Chick like a hard fuck with cumshot

Chick like a hard fuck with cumshot
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I am not a naughty girl. I'm 18 years old, a fashion model, bi-sexual (it turns out!), and super, super horny. That makes me a bad girl! My motto is: "It's good to be a bad girl!" My name is Zoe. I'm white, 5'7", 105 lbs, with long, silky black hair and B-cup titties.

I am too modest to say that I'm 'super-cute', but I will say that every man I meet, married or not, hits on me, and many girls do too.

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Also, my modeling career is booked solid; I turn down as many gigs as I accept. I love being a fashion model.

Every shoot there are several young, stunning girls having a great time being photographed in all sorts of outfits: swimsuits, lingerie, jeans, prom dresses, school uniforms, spandex, etc., you get the idea. There's always a make-up/hair-stylist on hand to help us look our most dazzling. Of course there's always a photographer to flirt with. But what I like most about my work is the new tradition I started, the tradition of having a post-shoot orgy. Here's that story: Like most traditions, this one started small, on the same day I learned I was a bad girl!

We were doing a shoot for a web-based goth-girl fashion store. I had red streaks in my black hair, black mascara, dark red lipstick, and a black choker with a cross. The clothes consisted of lots of black vinyl, lace and leather, worn with shiny black vinyl 5-inch high-heel spiked boots. My first outfit on this day was a shiny, super short, black vinyl skirt and matching bra-like top. I took my position in front of the camera. All photographers tell their models that they look great, and James was no different.

"Wow, Zoe. You are looking good today!" "Oh yeah? How good?" I prompted as I began striking poses. James began shooting, "Well, if I wasn't married," then he paused. "I'm sorry," he recanted, "I just mean to say that these will probably be the hottest photos I've ever taken. That's all." That was so sweet of him to say, since he takes pictures of beautiful women every day.

I decided he deserved an extra thrill. While we models regularly walk around the dressing area in our underwear, and sometimes talk to the photographer like that, I'd never seen anyone talk to the photographer topless. I don't know what got into me that day, but that's what I did!

"Hey James, which top should I wear next, the lace or the leather?" I innocently asked as I sidled up to him, my perky B-cups bare to the world. "Uh, um," his eyes went straight to my tits, and he swallowed hard, "How about the, uh, lace one?" he stammered. "Are you sure? What if my pointy nipples poke out the fabric? They're getting kind-of hard." I said, as I shamelessly rubbed one of my nubs while he practically drooled on me. "That'll be, uh, just fine," he said, and swallowed hard again.

"Great, thank you James, you're the best." and I rubbed his arm and walked away. James wasn't the only one who noticed me. When I got back to the dressing area, Brittany, a perfect 10 with hot-pink streaks in her long, blond hair, spoke to me. "OMG! You're such a naughty little slut. You go girl!" and she playfully slapped my bottom. "Why? Just because I talked to James with my titties out?

Do you think he even noticed them?" I joked as I shook my perky boobs at her. "He couldn't take his eyes off them! Check out his huge bulge when you go out there next time. You gave him an instant boner!" "I did?!" I feigned surprised. "It made me kind of wet doing it," I admitted, truthfully. "It's one thing to go out there topless, pretty girl," Brittany gave my right nipple a quick pinch, "but I bet you wouldn't talk to him totally naked, naked except for your heels and choker.

You're naughty, but you're not bad!" she challenged me. "I'll show you!" I said. "I AM a bad girl!" And I gave her a wink as I licked my lips.

At my next outfit change, I got totally naked and posed in front of Brittany, "Ta da! Totally nude, except for these high heeled boots and my choker." "Mmmm," Brittany appreciated my naked body, "And totally shaved. Nice. Go get him you cute slut!" then she put her hands on my shoulders and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

That surprised me, and made my pussy tingle! I grabbed a tube of the lipstick I was wearing. Then, as I walked over to James, some twenty feet away, I called out to him, "James, I need your opinion again." His eyes devoured my hot body as I approached him.

First he looked at my pretty face, then my firm boobies, on to my shaved snatch, then back to my boobies, and finally settling on my hairless pussy, with my slightly protruding labia. I took his hand in mine and led him over to his 'director's' chair. He took his seat, then I sat firmly on his lap. Whoa! He did have a boner, I could feel it throb against my pussy lips through his jeans! I wiggled my hips to get comfortable, grinding into James' rock hard cock.

