Incredible lesbian babes sex session

Incredible lesbian babes sex session
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Once upon a time, in a small town near you, there lived a little girl. Not just any little girl. no, she was a special little girl. She knew she was special because her daddy told her so.

Thats also how she knew her daddy loved her. She knew a few other things, but for the most part, her youth prevented her from grasping most other than the most basic truths.

Her youth also afforded her a beautiful imagination, and she would spend hours alone, amusing herself with most anything. Sometimes she would pretend she lived alone in the woods behind her house, except her house wasn't there, and she was the queen of the forest and all the animals in the kingdom would obey her.

Other times she would climb the highest branches of the big old oak out front and imagine that she was the owl that would often call to her in the night. Some evenings, inside the house, sitting at her father's feet she would pretend she was riding a magic carpet high in the sky.

It was a good thing that her imagination was interesting to her. she had a lot of time to herself. Her father worked long hours on their farm, and her mother had vanished long enough ago that the little girl sometimes wondered if she ever existed or if her memory of her was just another thing she imagined. Daddy never talked about mommy, so neither did she. Infact daddy didn't talk about much at all, and with no brothers or sisters around, it's a wonder she had any vocabulary at all.

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Thankfully she was quite adroit at using a radio - she had her own battery-operated portable fm radio that was always by her side, as was the old farm dog Rufus. Sometimes daddy would get frustrated with her and the radio.

If she didn't turn it off when he asked, he'd take it from her and place it on a high shelf out of her reach. Fortunately for both of them she was rather obedient and rarely crossed her father on purpose.

If daddy drank too much from certain bottles, he'd sometimes react a bit more harshly, and might take her over his knee. It hurt a bit, but frankly, she didn't mind the physical contact. Besides, after her punishment, daddy would always hold her tight and tell her how much he loved her and how special she was.

He would shower her with kisses and whisper in her ear all these things. Some nights he wouldn't let her go until he had fallen asleep with her in his arms.

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She was so fond of these moments with her father. The little girl craved his love, but knew better than to ask for it - although she would occasionally disobey him just for the attention.

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One night she was listening to the radio and quietly drawing a picture on the floor, when a song came on that her daddy did not like to hear. She could identify it from the first three notes and would usually quickly shift the dial. She figured she try to let the song play through for once, as it seemed to strike a long lost memory in herself, but a memory so distant and fuzzy that she may never understand it.

Daddy was nearly done one of his bottles and his head was hanging down against his chest. About halfway into the song he started to grunt and come to life. He opened his eyes and tried to focus on the culprit as the chorus began to play for the third time. He threw his bottle at the radio and yelled for the girl to turn it off. The bottle hit her instead and knocked her out cold as the music blared on.

He rose from his chair and stumbled the few feet to where she lay next to the radio and with a swift kick sent the radio across the room just as the song was ending.

He looked down and saw his daughter lying at his feet and immediately felt shame. He picked her up and held her and told her he was sorry and whispered how much he loved her in her ear and told her how special she was. He weaved through the empty house, holding her close as he took her up to her bedroom. He tried to gently lower her onto her bead, but lost his balance and flopped her limp body down with his following close behind. Feeling the soft surface under him, he almost instantly fell asleep, laying across his daughters legs.

Sometime later he woke, and in his drunken sleepy state, confused perhaps by the fact that there was a body under him, he felt in the darkness and found the bare, smooth skin protruding from under his waist.

he rolled to the side and curled up next to the body - something he had missed for so long - and continued to trace the lines of the exposed flesh with his fingers. He fell in and out of sleep, but his dreams became heavy with thoughts of lusty adventures and each time he awoke his arousal was more and more apparent until he finally unleashed himself, stiff and ready. In the darkness he clambered over the petit body and pawed at her bedclothes until he had found his target.

With a more than a little effort he steadied himself over her and fed his hardness into her. His relief was almost instant as he felt himself transported to another time. He thrust himself deeply into this warm petite body. Oblivious to the reality that he was indeed fucking the virginity right out of his very young daughter. Fortunately for her she was still unconscious, and feeling no pain as his thick cock tore through her tight little hole and gripped his shaft with the velvety sweet pinkness that was her tiny vagina.

His strokes became shorter as his body stiffened and his final thrust erupted with so many years of unspent lust. He shuddered and collapsed onto her small form, rolling over and falling fast asleep.

He awoke to the sun streaming across his face, and he licked his parched lips, as he took in his surroundings - realizing he was not in his own bed, but in his daughters'. He tried to remember how he got there, but it was all a blur. He rolled over and saw his daughter asleep beside him, a trickle of blood on her forehead. He figured she must have hurt herself last night, and he fell asleep comforting her.

He lovingly brushed her hair from her cheek and thanked the stars for giving him such a sweet girl.

She stirred a little and smiled when she opened her eyes and saw her daddy right there smiling back at her. She asked him why he was in her bed, and he kissed her forehead and told her she'd had an accident. She couldn't remember hurting herself, but figured that must be why there was a stinging feeling between her legs.

