Tiny hot teeny cum soaked

Tiny hot teeny cum soaked
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PLAYTIME CHAP. XVII - THE WHORE-FEST CONTEST Saturday night and all present -- Mary and John and their Toys James and Kelly. Their new friend Terri, who had the sex-change operation, was recuperating for another several months.

And James was already promised the first fuck when she became a real female. "So, kids, as you already know because we figured this out last Wednesday, we are gathered here tonight for the First Annual Whore-Fest. Who's the biggest and best Whore? You all have had a chance to get your act together and prepare for this challenge, and tonight's the night.

The rules are simple. Number One: what you SAY is 90% of the ratings, and 10% is what you DO. Crib notes are okay. What you SAY can be true or not, we don't care. Second, you can use props. Third, those of us who are present, mainly me, my loving husband John, and you two wonderful Toys, may be used as props as needed. Fourth, it's a contest of Girls vs Girls, and then Guys vs Guys. And finally, you have to stay next to someone, so if somebody needs caressed, you'll be available to do it.

Yes, friends, it's me against Kelly, and then John vs James, for the title of Best Fucking Whore. There will be one female winner, and one male winner." "Okay," said the Queen, "I realize that if me and Kelly are squaring off, only my husband and my Toy are doing the voting, and John's certainly NOT going to vote against me.

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And when John and James are going at it against each other, John's Toy Kelly isn't going to vote against him, let alone James vote against me! So…we'll figure out this voting thing AFTER the contest, okay? And since I'm the Queen, I guarantee that EVERYONE will be happy with the final judging.

Okay? You can kiss my ass if you're not okay with this." "Hey hot mama, I'm your Toy, so I'll kiss your ass any day," said James.

"Me too," said Kelly. "Me three," said her husband, "and anything else you want me to kiss." "Hey, I'M YOUR BITCH!" whined James. "Oh you big suck-up," laughed Mary. "Okay, then, me and Kelly will start. You horny guys can just sit back and guzzle beer and eat the dogs 'n burgers, okay?

We're squarin' off first." K Okay, I'll start! I'm a nymphomaniac from way back. I've been a crazy slut since 9th grade when I first got boob and the jocks started making slutty comments about me.

M Aw, c'mon now, you all know me as the Queen. I started this whole 'toy' business, remember? You all know that by now, I'm oral, I'm anal, and if you don't know what that is, I'll be glad to show you. K Guys, my favorite phrase is 'Do Me'. My tight pussy can swallow a ten-inch shaft and make it talk! John and James looked in awe at each other. These girls were really into it. They'd prepared! John playfully tossed a hot dog from the platter to his wife, and she promptly stuffed it in her pants.

M Hey, when I'm stuffed with come, I'm smilin'. I love having it so full that it's dripping out picture THAT, boys! K Yum, when it drips out, I stick a martini glass down there and just add an olive!

A REAL whore knows how to use ALL of it. M Oh, you're such a virgin. I've blown six guys and drank their juice from a crystal champagne goblet. So delicious!

K You don't know anything about being a whore, you bitch. The first time I took it in my ass, I turned around and sucked him off! "Hey, wait a minute you can't call each other bad names unless it's a compliment, okay?" said John. Mary leaned toward the guys. M When guys look at me and girls too they see a wetdream waiting to happen.

I'm a slut as naughty as they come, and I DO love come down my throat, in my pussy, on my tits you name it. Kelly moved behind Mary, hugged her body.

K I'm an exhibitionist. You can look at my body anytime. Sometimes I drive around with my skirt pulled up to give the truckers a thrill. Kelly pulled off her sweatshirt, tossed it at the men, flaunted her naked tits.

She reached down to the platter, smeared ketchup on her nipples, and offered them to John, who obligingly licked it off. M Oh, you're a cute little slutty bitch, aren't you? Well, I'll fuck anything with two legs and a cock. Hah maybe even four legs and a cock! Just thinking about it gets me wet. I don't cruise bars, but I fuck whenever I want, whoever I want, and however I want. I can take two cocks at once, and I had two dicks in my ass once.

Man, that was Heaven when they both shot off in me together I leaked jizz for an hour! K That's nothing I'll spread my legs in a minute for any hot dick. Fuck me blind, make me scream, I'm ready to take it any way you wanta pound it into me!

Look up "whore" in the dictionary and you'll find my picture. Kelly sidled toward John and James, the naked breasts she'd been squeezing were swaying. She cupped them, squeezed and pushed her crotch out in fake-fucking. Both applauded her show. M Yeah, well, talk is just talk, kid, and actions are only 10% of this show.

