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Brunette pornstar in bed with a stud
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CW and themes: fantasy, predicament play, magic, peril, ice, oral, sex, tiefling, elf, orc, drow, interrogation, tickling, pansexual, lesbian, transgender, nonbinary --- Deep beneath the snowy landscape, down beneath the dirt and the earth and the roots of tall trees. Past layer upon layer of rock, there is a cavern. Not any ordinary cavern with stalactites and cave bats and salt.

No, this cavern was a throne room. Intricately carved and pillared with giant formations of dark crystals. Any sound in this cathedral-like crypt would echo broadly around the chamber. The chamber was full of people, and yet it was totally and utterly silent. Not one person felt brave enough to even draw breath, as the eyes of the Drow Queen speared into the poor fool in front of her.

a gaze so sharp it could draw blood. "What do you mean by telling me that you have failed?" The silence was shattered. Her words dripping like treacle over the ears of everyone in the enormous cavern, the sound carrying easily. The figure was still, barely moving except for a slight shaking. She was naked, but her long and tangled locks of black hair cascaded around her and hid her body from view.

"You will answer me, necromancer. Or you will die." The Drow Queen towered above the prone figure, her long and magnificent white hair braided and cascaded down her back. An elaborate headdress extended out over her face like gilded spider legs. She wore only golden jewellery.

No cloth, only piercings. Golden chains attached to small rings joined her nipples and her sex. Chains ran from her ears to her nose and lips.

The tinkling links fell from her wrist cuffs and clattered to the floor, attached to golden bejewelled cuffs at her ankle. Even a few of her long nails were pierced with small golden hoops and jewels. Her dark umber skin was burnished with pure gold dust; at her hips, her thighs, her neck and arms. Her lips, eyes, nipples and cunt were glittering golden too, whether by nature or design it was hard to tell. The necromancer raised her head from the floor and stared listlessly at the Drow Queens taloned feet.

"M-my liege, I implore you… I did not mean to fail. I have no idea why it did not work." Apart from a slight stutter, her voice was emotionless. Even so, tears fell from her eyes and down her cheeks, mixing with red before pooling onto the floor.

The floor was red with blood. It was everywhere, it coated the hands and the feet of the naked necromancer. The tips of her over-long hair were painted crimson and hung wet against her buttocks. The blood trailed off from a side door, from which could faintly be heard screams.

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The Drow Queen snapped her fingers. Immediately, five identical figures moved out of the shadows behind her.

Five identical twins, her personal handmaidens. They have never uttered a word in their life so as not to sully the purity of their mouths, which exist only to pleasure the Queen. They were naked, grey skin adorned in similar golden paint. Gracefully they ran in from of her, prostrating their bodies in the blood before the queen. She walked forward towards the necromancer, heels stepping on the backs of her servants. Once used, a twin would run to the front of the queue and bow down again, creating a moving bridge to keep the Drow Queen unsullied and untouched.

They passed her long locks of trailing hair meticulously amongst them, keeping it from touching the filthy mess. At last, she came to a stop on the final twin a hairs breath away from the upturned face of the necromancer woman. "Stand." she commanded. And she stood, a bloody mess dripping with her own shame at having failed. She was short in stature and abnormally gaunt, ribs and other bones visible through her flesh. Her skin was darker than black, one of the deepest shades of Drow skin reserved for the royal family and the noble houses.

Her eyes were as red as the blood congealing down her body.

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Vaguely visible on her charcoal skin were the faint outlines of scars the payment for a lifetime of necromancy work. "Enora, my whip." She reached her hand out to the left.

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The Queen's head assassin, leader of the Royal Drow Guild of Executioners, the Drow woman known as Enora, placed the ceremonial gold-handled flogger into her majesty's outstretched hand.

"My Queen, if I may…" The Queen raised her eyebrows at this unexpected speech from Enora. "My Liege, send me to find the artefact instead. I would never fail you, unlike her." Her eyes flicked to the necromancer, who showed no sign of hearing her. "I know a… procurer, shall we say, of rare objects. One of those strange, third gender tieflings from across the ocean. She knows where to find… that book." The queen turned her attention to her fully. "Send you? Enora, have you ever even seen the surface?" Enora shook her head.

"Have you even met a snow elf, other than in our dungeons? They are savage, merciless, cruel creatures and care nothing for us or our ways. If they have the artefact, they would certainly misuse it. Are you sure that you are up to this task?" Enora pursed her lips and bowed to the blood soaked ground. "I am, My Queen." Her eyes were steely, her gaze unfaltering.

