Got piss showered in a car park

Got piss showered in a car park
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2012 I don't understand what has happened to me. Oh, I know the actual events I've replayed them in my mind, over and over, during these last few weeks.

It is how and why they have changed me so profoundly that I don't understand but they have, and forever. There are four things that you need to know about me. The first is that I am black and I mean really black, with dark ebony skin. My ancestors were taken in the eighteenth century from somewhere in tropical Africa to the West Indies to work as slaves in the sugar plantations, but both sets of my grandparents left Jamaica in the early 1960s for better employment prospects in Britain.

Their children, who met and became my mother and father, were born a few years later in Brixton, south London as was I, in 1991. The second thing is that I have big breasts and I mean really big, jutting melon-sized mammaries that need the support of a well-braced 32 inch G-cup bra.

I have flared hips and a prominent rounded ass to compensate, and with my narrow waist this gives me a real hour-glass figure but it is my big bust that really catches the eye. My tits grew quite fast when I was about thirteen years old; by the age of fifteen I was filling a 28D bra, and they finally reached my present heavy bulk about two years ago.

The third thing is that I soon found out what a problem they were, and it made me nervous and anything but interested in sex. Big tits on a young black girl living in a poor rough neighbourhood are not good news they make you vulnerable and an obvious target. I was alarmed by the older youths and men often quite old men who ogled me, called out disgusting suggestions, and even tried to grope me. Many of the men especially white men seemed to be convinced that if only they could squeeze my tits, it would flip some switch in my head and I would instantly turn into a nymphomaniac-whore-slut, and want to suck their smelly cocks and spread my legs for a gang-bang.

Or these sleazy types would approach me with offers of 'modelling work' if I would pose for nude 'glamour' photographs, assuming that I would be taken in by their glib assurances of fame and fortune just around the corner. Like so many men (white and black), and sadly quite a lot of women too, they seemed to believe that the bigger the breasts, the smaller the brain, as if in some bizarre way they were made from the same substance, of which for each female there was a limited amount (the opposite of this is the view that plain women with small tits, especially if wearing glasses, are intelligent which is just as frequently incorrect!).

Of course, I rejected such approaches with contempt, for I could very well guess where that road would end up. For all these reasons, I soon learned the wisdom of disguising my curvy body in baggy track-suits and shapeless hoodies, and never wearing anything tight or revealing or sexy.

This wasn't as bad as it sounds, because of the fourth thing.

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I am actually quite shy, an only child and a rather bookish and serious girl, interested in my studies far more than in going out to clubs or meeting boys. This led to some jealousy at my secondary school, where I suppose I was a bit of a teachers' pet, due to the rarity of black kids from my neighbourhood being interested and diligent about their schoolwork. The main clique of 'cool' girls in my year had nicknamed me 'Titsi' at the age of thirteen and a half, when I got curves and they didn't; before long they amended this to 'Snooty-tits'.

It was hurtful, and I suppose I withdrew into myself and my academic studies so I tended to come top of the class in everything, but have no real friends. I managed to avoid boyfriends, as fortunately my being 'brainy' and uncool put them off, whilst the 'cool' crowd went out dancing and clubbing with next to nothing on, flashing their flesh and willing to suck and fuck to get the guys they wanted, and so they monopolised their attention.

Truthfully, I couldn't wait to get out of school and go to university, somewhere away from London. So I worked really hard, got high grades in my final year, and secured a place on a degree course in economics and business studies at a well-rated university in the midlands, about a hundred miles north of London not too far, but far enough. When all of this happened, it was a few weeks after the start of my third and final year, and a few weeks before my twenty-first birthday.

I had made a few friends at college, and even had some boyfriends, though no lasting or serious relationships. You may not believe this certainly no one looking at my sexy curvy figure would do so but I was still a virgin when I started at university, and I didn't lose my cherry until near the end of my first year.

I can easily count how many times I have had penetrative intercourse since then counting losing my cherry, it is only eight times. Three were with my current boyfriend, who I actually met during the last summer vacation, when I got a temporary job cleaning rooms at a huge hotel in central London. His name is Harry, and he is Afro-Caribbean as well, and not so different to me in character.

It turned out that he is studying at the university in the next city to the north of where I am, just a forty minute journey on the train. Anyway, I try to go and see him every other weekend, and have begun staying overnight from Saturday to Sunday sleeping in his bed, and letting him screw me, though I can't say that the earth has moved for me yet, and it all seems very over-rated.

I didn't get myself very well-organised for a place to stay in my final year I was concentrating on a project for my marketing course, and left it too late.

By the time I got around to seeking possible housemates, my relatively few friends had already got fixed up. I wasn't too bothered about this, as I had anyway half-thought that going into the university's own self-catering flats would be quite good for my studies they were conveniently located near the main campus, and I would probably end up with foreign students who would be quiet and leave me to my own devices.

Well, the first part of that expectation was true and, at first, it seemed that the rest was as well. I found myself the only British student in a flat of five girls, the other four all being from the same university in Japan, over here to take a one-year Masters course in the management school this attracted a lot of students from the Far East, so this was no surprise. Their names were Amaya, Ishiko, Kagami and Midori, and they seemed to be very typical young Japanese women: long lustrous straight black hair, deep dark almond-shaped eyes, and smooth-skinned pale blank faces that rarely showed what they were thinking.

They were slender of build, with boyish hips, small neat butts, flat stomachs and almost flat chests Kagami was maybe just a C-cup and Midori a B-cup, but the other two were A's at best, and all of their breasts pooled together would only just match my massive boobs. At our first meeting, they seemed disconcerted to find themselves sharing with a black girl the Japanese are still very racist under the surface, even the younger generation, and especially so towards black people.

At any rate, they were cooly polite and distant, and remained very much detached there was no overt rudeness or unpleasantness, but also no overtures of friendliness.

They did not invite me to join in with them for anything, and we went our separate ways there was a cleaning rota for the shared kitchen, and agreement about what space I would use in the cupboards and refrigerator, and that was it, apart from brief polite but formal greetings if we should encounter each other when going in or out.

It remained like this for the first five weeks of the academic year, until a weekend in the middle of the autumn term. I was due to visit my boyfriend, Harry; our relationship seemed to be cooling I had a suspicion that he was more keen on a white girl who was in one of his classes, and he did not seem greatly enthusiastic about seeing me.

I felt a bit let down, and for once in my life I decided to compete physically to use the asset of my body, and make an impact. So I went out and bought some items, and dressed to make him think again. I put on a pair of white leather cowgirl-style boots, with no socks or stockings, so that there was a great length of exposed shiny ebony leg up to my shortest-of-short, tightest-of-tight and very skimpy cut-off blue denim shorts.

Above this was several inches of bare midriff, and then a small thin red halterneck that just about covered my scarlet bra and my bulging tits, exhibiting their round fullness and a deep valley of cleavage in between. I left my student flat around noon on Saturday morning, disguising my appearance and figure under a rather shapeless long padded winter coat, a scarf and a hat.

However, when I arrived at Harry's house an hour and a half later, I found that I might as well have been wearing sackcloth and ashes. Whether he had caught a germ or as he thought eaten something dodgy the night before, he was quite unwell, exhausted from repeated bouts of vomiting, and had a temperature and a spliiting headache. He apologised for not having let me know before I made the journey, but said he had been too sick earlier to think of it.

I was a bit miffed he wasn't so ill that he or friend couldn't have phoned or sent a text but anyway there was no point in my staying, as he needed to take some medicine and go to bed. There was nothing for it but to turn around and go right back to my own university, and make a virtue of necessity by spending some more time in the library researching for my dissertation. Even so, when I returned to my student accommodation, I must admit that I was feeling rather frustrated and horny, which is a fairly unusual sensation for me I don't get easily turned on at all, and indeed a couple of my previous boyfriends had called me frigid when they dumped me.

It was a few minutes before four o'clock in the afternoon when I unlocked the front door of my shared flat, and closed it behind me as I entered the central corridor. This has three study-bedrooms on the left side, of which mine was the first; on the right are two study-bedrooms and then the kitchen. The bedrooms each have a small self-contained unit with a toilet, shower and handbasin, and so there is only one other door, at the far end of the corridor, which leads into the large communal room that goes across the width of the flat.

I opened the door of my personal room and walked into it, leaving it ajar behind me as I put my bag and wristwatch down on my desk, and dropped my coat, hat and scarf onto the bed. I had vaguely registered a murmur of noise from the communal room and was aware that at least some of my flatmates were present, but my attention was caught by a sudden burst of shrieks and squeals. They must be watching television, I thought, some comedy show or maybe an action movie.

Feeling in the mood for some mindless entertainment, I trotted down the corridor to find out. What I saw when I opened the door was a complete surprise, and I was rooted to the spot in shocked amazement my four Japanese flatmates were in the middle of a full-blown lesbian orgy! They had removed the low table and three of the chairs (which I later discovered had been put in two of their bedrooms), and had pushed the sofa and remaining chair against the far wall.

This left a large clear area of floor in the middle of the room, where they had laid down two of their bed mattresses, side by side to make a square. On one side of this, Amaya was lying on her back, completely naked, clutching at her own small breasts and pinching their nipples, and with her legs spread wide apart. Kneeling between her thighs was Midori, dressed only in black hold-up stockings and a pair of black-strapped stiletto shoes.

