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Wichsen am sehen cumshot am see
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Michelle looked at her husband with surprise. He had just suggested that they go to one of the not so local bars. It used to be a hang out of Michelle's. She tried to talk him into staying home but he was adamant. It was time to try something new. Michelle just hoped that she would not see any of her old boyfriends. By the time they got to the bar Michelle was starting to feel pretty good and she did not see anyone she knew.

Michelle is a slender, 40-ish brunette about five foot four, one hundred thirty pounds with 34B breasts. Once they were settled in the bar her husband, Kim, got involved in a pool game in the back and Michelle said that she saw some girlfriends of hers and she was going to talk to them. In reality she had just seen an old acquaintance and was trying to get out of the bar before he saw her. She hurried outside and since it was dark, went out into the parking lot to get lost among the cars for a while.

She had only been walking for a few minutes when she was grabbed from behind. She turned around and saw that it was another guy she knew named Tim. She had not seen him in quite some time. In fact, the last time it was on his twenty-first birthday and he had got Michelle drunk and she had agreed to be the party entertainment for him and his buddies. She still thought about that night now and then. Tim said that it was nice to see her. Michelle said that it was nice to see him but that she had to go in as she was with someone.


Tim just laughed and picked her up and carried her back by his pickup. Michelle noticed there were about seven or eight guys standing around. Tim started to feel Michelle up. At first she struggled but then she felt the first stirrings of desire. Michelle thought back to the numerous boyfriends she had left in this bar while she snuck out and fucked someone in the parking lot or in back of the bar. Two others came forward and helped Tim strip Michelle of her clothes.

Once she was naked, Tim laid her on a blanket in the back of his truck. Tim was kneeling over her and had his pants unbuckled and his stiff dick hanging down. He mouthed her nipples for a minute or so and rubbed his fingers into her pussy and over her clit.

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Michelle's stirrings of desire became stronger. Finally Tim used his hand to guide himself into Michelle and as she took his full length into her, she locked her arms and legs around him. Tim rode Michelle fast and hard.


When he came he jammed his groin into Michelle and she felt him pump his juices into her. Tim had no sooner moved off of her than the next guy knelt between her legs. He also played with her tits for a while but he then mounted up and fixed himself in her saddle. Again Michelle was rode fast and hard. This just drove her wild. When fucked like this Michelle was capable of multiple orgasms. Finally Michelle felt his cum spurt into her body.

Before she could calm down she realized that she was already mounted by a third, who had a huge dick. Michelle felt her cunt expand to accept this presence. Michelle felt her own juices explode under the assult this member mounted in her vagina. She cried out with ecstacy when she felt the movement speed up prior to climax.

When he came, her pussy could not contain all that was shooting into her and it squirted out around the circumference of the monster. Finally the overwhelming orgasms that she was experienceing stopped and she realised that she had been fucked by everyone.

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The crowd did seem a bit larger than when she started. She used the blanket and cleaned herself up a little. Before she regained total control of her pleasure fogged senses she noticed that the tailgate of the pick-up was being lowered.

One guy sat on the pickup bed with his legs dangling. Michelle was pulled naked between his legs and her head moved toward his penis. She lowered her mouth and drank his whole shaft into her. She started mouthing his dick and tonguing it relentlessly. Then She felt a second individual step up behind her. Beer was poured on her ass and then she felt the monster cock's delightful intrusion up her rear canal. As used to this treatment as she was, Michelle still groaned as her butt stretched to accept the whole shaft.

Michelle thought that anal intercourse was the best. She felt him push his huge cock to the hilt into her rear. She pushed back and he thrust forward, meanwhile she sucked and tongued the dick in her mouth.

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Finally the prick she was blowing came and Michelle swallowed his whole wad. Then she felt the dick in her ass bust loose and again there was not enough space in her to accept the gigantic prick and its rivers of cum.

She felt his juice leak out of her and run down her legs. Michelle was ecstatic, a new dick was placed before her and she greedily started sucking it.

She felt another intrusion into her well stretched and lubricated ass. She just kept coming and the dicks kept appearing in her mouth and rear. Her ass was dripping but Michelle was still able to keep it tight. The guys using her were going wild. Michelle felt the pricks stiffen and loose their loads in her anus.

When the dick in her mouth spasmed and she felt the wad of cum in her throat Michelle quickly swallowed so that a new cock could be placed between her lips. Finally the orgasmic world she was experiencing reduced and she started to notice her surroundings. Michelle had been had multiple times by each member of the mob around the truck. Her cunt, ass and the jaws of her mouth were pleasantly sore. Tim helped her clean up and get dressed.

She noticed that her underwear had disappeared into somebody's pocket as a souvenir.

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She was worried about how long she had been gone from the bar. It was over three hours and it was almost closing time. Tim told her not to worry. He had seen Michelle and Kim walk into the bar. He quickly got the idea to get Michelle out in the parking lot.


While Tim and his friends were taking turns on Michelle, they were also taking turns losing to Kim at pool. Kim had just had one heck of a string of luck.

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Michelle hugged Tim and then went into the bar as fast as her sore, satiated body would take her. Once inside Michelle went up to Kim. Before he could kiss her, Michelle grabbed a beer and and took a drink so she could rinse her mouth out.

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Kim apologised to her about not spending time with her. He then bragged to her about his run of luck at pool and Michelle kissed him and smiled as she told him that she had spent the time with some friends.

She also smiled to herself as she realized that as she made plans for them to return here, he was going to gain the reputation of being a pool shark. She would bet her ass on it.