Amy Preppy Secretary Amateur Homemade Masturbation

Amy Preppy Secretary Amateur Homemade Masturbation
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I heard Sharon had sex with high school girls and boys. I watched through the window as Sharon and Amy hugged. They didn't notice as I watched them get undressed. They undressed down to their bra and panties. I decided I would watch her every day for a few weeks.

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The third day I saw Sharon with two cute teenage girls. It was getting really interesting today with another girl.

I think she is either a lesbian or a bi-sexual. Sharon and Jennifer held hands with few clothes on. On the fourth day Sharon and another girl were here. She unbuttoned her friend's pants. Neither had a bra on. I could barely see them as they sat on the dining room floor.

I heard Sharon say, "Lisa I want to suck your clitoris." I didn't leave and saw them get on the table and hug. Lisa massaged Sharon's breasts through her tube top. They locked legs on the table and French kissed again. They were engaged in a 10-minute lip lock.


I could see them suck each other's tongues. I had to leave but returned the next day. They were naked.

Jennifer and Sharon sat on the dining room table kissing. Wow is all I can say. They are sitting on the table naked. Sharon and Jennifer had shaved their pubic hair. I cannot stay too long without masturbating.

The next time I watched Sharon was with an older woman. I couldn't believe Sharon was sucking Victoria's vagina. Victoria is a sexy 15-year-old blond who has breasts that might be 32AA. The next time I looked in Sharon was on the floor again. This time there were four other girls with her without bras. I had set up a video camera in every room. Sharon was dressed in a formal gown, as was her friend. The next tape showed her with another teenage boy.

Sharon changed into a micro mini dress without a bra or nylons. The video was a live cast. I heard her say, "Tim you're not supposed to be here." He took her in his arms and she seemed to try to fight him off.

He said, "I want to fuck you. You fucked with Keith. I think you should let me fuck you." The next day I listened as Sharon and Keith talked about Tim. Sharon said, "Keith Tim tried to make me have sex with me. He tried to make me suck his penis." Keith said, "Lets go somewhere to be alone and forget Tim." I followed Sharon and Keith to his house and back yard.

They sat on the blanket and he reached under her skirt. Sharon didn't resist when he pulled her panties off her. Sharon said, "Lets go back to my house and fuck." Cheryl only had her mini skirt on. She pulled his pants off. They went to the bedroom.

Cheryl reached for his penis. She looked down his pants. He said, Sharon take my prick out." She went slowly down his chest and she kissed his stomach down to his pubic area. Sharon teased Keith by not taking his penis out of his shorts yet.

She reached into his pants and said, "What a nice hard penis you have Keith." He said, "Please suck my cock Sharon." She said, "I will suck your penis soon Keith." She pulled his pants down and his little penis fell out. His penis is about 5" when soft and Sharon masturbated him. Sharon didn't have panties on. She licked the pre-cum off the head of his penis. I could tell she really liked it as she sucked and licked until his pre-cum was gone. She sucked his penis and it grew from 5" to about 8" long.

They were both naked as Sharon sucked his young penis.

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He yelled, Sharon keep sucking my prick. I have to cum." Sharon said, "Ok Keith but we shouldn't have sex in my class." Sharon didn't know a camera was attached to her purse getting all their sexual activities on tape.

Later that week I saw Sharon and Amy at our home again. I don't think Amy is any older than 14, if she is even that old. Amy sat on the floor without panties or a bra on. Sharon had changed into a sexy little green outfit. Amy said, Sharon I hope you will suck my cunt." Sharon came back home with Victoria after I left for work.

Sharon took the straps off Victoria's shirt to reveal tiny boobs. Victoria said, "I want to see what your vagina tastes like." Sharon said, "Oh Victoria that feels so good. I hope you like it as much as i do." They got dressed after they each had multiple intense orgasms.

Victoria stared into the camera.

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I think she knows it's there. Victoria said, Sharon I'm sure there is a camera there." Sharon said, "Lets show whoever is watching how a dildo works." I don't think Sharon believed there was a camera set up. She and Victoria posed naked in front of the camera. A week later I saw Sharon and Victoria get in bed together.

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Sharon was naked and Victoria still had her mini skirt on. Cheryl began finger fucking herself and so did Victoria who said, "I've been doing this since I was 12." The next time I watched Victoria and Jennifer were there. Sharon was dressed in a mini dress. Victoria was naked. I left, but when I returned home Victoria was in the den.

She had come to try sex with Sharon. She was naked in the den. I didn't realize how sexy Victoria was until I saw her naked for the first time.

She is 15 and really sexy. I got naked too. Victoria said, "John I've wanted you to make love to me for a long time." We went to the bedroom. I said, "Victoria I'm ready for you." She said, "John I want us to make love." We fucked for over an hour.

When I watched the video again Sharon and Amy had sex. Amy was on top of Sharon as though they were fucking like man and woman. They kissed and hugged with Sharon's legs around Amy. Amy pumped into Sharon's vagina like she was a guy. After they had 3 orgasms Sharon sucked Amy's breast. Amy is the prettiest and sexiest girl I've ever seen.