I invented wild sex. I'll go down doggie-style and spread my ass for your cock or your fingers. Or your tongue. Or anything else you want to fuck me with! John recalled the night in the bathtub with the Rolling Rock bottle. He lifted up his beer bottle at her now and stroked it to remind her.

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His wife reached down in her pants and took out the hotdog there, broke it in half, and fed each man. M Ummm, taste that. Smell it, guys, that's smokin' hot cunt right there. K Okay, I love to be ravished just like a slutty whore. Take me like the big strong men you are, and put that big cock in me, Mister. M Oh, that's so lame. I'm the Whore-Queen&hellip.I'll act out your fantasies or be your Sex-Slave.

Or you can be mine. Either way, you'll love it. K Sixty-nine is my favorite. Your tongue deep in my pussy, I'm biting your cock and chewing on that big dick of yours, now that's some action. You never had great pussy until you've sucked mine! It's tasty. James unzipped his pants, took out his stiff member, stroked it. Mary watched him and felt pride at her Toy's confidence in being so freaking open now.

She also was turned on by all the sexy bragging. She knew she had to up the ante. M Oh James, you know I love dirty sex. And you have such a pretty penis. Hot and heavy freaky sex is what you can give me. I love it when you use me, I love it.

I really am a true sexual slut, and when I lean my tits over your face, you know my pussy will be dripping wet all over your dick. Fuck a goddess and you've got your Ticket to Heaven! She moved over to James, whose hand was busy. Mary leaned down, took it wholly into her mouth and sucked hard. "There's more of that later, you stud," she said. "Gee," said John, "I'm dragging mine out, too." Now both men stroked themselves as the girls continued the competition. Kelly knew she had to go one better.

K A real whore loves to fuck a woman's husband while his wife watches &hellip.nothing gets me hornier that that! I'm leaking just thinking about it. M No, baby, nothing gets ME hornier than watching some amateur slut fuck my husband.

I'm a sex-pro and handjobs are my specialty - left or right, one hand or two, I guarantee I'll get you off in three minutes or less, and then I'll suck up every ounce of that delicious warm come. K If you truly wanna see a sex-pro, lay me down and watch me masturbate. You'll cream your jeans watching me get three fingers inside, and when I use my Pocket Rocket, sometimes it slips inside and I have to have help getting it out!

Carrots and cucumbers are my favorite veggies, and baby, you'd love the creamy dip! Again she moved toward the guys. Pulled her shorts down and took a carrot slice from the platter. Raised her leg, pulled out her panties, and jammed the carrot inside herself.

Withdrew it, put it to John's lips. He ate it, rolled his eyes with a big grin at her. Oh man, she is doing a job on my audience, thought Mary. M I want to be EveryMan's Whore. My fantasy is to be gang-banged. Everyone doing me everwhere, I don't care where they stick it, and then when they all jerk off on me, I'll suck it all up like a good whore.

K Dream on. I once had five trashy naked women going down on me at the same time. They reamed every hole I've got. M You're just an amateur, babydoll, unless you've had a come-facial by the time you're fifteen… And a sudden full-blown idea hit the young girl. K Well, when I was fifteen -- maybe I should tell you about the horse… The guys perked up and stopped what they were doing "What's this about a horse?" Kelly: Well actually, it's a long story&hellip.

"Oh, we've got time for THIS one, girl," said John.

Mary was sitting on the floor now, so Kelly laid her head in Mary's lap, and the Queen idly circled the girl's bare nipples as Kelly told her story… K Okay then. When I was about fifteen, we went to grandpa's farm for a couple days vacation. One day, everybody was piling in the car to go to the big city about an hour away for a big shopping trip.

I asked if I could stay and just go horse-riding. They said no, it's too dangerous to go by yourself, what if you fell? So I said I just wanted to go walking across the fields and in the woods, doing some drawing. Mom and Dad eventually agreed it was okay, as long as I promised not to ride the horses. So off they all go, and I had the run of the farm. I walked down to the barn, where Grandpa had two horses, a big stud and a mare.

Her name was Maple, and his was Charlemagne, but everybody called him Charlie. I fed Charlie an apple and some sugar cubes and he let me pat him down. Now, at this time, I was getting interested in sex, had never done anything yet except masturbate with my hairbrush. But, as I rubbed his flanks and down his belly, I noticed a small piece of Charlie's cock poking out there. I was intrigued, so I rubbed him more toward the back, underneath, got nearer his penis.

As I did this, more of it started falling out, so naturally I touched it and rubbed it a little, real gently so I wouldn't spook him.