Around her pelvis was the black harness of a strap-on dildo, which she was vigorously pumping in and out of Amaya's black-haired pussy. Midori had always seemed to me to be the shyest and most demure of the four, replying to any question or comment in a soft whisper and rarely meeting my eyes directly.

She was certainly far from demure now, and seemed to have metamorphosed into a rabid sex machine. Her pelvis was jerking backwards and forwards in a frenzy, her hips were pistoning the unseen rod of the dildo deep into the cunt underneath her with almost vicious intensity and force, and it was her voice that I had heard, harsh and shrill, and clearly pouring out a torrent of lesbian swearing in Japanese. Midori had the longest hair of the Japanese quartet, a straight fall of shining silky black that came down to below her waist; usually it was gathered into a long pony-tail or plaited into a braid and tied with a pink ribbon, but now the whole swathe swung free, cascading over her lower back and around her hips with every vigorous thrust.

This arresting vision of girl-on-girl fucking was far from the only steamy action that was going on in the room. Amaya's face was only partly visible, because she was being deeply French-kissed by Ishiko, who was on her hands and knees at a 90 degree angle to the prone girl, with her head bowed down to make contact with Amaya's lips. Ishiko was also nude, and was pinned in place by Kagami, who was kneeling behind her ass and firmly gripping her at the waist with both hands.

Kagami was the most dressed of the four, if you could call it that she was wearing the black leather boots that she was so fond of, a pair of sheer black hold-ups, and a black half-cup bra, from which her breasts had been pulled out so that they were overhanging the front and in full view. She was also wearing a strap-on dildo, which she was in the process of ramming in and out of Ishiko's pussy I could see this clearly from my angle at the doorway, and I gulped in stunned fascination as the improbably large black plastic rod slid slickly in and out of Ishiko's hole, around which her neatly-trimmed black pubic hair was glisteningly coated with her secretions.

So intent were they upon each other that it was a few seconds before they realised that the door had opened, and that I was standing there. I think some squawk or gasp that I made alerted them, and immediately Kagami's head swung round to stare at me. At first, she had an expression of pure surprise, which was due not just to my unexpected return but still more to my appearance normally I dressed very conservatively, and in clothes that disguised the curves of my body rather than displaying them.

Almost at once, her eyes narrowed, as she took in my tiny tight shorts and the chasm of cleavage barely contained by the skimpy halterneck. 'Ha! Kyonyu!' she said, and then, with a fierce glare of lust in her eyes, she added to her compatriots: 'Baka buso, abazure onna mitai! yarite!!' At the time, I did not understand any Japanese but I certainly do now, especially the sexual terms.

What she had called me was the word for 'giant breasts', and what she said to her friends after that was 'Stupid bitch, she looks like a slut!

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I want to fuck her!!' [As I tell the rest of this story, I will put translations of the Japanese words in square brackets, but you must remember that at the time I did not know their meaning.] However, although staring fixedly at me, Kagami did not pause in her relentless doggy-fuck of the moaning Ishiko, as if demanding my attention to every swivel of her hips and every resulting impalement of Ishiko's vagina.

Always the leader of this little pack, she decisively rapped out some instructions in crisp Japanese to Midori and Amaya. Somewhere in this I caught the words 'manko' [cunt] 'machakucha gu' [fucked up good], 'shibari' [bondage] and 'goukan' [rape]. Of course, I could not translate any of them then but I soon discovered their meaning. Midori obeyed instantly, whipping her strap-on cock out of Amaya's pussy, surging to her feet, spinning on her heels, and advancing upon me.

Amaya was immediately behind her, and, before I could draw breath, they had each seized one of my arms, dragged me sideways from the doorway, and pressed me back against the wall of the room. Only then, as her two accomplices held me rigidly in place, did Kagami withdraw her dildo from Ishiko, giving the shuddering girl a sharp smack on the ass with the palm of her right hand.

Then Kagami rose elegantly to her feet and came towards me, the sensuous sway of her hips making the outhrust battering-ram of the dildo sway from side to side I was mesmerised by it, and only with an effort tore my gaze away and looked her in the face, as she stepped up close to me.

Kagami had a strange flushed expression, and there was a hard lustful glitter in her eyes. As she stood in front of me, arms akimbo on her hips, her bare breasts thrust out and the spear-shaft of the dildo pointing intimidatingly at my crotch, any words of explanation and apology for my unexpectedly early return or of protest at their activities died unspoken on my dry lips.

'Manko yaro, kono ama? [Want to screw some pussy, you bitch?]' asked Kagami in a challenging tone. Then, seeing my incomprehension, she switched to speaking in English, and exclaimed with relish: 'So, here you are, Big Tits! So, we have fun and games, now, yeah!' I shook my head weakly, and babbled a denial that no, I wasn't into girls, wasn't a lesbian, had never done anything like that I apologised for interrupting them, and offered to leave at once.

Kagami shook her head at that, and her smile curved wickedly: 'Urusei, kono manko! [Shut up, you cunt!] Oh, no, Big Tits, you we have, now!' Her syntax slipped a little when she got excited, and she added: 'You we fuck, right now, Big Tits!' I swallowed, not liking at all what this implied, or the rude nickname that she was giving me, as her fevered gaze fell upon my chest. However, held in the iron grips of her two henchwomen, there was nothing that I could to stop Kagami as she reached behind my neck and, with one swift tug, untied the knot that held my skimpy red halterneck in place.

I gasped as the two sides of the unfastened garment flopped down, hanging over my hips and completely exposing my bra. I had wanted to look really hot for Harry, and now this was to be quite literally my undoing. My scarlet bra was a lacy, semi-transparent half-cup, with a push-up effect that my melons of breasts hardly needed the result, I knew, was the amazing extent and depth of cleavage that had been framed in the red halterneck. Kagami cupped her hands under my jutting bra cups, and then squeezed vigorously, completely indifferent to my squeals of protest and futile struggling.

Ishiko had risen to her feet and was standing at Kagami's shoulders, and all four of the Japanese lesbians were staring at my massive breasts with an intense lustful glee that was setting my stomach churning with apprehension.

As always the leader and trend-setter, Kagami reached out to the central clasp which held my bra together and uncoupled it, sending the cups swinging aside and my tits flopping out into full view. I had deliberately chosen a 'front loader' for the intended effect upon Harry when I would lean over him and undo it, and the effect of my G-cup black mammaries spilling out was even more arousing than I had expected but upon the wrong audience.

The other three Japanese lesbians gave a soft sigh of amazement, as Kagami grasped my right breast and gave it a mauling grope that led to renewed cries and pleas to desist from me. Ishiko took hold of my other breast, pulled on its nipple smiling maliciously at the howl this produced and then mashed this breast against the one that Kagami had seized. The latter looked me straight in the eye from less than a foot away, and hissed with menacing certainty, first in Japanese and then in English: 'Dekapai, teme kuronbo joro!

[Big breasts, you nigger slut!] You fucking ours now, black bitch big tits, ours, and cunt!' The last word was accompanied by a thrust of her other hand between my legs, to seize the crotch of my tiny cut-off denim shorts and press upwards against my trembling pussy. I begged her to stop in broken sobs, but she ground the palm of her hand against my sex, rubbing the coarse denim and the flimsy panties underneath abrasively against my labia.

Then it got worse, as she shifted her grip to the front waistband of the brief shorts and pulled upwards with sudden force. I shrieked as this jerked the underneath seam of the shorts into my slit, the cameltoe effect cutting into my soft folds of flesh almost like a knife. My desperate attempt to stand on tiptoe to relieve the scything pressure was useless, as the cruel Asian bitch just hauled up further, and I tottered in a near faint, my eyes watering.

There was a momentary release of the incisive pressure, as Kagami shifted her grasp to undo the large brass button in the waistband, and then she tore downwards on the zip below it. My sketchy blue denim cut-off shorts peeled apart and dropped down my legs until they stuck at my knees.

I blushed with shame, as my panties were exposed to the searching gaze of the Japanese quartet. Far from my usual sober plain white pair, these were a naughtily brief thong, a tiny triangular scrap of scarlet lace that barely covered my prominent Venus mound. Apprehension filled me correctly, as it turned out as the glint in Kagami's dark eyes turned harder, and her smile more predatory. 'Kyonyu, kono baita! [Giant breasts, you whore!]' she breathed; 'oh, slutty black bitch! fucking slut cunt, you are, Big Tits!' I might have denied the apparent evidence, but any attempt to profess my innocence was blown aside, as the evil Asian bitch seized the fabric of my thong at the top of the crotch, scrunched it together in her fist, and then yanked the bunched fabric up into my cunt.

It sliced like a knife into my slit, and my back arched and I howled in pain at its slashing intrusion. Tears poured down my cheeks, as Kagami then began a rapid jerking up and down, so that the fabric abraded up and down inside my vagina, cutting and rubbing like a rope. As she did this with merciless force, Kagami looked into my eyes, and smiled with satisfaction at what she saw reflected there my shock, my pain, my fear, and, to my shame and humiliation, also my arousal.

