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Sexy teen loves a big cock in her tight ass
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I had arrived home earlier in the week, from my fly in /fly out job, So lucky to have a roster of eight days on and six days off, but my lover come mistress worked on a different site, her roster was two weeks on and one week off, my flight home was always early in the morning, my first priority was to collect her dog from her sister, and do whatever needed to be done, house cleaning, food shop and anything else she instructed me to do.

We didn't always end up at home for long together, but this trip she was going to fly home the day after me, i was so looking forward to the time together, Whenever I was home before her, i was instructed to meet her at the airport wearing nothing but a semi see-thru dress, no bra or panties, I also had to wear the special collar she had made for me, with the vibrating eggs pushed deep inside my freshly waxed pussy.

She had the remote with her, as soon as she would see me it was turned on, this arrangement was to ensure I followed her instructions, and as she was horny from being away for so long I played the part of her horny slut come, slave. I usually had plenty of time to organize things and get ready to met her plane, but today I ran myself a little late, shopping and searching for ingredients for a welcome home feast, I forgot her flight was early, by the time I glanced at the time.

i didn't have time to head home, so I just headed straight to the airport. As soon as I arrived I looked at her standing near the taxi rank, Shouting out, I rushed to grab her bag and coat, and the look i got was not good, her eyes shot over me and she shook her head. WTF time you think this is!! Sue has a way to intimidate me with her eyes that sends me back to my school days. So sorry Sue. I got caught up in the shops, and traffic was bad, sorry I whimpered.

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What's that you are wearing you slack Bitch, her hand held the remote, and my heart sank. I thought you said you missed me she muttered, Apparently not, couldn't do the one thing i asked you to do for me.

We walked in silence to the car, her silent treatment hurts me more than I can admit, my tears started to well, Please Sue I tried to surprise you But your flight is normally in the afternoon and me. well i forgot. I thought I had time Honest ohhh please talk to me, I missed you so bad I blurted and wiped my now teary eyes.

We stood at the car i saw her look me over with disdain, shaking her head.

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Tell me again how much you want to please me, SLUT. I come home, and you couldn't be bothered to even meet me on time Slut!! now you want me to forgive you just like that, I suppose you have your panties on to ehh, well take them off now Slut she ordered. I glanced around the busy carpark, then nervously tried to shift behind the open door and wriggle my panties down.

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HHHmph, get in front of the car, and take em off !! she ordered. Now slut or you can walk home.

I looked around at a few people close by, sure they could hear her as, i slowly did as she said, Now the Bra Slut. my eyes glanced around and i tried to plead with her not to draw attention,, i whispered please i will. but in the car. What. Are you disobeying me Slut !!!! and unbutton the top buttons .

Get in the fucking car, you worthless Bitch. We pulled up at home. I parked the car in the garage and grabbed her bags, while she went to check on her dog, still angry with me, and barely speaking to me.

inside i started to make small talk while i put away the groceries and began prepping tonight's meal, Where is your collar Bitch .!! Its on the table Sue, so sorry I will put it on now ,, she gently patted her dog Tiger, then slipped his collar off, come here Bitch on your knees, holding Tigers collar out towards me, i slipped to my knees, and begged her to forgive me, she put the dogs collar around my neck and smiled her usual wicked, Your in trouble smile.

i knew she was devising something to punish me. I prepped her favorite sweet and sour chicken dish, the red wine was breathing just as she liked it and i slipped into the bedroom to change into my new slinky surprise for her, slipping the vibrating eggs between my wet lips, then slipping them into myself, the sound of her voice behind me, brought a smile to my face as i turned, then it dropped, Here put this in Bitch, in her hands was a plug with a tail attached, You want to act like a bitch you can be one, Sue made me bend over the bed then grabbed my ass cheeks roughly, and pushed the plug into my resisting ass hole, at first it felt horrible but as i got to my feet i wriggled and it seemed to settle in position, I had worn a plug before for her when we had gone to a partyso it didn't take long to become used to it, Now you might as well loose that flimsy dress Sara, Your my Bitch for now until you learn some respect, then walked out the room.