Sharon said, "Amy lets go to a place where we can have a drink." I thin she wanted to get her drunk. Sharon knew a place that didn't check teenagers for an ID. When they came home they went right back to bed. I think they were both drunk. They were totally naked. Victoria came in and said, Sharon I want sex with you." Victoria climbed on Sharon and pretended to fuck her. They kissed, hugged and sucked each other's breasts and vagina for several hours.

I wanted to see if they would let me join in. I didn't try yet. I read an email of Sharon's from Jennifer who wanted sex with Sharon. I went to the live camera and saw a beautiful young girl. Sharon said, "Let me help you take off your panties." They sat on the floor in the bathroom to get ready for a shower.

They showered together and licked each other's bodies all over. I married a bi-sexual woman. I fantasize sucking a penis while Sharon sucks a vagina. I hope to make that fantasy come completely true. I think I want to try sucking Keith's penis and maybe even let him ejaculate in my mouth.

I've often wondered what sperm tasted like. Victoria called Sharon. Victoria knew of a nudist beach. I took pictures of them on their knees posing naked.

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Victoria convinced Sharon to walk the beach naked. There were teenage boys and girls at the nudist beach. Most of the girls were sexy and cute. Some knew Sharon.

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The beach had a photographer. He took their picture. Jennifer wanted to have a picture taken Sharon and her naked. Jennifer asked, "Sharon do you want one?" She said, "I sure do." Another girl with tiny breasts sat down with Sharon. She said, "I'm Tina. I'm 14. I want our picture taken too." Tina asked Sharon, "Can we go to the changing room now?" Sharon didn't know why she wanted to go there.

Tina got on her knees and sucked her vagina and breasts. Victoria and Sharon were in bed the next time I saw them. They were dressed in jeans and a bra. When I looked at the tape again they were naked. Victoria said, "Sharon I'm bi-sexual and I want to suck your vagina and your breasts.

I want to lick your thighs." They sat back-to-back fingering themselves. Again, I wanted to see if I could join them. Victoria said, "Ok Sharon now I have to taste your vagina." Sharon spread her legs wide for Victoria.

She pushed Victoria to her vagina. Victoria gave Cheryl an orgasm just as Jennifer came in.


Jennifer said, Sharon, my boy friend wants sex with you." 16 year-old Justin put his hand on Sharon's ass. Sharon wore another sexy little outfit I have never seen. Sharon said, "Justin help me take my mini skirt off." He pulled her skirt down to the floor. She has her bikini panties on still, but not for long. She put her foot on his lap to feel his penis.

She said, "Justin your penis feels hard. I want to see it." He turned Sharon around to feel and kiss her ass. He said, "Sharon you have a sexier ass than my girl friend." I got an erection as I saw him suck her breasts.


Sharon slipped her hand into her panties to finger-fuck her vagina. Justin sat on the chair and pulled Sharon on top of him. She reached down to guide his 5" penis into her vagina.

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Victoria asked me to join her with Sharon and Justin. Sharon and Victoria wore exactly the same mini skirt and sweater. Victoria and Sharon wanted us to go to her house. Justin said, "John the girls want you to suck my prick." Amy, Keith, Sharon and Beth went to Victoria's home. Justin said, "John lets surprise them. I'm bi-sexual and want to suck your prick. Will you suck my prick too?" I said, "I guess I can but promise you won't ejaculate in my mouth." He said, "I want to taste your cum John.

I hope you will at least try my cum." I decided I would masturbate him and if he ejaculates I wouldn't stop him. I would see what his sperm tastes like. After we had sucked each other's penises for almost an hour we ejaculated almost at the same time. I wanted more of his sperm as I found I liked the taste of his sperm.

I especially like it as it squirts into my mouth. Victoria said, "Ok, lets go to my home. Get in the car." Keith left me and got on his knees and kissed Sharon's stomach.

Keith said, "Victoria wait until Sharon sucks my prick." She said, "Ok, make sure you don't get sperm all over my car." Victoria came to my house in her mini skirt and sweater. She said, "Sharon's watching. Let give her something to see." I pulled Victoria's panties off to suck her vagina. I think Sharon was having an orgasm. I know I was. Victoria sat on the floor and pulled my pants off me. My penis popped into her face.

She said, "I like your penis." She said, "John lets see you use that penis and fuck me." I opened the shade wide so Sharon could see me fucking Victoria. I asked, "Victoria can I ejaculate in you?" She said, "Yes John please ejaculate in me." I pumped in and out. I ejaculated a huge load of sperm into her. Victoria said, "John lets go back to the dining room. I want Sharon to see you ejaculate in my face and mouth." Amy came in and Victoria said, "John fuck me first." Sharon was still watching me fuck Victoria from the window.