She knew, as in my inner heart I did as well, that this was not simply the unconscious response of the body to the erogenous physical contact I was also becoming aroused by my predicament, my helplessness and my forced submission. 'Ha!' snorted Kagami, followed by a trill of liquid Japanese that made her accomplices laugh, and then to regard me with frightening relish, as if I had 'victim please rape' tattooed across my big breasts. Then Kagami looked at me as you would an animal bought at market, and as she slipped her forefinger into my opened and smarting gash making me squeal, but also shudder from the sensations that this caused she addressed me: 'You dirty fucking trash slut, black cunt!

You going to be our whore now, and you going learn to like it, oh yes! I wanted this since seeing you first, Big Tits, you always showing them off, slutty cunt!

We take you down, fuck your brains out, make you what we want you learn your place, black bitch, we own you now!' This tirade was appalling, and I looked at my four flatmates blankly and in growing horror, as I saw my fate foreshadowed in the merciless eyes and gleeful expressions with which they anticipated my lesbian rape. Perhaps I could have fought and struggled more, although being so outnumbered escape was clearly impossible but instead I gave in, my knees felt weak and my muscles turned to useless jelly.

The truth is that I crumpled and surrendered to whatever they intended to do, and to this day I do not know if that was simple acceptance of the four-against-one reality of the situation, or whether some hidden part of me actually wanted to submit to their lesbian perversions, wanted to be used and abused by other women. Seeing that dawning realisation, Kagami laughed and held the corded thong deeply up inside my slit, twisting it from side to side with devastating effects, whilst her other hand pinched the nipple of my right breast, wrenching a howl from my throat that ended in a despairing sob.

Kagami regarded me with the utter certainty of the conqueror: 'You getting it now, Big Tits!

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Your black cunt getting it hard right now, ikeike [bitch], long as we want!' she said, with salacious satisfaction at my round-eyed terror. It took only a couple of seconds for Kagami and Ishiko to strip my halterneck, denim shorts and thong down my legs and over my white leather cowgirl-style boots, which they pulled off as well.

Immediately after, Midori and Amaya pushed my unclasped bra down my arms, and then threw it aside, so that I was now completely naked. Still holding my arms, Midori and Amaya then dragged me across to the pair of mattresses, where all four of the Asian dykes overpowered me, forcing me down to lie flat on my back. Kneeling at the foot of the mattress, Midori and Amaya each held one of my legs, gripping it with both hands just above the ankle.

At first, my upper body was held down by both Kagami and Ishiko, but only for the moment that it took Ishiko to get into position just behind my head, with her knees resting almost on my shoulders, and taking an iron grip on both of my arms, just above the elbow.

Her body leaning over me partly blocked out the light, and as I gazed upwards in helpless immobility, I had a clear view from below of her small pointy A-cup breasts. Once Ishiko had me firmly pinned down, Kagami rose to her feet and gestured to Midori and Amaya, who responded by pulling my legs wide apart. I realised with horror what this portended, and I began to scream and cry out for help. At once, Kagami scooped up something from the floor, which was revealed to be a pair of thong panties but lime green, so not my ones.

With a lascivious smirk, Kagami folded the garment into a tight ball, and then rubbed it up and down her open and glistening gash. Then, as I drew breath for a louder shriek, Kagami jammed the moist and smelly wad of fabric into my mouth. I was disgusted, spluttering and trying to push it out, but she was too quick for me she grabbed a discarded hold-up stocking that was lying nearby, wrapped it across my mouth and then around my head three times, and tied it tightly at the back, so that there was no way in which the cunny-juice drenched thong could be ejected from my mouth.

I was appalled, and one part of me felt revolted at having these soiled panties pressed against my tongue but the other part found their taste and smell to be strangely exotic and intriguing. The gag was very effective, and my loudest cries were reduced to barely-audible mumbles. What happened next was even worse far, far worse. Kagami stood over me, looking down with a savagely gleeful expression on her face. Slowly, she rubbed her right hand up and down the shaft of the strap-on dildo that she was wearing, its frightening length still clearly coated with Ishiko's vaginal juices.

From my supine position, Kagami was an incredibly intimidating and imposing sight, with her legs soaring in black boots and hold-ups up to join at the base of the strap-on harness with its menacing spear of black plastic, and then above this her pert breasts were thrust out over the fabric of her black bra.

I shivered, mostly in fear but with an element of awe as well she looked so sexually powerful, so dauntingly dominant an invincible lesbian valkyrie, an amazonian Asian dyke. I knew, with heartburning certainty, that she was going to rape me and some small hitherto suppressed part of me felt that it was her right to do so, to treat me as her toy, as her slave. A sudden hush and stillness settled over the room, as Kagami walked round behind Midori and Amaya, and then knelt down between them and therefore between my legs, which the duo had pulled almost painfully wide apart.

'Fucking slut, you are', breathed Kagami appreciatively, as she ran a hand over my smooth-shaven cunt, stroking and kneading my Venus mound; 'yeah, fucking black slut'.

A shiver ran through me, not entirely of fear for no one had ever caressed me down there before (not any of my few boyfriends: they had poked at me with their fingers, to prise my slit open enough so they could push their penises inside me, but that had been the limit of their idea of foreplay), and her massaging fingers triggered strange sensations that made my thighs tremble and my stomach flutter.

It took me a moment to register what she had said and how she had misunderstood, for in Japan almost no women shave or trim their pubic hair: only whores, porn actresses and a few very active lesbians. I shook my head in denial, but with the soggy panties-gag in my mouth, I could not explain that my cunt was not shaved for any sexual purpose: the truth is that my pussy-hair naturally grows quite profusely, and I dislike the sweatiness and itchy tangles that result, so a few years ago I began to shave myself for reasons of hygiene and comfort, but certainly not of sex.

Kagami ceased her stroking of my vulva and placed her hands at either side of my narrow waist, just above the broad flare of my hips, and she leant forwards until the bulbous knob of the dildo pressed against my outer labia, at the lower part of my cunt. She paused, like a hawk poised before swooping down on its prey, and looked at my face: 'Buk-korosu, makkuro yariman! [I'll fuck you up, black slut!]', she said with anticipatory relish. Gagged as I was, I could only manage some unintelligible muffled mumbles, but my eyes telegraphed my nearly hysterical panic.

The evil bitch clearly found this arousing, for her eyes gleamed with merciless lust and her tongue flicked across her lips in salacious anticipation.

Then, with her eyes still locked on mine, Kagami pivoted her hips and drove the dildo into me with unrelenting force. The intrusion was like an electric shock, both agonizing and convulsive. Despite her brief caress, my vagina was still quite dry with fear, and although the sticky coating of Ishiko's cum-juice on the dildo eased its passage to some extent, still it was like being ripped into like being speared, not with a point but with a wide fat pole!

Kagami's first penetration was only perhaps three inches, but she swiftly withdrew and then slammed in again with even greater force, and to greater depth. My back arched in a rictus of agony, my cunt burning with pain, and I howled into my noisome gag. My head the only part of me not held down thrashed from side to side, as if somehow I might throw off my assailants but this was an impossibility. Kagami continued to rape me, savage in the searing force of her intrusions, as tears streamed down my cheeks most of them from pain, but some of humiliation.

Incredibly, horrifically, my body started to respond to the rape or, at least, in self-preservation, to accommodate it. I felt a damp flush in my pussy, and realised that my own juices were now lubricating the pasage of the plastic phallus, as Kagami took up a faster and harder pace.

It did not take long before the whole length of the dildo was sinking into me, so that on Kagami's downward strokes its faceplate smacked hard against my labia. My useless attempts to struggle subsided, as my will to resist collapsed under the punitive pile-driving penetrations. There was no doubt that the invasive abrasions had a simple physical effect, and my whimpers of pain and fear began to be leavened with moans resulting from the forced stimulation of my erogenous zones.

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Kagami looked down at me in dominant delight, whilst slowing the pace of her violating thrusts in order to give them greater impact.

In a triumphant tone, she declared: 'I knew it I fucking knew it! You're a whore, Big Tits, you're a slutty cunt whore! Fuketsu na putaro! [Dirty tramp!] You like this! Fucking lezzie black cunt, you like it!' I shook my head in feeble protest, to which she derisively replied: 'Oh yes, you do getting wet, is your cunt, I can feel it getting sloppy and wide, you ready to come soon!

Nureteru ja nai [aren't you wet], black bitch? I make you cum, that make you mine, my fucking lesbo pussy-bitch you will be, slut! Mine to do with, mine for whatever I want!' I weakly mumbled my denials, even as the terrible truth of her claim resounded through me. But it was useless, my traitor body was betraying me.

Against any conscious volition, my pelvis began to respond to her thrusts, surging to meet them, to ride the wave until the crest broke as it did with a sudden shocking climax, my hips spasming and my thighs shaking as an orgasm exploded in my cunt, arching my back and thrusting my huge breasts upwards to jiggle wildly in the air.

With a yell of victorious validation, Kagami rammed the dildo into me with savage force and kept it there, whilst her hands reached out like talons to maul my quivering mounds and pinch my erect nipples. I went into sensory overload, and my body shook with a second and more powerful orgasm, which left me utterly spent.

In my dazed condition, I was only peripherally aware of Kagami pulling the plastic rod out of my pussy, and rising to her feet. Standing to one side, she unbuckled the strap-on and dropped the tool of my violation onto the chair at the side of the room. She swiftly exchanged places with Ishiko, taking a grip on my shoulders, although she need hardly have bothered I was so shattered that I was beyond any attempt to rise, and in any case Midori and Amaya were still holding my legs open.