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This caused even MORE to just unfold out of him! That thing was at least two feet long, as long as my arm! I'd never seen anything like this before, I didn't know horses had such long penises, it was as long as my whole arm!

Well, I was shocked, but I was curious, too, because the sex ed classes we'd already had said something about ejaculation, which sounded scary, and I thought maybe I could do something to Charlie to cause that. I put my hand around his big thing, couldn't even get all the way around, and started stroking it up and down. Damn it was long! Their dicks are so long, you can just kneel down beside him and it stretches out to the side, so it's real easy to do this.

So here I am down on my knees beside him, his big dick in my hand and I'm jerking Charlie off. I saw the head looked kinda like the penis in the books, but way bigger, and there was the little slit in it. I put my other hand on that part and felt it. Fuzzy, like velvet. Wow, that's neat, I thought.

Mary's gentle pinching of Kelly's nipples had them hardened now, and Kelly longed to have a hand between her legs&hellip.but continued her story. So I started squeezing him there as well as stroking his length. I'll tell you, I felt like a real dirty girl doing this, but I wanted to see if I had what it takes to make a "guy" ejaculate. By now, Charlie's long penis had gone from soft to hard with my pumping him and squeezing on the head of it, and I was really impressed with this monster cock.

Suddenly he snuffled and snorted and kinda jerked, and a huge gob of white stuff started spraying out of the slit. It plastered my hand and shot all up my arm. I was startled, but I wasn't gonna quit Charlie was ejaculating! Wow! I was doing it! I stroked even harder, and geez he just kept coming and coming, big wads on my hand and my arm. Man, I did it, I made him come. So THIS is what it's like, I thought. It must have been a gallon of it, I just knew. Finally it quit jerking and shooting out.

I licked some out of my hand to see what it tasted like. The stuff was white and real thick, like a very creamy milkshake. It didn't taste bad, but it did have an odd taste, like buttermilk. I decided to be real dirty, so I used my other hand and rubbed the gobs from my arm, then wiped both hands on my cheeks and lips, and sucked my fingers. So this is what "come" is, that the girls always whisper about, like they know so much, I thought. Well, I'll NEVER be able to tell ANYONE about this.

It's my secret I jerked off grandpa's horse and made him come all over me, and I even tasted it ! This was my first real sex experience, you guys&hellip.I'll tell ya, I immediately went up to the bedroom and stripped everything off and just masturbated to beat the band. I still had Charlie's come on me, and it was sticky now. I pretended that huge monster horse-cock was fucking me. And that was the first time I had an orgasm! Ha my lover Charlie, the big stud horse that came all over me!

No kidding, my clit was sore for the next three days! "Geez Kelly, I can't believe you really did that! When you were fifteen!" said John, who had stopped his own stroking to listen so intently. "Well, that was the FIRST time," she said. "You mean you did it again?" asked Mary as she continued to massage Kelly's tits.

"The second and final time was about six months after that, in the Fall." "TELL !" shouted her audience. K Whew, okay. We went to the farm again in August, just before school would be starting, and spent the weekend.

As it turned out, Grandpa needed something to repair his combine, so once again everybody was going to town and I asked if I could just stay there and lay in the sun.

No problem,little girl, they said. I was putting on my bikini when they drove out of the driveway, and they weren't five minutes gone before I was in that barn. I'd brought more sugar this time, and two apples.

Charlie nuzzled me as I fed him and started rubbing his back, then his side, and then underneath like before. I worked my way back, and then the head of his cock poked out and boy was I glad to see that thing. I wet my hand with my spit and rubbed on the little bit I could see. I was down on my knees now, and I thought I'd be real daring, a real dirty girl.

I looked around again to make sure nobody was there, and I took off my bikini top. There I was in my bottoms only, my tits out for all the world to see, trying to get Charlie's dick out, and I felt like I was a whore, just so dirty, but I liked that feeling, too. Who doesn't like to do secret sexual stuff that you can't tell anybody?

So I'm rubbing him and I reached a little farther back and felt his testicles, too. God were they huge! That was the first time I'd ever touched some, and his dick starts falling out of him and I grab on it and start stroking, it's soft but getting longer as more comes out. John was getting hot watching Mary "pet" her. James was stroking his cock again.

John stood up, stripped his pants, and sat down beside Kelly's head with his legs spread. She reached back and fondled his balls as she talked. Pretty soon the whole thing is out, just like before, and I've got it pulled over to the side with one hand that I'm jerking him off with. But THIS TIME, I decided I was gonna give him one of those "blow jobs" the girls always talked about, like they were such experts at.

