Black Haired Vixen Going Nuts

Black Haired Vixen Going Nuts
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If Elena had any problem with Fred when they married, it was that he was a mama's boy. That didn't seem so bad when they first married because her in-laws at first seemed to be pretty nice people. But Fred was their only child, and they were dying for a male grandchild, so they continually put a lot of pressure on Fred and Elena to start a family. Unfortunately, their plans came to a grinding halt when the Elena's gynecologist told her that a cyst in her uterus was growing, and she had to keep her eye on it, because it would have to be cut out if it grew any further.

Then, Fred's had a stint in the Army which took him to Iraq, and he was took Elena with him, because his communications job let him go home nights.


Elena began feeling very uncomfortable in her belly, and the first thing she did when Fred was discharged was to get back to her gynecologist. Her uterine cyst had grown to the size of a small grapefruit, and there was no way to remove it without a hysterectomy. And so, at the age of 24, Elena's uterus was removed. The doctors did not remove her ovaries, so her sex drive was not diminished, but they did remove the housing that could have allowed her to have babies. Overnight, Fred's parents gave her the cold shoulder and urged Fred to divorce her.

They showed no consideration of Elena's feelings of loss.

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They simply didn't give a damn. They wanted their boy to have children to inherit the family's assets. Fred fought them for a while but he was so wishy-washy that Elena grew to hate them; she could hardly stand seeing how they pushed Fred around. She divorced him when she was 26. I met Elena when she was 30. I was 34 and I came with a built-in family. After having three boys, my wife Marge had come down with a crazy case of pneumonia that caught us all by surprise and literally took her life in a day.

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I was a zombie for the next four years, but the kids saved me. More than any friends, more than my folks, more than my entire family, the spirit that Margie had given them kept them pushing me to get on with my life. So they were more than okay with Elena when I brought her home. They liked her from the second they saw her. She was easygoing. She was sexy. She loved kids and she took to my kids like a duck to water.

She told me that ending it with Fred was the best thing she had done since leaving home. She had always felt she could never live up to his parents' expectations. It was completely different with me. I liked Elena fine from the day I met her, just the way she was.

After she divorced Fred, for a couple of years she felt she was in limbo since she could never have kids, but then she concluded that if she really wanted them she would adopt. And I liked that about her. She would always make do with what she had as opposed to moaning that if she had more she could do more. Her operation certainly didn't slow her up sex drive. If anything, she came away from it hornier than ever. It certainly didn't interfere with her cums.

Once I got her going and she came, she kept cumming for minutes, never seeming to wear out. Her pussy would grab my dick once she was cumming, and it wouldn't let go. It practically forced me to cum, it was so powerful. I could feel waves down her pussy. And she wore sexy clothes.

My boys were crazy about her. She loved rubbing their hair, scratching their backs, hugging them, kissing them, talking to them and listening, and playing ball with them in the backyard. She wasn't a tomboy. She just had a knack for catching and pitching a ball. When she wore a bikini around the house in the summer, I caught the boys checking her out.

At 12, 13, and 14 they were getting to that age. I could see their dicks sticking up while they watched her moving around the kitchen with practically nothing on. If she leaned forward to pick something up you could see her nipples. The boys would find excuses, flimsy and otherwise, to be where they could see them when she bent over.

And Elena didn't mind. She wasn't stupid.

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She knew they were looking. She figured this was the body God gave her, and she may as well use it to give the boys a good time. Sometimes in bed at night she would tell me that, say, Larry saw her nipples and she saw him pulling on his dick through his pants. She liked getting them turned on, and I was okay with it.

I thought she could teach them how to be good lovers, so they would make good husbands. In fact, I would not have had a problem with her teaching the boys sex, if it came around to that. I was in the security business. There had been a rash of rapes and robberies in my neighborhood, and I decided to put mini cameras in all of the rooms and motion detectors around the outside. I didn't think I was overdoing paranoia, because our next door neighbor had had a break-in, and the robber had threatened his wife, who was home.

My experience was that when robbers got away with robbery in a particular neighborhood, they would gravitate around the place and see if they could get away with more. So the cameras went up in every room, the alley, and the backyard, along with motion detectors outside. When my partner left the security business, I moved the entire operation to our home. It was a good move, because I could show potential customers what a good system did, using my own home as the example.

Elena began to work around the office and in a little while came to know the business pretty well. One of the good reasons for a security system around the house was that once Elena fell asleep she slept through everything. I have never seen anyone who slept as soundly as Elena. Even when the alarm siren went off she slept through it.

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For the first two hours after she fell asleep about the only thing that would wake her up was a good loud scream right in her ear. Sometimes when I was horny and she was tired, she would fall asleep. It was just impossible to wake her up to get some sex. I learned early on to just flip her on her back, spread her legs, stick my dick inside her, and take my sweet time fucking her, sometimes almost falling asleep, and finally cumming at my speed.

And that pussy knew I was inside it. It would loosen up as I shoved it in, and grab me tight when I pulled out. All this while she was lightly snoring. And when I came, it would clamp down in rhythmic pulses, which were just heavenly; they made my cum twice as hot.

Sometimes I would flip her over on her side and put a lot of spit on my dick, and shove it into her ass.

Now that was a really tight fit. She could be lightly snoring but her ass had a mind of its own. It knew I was fucking her. When I would pull out she would clamp down on me. When I would shove it back in, her ass would loosen up. But the best came when I started cumming. As I spurted shot after shot of cum inside her, her ass would grab me with a vise-like grip, which would double my sensation.

