Beautiful blonde teen fucked in lingerie jillian janson

Beautiful blonde teen fucked in lingerie jillian janson
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Fbailey story number 458 My Sister Tonya When my sister Tonya turned thirteen years old she changed overnight. She instantly went from a little girl to a young woman. She threw out her 'boy band' posters, her dolls, and her stuffed animals.

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Mom basically bought her a new wardrobe. Tonya started wearing makeup, painting her fingernails, and styling her hair. Her taste in music and movies changed. I could not believe the change in her. Tonya started wearing sexy neglig?

with matching panties around the house at night. When Mom started doing it too I enjoyed it immensely.

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Most of their nighties were see through. Mom has nice tits but Tonya's aren't too bad either. All of their bras were sexy and all of their panties were thong. I would always see them in their underwear as they changed their clothes. Mom allowed Tonya to date boys my age. They were my friends and classmates.

Then they started telling me what she had let them get away with on their dates. Feeling her boobs was apparently a given and not just through her shirt or bra either.

Everyone said that they got to squeeze her tits and tweak her nipples. About half of the boys told me that they got to finger her pussy too. However, none had claimed that they had fucked her, probably because they know that I would ask her. So about two months after her birthday Tonya went out on a date and I stayed home with Mom.

She put on one her see through neglig?, a white one, and then she ordered a pizza for us. I though that was kind of funny but then I figured that she would have me pay for it when it arrived. Then Mom turned to me and said, "I know that you like me in these outfits but would you like to see me answer the door in it? Your father used to enjoy it when I was an exhibitionist. Your sister takes after me. In fact it was her idea that we start dressing like this for you in the evenings." I had a really puzzled look on my face so Mom asked, "You do like seeing us like this don't you?" I replied, "Yes." Mom asked, "Would you like me to answer the door like this so that the deliveryman gets a good look too, or would you like to answer the door and keep me all to yourself?" I replied, "I think I would like to see his expression." Mom smiled and said, "Okay honey.

Should I take my panties off?" I replied, "I don't think you need too. They aren't really covering anything." I thought for a moment and then added, "But you can take them off afterwards if you like." Mom said, "Honey, this is not about what I want. If you want me to take them off after the pizza arrives, I will. If you want me to remove my nightie too, I will just for you. In fact if you want your sister and I to be nude around you at all times then we will be.

All you have to do is ask." I asked, "Did Dad tell you to do stuff like that?" Mom smiled and said, "Yes honey, he did, all the time. He liked it when I didn't wear a bra and my nipples got hard. He liked me in short dresses without panties too, especially when I reached up for something high or bent down for something low." I though for a moment and asked, "What about miniskirts?" Mom smiled and said, "They are okay but with a dress when I raise my arms my pussy shows." I then asked, "So this was mostly my sister's idea?" Mom replied, "Yes, but only after we talked about it and I told her about your father and I.

She liked the idea of flashing." I asked, "Do you know that Tonya lets all of the guys play with her tits and half of them get to play with her pussy too?" Mom smiled and said, "You can do that to your sister to if you want too.

She won't mind. I won't mind either. Not only can you touch us both but you can do a whole lot more if you want too." Just as I was about to ask Mom what else I could do her, the doorbell rang. I changed seats to get a better view, then watched as Mom opened the door.

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She smiled at the guy and said that she had to get her purse. Then she invited him in. Mom was in no hurry as she walked to her purse and carried it back to stand before the man. She took the pizza and sat it on the table before getting the money.

Then she asked him how much it was and counted out exact change for him, right down to the penny, taking her time doing so. Then she handed him a nice tip besides. She showed him to the door and I could tell that he didn't want to go.

He was standing in the doorway when he turned around to look at her again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card for that pizza shop. He turned it over and wrote his name on it, then handed it to her. He said, "The next pizza is on me ma'am." After his car pulled away Mom asked, "Did that excite you as much as it did me?" Then Mom came over and slipped my hand inside her panties and into her slit.

She was really wet. She said, "You and he did that to me. I love exposing myself. Plus we have a free pizza coming now too." I said, "Mom please take off your panties and your nightie for me." Mom smiled and pulled it off as if she had just been waiting for me to ask.

About halfway through my first piece of pizza I asked, "Mom, what else can I do to you and Tonya?" Mom smiled and said, "Anything that you would like to do to us. You are the man of the house and basically you have two wives if you want us. Your sister really wants you to take her virginity so that she can start letting other boys fuck her." I asked, "Really?" Mom said, "Yes honey, I told her that my brother took my virginity and that she should give you her virginity." I asked, "Can I really fuck you, Mom?" Mom smiled and said, "Come with me.