"I will never let you down." The Queen smiled broadly and began unfurling the whip in her hands. "No, you will not let me down. Because if you did, you would suffer a worse fate than this one here.

Leave us. Do not return without my artefact." As Enora strode out of the room, she heard the crack of the whip and the wailing screams of her failed predecessor. --- "I'm sorry my dear, did I hurt you?" Enora was brought out of her reverie by the sound of a sharp smack, and the honeyed voice of the Tiefling Lin.

She thought about her previous confidence in her plan, and had the uneasy feeling that something was definitely going to go wrong. Cloudberry lifted her chin, her cheek smarting from the tail whip, and feigned humility.

"I am not hurt." Her small voice echoed through the crystalline chamber. "Good, good. Then tell me, how did you come across such a dreadful book?" But before she could answer, Lin flicked their tail in a complex zig-zag motion, making a rune in the air. From nowhere, magical chains wrapped around the elf girl's body, pressing her arms against her sides and lifting her up from the ground.

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Her bare toes danced just above the floor, and she left out a gasp. She wriggled and strained against them, but she was held fast, writhing and kicking helplessly against her bonds. Her breasts had been pushed together, nipples peeking through the links and the taught chains pressing the soft flesh into interesting shapes. Between her thighs, a patch of wetness glistened against her skin as cum dribbled out of her.

She held in her mind what the spirit had told her. "The more you make them happy, the stronger you become!" Right. She could do this. If it was her only way out of this mess, she was going to give her captors the best sex they've ever had. This was the only way to harness the power that had trapped her here. Either she ignored it and let all that magical and sensual energy go to waste, or she owned it and used it to escape. "Well?" The Tiefling tapped their fingers impatiently, a smile on their face.

Their clothes were still in disarray, but they didn't seem to notice. Now it was Cloudberry's time to shine. If there's anything she really knew how to do, it was play stupid. "Book? I-I don't know! I don't even know how I got here." Lin and Enora exchanged a glance. "Listen my dear, in this cave in the back end of nowhere, we found a copy of Volume of Vespertine Values… and you.

Can you explain that?" Their scarlet hands were caressing the legs hanging in front of her. With a flick of their tail, another set of chains draped themselves around the elf girl's ankles. Cloudberry shook her head and put on her best innocent face.

"I don't know anything abou- ahh! Ahahah! Oh no please!" Lin had begun to run their fingers ever, ever so softly down the sides of Cloudberry's navel in a way that gave her a shimmering, ticklish sensation. She tried to kick her feet but with her ankles tied so tightly she only managed to twist in the air helplessly.

"Hmm? What was that dear?" They grabbed the chains at Cloudberry's feet and lifted up her bare soles, running their fingers up and down them in little wavy patterns. Cloudberry was screaming with laughter, it was too much. "S-Stop! Please, I beg you!" Gasping, she squirmed in the air and scrunched up her fingers in desperation, her body contorting against her will.

Lin stopped ticking, and cradled her floating body in their arms, the elf girl's breasts pushed up against their face. They raised an eyebrow at cloudberry, and waited. "I-I'm just an apprentice mage, I was sent here to gather ice sprites for potion ingredients, but…" She paused, feeling the warmth of the Tiefling's scarlet skin against her body. For the first time in her life, she had told a lie.

And she was just about to tell her second. "…but, I found that… that cursed crystal. It turned me into ice. I don't know anything about the book!" Lin smiled to themself. "You are such a bad liar, little frostling." Lin's face nuzzled into her bosom and she used her long, pointed tongue to lick at her rounded flesh.

Cloudberry felt her stomach drop. Was she really that obvious? "You clearly used that book for something. Whatever it was, you clearly failed. Such a shame you didn't have enough power to break free of the crystal." Cloudberry breathed a sigh of relief. They didn't believe her about the book, but they may just think that the Joy of Justice is dangerous.

She needed them to think that, if her plan was going to work. The interrogation was far from over, however, and before she knew it she was crying with laughter again as the Tiefling's long nails raked softly over her tickling midriff. Enora and Khargosh looked on, watching the Tiefling to their work. The orc was still lounging on the floor, his flaccid cock limp against his stomach and his clothes still anywhere but on him. Enora was cultivating her erection, gently touching moving her thumb over the head of her penis and biting her lip to watch the elf girl squirm.

Lin giggled as they took one of Cloudberry's nipples between their lips and sucked softly. She couldn't help it, a wave of desire fell over her and she felt her pussy twitch with excitement.

Lin stopped sucking on her long enough to speak. "If you won't tell me why you have the book, I'll have to show you what happens to little elf girls who don't like telling the truth." She ran their tongue down her body, over her navel, until it landed on the top of her clit.