All the girls talked about it. I wanted to see what it was like, and I knew I could make Charlie ejaculate again. So there I was with my naked little tits, kneeling and jerking him off, and I opened my mouth and put that huge head of his cock in my mouth.

It was velvety and so soft and smooth, warm, and was bigger than my mouth - I couldn't get the whole head of it in, not nearly, but I sure tried. I kept on stroking him, and then just put my lips to the slit area and started sucking, I thought that was what you were supposed to do. Well, I thought this was neat, I was sucking a cock, now if Charlie would only ejaculate!

And then after about a minute, holy cripes almighty, he snorted and a big wad blew into my mouth, just hit me hard! His dick was hard, like a rod, so I knew I had been getting to him. This load blasted into me and gagged me, it was so much and he kept on shooting out. I had to pull off his cock and spit it on the ground, and of course when I did this, his come was falling in my hair and on my titties, just big gobs of it all over me.

I was fascinated watching it spray out so hard, and so MUCH of it, and then got my mouth back on it again and took more. I had to let it drip out, even though I did swallow some. Way too much to take all in my mouth, though. God, it felt like a garden hose spurting out water. I must have swallowed a quart of it, and pushed out another quart with my tongue! You guys, I know it may sound gross and disgusting to you, sucking off a horse's cock, but I was pretty impressed with myself that I did this, and that I even took it in my mouth and swallowed some!

By the time Charlie finished ejaculating, it was all over me. I just rubbed it all over my tits and stomach, and more on my face again, then I licked my fingers and hands like before. I was charged, I wanted to masturbate as quick as I could, so I just laid down right there and stripped off my bottoms and used Charlie's come for lubrication.

It took me about thirty seconds and I had my second orgasm ever. I felt like I knew all about sex now. I could jack off a two-foot long penis and even suck it down. Hey you guys, I've NEVER told ANYONE this stuff before.

It's gotta be a secret just between us, okay? You know, it was just a year after that when I had my first sex with a guy. "TELL !!" Kelly continued to massage John's balls, and Mary bent down to lick the girl's lips. I was sixteen now and could start dating, so this one Summer night, I'm sweet sixteen and my second date ever is taking me to the drive-in.

We're watching the show, and then he starts leaning over trying to feel me up. I pushed his hand away, but he just drops it on my thigh, like he's gonna get some, you know? I push it off, but now, I'm remembering those times with Charlie in the barn, and I'm actually kinda excited to see what a real penis looks like.

Here's a perfect opportunity, if I can just figure out how to keep him off me. I was deathly afraid of getting pregnant I paid attention in those sex ed classes! So I learned how to do that girl-thing and decided I have to be in charge. I tell him, "Look, I like you and you're cute and all, but you're not gonna feel me up and don't even think of gettin' in my pants, I'm not a whore.

But…I'll do something to you…" and I reached over and put my hand on his crotch. I really wanted to see that penis, and I was an expert now at sucking one.

He kinda shrunk back, shocked, but then opened his legs wider and pushed my hand down harder. I could feel him rigid there. It felt just like Charlie's dick when it was hard.

Of course I didn't say that to him! I said, "Pull your pants down." He unbuckled and unzipped, a little bit astonished, I think, that he was finally gonna get some action from this cold bitch. I reached over and pulled his underwear down before he could, and this amazing penis popped up, sticking straight up.

It was tough to keep a straight face, I almost laughed when it popped up like that, but then I just about lost it when I saw his balls beneath it.

It just never occurred to me that guys had these things hanging out there like that. I'd never really thought about it, them carrying those things between their legs, and I was shocked. I was looking down there, he couldn't see my reaction, and boy was I glad. I grabbed his penis and he jerked, but I just held it for a minute looking because I really wanted to get down there and do something with those balls, they were so foreign.

I'd held Charlie's huge dick and even felt his giant-size black balls once, and this little thing wasn't nothing. I know, I'd felt balls on Charlie, but those were huge handful things, and like I said, I'd only thought guys had dicks hanging between their legs.

All that sex ed didn't get all the way into my head, I guess, and all the girls talked about were guys' penises. It always sounded so dirty when they said that word. Well, I knew what a penis felt like in my mouth, and this looked like only a smaller version, but the head of it looked smoother and white and without any soft velvet covering like Charlie's…it was like a snake…but I really wanted those nuts.

I leaned down, he stretched out more, and I just took one of them in my mouth and sucked. Ouch, he said, not so hard! I didn't realize you had to be so careful.