Once in a while, I would fall asleep inside her after one of those wonderful cums. But when she was awake I would get the best treatment. Her tongue was inside my mouth when I got near her, and she knew every spot on my neck and ear that got my dick as hard as a rock. Once I got my dick inside her, it was spectacular, those waves running down her pussy. I have never cum in a woman has hard as in Elena. Summers she slept with her clothes off.

If she ever took a nap in the afternoon in our room, she was out like a light for the next hour. If the boys got home from school, they would quietly open our door and tiptoe into the room, and just jerk off while watching her sleep.

How do I know that?

I happened to catch them on camera one day, and it turned me on. Once, while I was finishing a report in the office in the garage, I watched her giving the boys a short lecture, on camera. She was telling them bluntly, "Now, I know that when I fall asleep I am out like a light, and I'm telling you, it is perfectly okay to fuck me.

As you know, guys, I can't have kids, so if you haven't caught germs from anyplace you are invited to stick it in.

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It's okay if you come inside me. If you stick it in my ass please use enough spit on your dick so that you don't irritate me. And you can stick it in my mouth, or stick at first in my pussy and later my mouth, but if you stick it in my ass, wash it off before you stick it in my pussy or my mouth." What interested me was the lack of hubbub.

I would have thought that the kids with fall over with surprise, but no, not a drop of surprise. She had given them this lecture before!

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Larry said, "If you are asleep, suppose you bite me if I had it in your mouth?" And she said, "I don't think so, but if you're worried, ask Joe or Gordy to make sure my mouth stays open." Nothing more!

She had given them an invitation already at sometime in the near past! And I was okay with it.

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I'd sooner have my kids put their jizz inside Elena than in some girl they could get pregnant, or getting into some kind of legal mess. Well, it wasn't very long before the kids took advantage of her offer. I had come back from an installation job and went into the office in the garage, and there on camera was Elena, fast asleep, nude, and Joe was fucking her with one of her legs over his side, and Larry had the full length of his dick in her mouth.

Her head was propped up on her pillow, and she was facing sideways. I could see movements inside her jaw showing me that she was licking Larry's dick in her sleep while he was shoving it in and out.

I hoped to God that she was having a fantastic wet dream. I loved watching the kids cum. It was one of the highlights of my life. Joe's back arched as he began to spurt inside her, and I could see him pumping shot after shot of cum, and I knew she was unconsciously grabbing his dick with every one of those spurts. And Larry's knees nearly gave out when he came in Elena's mouth. He could hardly stand up. I saw her swallowing it, asleep yet.

When I talked to Elena about it in bed she told me she knew. She had awakened with the taste of cum in her mouth and some dripping out of her pussy. So I told her she ought to fuck the boys any time, sleeping or awake, and she agreed. And I told her I'd bring it up to the boys and she said wonderful.

Well, the next day when we were finishing supper I told the boys we had something serious to discuss after supper in the living room. When I started I told them, "Elena told me she'd given you boys permission to make out with her while she was asleep." So they all chimed in saying they would never do it, and I said, "Look, guys, I'm telling you, you can do it all you want, both while she is asleep and while she is awake, so long as she is okay with it." Six giant-size staring eyes.

"And my guess is that if she is awake and busy with something else she'll make a date, or else she'll drag you into our bedroom to fuck then and there." Six eyes practically popping out of their heads. "I'd rather you fucked Elena than some girl in school. If you knocked up some girl, that's your kid she has to put up with. Elena, she can't have kids, and you are her kids, and she likes you inside her, and I say A-one, it is okay with me, I like it too." I think the paralysis was wearing off the boys.

The message was sinking in. Joe, the oldest, spoke up. "You mean, dad, if I asked Elena if she would be willing to fuck me right now, and she said yes, we'd go up to your room and fuck?" "You got it. That's exactly what you would do." Six eyes practically popped out of their heads.

So Larry spoke up. "But supposing I wanted to fuck her too, right now." I said, "That's up to Elena. If she wants to be gang-banged that's up to her. Or, if she wants to take you one at a time, that's up to her. Knowing Elena, I don't think she'd refuse either one of you, so it would be a matter of who went first, or if you both banged her together." In all this talk Gordy never said a word, and I knew what the problem was.


Margie had died when he was three, and I don't think he ever got over it, no matter how much I tried to be there for him. Gordy simply didn't see Elena the way the two older boys saw her. To Gordy she was more a mommie. To the other two boys she was more an equal, ready for fucking. I explained the legal problem with grownups and kids, and pointed out that if the cops ever got wind of this, Elena could be put in jail for statutory rape, so this had to be kept in the family.

None of us could ever talk about it to anyone outside the family. I made sure I drilled that into their heads, and then our powwow was over. And in subsequent weeks the kids acted the way I thought they would. When Joey wanted sex he asked for it out front, and he got it, and Elena liked it, because he learned fast what turned her on. Larry was a little slower, but he was a lot like Joe. Gordy was entirely different.

He liked lying naked with Elena, his mouth sucking one tit, just talking about school or his brothers. With some cajoling from Elena, he stuck his dick inside her, but he just liked it there with her body around it for company.

And Elena would rub his back and his head and hug him, which he loved. Sometimes he talked about Margie and he cried. Elena quickly came to realize that if she ever could have kids, she would like them to be Gordy's kids. We got married a few months later. Her first marriage had really soured Elena on the idea, but the freedom she had in our family completely erased any objections. We both felt we lucked out.

And Elena must have averaged twice a day with my kids, plus me at night at least three times a week. Those kids were horny little bastards, and I must say that it didn't take them long to find out how to turn her on hot as a firecracker. And what they didn't learn on their own she would show them. That included rubbing her G spot and clit at the same time, jamming a cock in her mouth down her throat without choking her, and for Larry, who had the smallest hands, fisting her to a cum.