I put an arm around him and began to reapply some of the dark-red lipstick I was wearing. "Do you think this color is the best choice? I could put on some bright pink, or maybe, since it's a goth shoot, some neon green." "Uh, um, well, the, uh, the dark red matches the streaks in your hair," James finally managed to say between his uneasy breaths.

"Of course. You're so smart James." I took his chin in one hand and ran my other hand through his hair and gave him a solid kiss on his cheek, leaving lipstick marks.

Then I got up and strutted back to the dressing area. "Wow," Brittany remarked, "you ARE a bad girl!" "I told you. I am one bad, naked, teenager! Wooo!" I exclaimed and gave myself a spank. "Well what's next?" Brittany asked. "What do you mean?" "You can't just get him all worked up and not finish him off," she explained.

"What, like, give him a hand job?" I asked. "Good girls give hand jobs. Naughty girls give blow jobs. Bad girls. . well, you know," Brittany said with a devilish smile. "You think I should let him fuck me?! He's married! And like forty-years old! I'm only 18! He's older than my dad!" I was kind of shocked at her suggestion. Teasing him was one thing, a hand-job or blow-job was another.

Letting him fuck my pussy was quite another altogether! Sure, I had given my share of hand-jobs and blow-jobs, what teenage girl hasn't?

But I had only ever let one boy fuck my pussy! And just one time at that!

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Brittany let out a sigh of disappointment. "I was right after all," Brittany taunted, "I knew you weren't bad." I gave her a sexy pout and thought it over. I couldn't let her win.

It's not like I was saving myself for marriage. My teasing antics had made me horny. And James did have a huge bulge in his jeans, obviously hiding a massive cock. The boy I had fucked was only six inches. Plus, I was on the pill. Suddenly a shiver ran down my spine to my clitoris. It all made sense: I was going to fuck the James the photographer! "All right. I will," I told Brittany, "I will fuck him.

Why not? I'm horny, he's obviously horny, and well endowed. I'll fuck him today, right after the shoot." "Yeah right." Brittany didn't believe me. "You're all talk." "Oh yeah? I'll fuck him right here on this futon. "I insisted. "I'll never believe you." Brittany was still doubtful. "Well, then you can hide behind the wardrobe and watch! That's how bad girls do it!" I surprised even myself. I was actually psyched to let a married older guy cum in my pussy while my friend watched.

In fact, I was getting so horny I could hardly wait. I talked the talk, now I was going to walk the walk! Illicit sex, of all things, was giving me a sense of pride. Wow, I realized, I truly AM bad! Twenty minutes later, the shoot was over.

The only people left in the studio were James, Brittany, myself, and another girl, Jessica: a cute, slim, B-cupped redhead with green streaks in her hair who was fully dressed and about to leave. Brittany was also fully dressed, but I was naked. Brittany and I whispered to each other like school girls. "James is totally checking you out right now. He pants are still tented. I bet he's dying to fuck you silly and cum all over you!" Brittany said.

"I'm not going to let him cum on me!" I replied. "Bad girls don't make guys come in tissues, or on the floor," she retorted. "That's not what I mean. I want his married cum in my pussy, and I won't rest until I get it. That's all there is to it!" "Wow," Brittany stood back, impressed.

She slowly nodded in approval. "You are bad. Just, plain, bad." "You got that right!" I said with a wicked smile.

We both giggled. Jessica walked over to us. "I couldn't help but overhear you pretty little things earlier. You think you're going to fuck James? I have to warn you, after a shoot a few months ago. We were modeling school girl uniforms and we could all see his massive bulge.

It made me horny as hell and I tried to seduce him. I cornered him wearing only my plaid skirt and white ankle socks. He got all flustered, his pants tented, and he said he was really flattered. But in the end he said he loved his wife, had never been unfaithful and planned to stay that way." "I'll take that as a challenge!" I said, and I put a dash of red glitter on my shaved snatch.

"Good luck." Jessica told me. She gave me a once over and bit her bottom lip slightly, then let out a low whistle.

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"Totally naked, I should have tried that. Well, if you can't get him to cheat on his wife, no one can." I gave the teen-aged red-headed hottie an earnest look, "That is so sweet of you to say." She gave me another once-over, "Well, it's just true," then she added, "can I watch too?" "The more the merrier," I said. I was beaming with confidence.

