Legal age teenager surrenders to a huge schlong XVIDEOSCOM

Legal age teenager surrenders to a huge schlong XVIDEOSCOM
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Poster's notes This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here.

He reckons people who read here might like it too. The tags for this story aren't specific to any one chapter, but are general for the entire series. It's a work in progress, with currently 8 chapters and counting. Chapter 1 serves as a prologue. Chapter 2 is the actual start of the story, with Chapter 3 onwards containing the real meat of the story. I will be posting each chapter exactly as it is found on nifty sans my friend's author's notes. He highly appreciates feedback, criticism and encourages people to spot any typos or errors and if you wish to email him he's at: [email protected] I hope you enjoy his story.

PS This is the latest chapter. It might take a month for the next one to come out. I hope you guys will still continue to read my friend's stories after the wait. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 8: It Takes a Naked Snake Among the more memorable lines John ever told William was that it would take nothing short of a zombie apocalypse to make William do something that was out of character.

Among the out of character things John reckoned William would never do were going to the library and going to school on weekends.

As he remembered all this, William couldn't help but wish he had a crowbar in case a horde of zombies DID appear out of nowhere. It was Saturday and he was at school, and he couldn't think of anything to make the very fact that he was there seem right.

William was sitting on the third row bleachers overlooking the school's Olympic-sized pool. He was taking random snapshots of the swimmers with the expensive looking camera that was placed in his care, just so he didn't seem out of place.

He felt rather awkward and lonely considering the only other people in the pool vicinity were all older than him by more than a couple of years. It did not help that he was the only one on the bleachers, and the only one who was dressed in more than a speedo. It was a few hours after he made his escape from John's house the night before that he got a peculiar invitation. Peter McMahon, the tenth grade swimmer and photojournalist that William had sort of befriended, chatted with him on facebook, inviting him to school the next day.

Peter was asking William for a favour: assisting Peter in his photojournalistic duties, which included covering the swim team's celebration for qualifying in the interstate championships.

Peter reasoned that he was the only staff member who was available to cover the event, but being part of the swim team himself, he needed someone to assist him.

With promises of a free lunch and a good time while waving off William's incredulity at how inexplicably undermanned the school paper was, Peter insisted that William come to the celebration.

William was hesitant, but he couldn't think of any other excuse to say no, so he consented. Also, Peter said there would be cake, and William couldn't think of any reason to say no to cake. When he first arrived at the pool, all the teens gave him suspicious looks. He almost considered running for it until Peter came to explain his presence, saying that he was helping as a potential journalist candidate.

Though they were indifferent to the presence of a twelve year old in their midst, William rather thought the teens were intimidating, if only because they were much taller than him and their well-toned muscles were highly visible; making them somewhat threatening.

The only thing that calmed William down was the food table, with all the gleaming serving-dishes of catered food, and a large, wrapped box that looked like the cake. He was rather glad the cake wasn't a lie. "Will, come over here!" Peter called out from below. The rest of the team were also gathering, with Coach Piaget clad in his own speedo. The whole team seemed to be posing for a group picture, and Peter signalled for William to take the shot. William found it highly unsettling to see so many nearly naked teenagers and their bulges, not least of which was the chiselled body (and bulge) of his PE teacher, and tried to look somewhere else.

It was difficult though, considering he was the photographer. After he took the last shot, he thought he'd never see Coach Piaget the same way ever again. Coach Piaget then told the boys to start eating to their heart's content. The clatter of plates and boisterous talking filled the air as the swim team scrambled for the food.

William sat on the bleachers again and found Peter walking towards him.

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"Hey, don't you want to eat?" Peter asked William as he sat beside the younger boy. "I think I'll just wait for them to finish before I get some," William said, his gaze fixed on the cake. "What, you aren't still shy are ya?" "I feel awkward. I don't know anyone here." "Well, I'm here, aren't I? C'mon, let's get some food," Peter said as he gently pushed William's back and half-shoved him to walk towards the table.

William seemed to lose his hesitation when he was already there; he went straight for the cake at the other end of the table before getting anything else. "Going for dessert already?" chuckled Peter. "I really like cake," William said as he returned to Peter at the opposite end, cradling his slice of chocolate mousse as if guarding some coveted treasure. The pair returned to the bleachers to eat their fill. William ate enthusiastically, often glancing at his prized slice of cake, while Peter took his time enjoying his stir fried noodles.

William was just finishing up his pork barbecue when he asked, "Hey, don't you swimmers have a diet or something?" "Well, kind of. But we indulge every now and then. I mean, we all get plenty of regular exercise anyway." "Speaking of exercise, I thought you guys were just going to celebrate today.

I didn't think you'd still do practice. I mean, geez, it's almost snowing outside, don't you get cold?" "Sure, the weather's been weird lately, sometimes it snows, sometimes it doesn't. But either way, snow or not, we have a practice schedule to keep. We wouldn't have qualified for the interstate if a little chilly weather's enough to stop us," Peter said with a wink. "Really? Being a swimmer must be tough; I mean I'm already wearing a jacket but I still feel cold." "It takes some getting used to.

And hey, there's always the emergency cold resistance technique…" "What's that?" "Put down your plate." When William did so, Peter suddenly gave him a hug from behind. It was less of a hug than it was a Heimlich maneuver though as the older teen strived to practically crush the smaller boy.