So I sucked more gently, and my nose was pressed right up against the underside of his penis, that was strange. There was a little nut-thing inside his balls, so I rolled that around in my mouth, and THAT was so astonishing to me.

I felt my panties getting wet…I thought I was having one of those orgasm-things, or maybe I was peeing my pants. He started groaning, and I could feel his penis jerking. I opened my mouth wider and managed to get both balls in and sucked on them.

That was fun. I felt like he was in my complete control, he'd better not do anything I didn't like or I'd just, like, bite his nuts off. Haha. He put his hand on mine, which was grasping his dick, and started stroking it. I caught on, I'd been lost in sucking his balls, and started stroking it on my own.

He gasped again, said oh god oh god. I moved up to his penis, slid my tongue up its length with as much pressure as I could, and just plowed down on the top of it. I was pretty pleased with myself that I could get it all in my mouth, so I sucked hard and set up a regular rhythm going up and down on it, like I tried to do to Charlie, trying to match his gasping and panting.

I didn't like it much when he put his hands on my head and tried to push on it, so I just shook my head and his cock wobbled back and forth and he let go. I started jerking him like I did to Charlie, and sure enough, it wasn't long before he shot a big load in my mouth. I was an expert at this by now, so I swallowed the whole load as it came out of him, even pulled away once 'cause I like watching it shoot out.

I think he was surprised. It was funny I think he got a real surprise when he quit and I lifted myself up to kiss him and plastered my tongue in his mouth, covered with his come. I don't think he liked that at all. I loved feeling it shoot in me, I knew I'd be sucking cocks whenever I got the chance. It was odd, after that he was kind of stand-offish, and didn't ask me out again. I never figured out why. Geez, I gave him my first blowjob ever, from a guy, and it was a GOOD one!

He never knew I learned how to do that on Grandpa's horse. God, would THAT have freaked him out! And you know, I still love sucking a guy's balls just as much as I do giving head. …&hellip.and John, yours feel just great!

I think I'm a real hot cocksucker now. Ballsucker, too!


"Doll, you've got my vote, you really are a Born Slut, right from the start!" said James. "I don't think Mary could top that…" "Actually, I think I could," said the Queen. "I had a couple experiences kinda like that a long time ago…" John said, "Hey, I never heard about this! Okay, you can't leave us hanging like that, you've gotta tell, too." M Oh okay, since you're "forcing" me.

I got my period when I was eleven, in fifth grade. By next year, in sixth grade, I got boobs and was starting to get horny sometimes and would watch the male teachers' pants when they weren't looking. I'd thought about masturbating too by then, but I really didn't know what one of those "orgasms" was.

I just knew it felt good when I was rubbing down there. When the other girls talked about it in the shower, it sounded to me like you'd go temporarily apeshit crazy and just totally embarrass yourself if that happened, so I wasn't really looking forward to having that happen to me!

So, one day my parents and brother were going away to visit an aunt that lived about an hour away. When we went to visit Aunt Jane, we always left around 9 in the morning and didn't get back until maybe 8 at night, it was an all-day thing.

So this time, I wanted to stay home, I told them I had to finish a project for school tomorrow, and they let me stay, if I behaved myself. Of course, I said. I was thirteen. My period was due in about a week, and I think the hormones were coursing through me, I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING, and it was gonna be sexy! I went to my bedroom, took off everything but my panties and bra, real daring, thought I'd parade around the house half-naked like that, you know, pretend I was a model, or a whore.

I don't know if all girls go through this stage, but I did I was a 34B already, bloomed early, and boys were already trying to see down my shirt. So I'm walking down the hallway and go past my parents' bedroom, and I knew they had a full-length mirror. I wanted to see myself, front and back, and leaning forward, and striking sexy poses and all that.

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While I was in there doing that, and getting a little turned on, I remembered Daddy had a box of magazines my brother mentioned once.

I found them finally under the bed. Some Playboys and Hustlers, and men's magazines with women doing it, and naked people having orgies, I'd never seen anything like this before. Geez women had penises in their mouth, one woman had white stuff like pudding all over her face! And one called Bizarre Sex that had women doing it with animals, too. Boy was I shocked! Horses and dogs, and one woman even sucking on a cow's teat.

Another had a dog on her back, humping her. I couldn't believe it. Now, surprisingly to me, I was turned on by all these magazine pictures of people having sex. I realized I was a little wet "down there" maybe this is what an orgasm is? I put the magazines back carefully, and went downstairs to the kitchen and nuked a couple of hot dogs. I thought it was cool to be hanging around the house just in my bra and panties this must be what a whore is like&hellip. I made sure the drapes were closed and the door locked, then I sat on the couch and turned on the TV, munched down on a hotdog.