"Now go hide. I need to fuck him now. I'm so horny I'm going to explode!" Brittany and Jessica walked to the exit.

They opened and closed the door but didn't go out. Then they scampered behind the wardrobe. Game on. I checked my naked self out in the full length mirror. My long silky black hair with red streaks looked great; I mussed it up just a bit.

Check. My black mascara was tastefully slutty. Check. The rouge on my cheeks and my dark-red lipstick were just the tiniest bit whorish. Check. My black high-heeled boots shined bright. Check. I gave myself a spritz of Juicy Couture perfume between my breasts and legs. Check. I put an Altoid in my mouth. Check. One more thing, I thought.

I put on a dark-red garter on my left leg. Now I was ready. As I turned and walked over to James, he turned his head quickly, no doubt hoping I wouldn't notice that he was checking me out, as if I cared. Without saying a word, I strutted right up to him and took his hand in mine. He was speechless. I led him over to the futon and he didn't resist.

I pushed him into a sitting position and straddled him, placing my naked, shaved pussy right on top of his large bulge. His eyes were wide open and his cheeks flush. "James," I said innocently, "the last boy I kissed said I wasn't a good kisser (a lie) and I want your opinion." I began kissing him.

First softly, with just my lips. He gently placed his hands on my taut waist, but didn't grab me. Nor did he kiss me back, though neither did he tell me to stop.

He was breathing heavily. Somehow his bulge got even bigger and pushed up against my aching teenaged pussy-hole.

I kissed him softy some more. He began to kiss me back, just a bit.

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Then he kissed me a little harder. I thought, 'This is going to be easier than I expected'. Then James pushed me back, but not off him. He looked wide-eyed at my perfect tits, and said, "We can't have sex. I'm married.


I made a vow to my wife." He looked quickly into my eyes, but then stared back at my tits. 'Ok, I guess I'm going to have to work at it,' I thought. I began slowly gyrating, grinding myself into his bulge. I ran a hand through his hair. He let out a desperate moan, and instinctively thrust up at me a little. With my other hand, I wiped my juicy pussy with a finger and quietly told him, "We don't have to have real sex." Then I put my pussy-juice covered finger in his mouth.

He let me insert it, but he didn't suck. "We could just have oral sex. Oral is moral. Right?" I figured if I could get him to lick my pussy, he'd eventually go all the way. I worked my finger onto his tongue. He closed his eyes, sucked on it, and moaned loudly. He pulled my finger out of his mouth. "No. It would be wrong." Dang, he still needed convincing, and after tasting my pussy even!

This was one tough nut to crack. Normally the boys were the ones trying to get me to fuck them. Now I knew how they felt, and thought maybe this was karma for all the blue-balls I've given.

I had to try harder. I fell off his lap to the side and spread my legs, giving him a perfect view of my teenage, shaved pussy, which I began to rub and finger. He stared right at it. I rubbed his bulge firmly with my high-heeled boot.

"Please. Just lick it little. I promise to cum really fast." He stared and stared at my bare pussy as I rubbed it. He didn't even blink. 'Will he or won't he. Will he or won't he,' I thought. "Oh God! You're too fucking hot!" He exclaimed and he dove in. Success! I squealed as his tongue went up my hole and he began licking me furiously. I ran both hands through his hair and came almost immediately. He kept licking my hole and nibbling my clit. Soon I was cumming again.

A few minutes (and another orgasm for me) later, he took his head out from between my legs, sitting up. He didn't move to unbuckle his pants, but just gave me the most desperately horny look I'd ever seen. I didn't miss a beat as I fished his dick out in the wink of an eye. Whoa! He was big! Porn star big! Easily the biggest I'd ever seen in real life. I immediately took the head of his throbbing cock between my dark-red lips and ran my tongue around it. I jerked him with one hand and fondled his balls with the other.

James sat back, placed both his hands on my head and gently began fucking my face. "Ooooh yeah, this is so wrong, but you're so hot it's also so Fucking RIGHT!" Good, he was really getting off, and so was I! He took one hand off my head and began fingering my hole. I bobbed my pretty face on his huge boner for a couple more minutes. Occasionally I rubbed the tip on my dark-red lips, and teased the tip with my tongue.