Still a little unsettled by Sue's angry reaction, and never having seen her so upset with me i quickly stripped of my new dress and hung it up, looking in the mirror at my tail hanging between my legs, I began to feel a little turned on by the thought of what i may be in for, i brushed my long hair out so it hung loosely like Sue liked me to wear it, letting it fall over my shoulders and hang partway over my breasts, i pinched my nipples and as they hardened, i gave my now naked but a wriggle ,the plug and tail felt tantalisingly good, lightly brushing the inside of my thighs, it actually went well with my long flowing hair, smiling i made my way down the passage into the living room, where Sue was sitting, watching the TV and brushing her dog.

Both looked up at me and without warning, Tiger bound over to me and started sniffing around me, fascinated by my swinging tail, I spun around and he chased it making small grunts and trying to grab it, licking my legs and trying to sniff my tail, i giggled and tried to push him away.

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Even the dog thinks you are a bitch, Sue Growled at me, Then commanded, SIT !!, I SAID FUCKING SIT, YOU BITCH . AND I MEAN NOW !!!!, stunned i looked at her then at the dog who was sitting wagging his tail and looking longingly at his owner, still standing i saw her start to get up from the chair, IF I HAVE TO GET UP YOU BITCH !!!!!

NOW FUCKING SIT.EVEN TIGER behaves himself, NOW SIT BITCH !!!!!!!. she rushed from the chair, catching me unaware, the sting across my bare ass hurt like hell, i jumped around, but she grasped me by the hair and pulled my face towards her's. Now, Bitch, YOU WILL LEARN TO DO AS I SAY.

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OR ELSE, slapping my ass again, the sting hurt, and I looked at her. Never had she treated me this way before, in shock i fought back the tears, then, She yelled at me again, SIT.

I Sat down, she reached down and ran her hands through my hair. Now that wasn,t to hard was it,I looked at her smile, then she quietly spoke. mmmm you don't like being treated like a bitch do you, bitch, mmmm, well maybe you will learn a little respect for your mistress, if i treat you like the ungrateful bitch you are. You can sit with Tiger on the floor, I went to say what about my prepped food but she cut me off, nooo i don't think so, you can have yours on the floor with Tiger, now STAY, while i eat.

I sat on the floor while Sue cooked the prepped food, it smelt gorgeous my stomach growled and i started to feel quite hungry, smiling at Sue knowing she will relent any moment now. As she served up the chicken, I noticed only one plate, then i saw the spare dog dish on the bench, Nooo surely not. My eyes gave away my thoughts, Come, Bitch, She called. i slowly started to rise. No. dogs walk on four legs,, and i want to see that tail wag Bitch,!!! Slowly i crawled towards her, trying to swish my new tail and ,thinking i would be smart, nuzzling her between her legs when i got to her, licking up the inside of her thighs, smiling, until she slapped me away, No sooner as she slapped me she grabbed my collar and clipped on the lead that we walked Tiger with, then tied it to the table leg, Filthy Bitch she yelled, if you feel horny I will get Tiger to lay with you, Huh you want that Bitch.

calling Tiger over,, mmm he likes his new companion,, maybe i will let him have his way with you,, You want that Bitch, maybe he can teach you to obey. As Tiger approached, his head was cocked over with an inquisitive lookthe same look i had seen when he was in the park with a few female dogs, not sure what to dobut still enough instinct to sniff around their butts,, which is exactly what he started doing to me, I jumped, and spun around, that seemed to make him want to try again, Sue was laughing and telling me to stay,, don't move bitch was all i could hear.