They flicked at it and grinned to see Cloudberry squirm in the air. They flicked their tail again, and the leg shackles disappeared. They placed their hands together as though they were praying, and used them to part her legs. Before them, Cloudberry's exposed pussy glinted with moisture, spread open for all to see.

Lin used the spear-shaped end of her tail to gently tease open Cloudberry's pussy lips, and moved her tongue down and around over them.

She could feel Lin's hot breath on her skin, and she moaned as their tongue entered her body. She tried to wrap her legs around the Tiefling's head, but ended up resting them on their horns. If her escape plan was to work, she needed everyone to be involved. She cast a glace back at the Drow woman, opening her mouth slightly and giving her a pleading look. Already prevented once from orgasm, the Drow woman didn't need to be told twice. She pulled Cloudberry's chains so that her torso moved backwards and more horizontal, her head now level with her erection.

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Lin sucked on her clit and cloudberry let out a moan, and then a gasp as Enora's cock was entered into her open mouth. Khargosh's penis twitched and began to respond to the scene in front of him, but before he could move a strange look came over his face. Confused, he held a hand out in front of him. It was beginning to look slightly translucent. With the other two busy Cloudberry could finally enact her plan of escape. Though she had no idea how to control sex magic, the orc had left his cum inside her and she could use that to her advantage somehow.

There was a bond now, between her and the orc. She could trace that bond, follow it back to the source… and make it freeze. She tried her hardest to concentrate on that as she was pleasured on both sides. She gagged and slurped at the dark drow cock, her tongue wrapped around it as she moved her head back and forth, back and forth. It was hard to think about ice, but she had to. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Khargosh, now a mostly frozen statue of a lounging Orc with a giant erection.

She sucked harder on Enora's cock. She had to work fast, before anyone noticed. She moaned from the back of the throat and shoved her face further into the woman's crotch. Enora moaned and bent over the elf girl's body, thrusting her hips so her cock fucked her face. She laced her fingers up with Lin's, purple and crimson skin pressed together as Lin ate the girl out and Enora gave her something to chew on. With a shudder, she came in multiple spurts. Cloudberry gagged, and cum foamed at the corners of her mouth.

It was bitter and salty, just how she imagined a dark elf would taste.

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It was not unpleasant. Now, she thought, her powers would be greater, and she could escape. But it was too late. Lin had come up for air, a thread of drool connecting their tongue to Cloudberry's clit as they smiled. "Are you ready to talk now, little- …Khargosh?" They paused. The smile faded from their lips. They grabbed Cloudberry's chains and pulled her face up and close to theirs, disengaging her from Enora.

"What is this? What has happened to him?" Cloudberry's mouth and tongue were sore and throbbing from so much use, but she was able to swallow some cum and reply. Her third lie of the day. "I-I saw him touch the crystal earlier… it turns everyone to ice. Please… please don't turn me back." Lin used their demonically long tongue to lick some of the cum dripping from Cloudberry's face.

"So, how, then do we change him back!? I know you know, don't try to lie to me." "I-I don't know!" She found herself saying, but she made sure her eyes settled on his frozen erection. Lin was observant, and followed her gaze. "Ah, yes. We melt him. Or more to the point, YOU will melt him." Cloudberry felt her magical chains break, and the Tiefling lifted her in their arms and carried her over to the orc.

Without ceremony, Lin prised open the elf girl's legs, and straddled her over his icy cock. With Lin's saliva and her own wetness, she slid surprisingly easily down onto him, but not without a gasp and a moan.

"Let's see how you like being a very… pleasing… statue for the rest of eternity!" Lin had brought out the Joy of Justice, and was brandishing it at Cloudberry. "No please, whatever you do, don't gag me, ANYTHING but that!" This was the only thing Lin needed to hear in order to shove the ball deep into her mouth.

Instantly, that same welling desire that had gotten Cloudberry into this mess started again. But instead of the inexperienced amateur she was before, she now had the experience to control it better.

She could see clearly what she had to do. Lin had moved back to the throne and, pleased with herself, had sat down on it, enjoying herself immensely. Enora was still standing nearby, her throbbing cock dripping. There was just one more ingredient she needed to make the artefact listen to her.

She began to rock gently on the icy orcish cock. It was harder than it had been while he was living, and she could feel it keenly inside her. As her pleasure mounted, she gave the ball gag a command.

