gladly." We each took a couple more hits till it was empty, and I emptied it out the window. We walked back in, and I put my stuff in my bag. They were taking turns making out with Matt as he lay down on the bed, rubbing against him furiously. His massive boner was hard to miss. "ATTA BOY!" I whispered, trying to keep it down so my parents didn't hear. I stood up by where Lisa lay, getting used to the weed she just smoked, unbeknownst to her three friends and Matt.

I was high as shit, and I needed to close my eyes. I laid down next to her, and she curled into my shoulder. I lifted up my arm with minimal effort, allowing her to snuggle into me.

I grabbed one of the blankets, moved the pillows closer, threw off my socks, and got ready to sleep. I wanted to take advantage of my incredible high, but I would get high in the morning from falling asleep now. Lisa felt the same way. Even though we didn't do anything too risque, we were going to do plenty to piss off the terrible trio.

I reached over to the one lamp, turned it off, and quickly got to na na land, without being disturbed by the loud fornicating ten feet away. I woke up at about seven, and found Lisa next to me, curled up. I looked over to the other guys, who were all dressed back in their pajamas, but all in uncomfortable, passed out positions.

All of the sudden, Matt shot up out of sleep, and looked straight at me. I'm sure I looked shocked out of my mind, because he grinned at me. "Did you guys fuck?" I asked, quietly.

"We were, late too. But, like, someone was coming downstairs in the middle of it, so we all got dressed quick. I was down to keep going but they were too scared to keep going. Not even a bj under covers or something. What happened to you two?" "She's kinda annoyed with her friends, so we just chilled, smoked, and slept. We were gonna piss em off but I don't know if that's happening. Had to be done when they're awake." "Get ready then." "What?" Right after I asked, he started to pull Jane's sweatpants off.

I got back on the bed, and woke Lisa up politely. "They're waking up in a couple of minutes." "Just do something. I don't feel like moving." "Okay." I pulled down Lisa's pants, and pulled off mine, so I was just in a t-shirt and underwear.

I pulled off her panties, took off my boxers, and started to lick her pussy. She moaned silently, and had her hands play with my hair. I lapped, mixing rhythms and where I licked, and could taste her getting ready. She was pulling my hair harder the wetter she got, and her moans got louder and louder. "Shhhh." I said, after stopping. I was just as horny as she was, so I pulled up the cover, covering most of both us, so others couldn't see.

I got in place to fuck her missionary, rubbed up and down her slit a little, and pushed in with ease. I straightened my back a bit to examine my work, and looked at Lisa, who had that look. "You high again?" I asked, and she bit her lip in a smirk. As I went faster, my heart pounded harder, making my body get higher, quicker.

I slowed down after a minute to enjoy the high. Our plan had worked, and we could finally fuck when we were high. Instead of straightening back up, I got down to kind of hug Lisa, while fucking her. We made out there for a while, or it felt like a while.

We both had no grasp of time, and we went at it for what seemed like forever. What felt like a long time into, I felt my head get out torn out of my liplock by Cassie, and I looked at her, dumbfounded and in pain, since she had a huge thing of hair tightly gripped in her hand.

She slapped me as hard as she could, and I flew across the put-together beds, due to my weightlessness. Lisa yanked her covers back to her neck, and whispered, "What the hell?" "You know we all love Joe!

We're stuck her getting our rocks off with this fucking stoner and you're doing Joe outta nowhere!" She said back in a hushed voice. "We fucked before you guys even got here, and once while you were! It isn't random at all. Jesus, are you okay?" She put a warm hand over my slap mark, which stung tremendously.

I looked at Cassie in an eat-shit, i'm-with-her look, and put my head on Lisa's shoulder. "Shit, someone's coming!" Matt whispered. I stumbled, high out of my mind, to put my sweats back on.

I handed Lisa hers under the covers, and stood there in the middle of the room. I did it. They were more pissed then I had anticipated.