William summoned all his self-control and managed to turn an impending scream into an audible gasp of surprise. He struggled to get his arms free from Peter's vice grip; it was rather unsettling to have Peter's bare, muscled flesh wrap around him. "Hey, Pete! Get off!" "Hahaha! Well, do you feel warm now? You're looking a bit red," said Peter, laughing as he released William. "Dude!

What the heck?!" William managed to say; he felt immensely flustered and awkward. "Hey you two, get a room," said a voice near them. William looked at the teen that was now in front of them; he was tall, lanky and had shaggy black hair. He had a towel draped on his shoulders and like Peter, he wore nothing but his speedos, aside from the smug look on his face.

William was reminded of stereotypical annoying older brothers. And although William was sure he never met this teen in his life, Rodrick almost looked familiar. "Oh, hey Rodrick," greeted Peter. "Will, this is Rodrick," Peter said as he introduced the newcomer to William. Rodrick sat beside Peter and wolfed down a muffin, with all the grace of a teenage boy, which wasn't much. "Hey…" William greeted back.

"I was just telling William here about ways to preserve body heat," Peter told Rodrick after sipping some juice. "Oh yeah? It looked like you were raping him, poor kid.

You deserve someone bigger for your first time," sneered Rodrick through a mouthful of muffin. "You asshole," Peter retorted while lightly punching Rodrick's shoulder. "Chill! Haha. Well, Pete ain't so bad, kid, he's a brainiac, he is. He's too lazy to be a medal rack, but he's smart as fuck. He's prolly already thought of a fifty-step plan to get you undressed in the moment it took me to eat this muffin," Rodrick said to William, finally swallowing the last of the muffin that he was chewing.

"As you can see, Will, Rodrick has this talent for comedy, although he exercises it at the expense of those who listen to him," Peter said with a sarcastic smile. William, for his part, just nodded, partly because he was still shy around the aggressive newcomer, and partly because he did not know how to handle the awkwardness presented by Rodrick's overly perverted remarks. "Hey, I think I've seen you once or twice before.

Aren't you classmates with my brother? I see you hanging around at lunch sometimes," asked Rodrick. "Wait, you're Greg's brother?" William replied.

He now realized why Rodrick seemed familiar; he was strikingly similar to his classmate Greg, who was part of the usual group of boys he ate lunch with. "I'm not surprised my baby B doesn't mention me in front of his geek squad. He'd be too embarrassed if he was compared to yours truly," bragged Rodrick. "Don't worry; I think everyone knows that you're better than your bro at being a block head," Peter replied, sparing William the need to think of a rude retort. "Oh, come off it." Peter and Rodrick bickered playfully for a few minutes as the three of them, including William, finished their meals.

William was glad he was generally left out of the conversation, partly because he thought Rodrick was unbearable, especially after insinuating that Peter wanted to have sex with him, and partly because he wanted to enjoy his cake in peace. *** After some time, when all of them were done eating and had rested for a few good minutes, Rodrick announced his leave. In the same way, the other members of the team started to head out. Both Peter and William got up and collected their things.

After waiting for Peter to get dressed in the shower room, they headed out of school together. "Thanks so much for coming, Will. I appreciate the help," Peter said a while later.

"Well, I tried my best, your camera's pretty awesome. I just got some shots of you guys doing laps and stuff, maybe some shots of the cake, but all in all, I got plenty, There's bound to be some good ones," William said cheerfully, aiming to please.

Peter chuckled at William's enthusiasm. "We'll see. Do you have anything to do for the rest of the afternoon?" "Not really, why?" "Let's crash at my place. We can play around and stuff. You can help me sort out the pictures; you took them after all. " It was for that reason that William, after travelling for thirty minutes, found himself in front of Peter McMahon's house.

The young boy couldn't help but gape at the structure before him. It was a handsome two story house, but its sheer size simply outclassed all the other houses William had ever seen in the suburbs. It looked like the architects settled to build a large bungalow, but suddenly decided to add a second story as large as the first one as an afterthought, making the entire house seem like some miniature mansion.

Peter's 'house' emanated an aura of wealth, as if the Ionic columns flanking its front porch didn't make it any more obvious. "When you're done staring, you're welcome to step inside," Peter said with an amused smile. He was already inside, holding the door open for the bewildered William. The inside of Peter's house was not as grand as its façade, but it still maintained a feeling of elegant simplicity.

The living room was the largest William had ever seen; he instinctively sat on the extremely comfortable sofa and stared at the large TV in front of him. "Feel free to play some games on the PS3 if you want, I'll just dump my bag upstairs and get something from the fridge," Peter said.

William looked around some more as he set the console up. There was a chandelier; it wasn't extravagant, but it was beautiful. The sofas were simple with the modern minimalist style that resembled linked squares, as opposed to the wooden carvings and flared armrests that are most associated with fancier sets. The rest of the furniture and the house had the same sense of "not too rich, but enough to feel like it". William could guess that Peter lived in relative comfort.

William's gaze drifted off to the walls and the mantel piece, where there were family pictures. He felt slightly uncomfortable seeing that none of them included Peter's father. "You like Devil May Cry Devil May Cry?" Peter said after returning from the kitchen. "Why'd you say it twice?" asked William, his eyes glued to the screen as he sliced a demon in half.

"Well, that's the title on the cover isn't it? DMC Devil May Cry. DMC means Devil May Cry too. I mean, what's the point of abbreviating something then appending the unabbreviated name? It's like you want both of it to be read out loud, like seeing a sign on an ATM saying ATM Machine." "Maybe people wouldn't know what DMC stood for?" "Everybody who's buying that knows it's Devil May Cry.