Now and again I slapped his rock-hard shaft against my rouge covered cheeks as I look him in the eyes. I also made sure to suck his balls a few times as I jerked his monster cock with my tiny hand. Then I decided to get his massive erection into my near-virgin pussy. After all, he was 40; if he came in my mouth, maybe he'd be done for the day. I couldn't take that chance! This was the biggest dick I'd ever had access too and my pussy tingled in anticipation.

In one swift motion I took my lips off his throbbing boner (but not my hand) and re-straddled him. I positioned his bulbous cockhead at my pussy-hole and began to sink down on it, millimeter by millimeter.

He was so big, it was better than my first time! The sensations throbbing through my pussy walls as his dick stretched them more than they'd ever been stretched made me cum again. His hands firmly grabbed my waist and we stared into each others eyes as he slowly humped himself into me.

After what seemed like forever, he was totally inside me, touching bottom. I kissed him deeply as he ever so slowly lifted me up, almost all the way off him. His next dick thrust went in faster. Our fucking was speeding up, bit by bit.


After a few minutes we were fucking like mad. His dick felt so good in my snug pussy, I couldn't see straight! I put my arms around his head and held on for dear life. He began sucking my tits, and I came again. "Oh God! You're so fucking HOT!" he cried, and I thought he was going to cream my pie. Instead he lay me down on my back, positioned my legs on his shoulders and began plowing me like the proverbial Iowa cornfield.

He ran his hands up and down my legs, "Oh God, you are so fucking firm and hot!" We fucked liked this for a while. Sometimes he'd rub my legs, clit, tummy and tits. Other times we'd hold hands so that we could pull at each other and fuck harder.

When we held hands, I found if I fingered his wedding band, he'd pound me even harder! That was his favorite. I lost track of time as his enormous steel-hard boner worked my teenage pussy over as I fondled his wedding band. In and out, in and out, in and out; it went on forever! Finally, he pulled out. I thought he was going to cum on my tits, so I said "No! Cum in my pussy! Cum in my pussy!" I urged him, still playing with his wedding band.

"Oh, I plan too!" he replied, "But first I want you lick your pussy juice off my cock!" Then he proceeded to straddle my chest and wave his obscene, raging boner in my face. I had never done that before, and it seemed kind of gross, and I told him so.

"Eeewww. I can't suck your dick now that it's covered in my pussy juice!" "Do you want me to cum in your pussy?" he demanded. Sheepishly I replied, "Yes," still playing with his wedding band. "Then suck off your pussy juice!" and he thrust his raging boner between my lips and deep into my mouth. I thought, 'What the fuck?

I'm a bad girl, right?" and just went with it. His dick sure tasted funny, but I got used to it. James was really getting turned on as he face fucked me. He grasped my head firmly between both hands and really reamed my lips. "Oh yeah, you are so fucking cute! That's so good!" he groaned as he stared at his boner sliding in and out between my lips. When all my pussy juice had all been licked off, he put his cock between my boobs and tittie fucked me.

"Use your hands and push your tits together" he commanded, and I obeyed. He put his hands on my shoulders and gave my tits a good fucking. He alternated staring me in the eyes, and staring at his large straight cock forcing its way through my pressed-together boobies. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Your tits are so fucking perfect! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" After about ten minutes of tit-fucking he had me get on all fours so he could do me doggy-style.

He rubbed and slapped his dribbling cockhead on my tight bottom for a while, and then teased my clit and hole with his mushroom-tip. Finally, he slowly re-entered me.

He firmly grabbed my tushie and said, "Oh, you have such a perfect butt. Oh God yeah. So perfect. MMmmm. Yeah, oh yeah," and he spanked me a few times. Now and again he'd reach around and rub my clit, or reach up and tweak my nipples, or play with my bottom. These were all new sensations and I came again.

After ten minutes of having my snug pussy royally skewered doggy-style while he kneaded my tight butt, I heard some noises coming from over by the wardrobe.

I had forgotten all about Brittany and Jessica! I saw that they were both naked as they scampered over to the couch.

James looked at them in surprise, but never missed a stroke into my pussy. Brittany saw James' expression and said, "We were watching. We're horny little sluts too." They took a position on the unused portion of the futon, in front of us, making out and fingering each other.

This just made James increase the strength and speed of his thrusts. I came yet again, and let everyone know it by whimpering, "Oh Yes, Oh God, I'm cumming again, I'm cumming again. His fingers gripped my tight bottom like a vice as he sped up his thrusts to a furious pace. This made me clamp my pussy-walls on his dick as hard as I could. James shouted, "OH GOD YES!