Our golden retriever Bosco came over by the couch, sat by my feet, and looked up at me with those big brown eyes, clearly wanting some of the hotdog. I bit off a piece and held it out, he gobbled it up, waited for more. Now here's where it gets really good, kids.

I was hot to trot. I wanted to do what those women in the dirty magazines was doing, and I'd seen Bosco's penis hanging out once in the backyard when a girl dog had got in and he chased it around. I stood up, got rid of my bra and panties and felt very dirty standing bare-ass naked in front of my dog, right in our living room.

I realize now it was just absurd, but I thought ohmigod, he's gonna tell on me… But I laid down on the rug. Grabbed the other hot dog out of the bun and started rubbing it between my legs, ketchup and mustard and all. Bosco sat there right beside me, waiting for a handout. I lifted up my legs, rubbed the hotdog on my butt and in between, too. I thought I might get him to smell me and maybe even lick me down there. I wet my finger and put it in me, like when I'd put a tampon in, and then tried to get the hotdog to go in, but it was too floppy and only went in part-way.

It looked like I had a penis sticking out! I held out my hand and let Bosco lick all the stuff off, then I shifted around so my legs were facing him. I coaxed him closer to my pussy, and he moved up, drawn by the hotdog. He licked my knee, testing the waters, I guess, then licked my thigh, getting closer to the meat he wanted. I could reach his head now and patted it, and he grabbed the hotdog, I could feel it pull out of me, and he snarfed it down in one gulp. Then he started licking the ketchup and mustard off me, right on my pussy, and I just about creamed from his raspy tongue!


He was actually doing it to me! I did it! I lifted up my legs higher and he licked my asshole, too, and boy, was that a thrill ! I couldn't imagine I'd ever get anybody to do THAT to me! Wow, getting my butthole licked! Boy oh boy, if I could only train a dog to do that! Well, he quit then and sat down by my feet. I sat up, snapped my fingers for him to lay down, then I pushed on his side to make him roll on his back.

I wanted "sex", even though I had no idea really what it was. Sex ed classes said a penis was involved, so I wanted to get Bosco's out. He loved to have his belly rubbed, most big dogs do, I think, so I'm rubbing his belly, and just like Kelly said, I began rubbing toward his penis, which was just barely visible. I kept one hand rubbing his tummy to keep him quiet and happy, but my other hand was roaming around that back area, and gradually his bright red penis started coming out.

It was just like before, red, but now it was a whole different thing to me. It slid out, it was real thin, and red, and I touched lightly over it. It started getting hard. I wanted some "sex", and here was a penis, about four inches long, so I just held it and began stroking. Bosco didn't move, so I leaned down and real bold just put my mouth around it and sucked, just like in the magazine pictures.

Yep, sure did. I'd never even seen a real penis before except on Bosco, and now here I actually had one in my mouth for the first time. It was wet, and hard. I liked this, it was just so dirty, and I was naked in the living room, and I knew I was gonna grow up and be a whore for doing this.

Holy geezus, I was naked in my house and sucking on Bosco's penis! I took the whole thing in my mouth and sucked up and down on it. He must have been happy with it, because he looked back at me and didn't do anything since I was still rubbing his tummy.

I felt his body shake suddenly, then a spurt of his liquid came in my mouth! I got off his cock just like that, startled, thought he was peeing in my mouth, but as it shot out, I was just thrilled and put my mouth around it again to see what this felt like, this must be what sex ed class talked about. A penis ejaculating, right in my mouth like the girls talked about! Sucking a penis for the first time and making it come in my mouth, too!

I knew this was too dirty and I could never tell anybody about this, I'd probably go to jail or something, get grounded for life, they'd probably send Bosco to the dog pound, or maybe I'd get sent away for being so dirty. He was jerking and coming in my mouth, and I made him do this! I was like Kelly now I knew what sex was all about. Naked on the living room floor, sucking Bosco's penis and making it ejaculate right in my mouth!

Well, he stopped coming, and yeah, I did swallow everything when I had him in my mouth. I thought I was supposed to. I knew I wanted to do this again sometime, and maybe I could even get him to stick his penis in me. "Did you come?" asked Kelly, still fondling John's balls. "No, that was enough sex for me right then. I just went upstairs and took a hot shower so I wouldn't smell like I'd just had naked sex with our dog when everyone got back home.