But nothing happened. She rocked faster, grinding her hips down upon the cock as hard as rock. She bit on the ball gag, remembering the spirit that lived inside it. And then it struck her. She knew what the missing ingredient must be. She shifted her position until the base of the cock was rubbing up against the outside of her pussy, and most importantly, her clit. So. Very. Close. And then she let go, let go of all her worries, let go of all her fears.

The only thing remaining was a pure and pulsing orgasm. She issued a command to the icy spirit of the sex toy one more time, her pleasure cascading through her. At once, the carven naked figures which covered the throne moved and grabbed at the Tiefling's body. "Wh-wha…!?" Lin tried to get free of the throne, but they were held fast, their arms and legs held tight. Anything they might want to say was cut off, as a replica of the joy of justice held their mouth shut and held her head to the back of the chair.

Her long dark hair was tangled and messy. Enora was fast. She never went anywhere without a hidden dagger, and she now brandished it at Cloudberry's exposed back. No-one had ever defeated her in combat, certainly not some tiny elf mage.

At least, not with legal magic. But sex magic was forbidden for a reason. At a sultry, post-coital glance from Cloudberry, she froze in place before she could even reach her.

Cloudberry smiled, and saw that inevitably the heat of her pleasure had melted Khargosh out of her, and in fact melted Khargosh out of existence. That which was once the orc man puddled at her feet, the water warm with the heat of her exertions. She stood, naked and undefeated.

Her enemies bound, frozen, and melted around her. With a tiny shove, she pushed Enora with her fingertip and she fell, shattering, to the ground. Her icy fragments mingled with the watery remains of the orc, which in turn pooled at the feet of the enraged Tiefling. Cloudberry removed the Joy of Justice from her head, and likewise the Tiefling's gag was also removed. "You… you can't do this! You can't leave me here!" "Don't worry. If you please the throne enough, it will set you free." As she said this the seat of the throne grew a large, dildo-like shape which teased up against the Tiefling's pussy.

"And if you so choose, I'm sure you could ask it nicely to reform your companions." Lin was silent for a moment before gasping, as the throne cock entered her. Her face contorted into a furious scowl, but her howl of rage was cut off by the sudden appearance of the throne's gag.

There was one more thing she needed.

Her legs could barely support her, so she crawled over to where Lin was held down on the throne, for the first time a smile playing on her lips. She could see in the Tiefling's eyes that she knew what she was about to do. The throne retracted from fucking them, leaving their pussy gaping and pulsing, a darker crimson than the rest of her skin. The perfect shape for Cloudberry to slip two of her fingers into her.

"Mmmf!" She let her fingers slide in and out, curling them up inside her to hit that special spot. With her mouth, she cradled Lin's small clit with her lips, letting saliva and Enora's cum lubricate it as her tongue massaged it with tiny circles. She slipped a third finger into her. Lin shuddered and convulsed beneath her, and she knew when she came because she felt the walls of their vagina tighten its grip around her fingers and pulse with pleasured moans.

A thin stream of drool fell from the side of Lin's gagged mouth, and her hands clenched in beautiful agony. She now had all three orgasms. Four, if she counted herself. The Joy of Justice was glowing with an inner fire, and she thought she could see two twinkling eyes staring back at her from within it.

This was too much magic all at once. Cloudberry was still a beginner after all, and had no real way to control these newfound powers. The cave began to shudder, and stalactites of ice fell from the ceiling as the icy walls pulsed and scintillated with light. Almost like the cave itself was experiencing the same convulsing orgasm as the Tiefling. Cloudberry could only run. As she ran she scooped up the book, the Volume of Vespertine Values, and carried it with her outside.

Up the stairs, out the temple, onto the island itself as the stairway shuddered and broke, leaving no way down. Or up. She stopped to catch her breath. In her hands, the book and the ball gag. But nothing else, and her naked body shivered against the wind. It was cold, and goosebumps formed on her arms and legs. Cold but not… freezing. Looking up, she saw that the ice had now melted and the island was no longer landlocked by ice.

There was a large lake surrounding the small island, and no sign of any snowstorms. She needed a boat. "Just how long was I in there!?" She sank down onto the grass, not a patch of snow in sight.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. How was she going to get off this island? Out over the lake, a face bobbed to the surface of the water, watching her with mischievous eyes before disappearing beneath the waves with a flick of iridescent scales and fins. THE END…? OUR BEAUTIFUL HEROINE FINDS HERSELF IN QUITE A FEW PREDICAMENTS, DOESN'T SHE? HOW WILL SHE GET OFF THE ISLAND AND CONTINUE HER QUEST? AND WHO OR WHAT IS THAT MYSTERIOUS FIGURE?