Putinha gulosa se engasgando na minha rola

Putinha gulosa se engasgando na minha rola
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I Cummed On Mommy's Face Bruce stroked his dick gently. He had been stroking his dick for the last half hour while watching a re-run of Sex and the City. He loved watching Kim Cattrall. What he wouldn't give to shoot his load all over her face and listen to her begging for more.

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He preferred older women. Always had, probably always will. Mom had gone out to get drunk and to try to pick up some stranger in some sleazy bar so it was another Tuesday night of slow masturbation for him. Not that he minded Kim Cattrall really got him hot. Just then he heard the front door being unlocked. Damn it, he thought as he changed channel and quickly pulled up his trousers. Mom's home early. "You still awake?" asked his mother as she stumbled in through the door.

She was drunk as always. "Don't you got college tomorrow?" "Yeah," replied Bruce. "I was just going to bed." "Go get me my sleeping pills, honey," she said as she flopped down on the couch. "Is that wise?" he asked. "Your drunk." "Just do it!" she barked at him. Bruce did as he was told bringing the pills and water.

She downed the pills and said:- "Nothing but fat, ugly motherfuckers at the bar today. No way are they touching this body. I haven't had a good cock in ages. At least six months. Ever since your loser father ran off with that stripper. Don't you ever get fat, boy." "No, mom, I won't," he said and went to his bedroom leaving her lying on the couch. In his room he switched on his computer and started a slideshow of downloaded Kim Cattrall pictures. He took his clothes off and started stroking his dick again.

As the picture flicked by one-by-one he couldn't help but think how like his mother she looked and as he looked on he couldn't help but interchange his mother's face with that of Kim's. What he wouldn't give to shoot his load all over Kim's/mom's face. This thought made his dick even harder and he felt himself about to cum.

Then he had an idea. He got up and, opening the door quietly, he peered into the lounge. His mother was already passed out on the sofa. He walked over to her slowly, not making a sound, and looked down at her.

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She was still so beautiful and she looked so peaceful sleeping there. He moved some blonde hair away from her face. He looked down at her and imagined it was Kim Cattrall lying there. He started masturbating. He couldn't help himself. Just this once, he thought to himself. Just once and never again. A small blob of pre-cum juice had seeped out of his pee-hole and was now hanging off the tip of his penis. He bent his knees to lower himself so that the sticky pre-cum strand touched her lips.

She licked her lips and Bruce panicked. Thinking she was about to wake up he stood up straight causing the strand of pre-cum to slap against her face like an elastic band. He stood there for a moment, trembling, but she didn't awake. Those sleeping pills have really knocked her out, he thought. Getting his courage back he started masturbating again.

He just had to cum over Kim Cattrall/his mother's face. He felt his balls tighten. This is it, he thought lowering himself slightly while still trying to remain balanced.

The first string of gooey cum shot out of his penis and landed on her left cheek and ear. Another landed on her forehead and hair. More globs of cum landed all over her face and some on her throat. She didn't even stir. He looked down at his mother's cum-covered face and smiled. A dream has come true, he thought, in a way. Cumming over a lookalike of Kim Cattrall is almost the same as cumming over the real thing. Even if the lookalike is your own mother. A drop of cum was hanging off the end of his penis.

He gently smeared it onto her nose. He then cleaned himself up and went to his room where, feeling unusually tired he went to sleep. The next morning mom was in a better mood. She had already showered and was sitting at the table having breakfast. "You want some breakfast, honey?" she asked looking hungover from the night before.

"No thanks, mom," he replied, not wanting to look her in the eye. He felt something wasn't right. Something about the way she looked at him. Like she wanted to ask him something. She couldn't possibly know about last night, he thought. She was passed out drunk and on sleeping pills. Still, he didn't want to hang around and leaving quickly he said:- "I'm late already.

I'll get something at college." With that, he left, glancing back to see her looking at him, suspiciously, he thought. Mom came home later that night drunk again. Not as drunk as the night before but still drunk.

She made him get her sleeping pills again.


It's almost like a re-run of last night, he thought as he dutifully got her pills. After taking them she came and sat on his bed in his bedroom. This made him a little nervous. "Trying to do my homework, mom," he said "Can I ask you something?" she said.

"Did you do anything to me last night?" Bruce's heart nearly leapt out of his chest. Trying to keep his voice under control he said:- "What do you mean?" "Well, it's just.," she giggled, nervously. "I woke up this morning and my face was all sticky." Bruce thought:- Holy crap! I forgot to clean her face. "Maybe it was just drool, mom," he said and laughed. "I mean, you were drunk.

Really drunk." "Maybe," she said, looking at him intently. "Mommy's been around, you know. I've had that feeling on my face before." They both just stared at each other for a few seconds but to Bruce it felt like hours.