Anyway, it's a sort of internet joke. It's one of the things they make fun of in that game; and personally I like the old Dante better." "Yeah, I remembered when I played way back in DMC 4. Dante used to be funnier. Anyway, watch this, bro!" William said excitedly. He then began to execute an extremely flashy combo in the game which involved Dante juggling five enemies in the air with his sword, ripping them to shreds with his scythe, and finally finishing off the one that got away by throwing his axe.

"Very Impressive!" Peter said. William smiled widely; the teen's approval made him very happy. "I brought out some soda and Lays, Will, help yourself." For the two next hours, William and Peter played some fighting games together.

William knew a good gamer when he saw one, and Peter was definitely a good gamer. William would lose to Peter in the most spectacular ways; the older boy definitely had more skill and experience.

But in the same way, William noticed that Peter had enough tact to let him win just as often, making a good show of trying hard until he ultimately lost. Although Peter was technically letting him win, William didn't mind since Peter was still putting up a good fight instead of throwing the match. Every so often, William would chat idly with the older teen; it seemed much easier to ask awkward questions when playing a game. "I didn't know you were pretty rich." "We're not really rich, we just have enough." "Enough to buy a helicopter, maybe.

Oh crap that Hyper got through my block!" "Oh, stop it. Fine, I guess we have enough cash to spend for my games and stuff. Mom lets me use one of her credit cards for MMO's on the comp or DLC's for the PS3.

And you let down your block just before it hit." "Screw that. Anyway, what's your mom do?" "She's an entrepreneur. We've got our own business. Import and export. Oh, watch that Proton Cannon there." "Friggin…damnit I hate your Iron Man; you fried my Vergil…crap. Anyways, what about your dad?" "He left." "Oh…" William said, embarrassed. At that moment, Peter soundly defeated his character with a hyper combo finish; it seemed rather excessive to William and he thought it might have something to do with Peter being asked about his dad.

"Ouch, overkill. Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't know…" "Oh, don't worry about it. It's not really an issue for me," Peter said as he rose from his seat and stretched his arms. "You're not bothered by it?" William asked meekly. "I don't let it get to me. What, you think I'm gonna pout and cry whenever someone mentions dad? That only happens in TV, bro. I'm cool with my life.

So some guys have moms and dads, some have only one or none at all. You cope with it, then you move forward. Since I don't have a dad, I'm the man of the house and I try to be the responsible guy my mom needs to rely on." "Wow, you're amazing…" William thought out loud.

"Thanks very much for saying so," Peter said with a smile and a slight blush. "You're pretty reliable too, you know&hellip." "Oh, well, I dunno…I try my best I guess," William replied with a blush of his own.

"Well, you proved you were when you helped me out with the pictures. Speaking of which, let's get to sorting them out, okay?" The pair then went upstairs to Peter's room. By now, William had confirmed that the reason why the house was so large wasn't because it had a lot of rooms; it's that the rooms were very spacious.

Peter's room was no exception; it seemed big enough to fit two of William's rooms inside. William couldn't imagine what a single boy could do or want with so much space. William saw Peter's computer and thought it was a beauty to behold. As the older teen explained, he personally chose each individual piece of hardware in order to maximize gaming capabilities. Peter seemed to be much more of a gamer than William, and the younger boy couldn't help but idolize him.

"This picture looks good, look, the water's clear even in mid-splash!" "Yeah, this is great; I never expected a rookie like you would get a shot like this." "Oh, I'm really proud of that shot, look, it's like you guys are in formation or something." "Okay, let's set it aside. It's gonna be one of our final picks," Peter said. "Hey…how many of these can we have on the paper?" William asked excitedly. "If we're lucky, one." "What?

Why just one?!" William asked, crestfallen. "That's how publication goes. Since we're a quarterly gig, articles need to be filtered according to relevance and importance. The newsletter is published more often than the quarterly issues, but it's shorter so the articles we put in must only be the most important.

If the EIC doesn't think what we did is worth the space, it'll get scrapped," Peter explained. "That sucks. I thought something I took was good enough to be published…" William lamented. "Hey, it's okay. You still did well. Is it just me or…you're really trying hard to impress me?" Peter asked with a knowing smile. "Of course I am! I…I mean…" William stuttered, his cheeks reddening. "You're such a cool guy and I don't want to seem like such a dork in front of you…I don't want you to think that hanging out with me is well…boring or anything." "You don't have to prove anything to me, Will.

All the time I spend with you is time well spent. You're like the kid brother I never had&hellip." "That makes me feel better…hehe.

But well, I just feel really lame compared to your other friends…like Rodrick or the rest of the swim team.…" "Definitely not. You've seen how Rodrick is; he's a dick.


Sure, we're friends but, honestly he needs to act more his age. His immaturity is stifling. The rest of the team is no exception. They're all like that. Sure we're buddies but I can't really be close to them. It's like I can't be open or candid…stuff like that. It's totally the opposite of what I feel when I'm with you." "Oh," William simply said.

He was still immensely flattered that Peter thought he was good company that he hadn't thought of a reply. "I know what you must be thinking; that I don't really have that many real friends. It's a fact. We just moved here a year and a half ago from Edmond, Oklahoma and I guess I haven't found the right people yet." "Oh.

I bet you had better friends back there…why'd you have to leave?" "…Gino was just like you, you know…" Peter said as he started to reminisce. "He was smart, kind, funny…I could be totally honest with him about anything.