I can heat that pizza up later." Mom took me up to my bedroom. She then undressed me. My cock was hard. She put me on my bed and turned me so that I was lying on my back.

Then Mom got over top of me, straddled me, and then she slipped my hard cock up into her pussy as she sat down on it. She ground her hips into me and started moving up and down my body.

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All of a sudden I tensed up. Mom smiled and said, "Just let it go honey. I'll take care of the mess. Squirt it in me. In fact, squirt all of your cum in your sister or me from now on. No more jerking off, okay." I looked up at her tits moving around and started squirting.

Mom's pussy kept milking me like I have done with my hand in the past. When I finished Mom slid off and sucked my cock clean. She said, "Don't go away, I'll be right back." Mom returned with a nice warn washcloth and washed my cock really good. Then she used it to wash her pussy too. She even poked it up inside her pussy with her fingers and then pulled it back out.

Mom said, "Thank you honey, I really needed that. You can fuck me anytime, you can wake me up in the middle of the night, or you can just sleep with me if you want too.


That goes for your sister too." I asked, "Are you sure that I can fuck Tonya and sleep with her if I want too?" Mom said, "I'm positive. You can ask her when she comes home." I asked, "What else can I do?" Mom smiled and asked, "What else would you like to do to us? Don't be afraid.

Ask for anything. Tonya and I already agreed that we would do it." I looked at her. At fifteen I certainly had thoughts about sex.


So I asked, "Hand jobs, blowjobs, anal, and tittie fucking." Mom replied, "Yes, yes, yes, and yes. And with your sister too." I asked, "Will you suck my cock, Mom?" She said, "Sure honey." Then she got on the bed with me. Her pussy was just above my face and her mouth was on my cock sucking away.

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I looked up at the first pussy that I had ever seen. I touched it with my fingers, I opened it up, and I looked inside where my cock had been earlier. Mom stopped sucking me to say, "You can lick it if you want too but you don't have too.

Tonya will do that when she comes home. You can watch. Your father liked to watch me with another girl." Then Mom went right back to her sucking. It didn't take me long to cum in her mouth. We were still in my bed when Tonya came home and shouted out for us. Mom simple called out, "We're in your brother's bedroom. Come up." Tonya entered my room and smiled as she saw Mom and I naked in bed together.

Mom asked, "So how was your date?" Tonya replied, "He was a total moron. That jerk will never abuse my tits again. They're probably black and blue." Then Tonya removed her top to show us. Mom said, "Your brother wants to know if he can fuck all of your holes, your tits, and sleep with you too." Tonya replied, "Sure, but I don't know if my tits are big enough yet, but you can certainly try." Mom said, "I think he wants us naked around him too." Tonya smiled and took off her skirt and panties as she kicked off her shoes.

Then she asked, "Can I keep my earrings in?" I said, "Yes, as long as they don't cover up your body too much." Tonya jumped in bed with Mom and I and then asked, "So which hole would you like to start with? I saved them all for you, so you can take your pick." I just said, "Your pussy." Tonya asked, "Do you want to be on top?" I looked at Mom and then said, "Nope, you can be on top." Tonya smiled and swung her leg over me in what Mom called 'the reverse cowgirl' position.

It let Tonya have more control getting it into her pussy while at the same time giving me a great view of her puckered asshole.

Once she got into the swing of things she rammed her pussy onto my cock pretty hard and pretty deep. She leaned down onto my legs and brushed her hard nipples on my knees. I watched her asshole pucker tightly then relax and smooth out. I watched my cock as her pussy lips stretched over it as she pulled off and then her pussy lips tried to tuck themselves up inside her as she came back down on it.

I was so engrossed on watching my cock going into her that I hardly realized that I was ready to cum when she cried out "I'm cumming." I started thrusting up into her with an urgency that caused me to cum with her.

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Mom said, "Don't go away, I'll be right back." She returned with another warn washcloth and washed my cock then she used it to wash Tonya's pussy. Mom said, "Your brother would like to see us make love." Mom swung her leg over Tonya and they got into a very nice sixty-nine. Each one was sucking my cum out of the other one. It was special to watch, and as I watched them making love, I realized that I did indeed have two wives at my disposal. I was the luckiest fifteen-year-old boy ever.

I also had the sexiest thirteen-year-old sister ever. I was not even concerned that she would be letting my friends fuck her soon, because I had been there first. I also had Mom and no one was getting Mom away from me. The End My Sister Tonya 458

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