SO FUCKING HOT! SO FUCKING TIGHT!" His super-hard pounding felt so good, it almost hurt! I didn't know that that was even possible! Then he got balls deep inside me, pulled me tight against him, and thrust against me so vigorously my knees lifted off the futon.

He filled me with so much hot semen it felt like sperm would come out my ears! After a dozen or so cum spewing thrusts, James fell on top of me, and I collapsed under him.

We lay there in post orgasmic bliss, catching our breath. Jessica and Brittany were still going at it though. After a few minutes I sat on James' lap and we alternated making out and watching the teen-model lesbian action next to us. The girls were oblivious to James and me. Soon they maneuvered into a 69. They were quite a sight: a smoking-hot redhead (with green streaks) and a perfect 10 blond (with pink streaks) licking each others pussy like the world was about to end. I felt James' dick begin to stiffen against me.

I gave him a look that said, "Wow, really?" His look to me said, "Oh yes, really!" I said aloud, "I'm up for another go if you are." And I began to sink back onto James' re-hardened dick. Then Jessica pulled her head out from between Brittany's perfect legs and looked over at us.

"Oh no way! You've had yours," she said to me. "It's my turn. I've waited three months for this!" She got off Brittany and tapped me on the shoulder. "Come on, get on top of Brittany. It's only fair." She had a point.

I reluctantly lifted my pussy off James' cock. Then Jessica straddled him and they made out passionately while she jacked him off. Meanwhile I tentatively climbed onto Brittany. She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply while she fingered my spermy hole.

After that first deep kiss, Brittany said, "You were just fucked by a boy, I've never been with a boy." "You're a virgin?" I asked with surprise.

Brittany nodded yes. "But a girlfriend broke my cherry with her finger, so diddle me all you want," she explained. "Well, I've never been with a girl, but there's a first time for everything!" I replied, and we both giggled a little and began making out and fingering each other. I was loving the soft, tender gentleness of a young teen female lover, made even sweeter by having just been fucked senseless by a rough, big-dicked male.

I snuck a peek over to Jessica and James. His dick was up her now and they were fucking like honeymooners, her perfect butt bobbing up and down, up and down, up and down. He had a firm hold of her tiny waist and one of her perfect tits in his mouth. Jessica was whimpering and tossing her long curly red hair all over the place.

'He sure has forgotten all about his wife and their vows!" I thought, and it made my pussy tingle and get wetter. Brittany noticed. "Mmmmm. You're pussy just got wetter," she remarked. "Yeah," I admitted, "I was just thinking about James' wife." I said loud enough for everyone to hear. Brittany and I both giggled between kisses.

Then I had a sudden thought: 'What if James hearing about his wife ruins his mood?!' I needn't have worried though, because the moment after the words "James' wife" came out of my mouth he groaned and began to fuck the red-haired cutie even harder.

A few moments later he stood up, causing Jessica to yelp. James fucked her like a pro, lifting the slim teenager up and down his hard boner over and over and over. Brittany tapped me on my bottom. "Turn around," she commanded. I did so and swung my pussy over Brittany's mouth. Her tongue and method were different than a boy's, but just as good.

I thought about how she was licking up not just my juices, but James' sperm too. I moaned and sank harder onto Brittany's mouth and came again. Meanwhile, I wasn't licking Brittany's pussy, I just rubbed her clit and fingered her hole. I had never eaten pussy before, and was kind of reticent. She had a pretty pussy though, with a well trimmed landing strip of natural blond pubes.

Finally, I stuck my tongue out and licked at her clit, just a tiny bit. Tentative though it was, my little lick drove Brittany wild. She moaned loudly and thrust at me. The fact that I could give her so much pleasure spurred me on, and I began eating her out in earnest. She came almost immediately and let out a whimper, muffled by my pussy.

I looked up and saw that James had Jessica pinned against the wall and was really drilling into her. The slim 18-year old, eyes closed in ecstasy, had her legs wrapped tightly around him, and she let out a high-pitched grunt with each pounding thrust.