Her laughing was loud, Then Sit Tiger, and she pulled him away, I was a little uncomfortable with him sitting watching me on all fours, but slowly my attention went to Sue who had just placed my meal on the floor in front of me. my face must have told her i wasn't happy the way this game was going, but she ignored me and started eating her 's, glancing at me and ordering me to eat like the bitch i was, Thinking to myself, if this is the game i might as well play, surely if i do what she want's she will let me off and then i can make it up to her between the sheets, so like a good puppy i started to eat, sitting and picking up the bowl in one hand i went to use my fingers, Bitch on Your .

knees. eat like Tiger, Now. I looked and put the bowl down, smiling at her i wagged my tail and buried my face into the bowl. my ass in the air wriggling my bum, trying to resemble a puppy feeding, all the time i was thinking how horny i was and the feelings i had felt while waiting to be reunited to her flooded through me, I was actually quite wet between my legs by the time i raised my head,my face covered in the syrupy juices from the sweet chickenStill smiling at her and trying to look like a happy puppy, Tiger bounded over to me and started licking my messy facei giggled and pushed him away, then he shocked me by sniffing my bare ass and swiping his long wet tongue between my legs.

Sue thought it was funny, and burst out laughing,, I think you two wil get on just fine Sara, how about i let him fuck some table manners into you eh.You like that ida Bitch, you can be his bitch to.

I looked at her and smiled, still wriggling away from Tiger,, and gently pushing him away. I Dare youIf you want me to be a bitch i just might let him do what he want's and you can sort yourself out, seeing as you don't seem to want me at the moment. Her face screwed up in thought and then her wicked smile emerged, You would like that would, you now. mmmm i just might make you eat your words, You cheeky slut.

with that she disappeared up the passage to our spare room that she kept a selection of toys in. i just sat there, gently trying to calm down the damn dog, i noticed he was starting to show his cock through his sheath,i looked andstarted to scold him , just as Sue walked back into the room holding a set of cuffschains, restraints and a gag. she smiled and dragged a chair over, here bitch, patting the chair, lean over this now.

i waged my tail and did as told then, as my hands and feet were secured to the chair, i still wagged my tail and smirked at herI Double Dare you to make me into his bitchbiahitchhhh. go on i Dare you. with that her face went serious, and i couldn't tell if maybe i had gone to far,, my mind told me she was trying hard to scare me, but as she pulled my hair back and gagged me i started to doubt if this was a good idea.

Secured to the chair, gagged and still with the lead tied to the table leg, i was starting to feel a little insecure, my eyes pleaded with her, and i tried to figure if she was seriously upset or still playing. heard her scold the dog for trying to lick my ass but she didn't do anything to stop him, then she laughed again, as he became excited and tried to mount me, i clenched my cheeks and squealed through the gag trying to wriggle away.

Hey Bitchthought you dared me, what. Not so cocky now slut. eh, Tiger was whining and snuffling around me. Every now and then managing to swipe between my exposed crotch, i shuddered, thinking enough already, fear started to build up in me,, Sue had never pushed me as far before and i wasn't sure this was a good idea, i shivered in disgust at the thought of a dog licking my private parts.surely she is just as disgustedI shivered and started to wriggle , shouting through my gag.

Cut it out, enough stop , its disgusting,, oh fuck his tongue lapped between my legs, i shuddered again, and tried to scream at her to stop this, but all the sounds i was making sounded like grunts and muffled noises.i was struggling so much the chair was rocking nearly toppling over, when Sue grabbed the dog and led him outside, returning and sliding the screen door closed.

he was scratching and whining at the screen door, i felt a shudder then relaxed as i felt Sue run her hands over my immobile body, starting at my head and slowly moving all over me, i started to respond with a purr and shivers ran through me in anticipation of what she will do to me. STAY Bitch, i am going to fuck you like the Bitch you are, Teach you a lesson did I.

Think I was going let you get fucked by a dog did you hahaha, A sudden sting on my bare ass, put a smile on my face. Stay and think about how you can make it up to me, Sara.



You dont mind waiting there while i have a shower do you. Ohhh thats right you cant move or talk, can you slut.SSSSTAAAY she muttered and walked off laughing, by the way, nice bit of tail you haveanother giggle and then she was gone. Tied to the chair, the sound of the shower running and thoughts of how good it would be when Sue let me join her in bed.

mmmmmmi knew she never took short showers, loved the hot water and liked to shower until the water ran cold, so i guessed i had a long wait.