These last two gave malicious giggles of anticipation, as Ishiko picked up the discarded strap-on and slipped her slim legs into its harness.

'No, please, no, no oh, please, I can't take it, not again, not any more!' was what I tried to say, as her intent dawned upon me, but with the soggy sticky ball of panties filling my mouth, all that was audible were stifled moans. Ishiko knelt down in front of my bared and defenceless cunt, and then slapped me viciously on each breast. Her English grammar was better than Kagami's, and her import even more shocking: 'Shut up, stupid black cunt! Stop your stupid noises, Big Tits you take our orders now, we make you our slave!

We know what you are, what you really want you want fucking raping, you dirty black slut, you want to be used like trash, made into a lezzie whore, yes, you do!' I tried to deny it, for how could such vile things be true of me, who had never felt any sexual interest in girls before, had never touched another female's breasts or pussy.

However, whether it was brainwashing or identifying with my captors from fear, I felt something slip loose in my mind as if a surface layer that had always been thin and shallow-rooted was displaced by some deeper and stronger force, rising mysteriously from the subconscious depths, and of as yet undetermined dimensions.

Ishiko did not wait for any response to her words, as she became the second Asian lesbian to rape me. She plouged the sticky dildo into the parted pink gash that made such a startling contrast with the surrounding ebony skin of my cunt, and began another series of pounding impalements of my vagina.

My poor bruised pussy ached from her abrasions, which scraped the walls of my vaginal passage with burning force, despite the flow of secretions from my glands that sought to ease its entry.

I was being taken again, harder and faster than the first time, and my will to resist not just my immediate fate but my future enslavement was being eroded away with every violating entry of the heavy black plastic rod. Sensing my slide into submissive acceptance, Kagami released her hold on my shoulders and swiveled her slender body around 180 degrees. Raising herself slightly on her haunches, she squatted above my startled face, her slim hips to either side and her gaping wet vagina poised above me unlike most Japanese women, her cunt was completely shaven, and I had a close-up view of the puffy folds of her pussy.

The slim dyke eased the gagging hold-up stocking down over my chin, and then hooked a finger into my mouth to extract the balled thong. I barely had the chance to draw a pant of breath before she lowered her vulva onto my mouth, and my squeal of protest was muzzled by her rubbery flesh. She gripped my head in both of her hands, and forcibly ground her cunt onto my face. 'Eat me, dirty bitch!

You eat me out, Big Tits! Yeah suck my cunt, lick my clit, and you better make me cum real good! I your mistress now, you do I say, what I say!' In truth, I had no alternative but to obey. I could barely breathe under the suffocating pressure of her pelvis, whilst the pounding rape that Ishiko was dealing out to my poor abused pussy combined with the heady musk of Kagami's sexual smell and the extraordinary sensations of the taste and touch of a female pussy.

Almost involuntarily, my lips parted and I began to lick her cunt, sending my tongue as deeply into her crack as I could go, and then lashing up and down inside her gash. At first, I thought I was having no effect, and felt a weird mixture of fear and disappointment, but then I began to feel brief tremors running through her lower body, whilst at the same time her vagina became wetter and wider.

This encouraged me to try harder, which turned out to be the right thing to do. My questing tongue surged up to her clitotal hood and found the swollen nub of her clit, which it rasped across with an urgency driven by Ishiko's shafting of my hole and my growing arousal. Kagami ground her cunt down against me with sharper and more urgent pressure, and between her gasps she cried out, lapsing back into Japanese: 'Ikiso!

Hafuna me, kono kokudo saseko hafuna me! [I'm going to come! Suck me, you black whore suck me!]' I didn't know then what a word of this meant, but her need was evident from her rising tone of voice, and I took a quick breath, pushed my mouth further into her warm wet opening, jammed my tongue as deeply into her vaginal hole as I could go, and then corkscrewed it around.

Kagami gave a series of sharp high-pitched yelps, grabbed her own tits and pinched them, and almost screamed out: 'Iku, iku! Iku!! [I'm coming, I'm coming!

I'm coming!!]' Despite my fear, I felt a moment of deep satisfaction as my cunnilingus hit its target, and with quaking jerks of her pelvis, Kagami orgasmed, sending a spray of cum-juice over my mouth, chin and nose.

However, I barely had time to register this before my second lesbian rapist sent me surging to my own climax, and I gasped and groaned in an ecstasy that was both deeply disturbing and profoundly satisfying. My head was still reeling from that dizzying pleasure-burst when Ishiko withdrew the dildo from my pussy, squatted back on her haunches, and then stood up, vacating my cunt for its next abuser.

However, I had no opportunity to escape during the alternation of my rapists, as Kagami and Amaya immediately grabbed me on each side and deftly rolled me over onto my stomach, and then by pinching my nipples they forced me to take up a position on my hands and knees. Then Midori, who was still wearing the strap-on with which she had been so vigorously fucking Amaya when I had entered the room, knelt down behind me, and with a coarse laugh she gave me a smack on the butt, a wordless statement of 'you're mine'.

I knew at once what I was in for, and I made a token struggle, whilst whining and begging them not to do it, to let me go. Of course, they took no notice of this at all. Instead, Kagami and Amaya held my legs in place, and between them Midori lined up the deadly plastic torpedo on her target my cunt. Then she firmly gripped my hips, swung forward with the deft certainty of a gymnast, and used her momentum and body-weight to plunge the dildo into my pussy, its first insertion slamming into me for nearly its entire length.

The impact drove all of the air from my lungs, in a gasping involuntary exhalation. My eyes bulged wide, as Midori swiftly pulled the dildo back out and then drilled it into my hole again, even deeper. Although my vagina was now wider and wetter than it had ever been before, it was also bruised and sore from the first two rapes, with the result that this third assault was nearly as agonising as the previous ones.

However, in other ways it was different, and had a different effect. The truth is that I had never had sex doggy-style before: my few experiences of penetrative intercourse had all been very conventional, flat on my back and letting the guy push my legs apart and then lie on top of me, heaving and grunting away until he was done.

Even though being raped by these demonic Asian lesbians was frightening and overwhelming, getting fucked in this position was also a revelation, and the shock of being violated was superceded by the greater shock that I was actually finding it stimulating and not just from the effects of the physical intrusion.

I realise now that it excited me for the very reason of being treated as an object, not even looked at in the face but used as if my hole was the only part of me that mattered. For this reason, the third rape did more than any of the others to bring my submissive nature to the surface. Kagami and Amaya could see that I no longer needed to be pinned down, and released me so that they could stand back and enjoy the sapphic scene unfolding in front of them.

Bereft of their support, my arms lost their strength and my face flopped down onto the mattress, my half-open mouth drooling saliva and my half-closed eyes staring unfocused and unseeing at the opposite wall. The change of posture left my cunt still up in the air, and now at a sloping angle which actually made forceful fucking easier. Midori took advantage of this opportunity at once, making her shafting fiercer and faster, and taking me in every sense of the term.

My breath was coming in shallow pants through my nostrils, and sweat and love-juice were mixing stickily on my inner thighs. The other three Japanese girls laughed and applauded as my back arched, my huge pendulous breasts swung wildly from side to side, my big black ass jiggled and quivered, and my nasal noises became a staccato series of groans and moans. Encouraged and aroused by this evidence of her triumphant conquest and my imminent surrender, Midori attacked my cunt with redoubled vigour.

As each battering thrust slammed into my pussy, I closed my eyes and wallowed in the extraordinary sensations that coursed through me. I was swept away from my moorings, not only physically but mentally, and my world shrank to just my vagina, as I felt a volcanic climax building to its culmination. I heard a voice babbling something in English, and it was a moment before I realised with profound shock that it was me who was calling out: 'Fuck me!

Aaaahh, yes, do it!

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Oh, God! Yeah fuck me, fuck me! Yes, more, oooh yes, fuck me, aah! FUCK ME!' Midori wound one hand into my thickly-layered black hair, and almost painfuly haulled me back upwards, whilst her other hand snaked around to my chest and mauled one of my breasts.

This was the final straw that pushed me over the top, into a convulsive orgasm that exploded simultaneously between my legs and between my ears, and left me a gibbering, whimpering, sweaty and sore heap in the middle of the mattress. My lesbian abusers intended me to have no respite, and my fourth rapist was keen to get a slice of black-bird pie.

As soon as Midori withdrew the dildo and rose to her feet, other hands dragged me aside to one edge of the mattress. For one second, I had a foolish hope that they would consider me done, but I soon realised that there was more to come in every sense of the word.

In my peripheral vision, I saw that Amaya was standing up and buckling a strap-on in place around her own pelvis a new one which I had not seen before: it was even bigger and longer than those which Kagami and Midori had used, and was moulded with circular ridges.

At once, I set up a desperate wailing protest: 'No! Oh, no, no no more, please! Stop I can't take any more, no, I can't! No, oh no, you can't you can't!!' 'Can't' was not a word to say to Kagami at any time, and certainly not when she was high on the pheromones of sexual conquest. An angry expression flashed across her face, and she leaned down and slapped me across mine.


'Stupid manko [cunt]!' she snapped. 'Baka ama [stupid bitch], can't you count Amaya hasn't had a ride yet, has she? And it wouldn't be fair to leave her out, now would it?' I mumbled something incoherent, but obviously in disagreement, with the result that Kagami reached down, seized one of my nipples, and pinched it hard.