Then someone's phone began to ring. "Oh shit," James said, "that's my wife's ringtone. I better take this. Everyone be quiet for a minute." With Jessica still impaled on his cock, he walked over to his phone and answered it. "Hey baby, what's up?" He asked. As he let his wife speak, he made out quietly with Jessica. "Yeah, the shoot ran late, you know how those teenage brats can be." Then he bounced Jessica on his prick a little; she had to bite his shoulder to keep quiet.

"Yeah, I'll be home in an hour or so. Ok, Love you." And he hung up. "Sorry about that. Now back to business." James said. Then he walked Jessica over next to Brittany and me, and got his flexible teenage fuck-toy into the 'pile-driver' position on the floor, and, well, began to pile-drive the poor girl with his huge cock. After a minute of this he shouted out, "Oh God YES! Take that! And that! And that! And that!" obviously shooting his sperm into the second young pussy of the night.

Then Jessica and James collapsed in a heap, and lay on the floor watching us while they caught their breath. Brittany and I continued to eat each other out like it was the first meal we had had in years. I began to genuinely enjoy the taste of pussy, while Brittany nibbled my clit so hard it was almost as if she was actually trying to devour me.

I once again lost track of time, having had another orgasm. Some time later I looked over to Jessica and James, but only saw Jessica, who slowly fingered herself. 'Where is James?' I thought. A second later I knew instantly where he was.

James' massive dick was rock hard and throbbing once again, and I had a perfect view as he poised it at the entrance to Brittany's virgin pussy. "Hey Brittany," I got her attention, "remember how you said you'd never been with a boy, and I said there was a first time for everything?" "Yeah.

So?" "Well get ready, because here comes a boy. A big boy!" "What?" Brittany asked, confused, then she let out the loudest cry of the night as James shoved his rod into her, completely taking her by surprise, despite my warning.

The pretty blond thing squealed and squealed as James thrust more and more of his married rod into her. I licked her clit and squeezed James' balls as her opened her up, shoving a tiny bit more of his cock into her with each thrust.

Brittany really got animated.

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James' muscles bulged as he struggled to control her slim bucking hips while he forced himself into her tiny virgin hole. She stopped licking my cunt, and thrashed her pink-streaked blond locks all over, yelping and shrieking as her pussy got fucked for the first time. Finally, James was all the way in. "Oh my God! The tightest pussy of the night!" he yelled as he worked her open.

He was sweating and I could see him staring intently at Brittany's hole as her pussy lips tightly gripped his cock on the way in, and on the way out. In. And out. In. And out. In. And out. Brittany's pussy clamped just as tightly with each thrust.

And she squealed nonstop. After fifteen minutes of struggling to take this hot teenage blond's virginity, James finally got into an uneven rhythm, but she still bucked like a bronco when he touched bottom. She began to rub my clit again. I looked at Jessica and she was fingering herself like mad, a crazed look of lust in her eyes as she watched Brittany thrash in passion. All of a sudden Brittany cried out, "Oh God! I'm cumming so hard!" and she munched at my pussy for the first time since James jammed his cock into her.

This made me cum. Lost in desire, I took James' balls in my mouth and worked them over with my tongue. Then he moaned and grunted, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" I felt his nuts spasm against my tongue as they gave Brittany's pussy its first ever load of cum. I could hear Jessica whimper as she fingered herself to another orgasm.

We all just sort of slumped where we were, lost in the bliss of having just fucked our brains out. We fondly rubbed and touched each other as we regained our senses. Finally James spoke. "Hey, uh, girls, you're all on birth control, right?" "I am." I chimed up.

"Me too," Jessica said. Brittany, James' prick still in her, perked up and turned around to look at him. "Oh my God! You just got me pregnant!" she cried out. James, too blissful at having fucked three 18-year olds to care, and still having a firm grip on Brittany's hips, worked his still hard dick in and out of her pussy some more and merely said, "I guess I did." Brittany wiggled her hips, trying to get free. "Well, you can take your dick out of me already!" she said excitedly.

James kept playfully pumping her, though. "Don't worry," I spoke up, "I can get a morning-after pill from my sister. You'll be fine." Brittany was still a little frantic at having just lost her virginity and having been impregnated at the same time. She tried to shake her hips free again, to no avail; James just grabbed her more tightly and rooted around inside her some more. "Well, for crying out loud, take it out before you give me twins and I have to take two pills!" she exclaimed, laughing.

That cracked us all up. James kept his dick in her though. And that's the story of how I started the tradition of the fashion model orgy. Like I said, it's good to be a bad girl!