You know that you think everyone can tell you just did something horrible when you do something bad like that. Just by looking at your guilty face. I brushed my teeth three times." "So did you get another chance at it?" inquired James. Yep, about two months later, in fact, they again went to visit Aunt Jane and I got to stay home. I knew exactly what I was gonna do this time. I knew Mom had a vibrator in her dresser, so I got it and laid down in front of their big mirror, and used it on myself.

I liked looking at myself naked, and I remembered Daddy's magazine pictures of women with things pushed into their vaginas. It was a first for me, using the vibrator, and I was able to get the entire thing inside me. It buzzed real loud. Boy, that felt good. That's when I found out that holding it on the front of my vagina really got me hot, it made my legs shake and I felt like I wanted to pee or something. My body started to vibrate, and it scared me.

I even dropped it once, my body was shaking so hard. I quit doing it then, because I thought I was gonna go apeshit and they'd find me naked in their bedroom, crazy. So then I washed it off and put it back, and went downstairs naked I was some hot girl now and knew all about sex… I'd sucked Bosco's penis and made him shoot his stuff into my mouth! Even swallowed it!

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I'd seen Daddy's sex magazines and even used Mommy's vibrator and stuck it all the way inside me! I decided I was Queen of the House, and I could walk around naked if I wanted to. But this time I wanted him to hump me, like in the magazine pictures of those dirty women who were probably whores. I thought I could be a sexy, dirty whore too if I wanted, and I had a whole house to be naked in.

So I nuked a couple hotdogs again, then when they were done, I sat in the kitchen chair and pushed one in my wet pussy. It hung out again and I pretended it was a penis.

It was real funny, trying to walk with it hanging between my legs. I couldn't imagine how guys can do this, and it made me laugh. Maybe that's why they're always "adjusting" themselves down there when they think nobody's looking, I thought. I was really sexed up.

I rubbed the other hotdog on my ass, and all over my pussy, and walked into the living room. I called Bosco over to me, made him lay down and roll over again and let him smell my hands, then I started rubbing his belly.

I wanted to make his penis come out again and suck him.


It did, slowly, as my other hand worked back there, and pretty soon it was sticking straight out like before and big enough to suck. He didn't flinch at all when I put my mouth on it and sucked it in, started pumping up and down.

But then I quit 'cause I didn't want to make him ejaculate, I wanted him to stick it in me. I thought I was hot stuff making his penis get hard like this, and it was so red and pretty. I picked up the other hotdog and let him smell it, then I got down on my hands and knees and spread my legs. I thought if I acted like a bitch dog, he'd climb on and do it to me.

And it would be safe nobody ever got pregnant by a dog, did they? I wanted his penis in me in the baddest way. Bosco sniffed around by my hands, so I moved around so my butt was facing him. I wanted his penis inside me. He saw the hotdog sticking out of my pussy, and sniffed my legs, edged up closer, then grabbed the dog and pulled it out. That felt neat.

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After it was gone, he sniffed my backside some more, I guess looking for more, so I moved the other hotdog up between my legs and next to my pussy, then pulled it away. I was trying to get him to hump me. I could see his prick was hard (I read in Daddy's magazine that penises were also called pricks), and again that bright red color fascinated me, I wanted it IN ME !

I wanted to feel what it was like to have one of those pricks in me, and maybe he'd jerk off inside me and I'd feel what it's like to have real sex. He jumped his front end up on my back and I could feel a furious humping going on by my butt, but there wasn't anything going into me.

I really wanted something in me I didn't care if it was in my pussy like a tampon, or in my butt like my finger. I shifted a little, but nothing changed. So I closed my legs and could feel his penis next to my pussy, but under it. So I just kept them closed and he kept it up, I could feel it sliding back and forth along my legs, so that was almost like having sex, I thought.

What a dirty thought! I am a whore! And then suddenly it felt all squishy and wet, and Bosco was panting, his head right behind my neck. I imagined it was a man doing this and he was ejaculating all over my pussy. Bosco jumped off suddenly, wandered off. I rolled over, laid out on the floor, felt down there and my hand came away all sticky, and I had to taste it again. It was just like before. I rubbed it all over my pussy, and even went real wild and slid my finger into my ass. Hey, it was my house and I was naked and I just made my dog ejaculate on me like sex.

My finger went in real easily, too ! And that was the last time I ever had a chance to do anything kinky with Bosco.

So my first real sex was with my dog, I got to blow him and almost got fucked. …So, kids, do I win the Whore Contest? "You and Kelly are both the Biggest and Best Whores, no doubt at all," said John, and James agreed.

