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Blonde chick gagging on hard fat cock
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Cynthia and Vivian's First Webcast Note: This takes place between Chapter 19 and Chapter 20. Follows the characters of Cynthia and Vivian from Chapter 1. "I think we're set, Viv," Cynthia said as she fiddled with the webcam, aiming it at our bed. A long cable connected the webcam to my laptop, I didn't know what it was called, but the Geek Squad member assured me it was the cable we needed.

"How does it look?" I was sitting on the bed, my laptop before me. The cable worked. The image showed our entire bed and me in my white merry widow lingerie trimmed with pink fuzz and matching, white fishnets attached to the merry widow's garters.

The merry widow's corset lifted up my breasts and gave me a nice, expansive cleavage that jiggled with every breath. The corset was so low cut I threatened to pop out if I stood up to quickly. My brown hair had a tousled, just fuck look about it and I thought I looked sexy as hell. Cynthia was wearing a hot, black babydoll that was sheer enough that I could see her nipples through the fabric, and the tiger tattoo that ran across her stomach and onto her ass.

The tail of the tiger curled around her left breast. Cynthia was a beautiful, wild woman, her black hair cut short, in a punkish style. Combined with her nose and eyebrow piercing, transformed her into a hungry vixen.

And it wasn't just for show, she was wild in the sack.

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This last week had been a dream, ever since I popped into the Starbucks, last Thursday, and met Mark. He was the most commanding human being I had ever met. He seemed like an average, slightly overweight, guy in his late twenties. Short brown hair, dressed terribly in a t-shirt with a fraying hem and khaki pants. His face was round with fat, but his eyes were this intense, piercing blue.

And his voice. A commanding bass, that vibrated through your body and reached into your soul and you became putty in his hand. I was growing wet just thinking about Mark. Ever since I made love to Cynthia in the Starbucks, I realized that I was a lesbian.

I was raised a pretty conservative Calvinist and never thought I had a gay bone in my body. Now, I had become completely turned off from men, except for Mark. He was the sexiest person alive. Even my Sweet Sin, as I called Cynthia, who is the love of my life, wasn't quite as sexy as Mark.

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"You want to please me, don't you?" Mark had asked, "Nothing would make you happier than to please me." And he was right. For the next hour or so, Mark fucked me, fucked Cynthia, and Mary, the other girl that worked at the Starbucks. And in the midst of this orgy, as I was fucking Cynthia, Mark helped me to realized just how much I loved Cynthia.

And my Sweet Sin realized how much she loved me. I moved into Cynthia's apartment that very day. Cynthia had last weekend off, and we spent the entire time in bed and she taught me all the ways I could please a woman. Fingers, lips, toys, and other ways. Lying in bed, Sunday night, I remembered what Mark had suggest to us. "Stream your lovemaking," he suggested. It was such a naughty thought, letting strangers watch our love making, that I got wet just thinking about it.

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So, we needed a camera, a good one. But, we had to wait until Friday when Cynthia got her paycheck from Starbucks. So, after she got off work today, we cashed her check and bought a great webcam and a tripod for it.

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The webcam was really just a camcorder, but it had a great mike on it and the Geek Squad nerd at Bestbuy assured us it was perfect for streaming. While waiting to get our webcam, I did some research learned we could make some good money on a streaming website.

So, I signed us up for and created a profile. Feeling extra naughty, I used our real first names. I then set up the profile while Cynthia setup the webcam. Everything looked ready to go. Feeling excited, my hand trembling in anticipation, I clicked the broadcast button and started the stream. "We're live, Sin!" I said excitedly to Cynthia.

"Excellent," Cynthia purred and crawled onto the bed and kissed me, her tongue lightly flicking across my lips before she broke the kiss. I pulled out my phone and sent Mark a text message. Mark asked us to text him when we stream so he could watch. "Cool, Mare and I and a few others going to watch!

