Amazing princess having erotica on sofa

Amazing princess having erotica on sofa
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This is part one so it has more story line than sex part two will have alot more sex but part one is still really hot for pictures of me and Scott email me at [email protected] I was new in town didn't know any one and no one knew me.

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I was a 17 year old girl with blonde hair and I've been told I'm very pretty. I just got done brushing my long blonde hair when I heard the bus.

I ran out side just in time to catch it. I sat alone in the back of the bus. I stared out the window for most the ride, then the bus stopped to pick one more kid up about a block awaya of where i lived. The kid stepped on the bus he had dark brown hair, green eyes and a gorgeous face he wasn't tall or short but the right height he was well built and had pretty good sized arms but he wasn't extremely muscular you could tell he was country. He sat in the seat in front of me and talked to some friends you.

You could tell he was very cocky, he started talking about this one girl that liked his pic he said to his friend " she hot as hell and has a good body" "I'd fuck her".

That day of school was so boring that I was glad to be back on the bus. Then the that country kid got on the bus and he sat right in front of me again. He talked to some of his friends and finally got his name, his name was scott. Finally after ten minutes of waiting we departed from school. I say staring out the window and listening to the conversation going on in font of me.

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Scott was talking about some girl at school and he said "she wants the d" and he said other cocky stuff like that. Then he said he was hot and his friend dared him to take his shirt off. So he took the dare and took his shirt offhis body was so hot you could tell he used to be fat but he's working out now cause he had a slightly hair flat stomach and huge arms that didn't show any muscles till he flexed. After he took of his shirt he started flexing and you could see that that big arm wasn't fat but muscle, his armpits was slightly hairy.

I couldn't help my self I had to watch. Then he said to the hole back of the bus "I'm taking off my pants you can watch if you want".


He took of his pants and he had a nice bottom half too his legs was kinda hairy and he had for a moment I could see a bulge it was kinda hot. He sat their with nothing on but underwear and boots people where yelling at him to but some clothes on, but I was hoping he wouldn't.

Then it got close to his stop so he got dressed quickly and by the time the bus was their he had all his clothes on and he left. The ride was boring after he left I was pretty happy when we got to my stop. When I got home I took off back pack and when to my room and laid down.

Minutes later after I fell asleep I heard my mom and my brother yelling at each other so I knew it was about to get heated so I put my shoes on and said I'm going for a walk. I walked for awhile not paying attention to where I was walking finally i noticed that I was unintentionally walking the route my bus took.


I looked around and noticed I right in font of Scott's house. I decided to sit down and rest. Minutes later he walked out of his house and started throwing baseballs at this baseball practice thing.

A few minutes later he stop and started walking towards me. I didn't know what to do I was excited and scared at the same time. " what are you doing sitting her baby" he said "oh um" I stuttered "just was walking and decides to take a rest" he was sweaty from the work out and he had a really sexy grin on his face. "We'll how bout you take your rest over here" "ugh sure" I said.

So he helped me up and we walked over to his house. "So what's your name baby" he asked "ally". We sat on his house steps and he said "I'm Scott that really sexy guy on your bus" then he winked. " yeah I noticed".


Then he said "your very sexy baby" I blushed and said "thanks. Your not that bad either". " we'll I'm15 what about you?" "16" I said.

Then he said with a cocky tone "you don't mind if I take my shirt off do you" then he winked. He took off his sweaty shirt and he started to flex. I couldn't help but look it was so hot. " like what you see" he said with a cocky tone "ugh I guess" then he got up and said "it's hot how bout we go inside and cool off" then before I could answer he opened the door and walked in so I followed.

He showed me to his room " where are your parents" I asked "we'll they don't get home till later tonight". When I got in his room you could tell a teen boy lives in it it was kinda messes with dirty clothes thrown on the floor and it smelled like sweaty boys. I sat next to him on his bed and I could smell him he smelled like pure sweat and it was hot.

"So do you like me better with my shirt on or off" he asked "off" I said nervously " ok good what about my pants" I was shocked at what he said "what?" "Do you like my pants on or off" "ugh I don't know" then he took off his pants and he was wearing a pair of pink compression shorts that was wet with sweat in the crouch area "can you tell me now" he said. I didn't answer so he sad " I know you like baby you want this" then he grabbed his crouch.

Then he put his sweaty had from his crouch on my nose for a few seconds then he leaned in to kiss me. He kissed me for what seemed like hours he shoved his tongue in me mouth and kissed me hard.

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Then he stopped and he started to flex his arms in front of me "fell them if you want" I reached out and felt his muscles they where hard as a rock and felt so good. "You want the d don't you baby you want me" then he said "nice tits how big are they" "d" I said "that's hot baby then he started to flex again.

"Your so muscular" I said then he smiled and said " how bout I show you how muscular I am".

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Then he picked me up and slammed me on the bed. he put me in a choke hold and whispered in my ear "you like don't you". He then let go of me and stood up then and he took off his sweaty underwear and he stood their with his thick 6-7 inch dick "you want this don't you" I didn't answer I was in shock at what I was looking at then he stepped forward so he he was close enough that I could smell his manly musk coming off his sweaty man parts.

Then he grabbed me by the back of the head and he shoved his dick in I chocked because it was my first time sucking dick the he stopped and said "yeah buddy you love this dick" then he throw his underwear at me and said you should get home "we can do this another time" End of part 1 part two will have alot more sex I promise if you want to see pics of the characters email me at [email protected]

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