I could relax when we were together." William listened with rapt attention. He had this feeling that Peter trusted him a great deal to actually consider telling him what seemed like a highly private and disconcerting memory. "He was my special friend, in every sense of the word. We messed around. We got caught.

People found out, then we had a falling out. Now I'm here trying to have a normal life again." "I'm…I'm sorry to hear that. Hey, when you say you guys 'messed around', did you mean…?" William asked hesitantly.

"Don't worry, I'm over it. I've moved on. Though you know, you're the first one I ever told this to, Will. I don't know why, but you make me feel so relaxed. And it makes me feel better now that somebody knows…" Peter said.

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He flashed William a knowing smile. Although Peter didn't answer him directly, William understood what Peter was trying to say.

William felt like laughing a little bit. It seemed like in recent days, a lot of the boys he knew have been coming out to him. Having someone older than him admit it felt a little weird. Being trusted by Peter felt very good to William though, and he flashed the teen a sincere, understanding smile in return. "You know, I think we deserve a break, yeah? Pretty heavy stuff we've been doing…" Peter said as he massaged his temple.

"We should play a game to relax a bit." Though William couldn't call sorting a few dozen pictures as anything stressful, he understood that Peter meant to break the heavy air after his confession.

"Well sure. You want me to set the PS3 up?" "Nah, I was thinking of something else." "Something on your computer?" "Yeah.

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But it's not exactly a game but…well, you'll see," Peter said with a rather mischievous grin. He opened his web browser and began to search for a website. "Hey, what's that?" "It's basically a website that lets you chat with random strangers face to face. It uses your webcam. It's totally random and you can log off anytime. Awesome, huh?" "I dunno. I don't really get what's fun with that…" "Well, basically you can do whatever you want to those people and they can't do anything about it.

Well, just watch me," Peter said as a random stranger popped up in the chat. William watched as Peter briefly chatted with what looked like a teenage girl. What astounded William was that without much ado, the girl on the other end of the webcam proceeded to show them her breasts.

"Pete, what did you just tell her?!" asked a very flustered William. "Oh you know, I just told her to show some tits and in exchange, I'll show her my dick," said Peter casually, with only a hint of a smirk on his face. "You could've just read what I was typing though, it's kinda hard to miss since the chat log is half the screen. I didn't know boobs distracted you so much." "Th-they don't! I mean, dude!" panicked William.

"Alright, alright, chill," Peter said with a laugh as he disconnected the chat. The site then automatically started looking for another random person for them to chat with.

"My point here is, anything goes in this chat. You can have meaningful conversations just as easily as you can have…oh, here's one. See what I mean?" Peter pointed out the video feed of their latest chat partner; he seemed to be male judging from the engorged erect penis throbbing on the screen.

"Ew, gross! What the heck?!" William exclaimed. "Yeah, you get that a lot. See what I mean? I can do that too and get away with it. That's what makes this exciting. No rules," Peter said with a mischievous smile. "I…I guess…" William meekly replied. "Hey, judging from your reaction a while ago, I can tell you haven't seen your share of pussy," Peter said as he started the search for another chat partner, disconnecting whenever the video showed either a man or a penis.

"Well, I…" "Don't deny it Will, I can see right through you. Anyway, too late, we got ourselves a nice girl here. Come over here and say hi, Will!" Peter pulled William closer to him so that the webcam could see both of them. "Well, what are you doing? Go on, wave at her!" Peter instructed William as he chatted with the girl, typing quickly. William, for his part, felt rather awkward. The girl staring at him had long, black hair and smooth, Asian features. He admitted that she did look pretty, and that was partly why he was hesitant to move.

He read what Peter was typing to the girl; Peter started out with careful flattery, and William was amazed at the teen's skill with wordplay. To William, Peter's way with words could have fooled anybody, and he briefly wondered if this meant that Peter was also good at lying. His reverie was broken when he saw Peter type, "we want to see more of you, we'll strip if you want." "Pete, what the heck?!" William said as he gave Peter an incredulous look.

"Shhh, Will, chill out, she said yes already, see?" Peter gestured toward the screen. As William read the girl's ominous 'yes' and expectant smile, Peter began taking off his shirt, exposing his well-built arms. "Pete, you're really going to do it?" William asked one last time, as if persuading Peter not to go through with it.

"Of course," Peter said as he shucked off his pants. "Look, she's taking off her top too. She's still got her bra though. C'mon, Will, strip and maybe she'll take it off!" "Wait, I don't…!" William was cut-off mid-sentence. Peter had just grabbed his shirt and yanked it upwards until they were completely off. William started to shiver, and not so much because of the chilly atmosphere. A certain memory came to William's mind; the first time he ever took off his shirt for PBear.

And just like that time, his nipples became involuntarily hard. "Looking good, Will. You're…really cute…" "Pete!

Don't stare at me like that!" "Sorry, can't help myself, Will…hehe. Hey, she says she'll go full on naked if we do. C'mon, Will!" William was immensely flustered by the excessive attention Peter had been paying his bare chest, but that was nothing compared to the panic he now felt at being asked to go naked for a stranger. Again. Not to mention, he was going to be naked in front of Peter, who he wanted to impress; he rather thought that being naked was not the best way to impress someone you were looking up to.

William was at a loss at what to do. He looked to Peter for some sort of reassurance, but Peter's expectant stare was making his apprehension worse. Peter kept on looking at him, even as the teen slowly undressed. William could only stand rooted to the spot as, inch by inch, Peter's teenage penis emerged from its confines, still flaccid.

