Pelada colombiana teniendo sexo en vivo con su novio

Pelada colombiana teniendo sexo en vivo con su novio
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My name is Raco and I am 15 yrs old I am not athletic I was always the one that liked the books and being inside.I'm in the closet and no one knows that I'm gay never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl cause I just don't have an interest in dad is gone most of the time working on construction projects out of town and when he is home he sleeps and its hard to wake him mom doesnt pay much attention to us cause she works and goes to school.well this story is about me and my older athletic step brother Jacob who I share a room with he has brown hair and hazel eyes he plays baseball and football.he is about 6'1 and weighs 160 he has a six pack of abs to die for.he was always the lady man every girl wanted him and very few had him.well it started last year when I was 14 and he was 16 it was the summer time and he had just got his drivers license so he would stay in his truck all the time.

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well one night I was outside and heard someone talking so I look around to see where it was coming from well come to find out it was Jacob in his truck with his window rolled down a little talking on his phone I couldn't make out the words so I gotta a little closer to hear what he was this point I could hear his words I couldn't believe what I was hearing "Oh yes baby I want you to suck it I wanna fuck you so bad baby I'm so horny my dick is so hard thinking of you" I was getting a boner just hearing those words I just had to get a look at his nice dick since I had never seen it before.So I snuck around the other side to get a better look but it was hard to see cause it was dark out side and there was very little light well as I approached the truck closer and closer I caught a glimpse of his dick which was about 7 inches long and he just sat there stroking it up and down up and down real slow but very sexy I noticed he doesnt shave his pubes which made it even more sexier I love a guy that has all the physical appearance a man is supposed to he sat there he began to stroke faster and faster and panting "yes baby yes baby I'm so fucking hard I'm bout to cum baby im bout to cum " he drops his phones and grabbed a cloth that was beside him tenses up groans and shoots his cum all over the cloth.he cleaned himself up put his dick in his pants and threw the cloth in the back seat.he picked the phone back up talked on it for a couple of minutes then hung up and i hurried away so I wouldn't be seen.he opens the car door closes the car door and went inside.I was so horny by this point that I couldn't hold it anymore so I undid my pants and started jerking off.but then I remembered the cloth with his cum all over it.I ran to his truck and looked in the backseat and there was his cum soaked cloth I put the cloth to my nose so I can get the male essence of my older step brother.I stroked my dick as I put the cum soaked cloth to my lips and tasted the sticky sweet cum.that was the best orgasm I had ever had before.I put the cloth back inside the truck and went inside I talked to my parents for a little while about school and other boring things my mom hardly paid attention and my dad was asleep.well I couldn't wait to go to my room to see my brother I went inside the room and he was sitting in his bed watching tv testing on his phone I got in my bed and watched tv next thing I knew I was asleep .The next day I woke up and my dad was talking to Jacob.

I walked up and he was saying that he needed Jacobs help with one of the projects they were working on cause they are short on people and I was too young to work.well they left on the project which was out of town I knew my dad and brother would be tired when they got home cause working the hours that they work most of the time they can barely keep there head up.

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So a week passes and finally my brother and dad come home they look tired and wore out like I predicted I knew for sure my brother would pass as soon as he got on his bed its about 9:00 at night I'm wide awake. Well my dad goes to his room and passes out my brother comes to our room and goes on about how boring working with my dad is and so forth he pulls out a bottle of liquor from underneath his bed and says" I need a few drinks after the week I had" so he just sat there texting on his phone turning his bottle over drinking it straight as I was watching tv.well it wasn't but an hour later I look over at him and he is passed out with his bottle in his hands work clothes and boots still on snoring away.

I get up turn the tv off walk over to him and pull his boots off put his bottle back up without him even moving just still sitting there snoring I was about to pull the covers over him when I noticed a bulge in his pants I quickly felt a jolt in my pants as I just stood there over my sexy step brother looking down at his bulge.

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I just had to feel it there was no way I would pass this opportunity up then I thought he would wake u. I thought to myself then I reached down and touched his dick through his pants I could feel he was very hard.this just made me rock hard so I'm standing there feeling my brothers dick with the biggest hard on I have ever had before.

I kept rubbing it through his pants and he seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.I looked at him and still he hadn't moved so I decide to take it a little further I undo his belt still no movement unbuttoned his pants and undo his zipper I look at him and he still doesn't move so I reach in his pants feeling his dick through his black boxer briefs and its so fucking hot in the room at this point im so hard that I just have to feel skin on skin contact so I pull his shirt up look at his sexy abs kiss them and look at him still no movement I thought damn this boy is really tired so as I put my hands inside his boxers and feel his nice bush before feeling his huge dick now I can actually feel how nice and big it actually is it feel so hard I can feel the veins on his cock I reach a little deeper to feel his nice hairy nut sac and its exactly what I expected nice and hot.

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by this point I have one hand in his pants and one in mine I fondle his balls and rub his cock for a little while longer while my urges started to kick in harder as I'm rubbing his cock I start to lick my lips at just imaging his dick in my mouth and his cum hitting the back of my throat I thought to myself he would definetly wake up if he felt someone sucking his cock but then again he hadn't woke up be continued likes and dislikes please!!