*-)" he texted back. Well at least we had someone watching. That was both of our greatest fear that we would start streaming and no one would watch. We would just sit here, for hours, waiting for someone to watch us. Just knowing Mark was going to watch reassured me. I hoped he had some great cums watching us make love. We stretched out on the bed, Cynthia behind me, and the naughty girl was kissing and biting at my neck while I watched the laptop sitting on the bed next to us.

There was a ding and someone was watching us. My pussy got wet. "Hi," I purred. "I'm Vivian, and this is my girlfriend, Cynthia." "Me and my gal are going to make you cum so hard," Cynthia purred. dirtydong69 typed, "TITS!!!!

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SEE TITS!!!" Cynthia gave a wicked laugh and popped my right breast out of the corset, gave my nipple a gentle bite, and the put my tit back in the cup. "Want to see us fuck, 5 credits for a private show." I typed into the chat, "Need ten people to chip in 5 credits, then we'll go private." dirtydong69 instantly sent us a credit.

"LICK HER ASS!!!" accompanied his donation. "I will, dirtydong," I purred. We got another 5 credits from master_mark19. "hi its mark, mary watchnig to. can't wait 4 the show!! glhf" "We'll give you two a good show," I purred. "How're you doing?" "were engaged," master_mark19 typed. "How wonderful!" Cynthia exclaimed. "You're a much better guy than that asshole Mike. Would you believe he tried to fuck me once while Mary was changing in the restroom." "i new he was cheating ahole!

-mary," Mary typed on master_mark19's account. "SHOW PUSSY!" sluttymargie69 typed. "I luv dykes!!" bigcockpete100 typed, "love to shove my big <====3 in them *-)" In five minutes, we had ten users who chipped in 5 credits, and more were coming in. "We go private in five minutes," I purred. "If you want to see Cynthia eat my ass, or watch me fuck her with this!" I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a big, purple dildo attached to a strap-on harness, "Then chip in your credits!" "fuck yeh!

give that bitch hard!" booklover81 typed. "you gals hot! TITS!" typed titsman32. "SHOW TITTIES!!" "measurments?" assvader19 typed. "32C," I answered, "and Cynthia's a 32B" "how carpet?" booklover81 typed.

"yeah, shaved, hairy?" sluttymargie69 asked. "luv to eat hairpie! *-)" "I'm shaved and pierced," Cynthia purred. "Vivian's got a nice, brown carpet. Well groomed." "already fapping!" assvader19 chatted.

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"~~<==3" "TITS!!" chatted aceofpoon77. "showthem melns!!!!" "Only if you chip in five credits, aceofpoon," I said. "We go private in a minute, so get those credits in." aceofpoon77 chipped in five credits and, "TIIIITTTSSS!!1" as his comment. sluttymargie69 typed, "playimg wiht my puss!!!

typig 1 hnd" "Here we go, guys," I purred and hit the private show button, and moved the laptop to the nightstand. "Me and my girlfriend are going to fuck each other silly!

Hope you all enjoy the show and cum lots of times!" Cynthia wasted no time, she was on me the moment I sat the laptop down. Her lips pressed on mine, sticking her tongue into my mouth while her hand slid down and popped my breast out of the corset, again. Her fingers teased my hard little nipple. I wrapped my arms around Cynthia's body, and squeezed her ass through her flimsy panties.

My pussy was dripping with juices, soaking through the crotch of my panties. Cynthia broke the kiss and I moaned, "Umm, Sin, suck on my hard little nips!" I called Cynthia "Sweet Sin" because sinning was never sweeter than with her. I gasped as Cynthia sucked my nipple into her mouth. I arched my neck in pleasure and glanced at the laptop. The chat was exploding with comments. They flew by so fast, it was hard to read. But people seemed excited.

Cynthia's fingers hooked into my white panties and started sliding them off. I wore them over the garters. Cynthia loved me in garters and stockings, and nothing else.

