Japanese slut gets her Asian hairy pussy fucked

Japanese slut gets her Asian hairy pussy fucked
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All names changed to protect true identities. I'd left Sian upstairs on the bed with simple instructions ringing in her ears, "Come downstairs when you're ready and make sure you're naked; whores don't wear clothes in my house". I was sat on the armchair naked as I often did when in the house and opposite me on the new large deep fabric sofa was Fiona and Alice.

If you read my stories you'll have guessed that they of course were naked conforming to house rules as they always did. With all the money Fiona had been dragging in for me by applying her services for Donald; I'd splashed out on a huge fabric sofa that was really deep so that you could be sat with your back against the cushion and your feet would only just dangle over the edge.

Four people could sit alongside each other with ease and be very comfortable. I'd been waiting for nearly fifteen minutes and began to wonder whether Sian the thick bitch needed a bit of guidance when the floorboard above me creaked and a moment later soft footsteps could be heard descending the stairs.

The door in the corner of the gigantic lounge swung open and Sian stepped through in all her naked glory, and I smiled. Fiona looked at her niece and Alice looked at her cousin but knew better than to say a word and instead sat in silence holding the position I'd told them to sit in, a position that Sian couldn't ignore and one that she'd seen as soon as she'd entered the room and her face had shown her disgust and apprehension.

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She'd probably never expected to see her Auntie or cousins naked bodies before let alone their spread legs and pussies before as she also stood naked before them.

There was an air of awkwardness hanging in the room so I began.


Now Alice was sat on the far end of the sofa leaning into the corner with her right knee pulled up creating a 'v' shape with her thigh and body; her left leg was laying flat on the sofa with her left foot touching her right in a position that splayed her legs showing of her wonderful trimmed pussy. Her mother Fiona was leaning in the same way to Alice but just had her opposite legs positioned in the same way giving the same view of her pussy as her legs splayed open.

The space in the middle was reserved for my new whore Sian. "There is no need to feel awkward Sian Fiona and Alice are quite comfortable being naked around each other as you will be around them soon enough. Now come away from the door and sit over here" I'd said pointing to the huge space between her Aunt and cousin. She nervously walked across and slid herself onto the sofa until she too was leaning back against the huge soft cushions so her feet just reached the edge of the sofa.

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None of them looked at each other all eyes were glued onto me. "Now Sian I want you to pull your knees into your chest" she did that so that there was about a three inch gap between her heel and bottom but kept her knees together.

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"You know what I'm going to say next Sian so why don't you just go ahead and do it like a good girl" She hesitated a moment and then let her knees fall apart and her swollen sticky pussy came in to view and I again smiled. My come was still visible between the folds of her puffy lips and her thighs looked crusty with dried come. With them all in a suitable position I went to the chest of drawers against the wall opposite the sofa and pulled open the middle drawer.

Fiona and Alice were well aware that the middle drawer contained a huge array of dildos and that when given a dildo from the drawer they were expected to use it on themselves. I pulled out a blue rubber cock maybe six inches in length but not all that thick and turned to throw it over to Alice. I didn't wait to see her push it up into her hole, I knew full well when she'd filled her pussy as I heard a little moan from behind me just as I found the seven inch red dick covered in little knobbles.

Again I turned throwing the rubber cock at Fiona and watching it land between her legs bouncing up against the very place she'd be shoving it within the next five seconds. Fiona's usual yelp was soon in coming as the knobbly dick disappeared up inside of her. I closed the drawer before turning around this time and went to sit back in the armchair holding the 'eight inch monster' that we'd had in our possession since the day I'd had it delivered to Fiona's work a few years ago.

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Sian's eyes were wide and her face was pretty horrified ; firstly because she was sat naked between her Auntie and cousin who were fucking their pussies with dildos and secondly because I think she knew where I expected the black monster to be going. "I think it's only fair Sian that because your nice and 'loose' shall we say that you make a start on Fiona's old friend the black monster" I think the thought of the big black rubber cock was bad enough for Sian but now she knew that it had been inside her Aunties cunt before I think it became more fucked up for her, but it wasn't going to stop me.

I threw the rubber cock over again landing it right between her legs near it's expected point of entry; and even though Sian was nervous, shocked and horrified I think she knew she was into deep now and after maybe half a minute gripped the monster with both hands near the base and pushed the helmet into her sticky loosened up fuck tunnel. She let out the loudest moan of all as pretty much six fat rubber inch vanished into her pussy. "Fuck yourselves until I say stop you stupid fucking whores" I said leaning back letting my legs flop so that I was comfy as I settled in to watch the dildo frenzy that was going to make my cock very hard.