Eventually she got up. "I am so damn sleepy," she said. "Those sleeping pills are kicking in. I'm going to bed. Goodnight, honey. Don't stay up too late." "Goodnight, mom," he said and breathed a sigh of relief.

She knows, he thought. She knows. Later, he couldn't sleep and he knew why. He wanted to cum on mommy's face again. I can't, he thought. I just can't. It's perverted. She may have let him get away with it the first time but she won't be as forgiving again. As the night wore on he lay there thinking about her. Her face with cum on it. The way she licked her pre-cum stained lips. He had to do it. Just one more time and that's it, he thought. This time I'll clean her up good. She'll never know.

He got out of bed and crept over to her room. Sure enough the alcohol and sleeping pills had knocked her out. She was sleeping with no covers on. He stared at her smooth legs as she was only wearing a long t-shirt. The sight of her gave him an instant erection. He took his clothes off and started jerking off fast.

He wanted to cum fast, clean her up and get out of there. Within a few minutes he was ready to blow. He bent his knees again bringing his cock in line with her mouth.

A few more strokes and Mom's face would be covered in cum again. Suddenly, to his horror, she opened her eyes. The shock of this made him jump but he couldn't stop himself from cumming at the same time. He stepped back a little to stop his juice hitting his mother but instead a blob of cum shot out of his penis, arced in the air and came down splattering his mothers face. She gasped. More cum shot out of Bruce's penis landing mainly on the floor but some on the bed.

His mother got up and wiped her face with her hand. She stared at the cum on her hand and then raised her eyes to meet his. He just stood there, sweating and with a string of gooey cum hanging off the end of his penis. With a look of sheer disgust on her face she said slowly:- "I knew it.

I fucking knew it. You.fucking.PERVERT!!" "I.I.I'm sorry, mom," Bruce stammered, stepping back. "Is this what you do every night?" she asked, flicking his cum at him.

"I've seen those dirty magazines in your room of older women. All those cut-outs of that woman from that Sexy City show. This is why you don't have girlfriend right?" She got a tissue and cleaned her face. She then threw the tissue at him. He backed off. "Where the fuck you going, you little bastard!" she said, lunging towards him. "C'mere!" She grabbed the back of his neck and literally threw him on the bed.

Taking off her t-shirt, she jumped on the bed on top of him pinning his shoulders down with her knees. Her pussy inches away from him face. He stared up at her. Her breasts looked magnificent jutting out from her chest. He could see her looking down at him threw her cleavage.

She had a wild-eyed expression on her face.

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"This what you want, huh?" she said. "Older pussy? Well eat up.


Pervert! Eat up!!" She lowered her pussy down onto his face. Bruce's heart pounded in his chest. He couldn't believe what was happening. He struggled, moving his head from side-to-side, trying to get his face away from her pussy but this turned her on even more. "Use your tongue," she gasped. "Use your tongue!" He took a deep breath and the musky fragrance of his mother's pussy filled his nostrils.

That was it. He knew he wanted a taste of her pussy. His tongue seemed to take on a mind of it's own as it darted all over her pussy lips. Finally, by chance, it flicked her clitty and she gasped again. "That's the spot!" she said. "Tongue it. Tongue it!" He concentrated there, lapping away for all he was worth. He opened his eyes and looked at her. Her head was tilted back, she was pinching one of her nipples and there was a look of sheer ecstasy on her face.

Then she started jerking her hips back and forth on his face and her breathing quickened. "I'm cumming," she breathed. "I'm gonna cum! I'm cummmming!" As she orgasmed she ground her pussy into Bruce's face in a circular motion, smearing his face with her pussy juice. Finally, she raised herself up off him and, breathlessly, said:- "How'd you like it?

Do you like having a cum-covered face?" "I love it, mom," said Bruce, raising his head and slurped at her sopping wet pussy. "I love it!" His mother looked down at him a little surprised. She wasn't expecting this reaction. She moved down his body and positioned herself over his hard cock, letting the tip off it into her pussy. The both stared at each other. Bruce really wanted to fuck his mother but it was wrong.

She must know that, he thought. Maybe the alcohol has clouded her judgement but the next day we're both going to regret this. He felt he had to resist a little. "Mom, do you even know what your doing?" he asked.

"Oh, I do," she said, grinning. "Do you?" She forced herself down on his cock with such force that Bruce yelped. She laughed. It was more of an evil witches cackle. She gyrated her hips round and round before bouncing on his cock like a jack hammer, never taking her eyes off him. He looked down at her pussy. The sight of his cock being swallowed up by her pussy lips drove him wild.