The moment was a stark parallel of the first time William saw his best friend John naked. Though William had never really seen a naked teenager before, he could only describe Peter with one word: he was handsome. Peter had a perfectly fit swimmer's body with tight muscles. With his Irish facial features, combined with his body, Peter could have easily been a magazine front pager, if magazines allowed front pages to feature exposed penises.

William stared long and hard at Peter's thick dick; it was soft at about three inches and as William already saw back when they both took a piss in a mall bathroom, it could get longer at around six inches when it's fully erect.

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Peter had a great mass of matte black pubes and even a few strands of hair on his scrotum. William marvelled at the sight. Peter gestured to William for him to fully undress as well. William gestured back that it was too embarrassing. Peter gestured that he didn't have anything they haven't already seen. William gestured that it's different with a complete stranger on cam.

Peter gestured back that the girl was already taking off her bra and that she might disconnect if they took too long. Finally, with a sigh of resignation, and thinking that it wouldn't be fair if he was the only one still clothed, William took off his pants and underwear. "Hey Pete, look! It's her…uhm…boobs," William lamely said in what he though was a rather childish tone. Indeed, the girl onscreen already had her relatively large breasts on display.

She then stood up and began taking off her panties. William was amazed at seeing a girl strip for him for the first time. What amazed William more however was how Peter was missing all the action on the screen; the teen's eyes were locked on to his crotch. Also, Peter was sporting a huge boner. "Pete! Eyes forward! She's already naked!" William said timidly. He was unsure how to react at the fact that Peter got hard staring at him.

"Oh, uh, you're right! Yeah. So you like seeing your first real pussy? Beats the cross sections in health class doesn't it?" Peter said, his eyes locking on to William again.

"Uh, yeah, I guess. I didn't…well, it's different when you're seeing someone show you theirs&hellip.Hey, she's typing a bunch of messages," William said meekly.

His confidence was still evading him, and it had less to do with the fact that he was staring at his first live peek at a vagina, and more to do with Peter being unexplainably distracted by his naked body. "Oh, right! Hey, she says she's got a dildo and she's gonna use it if we're both hard!" "What's a dildo?" "It's like a plastic dick; a sex toy. What do you say, Will?" "What?

I can't! It's too embarrassing!" "Here, just go in front and it'll be okay," Peter said mysteriously. William did as he was told and the webcam now saw William's torso up to his knees. Peter stood beside him and the webcam saw the teen's throbbing erection. William's own dick was still soft and bashful, at least before it was suddenly grabbed by Peter's hand from behind.

"Pete! Hey!" William exclaimed in surprise, though 'surprise' was a weak word to describe what he felt at having been suddenly groped. "Relax, Will, I'll just get you hard," Peter said gently, while his nimble fingers caressed William's steadily hardening boyhood. Peter rubbed, and stroked, and caressed William's penis in full view of the webcam.

William was silent all throughout; he was trying to convince himself that his reticence was because of the shock of having Peter do this to him, but he knew it was really because of how good it felt to have Peter handle his dick. There was no doubt in William's mind that Peter was an expert at handling dicks. Peter wasn't merely stroking; he had a refined technique to it.

He would alternate slight strokes with gently rubbing the tip of William's glans. It took the younger boy a considerable amount of willpower not to squirm and moan. William's penis already hardened to its three and a half inches in less than a minute, but Peter continued stimulating William's sensitive boyhood for a few more seconds.

The teen's hands lingered on William's dick, as if reluctant to part from it; almost as if Peter would rather do this more than look at the girl, who was now rubbing a purple phallic object across her clitoris. "That's nice and hard now, isn't it, Will?" Peter asked with a smile. "Wow…" was all William could say. "You liked that? Nice…hmm, let's see here, she wants us to jerk each other off. No problem," Peter said as he resumed his ministrations on William's rock hard dick.

"Uhm…Pete…" William managed to say. He was starting to get lost in the feelings radiating from his loins as Peter continued his expert dick handling. William started to buck his hips forward as pleasure overtook his movements. Peter's left hand found William's own idle hand and guided it to his throbbing teenage dick. William didn't seem to object so Peter continued to guide the younger boy's hand, so that William was now stroking his dick as well.

This went on for a couple of minutes; both Peter and William stroking each other with only the sound of their own tense breathing punctuating the otherwise silent air.

The Asian girl on cam was vigorously pleasuring herself with her dildo as well, although her audience seemed to have forgotten about her.

Just as William felt the signs of an impending orgasm, Peter stopped stroking him. William expressed his disappointment at the sudden loss of stimulation by grunting and gripping tight on Peter's own swollen penis. "We don't want to cum too soon without getting our reward, do we, Will?" Peter asked in barely a whisper.

He typed a few more words into the chat; William didn't care much for reading it at the moment. "Pete, are you…orgasming already?" asked William, sliding his finger across Peter's piss slit where droplets of clear fluid were forming.

"Orgasming? Haha, no, that's not semen, Will. I'm guessing you can't cum yet since you don't seem to know. That's precum. It's like a natural lube that comes out when your dick's hot and excited…I guess your basic health class didn't cover that. Cum is thicker than that.

Well, you'll see anyway." Peter then typed a few more words to the girl. "Will, she says she's gonna cum for us if we blow. Are you okay with that?" "I…I dunno…" William said, still sounding scared despite his throbbing erection. "It's okay, little bro. You don't have to do anything," Peter said softly. After typing his agreement to the naked girl on cam, Peter angled the webcam so that it perfectly saw both him and William side to side.