I cried out in pain and fear, as she repeated her question: 'Would it, eh? What you say, Big Tits, Amaya should have her turn, yes? You want that, don't you yes? You want her fuck you cunt, yes say yes, dirty black bitch!' With my eyes watering from her painful grip, there was only answer possible, and I nodded my head in mute surrender. 'Good kyonyu [huge breasts] . yes, and after that, we all have you again .

and again!' I was horror struck I had assumed that when all four of them had taken their sexual pleasure, that would be it and I would be released. Well, possibly that was still so, but evidently these insatiable dykes would not be satisfied with making use of my body just once.

I realised with chilling apprehension that they could and probably would carry on for the remainder of the day, and indeed could do so all of the next day, Sunday, as well. This prospect was terrifying for the most part, and yet underneath there was the trace of a strange accepting thrill.

What happened next was very unexpected I had assumed that I was going to be taken either lying down on my back or put on all fours and done doggy-style for a second time. In fact, it was to be neither, for it was Amaya who lay down across the mattress on her back and with her legs spread apart. The strap-on that she was wearing was in place around her hips, with the intimidatingly-long shaft of the dildo rising vertically from her crotch and pointing at the ceiling. As if this was not alarming enough, Ishiko and Midori hauled me up into a kneeling position, and held me there whilst Kagami twisted my arms behind my back and fastened my wrists together with a pair of metal handcuffs.

Then all three of them pulled me to my feet and made me take two steps sideways, so that I straddled the prone girl, with one foot on each side of her hips. Amaya gazed up at me with lewd anticipation, and then with horrific suggestive relish she wrapped her right hand around the lower part of the dildo and pumped it up and down the shaft, as if she were a man masturbating his dick and not a dyke wearing a plastic phallus. Amaya's meaning was all too clear even before Ishiko and Midori gripped my hand-cuffed arms and started to force me down into a squatting position in which I would unavoidably impale myself on the spear-like dildo.

I wailed, protested and beseeched, all to no avail. When I was just a few inches above the plastic pole, Ishiko and Midori pulled my ankles further apart to each side, into a position that it would be impossible for me to rise up from, or even to sustain for more than a moment. I tried my best, but in my weakened state I had not the strength.

Within a few seconds, I felt the hard solidity of the dildo's tip press into the soft opening at the base of my slit, which was still sore and smarting from the previous rapes, and I was convulsed with one last desperate panic-stricken effort to break free. Ironically, it had the opposite effect: Ishiko and Midori released their grip on my arms, and, with my hands fastened behind my back, I had no way to support myself so, with agonised moans, I slid down the shaft of the dildo, as gravity became my next rapist.

Despite my futile efforts to resist, I gradually descended all the way, penetrating myself to the hilt, so that my tenderised labia were pressing against the leather faceplate to which the plastic pillar was attached. The ridges on the plastic phallus scraped my bruised and highly-senstive vaginal walls, and tears rolled my face but there was even more wetness dribbling from my invaded cunt. With a laugh, Ishiko and Midori took hold of my arms again and pulled me back up into the squatting position, so that just the tip of the dildo perhaps half an inch was still inside me.

Then they released me, and watched with trills of laughter as I slipped down the impaling shaft again, whimpering and shuddering as it filled me to capacity and its cunning ridges abraded my erogenous zones. As this procedure was repeated half-a-dozen times, the slick coating of my pussy-juices on the plastic phallus made my descents all the more inevitable with less resistance on the way down, but a heavier smacking impact when my cunt landed on the face-plate.

To add to the effect, Amaya started to heave upwards with a thrust of her hips, timing it perfectly for when I had slid about two-thirds of the way down the dildo, so that the final portion of my descent was a powerful combination of self-impalement and of getting shafted from below.

I had never done it like this before, never ever been the one on top during my paltry handful of heterosexual encounters this was another new experience for me, another sexual revelation. I was panting for breath once more a sure sign of on-coming orgasm with sweat beading my face and cleavage, and running down my back to the cleft of my buttocks. I had stopped my useless pleading for mercy and release, partly because it was futile and partly because I had no breath left for it anyway it was all that I could do now to take a great gulp of air as I was raised up, and then to release it in deep groaning grunts as I fucked myself on the slide back down.

Exhausted and bleary-eyed, I barely registered that Kagami had ceased just simply watching, and was putting back on the harness and dildo that she had been wearing when I interrupted their little lesbian fuckathon how long ago, what an age ago, that now seemed!

I despaired further, thinking that she was already getting ready to be the first rapist of the next circuit which in a sense she was, but not in the way that I thought.

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Amaya had seen this preparation as well, and the bitch underneath me gave an extra hard shove upwards with the dildo, whilst squealing in delight: 'Yo! Dee-pei!' I did not know what this meant at the time, to me it was just another incomprehensible word in Japanese, but of course it was not!

Kagami made a gesture with her hand to Ishiko and Midori, who also laughed and repeated this term 'dee-pei'. The two Japanese lesbians who were on either side of me took a grip on my arms and forced me to bend forwards from the waist, until I was lying flat on top of Amaya, stomach against stomach, my bulging breasts squashed on top of her tiny titties, and my head next to her's, cheek to cheek. This posture was made possible because at the same time Amaya rocked her pelvis into a different position, so that her strap-on was still buried right inside me, whilst Kagami, who was now out of sight behind me, pulled my legs backwards.

The result was that I went from squatting on Amaya's crotch in a kind of riding position to lying sprawled on top of her body, with my legs apart and outside hers, and my vagina impaled on her dildo. I hardly had time to wonder why they had done this, for I sensed a presence behind me and then I felt Kagami take hold of my hips and press the tip of her strap-on cock against the rim of my ass-hole! This was horrific, far beyond anything they had done so far to my breasts and pussy.

I had never ever had anal sex and never wanted to my ass was pure and virgin territory. If that was not awful enough, I now understood Kagami's cruel intentions, and also what the other three Asian dykes had been saying.

It wasn't Japanese at all it was 'DP', meaning 'double-penetration'. I shuddered at the prospect, being sure that I could never accommodate such a thing, and certainly not from such massive dildos I would be split open, and die from the agony. Well, I was wrong about that but at first, it certainly felt like it!

As Kagami forced the first two inches of the plastic rod in through my desperately clenched sphincter, I screamed and thrashed my legs, which were at once held down and pulled apart by Ishiko and Midori. 'NO! NO!!' I yelled hoarsely, 'please, not that, no not that! don't do me there I never have, please, I've never done it in the ass oh, God!

NO! STOP! NO!!' 'Ah-ha! Oboko ketsunoana! fakku shite yaru!! [A virgin asshole! I will fuck you!!]', exclaimed Kagami with relish. 'Hai! [Yes!] Senta ni tatsu [Be in the lead], Kagami!' called out Ishiko and Midori, as they merrily high-fived each other with their free hand, the other having a firm grip upon my ankle.

I gave an ululating cry of pain and humiliation as Kagami raped my ass-hole, taking my anal cherry with a second hard thrust of the dildo that broke my barrier and entered me for four or five inches.

It could have been worse my state of exhaustion, both physical and sexual, from the abuse that my body had already taken and the draining climaxes that had resulted, meant that my muscles were limp and gave way easily, whilst the coating of pussy-juice on the dildo from the previous fucks lubricated its passage.

Even so, it was like being entered by a burning poker, a searing spike thrusting into my guts. When it was combined with the huge presence of the ribbed dildo that was filling my vagina almost to splitting, the effects were devastating.

As Kagami forced her violation of my anus, Amaya began to rock her hips, slipping her dildo a couple of inches out of my pussy and then slamming it back in. The membrane of flesh between the two plastic poles that were raping me was crushed and abraded, and it sent volcanic flashes through my convulsing body of pain and of subjugation, but also of intense sensitivity, of sexual stimulation, and even of lust and desire. I began to sob and pant, and my words of protest turned to moans of overpowering arousal, and even to my own incredulity broken pleas to be fucked, to be taken harder, and I actually cried out once 'rape me!

fucking rape me!' Then my words were muffled, as Amaya seized my head in her hands and turned it so that our lips met, and I began frantically French-kissing her, driven into a frenzy by the effects of the double-pentration fucking.

The overload did not end there: with perfect timing, Ishiko and Midori released my legs which still jerked and thrashed, but from Kagami's dominating thrusts into my ravaged butt, no longer in attempts to escape my fate. From either side, the other two Asian lezzies reached under my chest, claimed one of my huge breasts as their prize, and pulled and twisted on my nipples. It was all too much for a girl who had previously had only a few brief and conventional encounters: now I was being simultaneously deep-kissed, nipple-squeezed, cunt-fucked and ass-raped by a gang of very sexy and utterly voracious Japanese lesbians!

I gave up I surrendered to them, I accepted my own true nature as a submissive lesbian, and I felt swept away in glorious release. As Amaya and Kagami pummelled their dildos in and out of my aching and gaping holes, I experienced a mind-splitting orgasm, in such an excruciating combination of melded pain and pleasure that it overwhelmed me, and I spiralled away into unconsciousness.

I was completely out of it for probably less than a minute, followed by another couple of minutes of vague half-consciousness.