He raised himself to grab hold of her bouncy tits and started sucking on them each like a greedy baby, trying to get as much tit into his mouth as possible. He gorged himself on her breasts. She pushed him back violently and slapped him on the face making his cheek sting. "Naughty, naughty," she said, laughing. Bitch, Bruce thought. I'll show her naughty, naughty. Her began thrusting his cock into her pussy. His upward thrust meeting her coming down. He felt his balls slap her pussy.

"That's it, that's it," she said. "Fuck this pussy! Fuck this nasty pussy!" He was going to cum soon and he wondered if she was too. Certainly looked like it, the way her breathing had quickened and the look in her eyes, total lust.

He tried to hold himself back from cumming. He wanted to orgasm with his mother together. "Oh, fuck!" she yelled. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Yes, he thought.

No need to hold back any longer and with a few violent thrusts he shot his load deep into her. When her orgasm had subsided she opened her eyes and looked down at him. Smiling, she said:- "Shot your load in mommy, huh?" He didn't say anything. She got off him and flopped down on the bed next to him. They both lay in silence for a few moments. Finally, Bruce asked:- "You didn't take those sleeping pills did you, mom?" "No," she replied. "And you knew I was in the room jerking off?" "Yes." "You wanted me to fuck you, didn't you?" "Not at first.


I actually wanted to catch you in the act of jerking off over me. I didn't want you to cum. Guess I waited too long. Didn't think you'd cum so fast. Then, when I saw the size of your cock I thought "Shit, I want some of that" and that was it. I just had to have it. You have no idea how long it's been since I had a good fuck!" Bruce rolled over and hugged his mom. "What the fuck you doing?!" she said, shoving him away and looking at him like he just committed a crime.

"You trying to get all romantic? Do you know what you just did? You just fucked your mom, pervert! Get the fuck out of my bed!" Confused, he got up in silence and went to his bedroom. She's feeling guilty, he thought. I don't.

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Damn! I wanted to fuck her again and maybe have her suck my cock! Now it looks like this is going to be a one time thing only. Maybe she'll change her mind. With that thought in mind he went to sleep. The next morning Bruce awoke to a smell. He hadn't opened his eyes yet as he wasn't fully awake, but he recognised the smell.

It was the unmistakeable scent of pussy. He opened his eyes and saw pussy lips and beyond that two beautiful breasts and beyond that his mother's grinning face. She ground her pussy into his face just like the night before. "Mom, stop." he tried to say but his voice was muffled by her pussy. "Lick it up, boy," she said, almost growling. "Slurp momma's pussy! Better hurry up too or you'll be late for college." She's right about that, he thought, glad that she wanted him again.

He took hold of both her breasts and pinched her nipples while nuzzling his nose into her pussy. Her moans grew louder and louder as he licked the area around he clitty and then began tongue-fucking her like crazy. She grabbed his hair and pushed his head upwards almost as though she was trying to get his whole head up into her pussy. Her body shook as she reached her orgasm and, with a few violent thrusts, she squirted her juices all over his face.

He slurped up as much as he could from her pussy. "Now get to college," she said, getting off him. Walking to the door, she stopped and, turning around to look at him, she said:- "What's it feel like waking up to a face full of cum?" She went to the bathroom leaving him lying there slightly dazed. Bruce spent the whole day unable to concentrate and thinking about his mother.

Could this be the start of some wonderfully perverted relationship? Or was she just using him for sex until she found another guy? She didn't seem too guilty about fucking her own son. Later that day he got home. "Mom?" he yelled, wondering if she was in. "In here," came his mother's voice from his bedroom. He wondered what she was doing in there. He walked in and there on his bed was his mother.

She was naked, legs wide open and a big, black vibrator buzzing away in her pussy. Sprawled around her on the bed was an assortment of sex toys and lubes. She had perspiration on her forehead and Bruce wondered how long she had been playing with herself.

"I've been waiting for you," she said. "Didn't think you'd be this late so I started without you." She giggled. "Hope you don't mind." "Er, no," was all Bruce could say. "Come here, boy," she breathed. "Come and play with momma and her toys. I bought this one just for you." She picked up what looked like a flash light with pussy lips on the end of it. "It's called a Pink Lady. Get your cock hard and stick it in there." Bruce took his clothes off as fast as he could almost falling over.

His cock was already stiff. This is gonna be good, he thought. He got on the bed and sat next to her, legs open, cock facing up like a rocket about to launch into space while she lubed up the end of the Pink Lady. She placed it on the tip of his penis and slowly lowered it down the length of his shaft.

The coldness of the lube made him shudder but when she pressed a button on the side of it to switch it on his breath caught. Pink Lady applied pressure all around his penis and undulated as if it was trying to swallow his cock whole. "Oh, mom, this is great!" he said, breathlessly.