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I started wriggling to get a little more comfortable my knees were sore so i tried to take the weight off them by wriggling over the chair as far as i could. The noise alerted me first, the whining and scratching on the door stopped and i thought i heard the screen door slide open, then the familiar paws noise across the floor, the panting and suddenly the wet tongue on my face, horrified i tried to talk then yell out but the gag made it impossible, the sound of the running water and noises from down the passage told me Sue was still in the shower, OHHH fuck, maybe he had calmed down,.

Fter licking my face, Tiger paced around me giving me a few sniffs then back to my face, his tongue ran over me sending shocks and tremors through me, i tried to mutter Stay away from my back end please. Instead he slowly paced around getting fidgity then started to lick me between the legs. I wriggled as much as i could, but he seemed to be getting more excited, so i tried to relax, praying Sue would come out very quickly, still the sound of water running i curse myself for being cheeky. The smell of my wet pussy must have excited him moreas he continued to lick me and run his tongue around between my legs i knew his intentions ,and continued to try and scream, sudenly he was on my back and humping at my legs.

Relieved that he couldn't quite get at my pussy but disgusted that he was rubbing himself over my bare legs, i could feel him getting harder and bigger, stangelythinking he wouldn't be able to penentrate mei started to feel slightly turned on by his unwanted attention, my mistake was to try and squeese my cheeks together and wriggle to throw him off. i achieved that the first time.

He developed a more determined stanceafter i shook him off. Climbing back onto me and wrapping his front paws around my slim waist, a few wriggles to align himself, I felt the tip of his hard cock poking at my enterance, fear and revulsion flooded through me, then all was lost .

He was inside me and humping in a frenzy. i felt him slamming into me again and again, it hurt as something started to force into me .it felt like a tennis ball was being shoved in to me, then it was in and his actions went faster my body became like a rag doll, he fucked me harder than i could believe possible, the sensation somehow exciting me and repulsing me, but i started to feel the deep welling of my first orgasm, he was huge and seemed to still be growing inside me, i screamed not in fear but from the feeling that tore through me, i was involentarily pushing back against his thrusts, the climax building deep in side me erupted.

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his swollen knot as i discovered later had forced in to me and created a seal .his continued humping forcing it deep into me and then the feeling of something so warm flooded into me, the timing was perfect, at almost the same time as i felt his hot cum warm the inside of my womb i felt the surge of one of the biggest orgasm's of my life ' Until this day Sue swears i had the look of pure pleasure all over my face. Totaly spent, ashamed and stangely wanting the feeling to last forever, I heard Sue Screaming at her dog and trying to pull him from me.

You filthy animal Get the fuck off her and many more foul words that i have never heard from her mouth again. the pain from her trying to drag him off, ripped through me and i was trying to shout STOP STOP it hurts. I think she realized it was hurting and stoped, falling to her kneescrying and aplologizing to me. As all things blurredTiger some how shifted around so he was back to back with me,[ i now know how this works and get so much pleasure from waiting for his knot to release ] he was trying to tug free but now we both realised it was a waiting game, Sue tore off my gag, her tears falling and my face still screwed up in utter amasment to how good i felt.

As Tiger pulled away, realising he was in trouble and Sue was angry with him he tried to lick me .but after he was slapped awaysettled in the doorway licking himself while watching me and Sue. Her trembling hands taking of my restraints and still cryinghugging me tight. I think i shocked herby saying out loud, Fuck that was great. then bursting out laughing and crying. Don't ever make me do that again, at least for a while.

At first it took a while to talk about what had happened, and i begged her never to tell a soulThen one night Sue turned to me and quietly asked if i had thought about trying it again, telling me that the more she thought about me and Tigerand the look on my face, It made her tingle all over, so i just got out of bed ,went to the door and called Tiger into the room.

I don't need the restraints any more but we use them for effect, it adds so much more pleasure knowing i am being subjected to my mistresses fantasy. after my introduction, be it accidental, l am now a regular participant in the pleasure's of the forbiden delights, with the total suport of my mistress, i only hope i will be able to fulfill her desire to have me mated with a stallion in the near future.


i do get quite excited every time she mentions my up coming riding lessons.