John added, "Girls, it's getting late after those long stories of your first sex experiences, we don't have time for James and me to have a contest too, so how about we both just declare a draw and then let's fuck, okay? You've been playing with Kelly's tits for an hour now, it's time to share and share alike." "Oh baby, I'm all for that.

Let's do it! " said the Queen of the House. "James, come down here and be my dog." She rolled over on her back and James stripped her. Mary spread her legs and her Toy climbed on. Kelly stood up, knelt down with her knees beside Mary's head and faced James, plopped her pussy square on Mary's mouth.

John stood beside Kelly and gave her his cock. All four were now in hot passion and giving it everything. The stories of their first sex had got everyone's juices going.

Kelly sucked and stroked, fast and hard, wanted all his come, and quickly. Mary sucked Kelly's clit, drove her tongue in and out of her pussy, panted and moaned as she ate out the girl. And Kelly lost control, actually peed a little into Mary's mouth as she was getting sucked. Mary flinched at the different taste and the liquid, then knew what had happened and felt a familiar warm lust hit her.

James fucked his Queen and found he could lean forward and suck Kelly's breasts. He was ready to shoot a load. Kelly was the first to go off, half-screaming as it hit her, and she involuntarily squeezed down harder on John's cock in her mouth, pressed her pussy into Mary's face.

John blew his wad in Kelly's mouth as she sucked furiously. James was sent over the edge by their noises and coming, and Mary felt him flood her with his semen. Like a symphony, they all seemed to collapse off Mary at once, spent.

They lay gasping for breath, Mary moaned, "Hey, what about me? I didn't come." "Oh god, I'm sorry babe, I thought you were doing okay, too," said her husband. "What do you want us to do, babe? We'll do anything, just tell us…" said Kelly. "You name it," said James. She thought for half a second. "Well kids, actually, a couple nights ago, when John came home from his business trip, we found out something about me I didn't know.

Believe it or not, I had a beautiful orgasm when I had John piss on me while we were taking a bath together!" "No shit!" "He did that?!" "You did??" And John said, "We did. It's true. &hellip.So, I know, you want John to do it again while we watch, right?" "Well, not quite. All of you can do it. Do me, guys, okay -- please? I just know it'll work again…" They all had gotten off because of her.

Four naked bodies padded off to the bathroom. Mary told them, "I'll lay down in the tub, okay? James, piss right on my pussy. John honey, spray my stomach and tits, and then shoot some in my mouth, too.

Just cover me entirely. And Kelly hon, climb up on the ledge and lean back against the wall so your pussy is directly over my mouth. I want to see that stream come out of you right into me." She laid down in the tub, her head on the back slant, at an angle, and Kelly's wide-open pussy barely twelve inches from her mouth.

"Oh man, c'mon everybody, just soak me…" James hit her first, the beer bursting out of him and onto her spread legs. That instant warm electric current she'd felt when John pissed on her hit her hard. Hot liquid ran down over her pussy and between her legs as James sprayed her. John and Kelly let loose simultaneously and doused her, her mouth filled in an instant and she turned aside to spit it out or drown.

The shower coming from Kelly poured on her cheeks and neck, warm and flooding, and Mary felt the orgasm building inside. John pissed all over her breasts and stomach, shooting hard into her mouth from a different angle, and again she had to close her mouth and spit it out, causing more to splash her face. Mary had one chance now to look up and watch the spray of her cute babydoll hiss out of the wide-open cunt above her, and it drove her over the edge. Piss was hitting her everywhere, a warm bath orgasm that shook her whole body.

She screamed, trembled and shook, stiffened, and still the piss poured on her. At last the jets of golden showers slowed to a trickle, and Kelly lowered herself on Mary's mouth.

"Oh babydoll, you are the best," croaked Mary huskily, panting. "Thank you, thank you, thank you everybody, I came so hard, I thought I was gonna break in two. Oh please, let's do this again sometime…" Everyone leaned down to kiss her, and were surprised that she tasted only wet, not like any noxious ammonia smells.

All the beer. The three went to the living room to dress, it was late, time to go. A great night, as usual at Mary and John's.

Mary's fragrance of strawberries and sandalwood preceded her as she came out of the shower, wrapped chastely in a towel and drying her hair. The Toys were at the door saying goodbyes. She kissed each, then winked at them and said, "You know, my story was a big fat lie…" Kelly opened her mouth in mock astonishment, and then -- "My grandpa never had a farm." John : "You sluts.

We BELIEVED you!" "Another round, another time, Big Boy," said his wife, wrapping herself around him. "Let us think up some new kinky lies first!" And it was off to bed for the happy couple.