She didn't know we knew she was watching us. Sharon went to another student's house. She felt she had to get even with me. The house she went to was that of another student of hers. She wore tiny shorts and a sexy top. He might be 16.

She went to his bedroom to tell him about the girls and me. She said, "I know I've been unfaithful. I want you to fuck me" He said, "You have to show me how. I've never fucked." She said, "That is better. I've fantasized sex with a virgin." He had her get on her knees to fuck Sharon from behind. She asked, "How old are you?" He said, "Sharon I just turned 15." She asked, "Have you ever ejaculated?" He said, "Not yet but I hope you can make cum." She said, "Get on top of me and pump in and out of me." Sharon went to school without a bra to look for some more students who would be willing to fuck her.

She said, "Hi, I hope you will help me get even with John." She found one of her students and took his penis out of his pants. She sucked his penis and he ejaculated all over her face. Another student came in and she sucked his penis and tasted his sperm. With sperm on her face and her breasts she felt that she got even with John. She had her purse so the camera got all of her sexual activities. Another boy fucked her. She said, "Ejaculate on me this time." He said, "I have to cum again.

Where do you want my cum?" She pulled his penis out. He ejaculated on her stomach. She had sticky sperm all over her face and stomach.

She gave the boy her camera to take pictures of her.

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I wanted to ask, "Sharon can I suck your tits with cum on them?" She said to the boy, "I want John to see your sperm on my breasts." He said, "Oh please let me suck your tits. I've always wanted to taste my cum." She said, "Ok. But you have to ejaculate on me some more." I invited the same boy to my home for sex with me.

I want Sharon to see me suck his penis and sperm in person. Sharon told me she knew about my infidelity with Victoria. I invited Victoria and all the other girls to watch my tapes. Victoria invited two of her teenage girl friends and a boy. She said, "Jared wants to fuck Sharon while you fuck me." Jennifer said, "Victoria I want to suck John's prick." Jared massaged Sharon's breast while Victoria watched.

Victoria and Cheryl watched as I sucked each of the girls. Sharon said, "John these girls are all so very young." Jennifer said, Sharon the boys you sucked are very young.

They are 14 to 17 years old. I hope you like their sperm. I said, "I like it so much that I want their sperm as often as possible. I hope you enjoy sucking a vagina as much as I like sucking sperm." I said, "I can show you tapes of your sexual activities." Sharon said, "John I guess we are even.

Lets fuck." She massaged my penis with Jennifer watching us. She said, "I want Keith to ejaculate on my breasts and you can suck the sperm off my breasts." I knew what she wanted. I licked Keith's sperm off her chest. Victoria invited Sharon and me to her home and pool.

They got there first and got naked. I went in to fuck Victoria. Victoria took Sharon and me to have an orgy with her. We went to her private back yard to have sex with her. We got to her back yard and we got naked to have sex. Victoria said, Sharon I want you to watch John fuck me." Sharon and I agreed we want sex with many of her young students. The first girl she wanted us to have sex with was Katie. Katie joined us in bed.

I watched. I had to see Sharon have sex with a young girl. Katie finger fucked Sharon as I finger fucked her to an orgasm. Sharon said, "John I want to give Katie an orgasm first." I had to suck Victoria's vagina. She had an orgasm. Victoria said, Sharon, I want John to fuck me and ejaculate." Sharon and I met to discuss when we would have an orgy. She said, "John I want to fulfill all my fantasizes with you." I said, "I like that idea." I went to 15 year-old Ally's home.

I fantasized sex with her. She is the most beautiful girl. Victoria said, "John you have to suck 2 penises today." Todd, Tim and I sat with Amy, Beth and Victoria naked. Victoria said, "John I want you to fuck me first." I can't believe what a sexy body she has. I want to fuck her all night. I took pictures of Victoria. She let me take nude pictures of her. She said, "John I want you to promise to give me a set." We went to her back yard and I took pictures of her vagina.

She said, "Remember John you said you will fuck me." Victoria said, "I need a drink before we have sex." She needed the drink to build up the nerve for sex with me. Amy watched Sharon and me having sex with Beth. Beth said, "I want Sharon to suck my vagina." Katie sat on the table with her panties pulled down. She said, "I want both John and Sharon to suck my vagina." Victoria got on the table and said, "I want to get fucked." Sharon said, "I guess John will have to fuck you." I watched Lizzy get on the table with her naked body.

She is only 16 but has the sexiest body I've ever seen. She moved to the couch and I went with her.

She said, "John I want you to be the first guy to fuck me." After we fucked Victoria came in and wants me to fuck her. She said, "I know you are tired, but you have to fuck me." Victoria and I went to the bedroom to have sex. I walked to her and guided my penis to her vagina. Lizzy said, "John I want you to fuck me. I want your sperm." She was not on the pill and wanted to chance getting pregnant.

Victoria said, "John please fuck me. I want your sperm." She too wasn't on the pill and wanted to get pregnant. About six weeks later I found out Victoria, Lizzy, Amy and Beth were all pregnant.