I had a sense of being lifted and moved, without any comprehension of who was doing what or why. As more memory returned quite painfully, because it was the soreness in my vagina and the dull throbbing ache in my anus that returned me fully to reality I realiased that I was still very much a sexual prisoner and plaything for the perverted pleasure of my Japanese flatmates.

I was lying on my back on one of the two mattresses, but when I tried to move I found that I was spread-eagled in an X-shape and held in bondage both the rope which stretched my wrists far apart above my head and the other rope around my ankles that kept my legs wide open had been passed under the mattress, so that there was no way that I could rise up and no way by which to bring any of my limbs back together.

I raised my eyes and found that all four of the Asian lesbians were standing in a semi-circle, looking down at my naked vulnerable body, and seemingly still full of unquenchable lesbian lust. The dildos had been removed, and all four of them were exhibiting their jutting little pussies with their puckered labial lips in three cases, neatly framed by a trimmed mat of jet black hair, whilst Kagami's slit was exposed in smooth-shaven splendour.

At once, they began a kind of lesbian sexual relay race. Kagami bent down and began to eat my pussy, sending shivering thrills right through me. At the same time, Amaya crouched down on my left side and Ishiko at my right, and each seized one of my breasts and began licking around my aureole and sucking on my tit. The pageant was completed when Midori squatted on my face, her pussy resting on my lips, and demanded 'kunni'.

This means pussy-eating, or cunnilingus, but whilst I didn't know that for sure then, it was obvious enough what was required. Strange to say, this was no longer a problem for me in fact, it was quite pleasurable, and made even more so by the arousing effects upon me of having my cunt lapped whilst others groped my breasts and nibbled my tits with their short sharp teeth.

I was also learning quickly, and getting better at pussy-munching at any rate, it was not very long before Midori gave several gasping grunts, her body quivered like a released bow-string, and a spurt of tangy cum-juice sprayed onto my face and her inner thighs.

It then became a lesbian kind of musical chairs: after her orgasm, Midori rose to her feet and came round to claim Kagami's place at my cunt, whilst Kagami took Amaya's place at my left breast, the latter moved across to take command of my right mound, and Ishiko shifted forwards and dropped her cunt onto my mouth, with a terse instruction to 'eat me good, you fucking bitch, make me cum good!' I obeyed with alacrity, and I knew that it was not just from fear of the consequences that I did so.

I was actually enjoying this! It was not a gentle fucking, and the treatment that I received ranged from quite delicate and sensual manipulations of my vagina and breasts to much rougher treatment: twisting and pulling my nipples, slaps on my cunt and tits, and sharp poking finger-jabs into my vagina. Soon I was writhing in my bondage, begging them to make me come and come again, and promising in my pleading to do anything that they wanted. I began to savour the slightly different shapes of their pussies and tastes of their vaginal juices, as I nuzzled at their sticky matted black pubic hair and swirled my tongue around each cunt in turn, as it squatted upon my face.

I kept up with this for as long as I could, and fortunately I just lasted the distance: Kagami was the last in the sequence, and after I had licked all around her smooth-shaven skin, eaten her out and made her come which took quite a while, and was exhausting I was dizzy from too much sexual stimulation and abuse, and I fainted once again. After my second collapse into sexual stupefaction, I fell into a deep and remarkably satisfied slumber, and did not awaken until early on the next morning, Sunday, at about 9.00 a.m.

I might have slept longer, but I was stirred from my sleep by an insistent sharp prodding in my ribs, and an impatient voice instructing me to 'wake the fuck up, you stupid lazy black cunt!' Consciousness returned in a rush, and with it the vivid memories of the orgiastic lesbian gang-bang of the night before simultaneously deeply disturbing and even more deeply thrilling.

I discovered that I was lying on top of a sleeping bag that had been laid out on the floor of Kagami's bedroom, next to her bed. My hands were chained to the nearest leg of the bed at the top end, and one of my ankles was chained to the outer leg at the bottom end. I was completely naked, and I could still feel and smell the traces of Asian cum-juice that criss-crossed my face and breasts.

I looked upwards, and found that the source of the prodding was the pointed toe of one of the black boots that Kagami was wearing.

Above this, she had a micro-miniskirt in a clingy black fabric, and above that her breasts were encased in a full-cup scarlet bra. Seeing that I was now more or less awake, Kagami bent down and with a small key released the chains that were binding my hands and ankle.

However, any freedom was very short-lived indeed. Kagami picked up something that had been lying on her desk, and fastened it in place before I could even attempt to rise. Within a moment, she had me in new restraints my wrists were enclosed in leather cuffs, which were joined together by a strong steel chain of about sixteen inches in length, and a few seconds later a similar arrangement had been strapped around both of my ankles, but of shorter length, perhaps ten or twelve inches.

I could now move around, albeit in a kind of mincing walk that set my ass and tits jiggling suggestively, and my hands were far enough apart that I could do a range of tasks including typing at my computer to do my coursework. Kagami bade me rise to a kneeling position, and then she pulled her mini-skirt up around her waist and seated herself on the side of her bed, immediately in front of me.

She was wearing no panties, and so her smooth-shaven Asian cunt was presented to me again, at a distance of about eighteen inches. She had a smile like a vulture seeing a rabbit in a pen, as she leaned towards me and cupped my chin in the palm of her left hand. 'So, kyonyu [huge breasts], kono joro [you slut], what have you learned, hmm? You show me, Big Black Tits, yeah you show me!' she demanded. I swallowed, both humiliated and suffused with a shocking surge of desire, and began to make some reply but Kagami had lost patience, and her right hand cruelly pinched my nearest nipple, transforming my words into a yowl of anguish.

I realised that this was definitely a case where action was much better and safer than words, and at once I plunged my mouth down on her pussy, and began to worship the wonderful smooth folds of her fragrant Asian 'kai' [the polite Japanese word for the vulva, which literally means shell referring to the shape of a sea-shell on the shore].

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I had been refreshed by my deep sleep of nearly twelve hours, and this gave me plenty of energy and, I must admit, enthusiasm for the task at hand. Quite soon, Kagami was giving little soft whimpers, and then she grabbed the back of my head and held me tightly against her as she came. 'Aaahh! Naaaaah! Iku, iku iku! [I'm coming, I'm coming I'm coming!]' Kagami gasped, and then, when she had recovered enough breath from her climax she added: 'Good, Big Tits yes, you coming on well!

You like eat my pussy now, yes? You lesbian now!' There was no point in denying it, and indeed I did not want to. I looked her straight in the eye, and then lifted my chained hands to cup my swaying breasts, raising them up in offering and homage, and I nodded my assent. I was rewarded with a pleased smile on my mistress's face, and a tingle of pleasure as she reached out and rubbed her palms across my stiffly erect nipples.

'You be cunt for all of us, yes? You our fucking-bitch now, yes?' I licked my lips, not from fear but from the deep surging churning excitement that was making me sweat and tremble, and my eyes did not waver from hers as I nodded my acceptance again.

Kagami's eyes gleamed in anticipation of how she and the others would use my ebony black body, my tight holes and my huge pendulous breasts, and she said: 'So, you my sex-slave now you do anything I say, anything I want! You fuck with any bitch if I say she can have you, you my whore cunt now, yes my Big Tits black lezzie whore!' I gasped and a shudder ran through me, but it was the opposite of repulsion her harsh words stirred such a vision of being used as the sex-toy of an endless series of rapacious lesbians (hopefully Japanese and Chinese, as I was now completely in thrall to all Far Eastern dykes, with their lissom bodies, smooth skin and amazing sexual athleticism but I would happily give myself to any white or black women too), that I just about orgasmed from thinking about it.

She must have sensed my arousal, smelt the pussy-juice that dribbled suddenly from my parted labia, felt the thrust of my enlaged nipples against her hands, and seen my wide-eyed excitement, even as I nodded vigorously in submissive obedience.

Kagami plunged one hand down between the arch of my legs, and speared two extended fingers into my vagina with unmerciful force. I groaned as I ground my cunt down against her pumping pummeling intrusion, whilst babbling: 'Oh!


Aaaaah, yes! Yes, yes, Kagami, I'm yours, I'm your lezzie cunt use me, use me hard! Do my big tits, have my big black breasts! Aaaah, yes, oh ffffffuck! yes, aaaah, like that, harder! Oh, mistress Kagami, I'm your slave, your black fuck-slave, make me do anything, anything any bitch can have me, if you want, anyone, yes! I'm just a black cunt! I'm just a black fuck-hole rape me, all of you rape me!!

Oh, God, I wanna cum, do me make me cum, please, mistress, please!!' And she did, holding her fingers deeply up inside me and churning them around, whilst her thumb rubbed around my tender clit. Her other hand clamped on the nipple of my left breast and her mouth descended on my right, almost biting my tit in her eager desire to claim her new possession.

After my pussy squirted out in orgasm, Kagami licked her fingers, as I bent down and placed the reverential kiss of a lesbian submissive slave upon the shiny sharp toes of my mistress's black leather boots. Then, as I knelt in front of Kagami, she calmly set out the order of my new life, with no more thought in her mind that I would refuse or disobey than there was in mine. From now on, I was only permitted to leave the flat for my classes, going to the library to study, and food shopping or doing any other chore that my new mistresses instructed.