She laughed. For a while they both sat there pleasuring themselves. "I knew you'd like it," she said, fucking herself with her vibrator. "But don't cum too fast, baby. Save it for me." Then they kissed passionately, like lovers, on the lips, tongues and everything. She sensed he was about to cum so took off the Pink Lady. It made a disgusting slurping sound as it gave up his cock.

Bruce watched as his mother positioned herself so that her face was just inches away from his penis. She looked up at him and smiled.

Then without warning she took the entire length of his cock straight into her mouth. For a moment she paused looking at him with those big, blue eyes.

She smiled. My mother is smiling with my cock in her mouth, Bruce thought. She tickled the underside of his cock with her tongue and shook her head from side to side like a dog fighting for a bone.

Her warm mouth and wet tongue felt incredible to Bruce and he started thrusting his hips up, fucking her mouth, his cock hitting the back of her throat. She made disgusting guttural sounds as she happily gobbled his cock and caressed his balls.

He was about to cum. He grabbed her by the hair and holding her head in place he fucked her mouth so brutally she tried to scream and get off him. He was too strong for her and it's hard to scream with a mouth full of cock. With a few more thrusts he ejaculated into her mouth and didn't take his cock out of her mouth until every drop of cum had been squeezed from his balls.

He then let go off her. She still had her lips tightly wrapped around his cock. She lifted her head, careful not to open her mouth, and let his semi-erect penis flop out of her mouth. He looked at her and realised her cheeks were puffed out. She hadn't swallowed his spunk and had a disgusting smile on her face.

She was still smiling, when, with one gulp, she swallowed his cum. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as if to prove to him she had swallowed. "Here, take this," she said, grabbing a purple dildo off the bed along with a tube of lube.

"I want it in my ass." She turned on all fours, ass high in the air. He didn't say anything. She looked so beautiful on her hands and knees. Such a peachy ass. He got up and kissed both cheeks, tenderly. Then he nibbled, licked, gnawed, bit and slurped on her perfectly formed ass. She giggled and thrust her ass into his face almost knocking him back.

He took hold of her ass cheeks and parted them as much as he could to reveal her dark hole. He flicked his tongue on the sensitive skin around it and felt her shudder. She thrust back again and his tongue slipped into her asshole.

The thought of doing something as disgusting as tongue-fucking his mother's ass gave him another aching erection. The sound of the pink dildo still in her cunt had begun to annoy him so he took it out and flung it aside. He stared at her dripping wet cunt for a while then slurped at it. Keeping his tongue flat against her pussy he licked it all the way up to her ass-crack so that now her asshole was covered in her pussy juices. He started tongue-fucking her ass again, darting his tongue in and out of her asshole.

He picked up the purple cock-toy and, having lubed it up, shoved it in her ass. He started fucking her with it, slowly at first, then much quicker, occasionally stirring it around inside her, stretching out her asshole. He got behind her and rammed his dick all the way into her pussy and fucked her wildly. Keeping himself steady he fucked her pussy with his dick and fucked her ass with the dildo at the same time.

She reached back and pulled the sex toy out of her ass and threw it across the room and looking back at him over her shoulder she said:- "Ass fuck me! Ass fuck me now!" He didn't hesitate.

Pulling his cock out of her pussy he pushed it slowly, inch by inch, into her ass. "Oh.my.god!" she moaned.

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"That's it! That is it! Fuck me there! FUCK MY JUICY ASS!!" Her ass felt like a vice, gripping him from all sides.

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Rather like the Pink Lady sex toy he had used only better and warmer. He took hold of her hips and began fucking her ass slowly picking up the pace until he was ramming his dick into her all the way in with each thrust while she rubbed her clitty with her fingers. He was ready to cum again.

"I'm cumming," he panted. "I'm cumming!" She looked back at him over her shoulder again. "CUM IN MY ASS!!" she screamed. "Oh god, cum in my ass!!" Like a good son he did as he was told, ejaculating his nut-juice straight into her asshole. Her ass muscles seemed to milk every drop out of him. Finally, exhausted, he slumped back on the bed, where they both lay quietly for a while. "You were great son," she said, finally. "Thanks, mom," he said.

The phone rang. She got up and went to the other room to answer it. He could hear her talking but couldn't make out what she was saying. When she came back she said:- "That was your father. He coming back. Tomorrow." His heart sank.

"Your not gonna have him back are you?" he asked. "He cheated on you and everything." "Well, I do need help with bills, son," she said. "You father is good for something, believe it or not." "But," he said. "What about us? We still gonna do it?" She looked at him and smiled. A smile only a mother can give to a son she loves very much.

"We'll see," she said "We'll see." The End