I lifted my ass up to help my girlfriend take my panties off. On the camera, a good shot of my furry pussy could be seen and I kept my legs spread as Cynthia sniffed my panties, inhaling my strong, tangy flavor. "Who wants me to stick these in her naught mouth!" Cynthia purred.

"fuck yeah!" assvader19 typed. "five more creds for that" sluttymargie69 chimed in, "tht so nasyt my puss go two cum" Cynthia roughly shoved the panties into my mouth, the silky fabric drinking the moisture and felt wicked on my tongue. I could taste myself on my panties, a heady flavor that added to my excitement.

I watched on the webcam as Cynthia started stroking my furry cunt. "I'm going to eat her naughty little cunt for all of you," she purred. "Viv's going to cum so hard you'll feel it through the screen!" I screamed in pleasure as Cynthia's tongue licked up my cunt, from the bottom of my slit up to my clit! Her tongue dug into my pussy hole and her finger captured my hard clit, pinching it between her fingers.


I popped my other tit out of the merry widow's corset and played with my nipples as I writhed in pleasure. She was sucking, licking, and teasing every part of my pussy.

My sensitive, little clit, my engorged pussy lips, and inside my vaginal canal. Cynthia put a pillow under my ass, suddenly, and spread my legs wider.


On the screen my asshole could be seen, winking brown, and then Cynthia's tongue was licking that dirty hole. Chat exploded on the screen and more donations came in. Cynthia worked her tongue up into my asshole, fucking it in and out of my tight hole as she continued pinching my clit. assvader19: "tonge dat ass!!! fappin hard" cocknballz: "stokin hard!! fuk you cuntz hot!!" aceofpoon77: "luv rimming! iwsh yu sluts were lickn mi ass!!" I wanted to shout, to cry out how amazing my Sweet Sin was, how much I loved her, but my panties muffled all my words.

Cynthia's tongue felt so amazing up my ass. My passion was building and building inside me. Cynthia was the fire, heating up the pressure cooker in my womb. Every lick, every touch, every filthy comment in the chat was stoking my lust. biguy44: "eat dat ass!" petitebitch3: "got dildo up my ass rigt now!" sluttymargie69: "so hawt, licking my cream off my fingers!" assvader19: "my cum splattered my monitor!

worth it!! ~~<==3" mark_master19: "mary just came on sisters face!" titsman32: "spooged hard, ty :)" The pressure cooker exploded inside me and I bucked and writhed. My vision darkened and stars swam before my vision as I screamed as loud as I could.


My back arced a second time as another orgasm rolled through me. Cynthia wasn't stopping her ass tonguing, her agile tongue was shoved up my ass, wigging around.

Then she slipped a finger up my cunt and I writhed as multiple orgasms rolled through my body. It seemed to last forever, an eternity of pleasure at the hands of my lover. Then Cynthia was pulling the panties out of my mouth. "Have a good one, Viv?" she asked.

"Had a good few, Sweet Sin," I answered and kissed her. "I love you." "Love you, too, slut," Cynthia answered. "USE STRAPON!!!!!" aceofpoon77 typed. "fuk dat sluts ass!" posted biguy44. "i luv to get fuk by a strap-on bitch!!

maybe you can fuk me? kik me pls" I grabbed the strap-on. "You guys want me to strap-on this big dildo and fuck my Sweet Sin up the ass?" assvader19: "hel yeh!" sluttymargie69: "ream her shitter :)" blackmac: "wish my big dick was up ur ass!

fappin now" "All right, boys!" I purred, sliding the harness up my legs, strapping it on tight, making sure the dildo was pressing on my clitoris. I glanced back at the chat. "im a girl :(" sluttymargie69 wrote. "suk it suk it!" was posted by booklover81. "not just boyz here" petitebitch3 typed. "fuk her fuck her fuck hre!" assvader19 added. I grabbed Cynthia, and roughly forced her head down and shoved the dildo into her mouth. Cynthia liked it rough, and chat exploded as I pretended to rape her mouth.