Within the flat, I would wear my restraints at all times, unless one of the Japanese girls removed one in order to put me in a particular position for fucking. I would be permitted to wear only my sexiest high-heeled shoes and a quarter-cup bra to support my breasts (which they do need, as they are so big and heavy), which would leave most of them exposed and my tits on open display, ready for use and abuse.

No panties or any covering of my cunt would be permitted, except for a few days at my time-of-the-month, and my pussy must be kept clean-shaven. My duties in the flat would include all the cleaning, making up the beds, clothes-washing, ironing, cooking and washingup, and I was to be sexually available for any use whatsoever not only by my four Japanese flatmates but also any other Asian lesbian friend who they invited.

There would be a simple rota which determined who would be in supreme charge of my sexual services, and in who's bed I would spend the night. Mondays and Fridays were to belong to Kagami, who got two days as the leader of the gang and the one to order my seizure and rape; Tuesday would be Ishiko's, Wednesday was to be Amaya's, and Thursday was to be Midori's. On the weekend, I would belong to all of them, day and night. Sexual relationships with anyone else were completely forbidden: I would break it off with Harry (which I thought would probably be a relief to him as well!), and, of course, there would be no more boyfriends again in my life, ever which I found was a great sense of relief and release to me.

I would see my parents, and my few friends, but at times to be decided by my owners, and I would say nothing to anyone about my new lesbian life. When my Japanese dommes were back in their own country during the Christmas vacation, I was to stay quietly at my parental home, doing my coursework, and I was to buy a top-quality webcam and instal it on my computer, so that whenever she wished Kagami would order me to do a strip-tease and fuck myself with a vibrator as she watched over the internet to 'keep you in training, and your cunt nice and loose for when I return', she said.

It says much for my ready acceptance of my new life as submissive sex-slave, that none of this surprised or dismayed me, and I made no protest of any kind. In fact, it deeply excited me, so much so that I begged for another taste of Kagamis cunt, and promised breathlessly to submit to anything sexual that they desired, no matter what. My regal mistress graciously allowed that I might lick out her pussy again, and it seemed to me that it had acquired an even richer flavour, a muskier smell, and a tastier texture than it had the time before.

Kagami then wiped over her own pussy with some tissues, and completed dressing: she pulled a sketchy pair of panties up under her tiny mini-skirt, and put on a sober but elegant cream camisole top. She informed me that all four of my flatmates my 'mistresses' would be going out for about two hours, and they expected all of the chores to be done before their return. During that time, I drifted around the flat doing the various chores, whilst thinking about the events of the previous day and all that they meant.

Even in this distracted state, it did not take me long to do my tasks, and then I sat for a while in a chair at the kitchen table, drinking some chilled bottled water. After a while, my thoughts settled into a state of tranquil certitude: I felt like someone who has been blind from birth, and then is suddenly enabled to see in technicolour. My world had changed completely and incredibly, and all that I wanted to do now was to make up for lost time. I took a sheet of paper from my room, wrote several words on it in large letters, and then waited patiently in the communal room.

As soon as I heard the outer door to the flat open and the chitter of high-pitched female Japanese voices in the entrance, I swung into action. After placing the sheet of paper on the floor, just a little in front of where the door would traverse on opening, I quickly got down on all fours on the other side of it, and rested my forehead on the carpet which, of course, thrust my butt up into the air, facing the doorway.

The final touch was that I reached around my legs with the chain for the handcuffs, and placed my cuffed hands next to my bound ankles.

Old man spanks young first time maximas errectis

Anyone entering the room would see my posture of utter submission, with my gash in full view and hanging open, and my tight little ass-hole puckered above it. That, of course, was after they had read my sign, which said simply: 'My name is Big Tits. Take me use me RAPE ME!' Holding my breath in nervous and excited anticipation, I heard chattering voices as several feet pattered down the corridor, and then the door behind me opened. There was a moment of stillness and silence, and then there was an outburst of jabbering voices, squeals of delight and raucous laughter, followed a round of applause.

It was louder than I had expected, and sounded like quite a crowd. I risked a quick glance over my shoulder, and gasped in surprise. My four flatmates were all present, and they were accompanied by three other female students. Two of these were also Japanese lesbians, with the same misleading innocent-looking soft blank-featured faces and slim trim bodies, but with them was a stunningly beautiful English girl.

She was a simply gorgeous redhead, with a shoulder-length mane of thick curly bright ginger hair, wide green eyes, naturally-red rosebud lips, and a complexion so translucently pale and pink that it reminded me of a pearl.

This vision gazed at my ebony body with a stunned expression, her mouth half-open. She was standing between the two Asian newcomers, and was curiously dressed although it was early November, the weather was still autumnal and quite mild, yet she was wearing a heavy winter coat which was buttoned to the neck, with the arms thrust into the side pockets. However, my puzzlement was only momentary, for one of the Japanese visitors proceeded to undo the coat, which was then slipped from the English girl's shoulders and cast aside.

This revealed that underneath its concealment, she was almost naked the redhead was wearing beige ankle boots and a pair of creamy opaque hold-ups, and nothing else!

Moreover, her arms had not been inside the sleeves of the coat these had been tucked into the side-pockets to disguise the fact that they were empty. In fact, the peachy pale-skinned babe had her arms handcuffed together behind her back, and had obviously walked the whole way here in bondage and with her cunt and tits naked under the coat.

It was at once clear that here was another submissive lesbian completely owned by Japanese dominatrix dykes, and I felt a thrilling sense of sexual companionship that set my vagina dripping with juices. This reaction did not go unnoticed, as Amaya pointed at me and made some remark that included the words 'manjiru' [pussy-juice], 'onnagurui' [girl-crazy] and then, with a laugh, 'man shon' [cunt shower]. One of the newcomers pushed the pretty redheaded babe forwards, and at once she came and knelt next to me, bowing her head down onto the floor; her hands were still fastened behind her back, but otherwise her posture was a parallel replica of mine.

For a moment, the half-dozen Asian dykes admired the view of inter-racial ass and cunt that this presented, with her pale pink body contrasting with my jet black skin. I heard Ishiko make a remark about 'momo jiri' [peachy ass] and 'supponpon' [stark naked] then Kagami, the initiator as always, gave a series of instructions from which I only recall the phrase 'rinkan purei', which approximately means 'gang rape play', although with more emphasis upon the second word than the third.

One of the visitors responded briefly, and whilst I did not then understand the terms 'noru' [to ride on top], 'ganmen kijo' [face-sitting] and 'anaru sekkusu' [anal sex] which she used, the gleeful chuckles and round of applause which followed gave me a good idea of the gist of it. I was not wrong, and the cute redhead (I later learned that her name was Helen) and I got thoroughly shafted, ridden and raped by all six Asian bitches in rotation.

I suppose you can't really call it rape when you actually want it and ask for it: what I mean is being taken in a cruel rough merciless fucking, in which you are used as an object purely for the sexual gratification of another, no matter what you feel or how much it hurts a simulation of rape, during which you appear to struggle and cry and plead and scream, and which certainly can leave you bruised and sore. It was fortunate that there were two victims to take the load, for the Japanese girls were high on oestregen and gave us no quarter of any kind, and I don't think I could have coped all by myself certainly not then, though perhaps now I could.

As well as eating pussy until my jaw ached, I was fucked in the cunt by five of them only one (Amaya) doing me in the doggy-fuck position, as they preferred to have me on my back so that they could grope and maul and slap my huge breasts as they took me (one of the visitors being the most vicious and punitive in this respect), whilst other newcomer gave me a ruthless ass-fuck.

The latter treatment they all seemed particularly to enjoy inflicting on Helen, and I could often hear next to me the desperate wails and broken sobs of the delicious redhead as she was ass-raped, I think at least four times.

However, I know that Ishiko fucked her in the cunt in the missionary position, as she always does she likes to see the expressions on a girl's face as she takes her, and she also likes to be able to abuse and pinch their breasts. Eventually, the six Japanese hardcore lezzie bitches subsided into exhaustion, and sprawled around the room on the sofa and armchairs, drinking iced colas. However, there was no refreshment for Helen and I, as during this interval we were to be the floor show quite literally.

For this, we were released from our cuffs and chains, and then, on our respective mistresses instructions, we began making out to begin with, kissing each other, fondling breasts and reaching between the other's legs to stroke her pussy. Helen has a lovely figure, and whilst neither her bust (a nice set of 30D boobs) or her ass are as big and jutting as mine, still there is plenty to get a hold of and enjoy. We were then instructed to take up the 69 position [which they call 'ainame'], with myself underneath and Helen on top.

We obeyed with extra alacrity, for both of us were entranced at the idea of going down on the other. As we did so, Helen whispered to me that she had never tasted the cunt of a black woman before, and I replied that I had never eaten the pussy of a white girl until now at which she looked quite surprised, until I nodded in the direction of Kagami and my flatmates, and whispered that they were my first.

Needless to say, we both found the vagina we were fingering and licking to be delightful in shape, texture and taste, and we really got off on it, having almost simultaneous yelping orgasms.

Our enthusiasm brought its own reward, as the vision of our entwined black-and-white bodies engaged in vigorous inter-racial lesbian sex had also reignited the lusts of our Asian owners. Ishiko whispered something to Kagami about 'dankon joshi' [a female wearing a strap-on] and 'bakku de' [doggy-style], and the visitor who had ass-fucked me nodded and made a rude gesture with her arm to illustrate her comment of 'oku made' [all the way inside].