As you can imagine with three women fucking themselves in front of you it wouldn't take too long for a your cock to get hard and I was exception, I was erect and solid in the space of five minutes but resisted diving on one of them. Today was about showing Sian how I controlled my whores and what would be expected of her so I gave an instruction.

"Pass the dildos to the right and carry on" Fiona had the knobbly cock out and chucked it over Sian to her daughter Alice and Alice passed on her smaller blue one, only Sian was slow on the uptake and Fiona's pussy was vacant for longer than I wanted. "Pass the fucking dildo on Sian and get that blue one in your hole" I raised my voice a little and it seemed to shock her into action as the monster vacated her gaping cunt and was passed to Fiona who eased it straight into her cunt; never once being concerned that it was slimy from Sian's juice.

Alice was going to town on herself with the knobbly cock and had the first orgasm nosily in the corner. Sian reluctantly slid the small blue cock into her pussy and began slowly working it in and out of herself obviously concerned about Alice's pussy juice being on it. "You'll soon get used to sharing things Sian it'll be normal for you soon like it is these two" Fiona found it impossible not to come with the monster in her cunt and had two huge loud orgasms before I again told the bitches to swop cocks.

There was no hesitation this time from Sian as she swopped dildos and filled her pussy with knobbly red cock at the same time as her more experienced companions. Fiona was clearly not impressed with the smaller blue dildo after stretching herself open on the monster so she altered her position.

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She was now up in a squat position supporting herself with her right arm on the top of the back cushion and was holding the blue dildo in a firm grip at the bottom underneath herself; she then lowered her puckered anus onto the cock that was lubricated with Sian's juice and didn't stop until she was sitting on her fingers gripping the bottom.

"You really are a fantastic fucking whore Fiona do you know that" "Thank you" Looking over at her Auntie riding the dildo with her arsehole seemed to spur Sian on and I noticed a steady increase in force and speed that she was applying to the knobbly cock mashing in to her cunt. I was watching Sian who was watching Fiona and after about a minute more she rammed the red dildo right up in to her womb until her fingers were nearly in and came herself.

Hearing Sian tipped Alice over who was laying down completely now spreading her legs as wide as possible just so that she could get the monster in to her tighter chamber, but as she came and her juices lubed the rubber she forced more of the dick deeper; five inches, six inchesseven inches.

"AAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH" she exploded again pulling the monster from her wide open pussy letting the orgasm rip through her body. Making her legs straighten and tense as her toes curled for ten seconds before flopping on the sofa letting the dildo roll onto the floor. Sian had stopped too after her orgasm and both lay back watching the most experienced of them ride her blue dildo anally until she too dropped onto it as her legs buckled beneath her and her body convulsed in a wonderful orgasm.

Only when her body was limp did Fiona raise a leg and show me the blue end of the dildo filling her anus completely leaving her nothing to grip onto to pull it out. Fiona had to use the last of her energy to get back into a squat position where she was able to squeeze the dildo out slowly without using her hands. It was a fantastic sight as the thick end eased out and as it got thinner the dildo didn't need any pushing from Fiona's insides as it just glided out and plopped onto the sofa, just before Fiona dropped down spent.

"Alice" I said and waited until she looked up before clicking my fingers and pointing to my cock.


Her and Fiona knew exactly what I wanted and Alice demonstrated what was expected as she crawled over on her hands and knees after sliding from the sofa; once between my legs she got up on her knees and shuffled in close so that her knees were up against the bottom of the sofa and she was directly above my cock. She then lowered her mouth onto my thick cock and proceeded to give me a fantastic blowjob. "Fiona" I said leaning back against the back cushion.

"Come and sit on my face" Fiona came over from her sofa and climbed on top of me rubbing her wet pussy up my stomach and chest before getting above my head resting her knees on top of the sofa and supporting herself the best she could before lowering her mature cunt onto my mouth.