He then got on his knees and grabbed both sides of Williams hips, edging the younger boy's crotch closer to his face. "P-Pete! You-you don't have to do this!" Peter whimpered. Again, as if he was experiencing a flashback, William saw John kneeling on the ground in front of him, declaring his dedication to their friendship.

The warming sight vanished in the blink of an eye, and it was Peter once more who was kneeling in front of William.

Unlike John, who looked William straight in the eyes as he prepared to do the act, Peter's gaze was fixated on William's dick, his eyes even following every time it twitched. William noted that there was a distinct difference in feeling between this instance and that of John's.

That vague, unidentifiable difference bothered him. "Pete?" "Oh, but Will…I do want this," Peter said quietly as he dived in and sucked on the tip of William's penis. William could only whimper, "Pete!" Peter only sucked on the tip of William's dick.

He licked, he sucked, he even teased William's sensitive piss slit. While he was doing it, his right hand was stroking the rest of William's length and his left hand was busy furiously masturbating his own throbbing six inches. His technique alternated from sucking only the tip, to swallowing the entire three and a half inch dick in front him with a single suck, then going back to the top. Every time Peter would take William's entire shaft, the younger boy would buck his hips forward, lusting for the pleasure that the suction brought.

William was in pure ecstasy. It had been a while since his last blowjob, in fact it the last time was his first time with John, all those weeks ago. He had almost forgotten how good it felt; indeed it felt like he did forget, because he didn't remember his first blowjob feeling as good as the one Peter was giving him now.

Peter definitely knew what he was doing. The pleasure that Peter was giving him was beyond anything he could have ever imagined possible, and he made no effort to hide his audible grunts. William's hands instinctively went to the back of Peter's head, almost pushing the teen's head towards his crotch to entice another full swallow. A sideways glance at the screen showed William that the girl they were supposedly camming for was inserting the dildo in her snatch rapidly, as if trying to get rid of some incessant itch there.

Her performance went largely unnoticed by Peter, and William wondered if the teen ever really cared about camming with her in the first place. After two minutes of Peter's masterful blowjob, William was almost ready to reach his climax. To his disappointment, Peter suddenly stopped. "Pete?" Peter took a moment to stare at William's still-twitching dick before getting back to his chair. "Hey, Will, looks like she's cumming." "Oh…uhm, yeah…" William saw the girl in her orgasmic throes, though the sight did nothing to ease his dick's lust for more pleasure.

He was getting confused by Peter's actions; at first Peter didn't care much for the girl, but now he stopped the blowjob just to see the girl cum. William thought that if Peter was only using the girl as an excuse to mess around, he was putting in too much effort to make the excuse seem valid. After the girl showed them the dildo, albeit slimier than before, she logged off. A pregnant silence lingered in the room as both Peter and William looked at each other, each seemingly waiting for the other to speak.

"Will, did you like that? What we did?" "I …I dunno. I mean, should we be doing this?" "Did you like it?" Peter asked insistently. "I-well…yes." "Then, we could keep on doing it if you want, even if there's no one to watch us.

Besides, I think we both know we're not that interested in seeing pussies anyway," Peter whispered as he closed the web browser. "But, should we be doing this? I mean…uhm…" William said meekly.

He was having conflicting emotions; while he did love the pleasure he was previously feeling, he also never imagined doing anything sexual with Peter. The older teen was like an ideal, an idol, someone to look up to and admire…he didn't think being an object of sexual gratification was part of "looking up to someone". "Don't worry, dude. It's all cool. We're friends, and we're just doing what friends do: making each other feel good," Peter said with a smile.

"But…er&hellip." William privately thought that Peter was making his reasoning up on the spot. "It's no big deal, Will. You worry too much," Peter said, still smiling. He stood up and led the younger boy to his large queen-sized bed. William couldn't find words to reply with and he also didn't understand why he was simply allowing Peter to lay him on the bed.

He thought that he should have objected more; there was still a lingering feeling of doubt and an indistinguishable hint of wrongness with the whole affair.

William's gaze drifted back the distant computer screen; he found it very weird that the webcam's LED power indicator still seemed to be on. At the same time, William had just noticed all the lights were on; with dusk still a couple of hours away, it seemed the lights were intentionally trying to make the room as bright as it could be, which felt strange.

William tried to think more on the implications of these, but his capacity for thought was suddenly jarred by Peter's tongue dancing across his bare chest.

"Pete, what-?" Peter didn't reply. Instead, he held both of William's hands down as he continued his licking. His tongue darted around William's collarbone, then he spent some time giving a tongue-bath to William's nipples. Peter sensed that William was getting pleasured by the attention, judging from the younger boy's sudden squirms and gasps for breath.

Peter then sucked on both nipples, causing William to buck his hips forward. William's penis, which had started to go soft a short while ago, now stood in its full length again. "Just relax, Will. Don't tense up so much. I'll give you the best blowjob ever. Tell me when you're cumming." "C-cumming?" asked William, his thoughts currently as solid as mashed potato. "You, know, when you get 'there'. You'll know," Peter said before resuming his tongue-lashing, this time focusing on William's navel.

William was overloaded by the sensation. He had never thought what it felt like to be licked all over, and now that he was he didn't know how to describe it. It was definitely a weird sensation, although 'weird' was a huge understatement.