After a quick whispered conference amongst the six Japanese students, it was one of the two visitors who gave us our commands. She was the taller of the two, with hair a lighter shade of brown than the others, clipped in a short cut that was shaped from her cheekbones and around her ears to the nape of her neck.

I found out later that her name is Setsu, and that she is an 'esu-jo': a sadistic lesbian; she had been the one who earlier had taken most satisfaction from abusing and punishing my breasts. She reached for the small backpack that she had discarded when undressing, and removed from it three lengths of white bondage rope, one shorter than the other two.

Helen was ordered to take up a position on her hands and knees in the middle of the floor, and then to crouch lower, bringing her knees forward and her arms backwards. so that her right elbow was pressed against her right knee, and the same on her other side.

With practiced dexterity, Setsu stood over the prone redhead and used the two longer lengths of cord to bind her together on each side, the rope being wound round several times just above the adjacent knee and elbow joints.

This task accomplished, Setsu stood back and gazed with satisfaction at the captive body of the beautiful English rose. The tall Japanese dom was hefting the shorter length of rope in her hands, and Helen eyed it apprehensively, clearly well aware of its significance.

Drawing out the tension, with the tip of one stiletto-heeled black boot, Setsu prodded Helen's leg just above the ankle, and gave an imperious single word of command: 'Wider!' Helen gulped, but without other demur she shifted her bound knees and elbows further apart, and thus arched her hips open and displayed her cunt more prominently. Setsu swung a leg across and straddled Helen, standing majestically above the redhead's back.

Then I understood the white girl's fear, for without any warning Setsu lashed out with the remaining length of rope, landing it exactly down the length of the valley between Helen's cute ass-cheeks.

It cracked like a whip, and the final few inches impacted directly on her asshole and the base of her cunt. Helen gave a hoarse shriek, but she had barely time to draw in some breath before Setsu slashed down again, taking her even more directly on the soft flesh of the lower part of her vulva and between the end of her slit and her asshole.

The other cruel Asaian doms laughed to see this and clapped their hands, making encouraging noises and gestures to Setsu.

In fact, the sadistic bitch needed no such encouragement, and in short order she lashed the rope across Helen's butt two strokes on the left ass-cheek, and two on the right, followed by two more vicious ones right down the middle again. Tears of pain were pouring down Helen's face, and her body was quaking from the fiery agony of her bruised twat and butt-hole.

It was Kagami, as my rightful owner, rather than Setsu, who then gave me my instructions. These were simple enough: to put on the harness of a large strap-on, and then to take the girlishly pretty redhead from behind in a doggy-fuck, as hard and strong as I could make it. I had never worn a strap-on before had never even seen one until the previous night but it seemed entirely natural as I slipped my legs through the straps and tightened the buckles until the face-plate was pressing against my moist and sweaty crotch.

Although I am almost completely a submissive, still I do get off on doggy-fucking another sub, especially a young and pretty one, if I get the chance. Ever since this first time, when I do so, I have modelled myself on the way that Kagami initially raped me and so I metamorphose briefly into a savage cunt-grinding dom, to the surprise of my sex partners, but usually to their howls of delight (a few times, to their howls, but that makes no difference to me and I carry on regardless of their pleas).

The Asian girls took particular delight in watching the scene that resulted, for if the Japanese and Chinese have deeply rascist attitudes towards black people like myself (and I know painfully well that they do!), they also still have a chip on their shoulder from an inferiority complex regarding their former white masters, especially the British and the Americans.

The Japanese students drank in the sight of the 'imperialist' white girl getting an unrestrained pussy-pounding from a jet black 'slave-girl', and in truth both Helen and I really got off on the symbolism of it as well. Following orders, I took her first from behind, slamming the dildo into the gaping sloppy chasm of her vagina as hard as I could. Taking the bound white girl, especially with the fantasy that I was raping her, fired me up, and I quivered in a climax only seconds after forcing Helen into hers.

After this, the redhead was rebound by Setsu into a hogtie, with her knees splayed wide apart and her ankles drawn up behind her and roped to her handcuffed wrists.

I was ordered to resume fucking her in the missionary position, and her eyes were riveted on my huge black breasts and inch-long erect nipples as they swung inches above her face. I was doing my hardest to make each thrust into Helen's pussy as deep and forceful as I could, but evidently Midori felt that I was flagging, as she picked up Setsu's discarded rope and laid several caning strokes across my pumping buttocks. The last of these, delivered with vicious force just after I had buried the dildo all the way into Helen, made me scream, but the sound was almost drowned out by the shrieks of the sexy redhead underneath me as she came in a roiling series of climaxes.

I was spent, and collapsed across Helen's stomach and chest, her breasts almost disappearing as my buge boobs pillowed between us. However, there was only a moment's respite in this inter-racial sapphic orgy, for their short rest had revived the Japanese dykes, and they then proceeded to take the two of us again, over and over in a marathon bondage and penetration session that was interrupted only for bouts of making Helen and I suck their slits until they spurted pussy-juice over our faces.

My complete initiation into lesbian submission lasted for most of the remainder of that iconic, amazing, awesome day. That was five weeks ago, and since then I have wallowed in lesbian abuse and rape, pretending usually to struggle (though not too much) as I am dragged away from my menial chores, and made to pussy-eat or be gang-banged for an hour or two. I am often bruised and sore in my cunt and around my big breasts, upon which they lavish their cruel dominating lusts, and so I don't have to pretend to be in pain or fear, though usually I exaggerate it a good deal as there is nothing these four Japanese dykes (which they are in their aggressive actions, although they look like demure and delicate femmes) like more than to abuse their 'kuronbo kyonyu' [it's a very coarse expression, meaning 'nigger giant tits'] and to see her in sexual agony from their bondage, tit-abuse, and vaginal and (especially) anal rape.

Sometimes I have wondered where has this shameless sapphic slut come from, this submissive slave to their every sexual demand? Was she always there, below the conscious surface that is so conventional and constrained, and was this the reason for my lack of confidence and effort in heterosexual relationships?

Or was she forged from melted soft wax in the hot crucible of my lesbian rape, created by this gang of Japanese dominatrixes who conquered and captured me, and molded me to their perverted desires? Did they reshape my sexual orientation into something it would never otherwise have become, as they they violated both my cunt and my mind with equally devastating effects?

I will never know now, never truly know how this journey began, and I can only be sure of its destination. I have embraced my identity as a submissive lesbian whore for the Japanese mistresses whom I desire and fear in equal measure, to be their sex-slave, to be used and abused, and passed round for the pleasure of any woman they choose to give me to.

I am indeed their 'makkuro manko' [blackest of black cunts], their 'sureibu ama' [slave bitch], their 'kaiawase rezu' [cunt-grinding lezzie], and utterly 'uke' [bottom] to their dominant 'seme' [top]. In any case, my fate and future are now settled. Kagami is taking me with her, back to Japan, when we finish our respective degree courses in the summer.

Her father is a very successful and wealthy businessman, the owner of an important group of companies, and his only child is going straight into a senior executive position, as the start of her training to suceed him eventually. She has offered me a job, to work 'under her' I know well what that means, it means a bruised pussy and an aching asshole, but still it is a great opportunity for a fresh young graduate with no previous work experience. I know I'll be good at it too the proper business work, I mean, not just what my tits and cunt and ass get used for.

Maybe, if she wants me in every sense I'll stay with Kagami right to the top, and become the next CEO's right-hand woman, as well as her secret slit-licker. Anyway, I have accepted Kagami's offer to be her PA and also what she calls her PB, which stands for 'Pussy-fuck Bitch'. I am eagerly looking forward to life in Japan. During the day, I will work as an office-slave, and the Japanese women will treat me with casual contempt; at night, I will be a sex-slave, and they will slake their devouring dyke desires upon the black body that they spurn by day Kagami is going to make me her 'Yoruno-onna', which means literally 'Night-girl'; in practice, a prostitute.

She says there are many Japanese and Korean bisexual and lesbian dominant businesswomen who will drool at the chance to fuck a big-titted young black babe like me, who will pay her a thousand dollars to have me as their sex toy for just one night, though she warns me that some of them especially the older ones will use me really rough and hard.

I will do whatever Kagami wants me to, and I don't care about the money although she says she will give me twenty per cent of what she gets, and also she will pay for all the flimsy lingerie and role-play costumes (their favourite choices will be an American cheerleader, an English schoolgirl, or a Japanese uniformed police-woman) that they will want to tear or cut from my body, as I whimper and plead in helpless bondage, knowing that soon they will savagely abuse my breasts and brutally rape my cunt and asshole.

My pussy is just so hot and wet at the thought of being taken by all these dominant Asian bitches if Kagami hadn't got me tied down spread-eagled across her bed, I would be fingering my clit until I come just from thinking about it! Still, she's only gone through to the communal room to tell the other girls not just our flat-mates, but also three other Japanese lesbian students that I am ready to be fucked raw in any way they want, and gang-banged without mercy.

Oh, come and take me soon . do me, have me soon! . rape me, over and over, please rape me, oh! RAPE ME SOON! If you enjoyed this, then you would probably also like the story that I have nearly finished and expect to be posting early in January 2013, called 'Cheerleader Exchange Student Japanese Lesbian Gang Rape'; it also has a part at the end which continues this story.

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