Cynthia pretend to struggle, but I could see how much she loved it in her eyes. She was a wild, randy bitch and I loved her so much. I was so glad we could share this experience together. "Suck it, bitch!" I yelled. "Suck my cock, you fucking bitch!" I grabbed the sides of her head and began to mouth fuck her. Cynthia put her hands against my thighs. On the stream, it looked like she was trying to push away from, struggling to resist my furious face fucking.

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The dildo felt nice as it rubbed on my clit. It was more pleasurable than I thought. It was almost like she was sucking my cock, like could almost feel her lips on me. When the dildo was good and wet with her spit, I pulled out of her mouth and threw her down on the bed. I ripped off her flimsy black panties and threw them to the floor and then I spread her ass cheeks. I stared at her puckered, brown hole, then bent down and sucked on her ass, delighting in the sour flavor as I swirled my tongue on her tight hole.

Then I pushed my tongue into her asshole. Her sphincter resisted for a moment, and then I was in her ass, spreading my spit to help lube her up. I loved every part of my Sweet Sin, including her asshole, and I was enjoying eating her out. "Mhh, fuck me!" Cynthia moaned. "I need it, in my ass! Please, Viv, I need it so bad! I'm such a disgusting slut!" I rose up, my breasts dragging across her ass and back, her skin silk against my hard nipples.

I spread her ass, placed the dildo at her puckered entrance and shoved it in. I knew Cynthia could handle it, she has had bigger things shoved up her backdoor. I pushed the dildo all the way into her ass, Cynthia moaning like a slut the entire time. And then I drew back and shoved it in. Over and over, going faster and faster as her ass relaxed.

"Fuck my ass!" Cynthia moaned. "Umm, I love something big and hard is shoved up there!" "I love shoving things in my Sweet Sin's ass!" I purred. "It's such a well used hole!" Cynthia laughed, throatily. "That it is! A very well used hole!" I fucked Cynthia's ass hard, the dildo pushed deliciously against my clit on the downward strokes.


My breasts rubbed up and down on Cynthia's back and more delicious pleasure tingled through me every time my hard nipples rubbed against Cynthia's back. I fucked faster and faster, panting from the exertion.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Cynthia chanted over and over as I reamed her ass. "My ass! Fuck, fuck, fuccck! Keep fucking me, Viv!" "Take it, Sin!" I moaned. "Take it my Sweet Sin! Take it in your slutty ass!" I glanced at the chat. Comments were flying across the screen: "fuk dat bitch!" "wish that was my cock!" "fappin so hard" "fck her but!" "think i'm in luv! want 1 of you to fuk my ass wile the oter suks my cock!" "vibs up my tawt hummin way" "luv srtapon dykes!!!!" "cam so hatd, likcin cum of my fngers!!" "~~<===3" "nasty asscunts!!!!" "luv it!!!

fuck dat slut hrd!!!" Their comments spurred me on and I fucked her harder. "Yes, yes, oh fuck yes!" Cynthia moaned. "I'm cumming! Oh, you're making me cum, Viv!

Yes! Yes!" I kept on fucking her. Every plunge brought me closer to my orgasm. Every time my nipples rubbed along her back, I grew closer and closer to that sweet release. I was getting so close, so close. I just needed a few more strokes. In and out, in and out, in and out, in. My pussy exploded. Muscles contracted, my body spasmed in pleasure and I collapsed on my girlfriends back.

I howled, wordlessly, as the intense orgasm robbed me of control over my body. This was so fucking hot! I've never had two mind-blowing orgasms in one sessions. Fuck, it had to be the webcam, knowing all these people jerking off and cumming as they watched me fuck my Sweet Sin's ass. God, it was such a fucking high. I knew Sin and I would be doing this again and again. "That was amazing, Viv," Cynthia purred. I kissed her cheek and looked to the chat. "What should we do next, boys and girls?" I asked as sultry as possible and smiled as chat was flooded with ever nastier suggestions.