It gave him an indescribable feeling, a feeling that somehow made his dick twitch erratically. And as Peter licked around his belly button and down his smooth pubic area, the only thing William could think about is if he tasted like cake. "Ughh!" William moaned audibly as Peter finally reached his dick. The older teen kept teasing the hard member, licking at it from all sides, pushing it around with his tongue, but not putting it in his mouth.

It drove William crazy. "Pete, please.uuugh…" William moaned. "Tell me you want me to suck it." "Peeete!" "Tell me!" "YES SUCK IT!" William shouted. Like a predator swooping down on his prey, Peter swallowed William's entire dick to the root. He licked every single inch of it, the shaft, the glans, the piss slit, even the crease under the glans and the frenulum. Peter sucked while licking, and his hands were now holding onto William's legs, in case William accidentally hits his face with an involuntary knee jerk.

This left the younger boy's hands free; the right one gripping at the sheets, the left holding down Peter's head, instinctively willing the teen's hot, moist mouth to keep on sucking. "Uh…uh…uh…" William gasped for air.

His heavy breathing accompanied his body's squirming and his dick's twitching. Peter kept on sucking and licking, bobbing his head up and down on the impossibly hard three and a half inch dick in his mouth, sucking so hard that the suction and pressure made William moan intensely from the pleasure.

William felt like Peter was actively trying to rip his dick from his crotch by sucking. The teen sucked so hard and forcefully sometimes that the sensation became too much and he had to push Peter's head down with his hand to make him stop it. William could only describe Peter's sucking in one word: it was hunger. Peter seemed like a rabid, hungry pup suckling on its mother's tit for dear life. "Pete…I'm…I'm…!" William moaned throatily.

He gripped the sheets and arched his back, giving one final thrust as his dick twitched like it had never twitched before. Peter stopped bobbing his head and focused on his sucking, eagerly trying to sip at cum that didn't, well, come.

It took a while before William regained his senses. He was sure he nearly passed out. He was apparently lying on his side and Peter was currently snuggling him from behind, the teen's still hard dick poking his thighs. "Took you a while. So, did you like the best blowjob of your life?" Peter softly crooned in William's ear. "Uhhhh," William simply moaned his approval. His speech was still slurred, but his thoughts were starting to get clearer.

William wondered why Peter kept saying "best". Did the Peter know that this wasn't his first time? "There's nothing wrong with this Will. We're just good friends, and I'm just showing you a good time. We're hanging out, see? It's normal. And I can tell you're into this, you're just like me…we're both…you know…" Peter whispered.

His hands then trailed down to William's buttcheeks, rubbing them gently, then slowly inserting a finger into the crevasse of William's bottom. "P-Pete, what are you doing?" William asked.

He felt Peter's finger rubbing his hole, and then slowly, inch, by inch, poking inside. The wiggling finger felt alien to William and he winced at the intrusion. "I can do so much more than suck you, Will…" Peter said as he teased William's hole, the sphincter puckering around his finger. He tried to get another finger in, but he had difficulty in doing so and stopped when William grunted in disapproval. "Damn, you're still so tight. I guess you haven't done it yet, huh?

Maybe next time," Peter said. "What do you mean?" William asked, confused. Why did Peter sound like he knew more about William's sexual experience than he was letting on? "I mean anal. Bumfucking. My dick inside your hole. Having my dick inside you will make me feel good, and at the same time, I'll be rubbing your prostate with it, making you feel good too…" "I don't understand," William said.

What he didn't say was that the idea of having anything up his ass sounded vile to him. "It's a lesson for another time, little bro," Peter said.

"For now, this will do." William was about to ask what 'this' was, but his answer came in the form of Peter's erection burying itself in his buttcheeks, so that his mounds of flesh now enveloped it and his hole was rubbing across the tip. "Shhh, don't worry, little bro. I'm just going to have my bit of fun," Peter replied to William's gasp of surprise. Peter started rubbing his tip across William's opening, eliciting more gasps from the young boy.

He then proceeded to thrust his hips, humping William's butt. Peter moaned in pleasure, his shaft rubbing across William's cheeks and his tip touching William's hole after every thrust. His arms wrapped around William, as if hugging the boy tightly from behind. "Ugh, Will! This feels so hot, bro! Ugh, yeah!" Peter said throatily, his humping now increasing pace.

Nicol montada sobre la verga de su tio braulio

"I never imagined it would feel this good with you for real…you're the best Will. Nice, so nice&hellip.You're so cute." William let Peter take control of him. There was something urgent, even feral in the teen's actions that seemed to scream, "I've wanted this for so long." William still felt weirded out by fact that Peter's penis was sliding in and out of his buttcheeks. He let Peter do it anyway partly because he was still too tired to do anything about it, and partly because he felt like Peter would get angry if he objected.

He was also getting more and more curious about Peter. The teen seemed to know a lot about his sexual experiences, enough to get him wary. William had to think of a way to make Peter talk more, if only to rule out his suspicions.

William's thoughts couldn't register anything beyond that though; he found it hard to formulate a plan while his ass was sort of getting pounded. "Will, I'm cumming!" said Peter as he reached his climax and thrust his dick deeply into William. His dick spewed thick gobs of semen, and as far as William could tell, it was hot and slimy, and felt gross inside his butt. With another huge push, Peter squirted out the last of his juice.

He thrust so hard though, that the head of his dick went inside William's anus. "Gah! Pete!" William exclaimed at the sudden uncomfortable intrusion. "Uhhh. Sorry 'bout that, Will, I just got carried away," Peter said as he gently pulled out his glans from William's opening. He put his finger in the younger boy's buttcheeks and pulled out a swath of his cum. Showing it to William, he said, "See this Will? THIS is cum." "I-I know what cum is!" William retorted bashfully, his cheeks reddening.