I spent the next five minutes like this eating Fiona's cunt and having a fantastic blowie from Alice. I was hoping that Sian would be watching this and beginning to understand how she will be expected to perform in the same way without question. I was hoping to demonstrate the hold I had over Fiona and Alice. I pushed Fiona up so that I could talk, "Fuck off Fiona, Alice get up her and Sian suck my dick" Like well trained dogs Fiona jumped off and Alice climbed up ramming her pussy into my mouth instantly, but I pushed her up to see where Sian was as I couldn't feel a warm mouth around my cock, but I needn't of worried as moments later I watched her engulf my shaft and lower her head down and my shaft filled her throat.

After five minutes of eating Alice's sweet pussy I wanted Sian's so gave my command and within a minute Sian's puffy pussy was getting eaten and Fiona was devouring my cock like she'd not had it for weeks. I ate Sian's pussy for about the same amount of time as the others and then threw her of my face before pushing Fiona off my cock. "Things are coming along just nicely Sian you're a very quick learner that's for sure, now all of you up on the sofa on your hands and knees, arses in the air" Fiona went far end with Sian in the middle all were on their hands and knees with their heads buried into the back cushion.

"Who wants some cock?" I said standing in the middle behind Sian holding my ready dick. "Me me me " Fiona was saying wiggling her arse around. "Me me me me me me" Alice was saying also wiggling her pert arse around even more than her mother.

Sian was silent. "You still have a lot to learn Sian but its early days" I stepped to the right behind Alice and gripped her hips before pulling myself towards her driving my fat cock deep into her hole until my pubic bone hit her body.

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"If you want my cock Sian you are going to have to compete for it like these to scrubbers Alice wanted it more and that's why she's going to get a pussy full of come, when I'm finished here it'll be up to you two who gets the next load and who'll be left with the dregs of my nuts" I didn't waste any more time and began pounding into Alice hard from behind hammering her forward making her head bury in the cushions even more.

"You two dumb bitches should be doing something about making your pussy even more appealing instead of just sitting there listening to Alice enjoy herself" Again Sian was slower on the uptake but that didn't surprise me given Fiona's years of experience with me so I wouldn't let that go against her.

Fiona had moved a hand to her cunt was rubbing it furiously but she had also resorted to begging for my cock and this was all I could hear as I ploughed her daughter's cunt. "My pussy is going to be so wet for your big cock, please stick it straight in my pussy and give me you spunk." "Come and fuck my hole please" "Please use my cunt next, it's wet and ready, please I want some spunk" She didn't let up for ten minutes as I made Alice come and then fill her with a gallon of my goo before pulling out with a noisy squelch.

Sian had barely touched her cunt and only asked for my dick the minute she heard it plop from Alice's used pussy so by rights I should of filled up Fiona's pussy liked she'd asked but I thought it might be good for Fiona to feel a little left out; after all she'd had my cock hundreds of times.

I entered Sian with a brutal stab of my dick and she bucked forward squealing. Fiona's begging stopped for a split second as she obviously wondered why her pussy was not now full of solid meat.

But like a good whore she didn't let on or deviate from her mission to plead for my cock so she continued as before. "Hurry with her pussy I want some dick and spunk" "I'll take dregs I don't mind just hurry my pussy wants your dregs" "Dregs I want dregs of spunk please save me some dregs" It took me only three or four minutes to fill Sian's pussy with some come but my cock was beginning to wilt as I came from Sian's pussy.

I lined up behind Fiona and nudged my helmet at her opening but I was going soft and it folded as I tried to push inside her. "No no I need some come" she said as Fiona turned round and opened her mouth taking me to the back of her throat and began sucking of come combined with her nieces and daughters pussy juice. She didn't care all she wanted was my dick hard enough so that I could fuck her until she'd milked the last drop from my balls.

It's a good job Fiona's an expert cock sucker because she managed to get me hard again. "Give me the dregs of your balls I need it, I deserve it" It took me a good twelve minutes to raise the last drops of come from the bottom of my balls but eventually it swam its way up and oozed out from my japs eye like a pathetic drip from a tap, it was barely a tablespoon full but it was enough for Fiona to feel its heat on her sensitive pussy walls and make her come.

"OOOHHH YYYEEEESSSSS" she screamed as her walls constricted around my spent wilting penis that fell from her hole. "Thank you" she said. It was early evening and Sian was allowed to leave but she was given strict instructions on what time she was expected in the morning as tomorrow was going to be the final day of learning the rules.

If she was under any illusions of not coming or telling anybody I handed her a copy of the days events from the house camera system. "See you tomorrow whore" The door slammed behind her until the morning.