"Well, you weren't so sure a while ago, hehe." "Well anyway…hey Pete…I'm…I'm glad I met you," William started nervously. "Yeah? That means a lot coming from you, little bro," Peter said with a smile.

"Remember the first time we met? In detention? What were you doing there?" "Well, uhm, I slept really late the night before so I got to class late.


Well, maybe it wasn't the first time. Why do you ask?" "I didn't think you were a trouble maker so I found it strange you got detention. You know, it's funny; I was in there for the same reason. Actually, the reason I was always late so much was because keep chatting online to this guy I met…" "Oh…?" Peter replied, his tone vaguely hesitant.

"The truth is, it's not my first time showing my dick on cam like what we did. I was showing my dick to that stranger too, and we'd do it at night till it got pretty late." "W-well, how come you were so nervous a while ago if you've done it before then?" Peter asked.

"I was embarrassed to be naked in front of you, of course. You know what else?" William said, his confidence mounting. "Er, what?" "I talked to Johnson. We settled that fight we had…and he told me that he does it too, you know, wanking for someone on cam." "D-did he now…?" "Yeah.

I think he said that he's doing it with someone too, like face to face…" William recounted ominously. "Hey, Pete, you do it too, right? That's why you got into detention: you kept on being late because you were also wanking on cam late at night, right?" "Well, y-yeah, I guess," Peter answered hesitantly. "I was shocked when I found out about Johnson. I mean, if we happened to see each other online like that before we made up, he could've told the whole school already.

He could've recorded me or something. That would've been a disaster for me. Aren't you afraid something like that will happen to you?" William continued. "R-r-recording? M-Maybe, yeah.

But I don't think anything like that's gonna happen. You're just overthinking this, Will!" Peter said, as his eyes subtly drifted back to his open webcam. William pretended he didn't notice.

"Besides, I don't think I'm going to cam with anyone anymore, not now that we can do this anytime we want, right?" Peter continued, regaining his cool and flashing William a smile. "Yeah, I guess you're right," William replied quietly, his brows furrowed as he sank back to his thoughts. ***** After bidding Peter goodbye and going back home, William's sense of time seemed to go on fast forward. Before he knew it, it was already Monday and he was back in school. William was still in a pensive mood after Saturday's events, and he almost didn't feel Carl's sharp rap to the back of his head.

Almost. "Ow, what was that for, Carl?" "Get up, c'mon, before first period bell rings!" Carl Rogers said as he led William from their classroom to the infirmary. "What do you-?!" William panted, trying to grab his hand from Carl's grip. He was cut-off from continuing his complaint when he saw John Watson come out of the infirmary door. "Now, don't be afraid to excuse yourself if you still feel dizzy or fatigued, alright, John?

Just go back here if you need to," Nurse Joy said from inside the infirmary. John nodded his response then closed the door. It was then that he saw William standing in the hallway, looking right at him. "Will…" "Hey, John. You uh…feeling better?" William asked hesitantly. "Yeah…loads better, now especially," John said as he looked William in the eye, and smiled brightly. "Good to hear," William replied with a smile of his own, understanding that John meant the worst was over.

"Ehem!" Carl said loudly, so that both boys heard him. "You guys shouldn't take too long in the bathroom, okay? First period starts in a bit, you know Sir CJ's cranky when he's our first on Mondays. See ya!" He said as he darted back toward their classroom.

John and William looked at each other. Understanding Carl's hint, both of them ran to the nearest bathroom. It was thankfully empty, since all the students were already in their classrooms. "Will, I'm so sorry! So much happened and I didn't tell you-" "It's okay, John, no worries. I know what happened. My dad got the call from your dad and, you know, we talked about it…" "He didn't get mad?" "No, it's all okay, John, it's all okay. I'm glad you're okay considering your dad's reaction-" "I'm sorry I put you through all that-" "Don't worry about it, really.

I'm just glad you're okay now." With a rush of affection, they wrapped each other in a tight hug. "Will, mom told me you came over last Friday. Thank you so much for that." John said, resting his cheek on William's shoulder. "I had to. I was so worried about you, dude.

When I heard you were sick I went to your place as soon as school let out." "Thanks, Will. I just feel so bad that I was a dick to you and all that." "John, I told you, it's over now. What matters is that we're here now, and everything's okay. I…I don't want anything like that to get between us ever again, John. I…" Both John and William raised their heads up and looked at each other.

Just then the bell rang signifying the start of classes. Both of them looked up when they heard it then looked back at each other. This time, their faces were so close that their foreheads were touching. Then, with both boys' hearts thumping loudly in their chests and with a longing look in both of their eyes, they kissed. It was a timid first kiss for both of them. Their lips met only once, and for the whole of five seconds, they just stayed that way, unmoving, with their lips pressed against each other.

When they parted, they were both smiling and blushing at the same time, a wordless understanding forming through their eyes. "Will, that was…wow." "I know. We…gotta get back to class now I guess…" William said as they both parted from their embrace. "John, we have to talk more about this…and stuff, okay? Later after school okay?" "Yeah, I have a lot to tell you too, about dad…and yeah this…" John replied, his eyes drifting to the side as his blush reddened and his lips forming a sheepish grin.

"Okay then. You know, part of the important things we need to talk about…includes PBear…" "Huh, what about him?" John asked. "I think I know who he is."