They both shrugged it off and got on with the day. That evening she was laying on her stomach drawing and listening to the radio. Her father was drinking again and remembering a vivid dream he had last night.

He was in an unusually good mood this evening, which he attributed to his special dream, so he asked his daughter to come and show him her drawing. She happily pranced over to him and proudly presented him with her latest masterpiece.


It was a fairly accurate drawing of the dog, but with a very large red penis sticking out of his belly! She had drawn old Rufus this way because all day his big red dick had been wagging and he'd been sniffing at her injured crevice. She didn't understand why her father was upset with her, but he was. He crumpled up her drawing and hauled her up over his knee. She squirmed as he undid his belt and pulled it free from his trousers and hitched up her skirt and ripped off her panties and took the strap to her good and hard until her cheeks were bright pink and she was sobbing.

He hoisted her up into his arms and held her, cooing in her ear how he loved her, and how sorry he was to have to punish her. She was his special girl. They held each other so tightly. She was exhausted from crying and quickly fell asleep in his arms as he held her. Passing out himself sitting upright in his chair, his daughters little body draped over his. He had no idea that his trousers had come loose when he abruptly pulled his belt off - heck, he'd completely forgotten he'd even punished his little angel.

No these things were far from his thoughts when he awoke and couldn't figure out how his cock had found it way between his daughters thighs. Granted she was straddling him, as she often did when she slept in his lap - but his hard naked sex flesh was touching what felt like her naked sex flesh. The thought made him twitch, and he reached his hands down over her buttocks and slipped his fingers between her thighs to feel what was going on.

It was true! His cock was resting in her little outer slit. This was so wrong, but it felt so good. he moved his hands back up to her waist and hugged her a little.

This caused her body to push down against him a little and felt nice on his cock. This was so wrong, he knew. but what harm could come of it? He rhythmically hugged her for a few minutes, until his guilt overcame him and he carried her off to her bed and disappeared into his bedroom to take his matters into his own hands.

It didn't take him long to find relief. The naughty taboo of awaking with his cock practically inside his daughter had turned him on. he figured it was harmless to think about her lips hugging his shaft while his hand did all the work.

His load unburdened, he quietly headed to the toilet. As he walked past his daughters room, he looked in and saw her splayed out on the bed just as he had left her. He decided it to tuck her in, and as he approached her he could see her little pussy.

His cock twitched as he gazed - drinking in the feeling. His hands went for the sheet to cover her, but his lustful mind took hold and he instead ran his fingers along her leg. His thumb glided upward over her soft naked slit. He was so tempted to part those lips, to see what treasures the held.

He knew it was wrong. So wrong. But his desires had unleashed themselves and clouded his judgement. He hovered over her and pulled at her lips with his thumb, parting the puffy little flesh into two halves. His cock got was starting to get hard again as he pushed his thumb into her. He leaned down and drank in her scent - so tempted to taste her. He pushed his thumb in further and felt her velvety insides. He slowly watched his thumb come out of her, her lips closing neatly behind him, as if he'd never even touched her.

He ran his thumb under his nose and just stood there over her sleeping body. He closed his eyes and imagined the feeling of being inside her.

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Imagining the shameful wanton desires he was faced with, his hand found his way to his cock and there, in front of his special little girl he began to stroke himself again. He kept his eyes closed, perhaps thinking this would make it less wrong - he thought he could fool himself into making it all okay.

He stood and stroked and the world disappeared and he was just about to cum when he open his eyes. To his shock he saw his old dog driving his tongue up inside his baby girl. It blew his mind to see such a thing and shortly it blew his load, too. As soon as he had pumped himself dry, he quickly shooed the dog away. He had not been very careful at aiming and had shot his load all over his daughters nightie.

but who could blame him - i mean just witnessed his dog giving his daughter a licking of a lifetime. He pulled up her sheets over her legs, and tired to hide evidence of his presence. She stirred only slightly as he tried to wipe off his cum from her clothes. He knew she was a sound sleeper, but was frankly surprised that she had not woken at all from any of the special attention she had gotten this evening. The next day he watched her for signs. His guilt was getting the better of him, and he was convinced that she was now a changed person, damaged.

He knew he could never do anything like that again, and would have to keep it in his head, and in his bedroom from now on. He was lucky that she didn't wake up last night.

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He set off to work around the farm, and left her to do her chores around the house. She washed up the breakfast dishes and went up to her room to strip the beds. Being so young and slight she often had to struggle to get the heavy blankets off of her fathers bed. Today was no different, and she tugged them slowly off the mattress exposing the sheets.

Her fathers dark grey sheets had white stains all over them. There origins were unkown to her. She'd never seen anything like this before.

She shrugged and set off to the washer with an armload of dirty sheets. She could barely see over the heap she was carrying, and nearly tripped over the dog. She set the clothes to wash and set about cleaning the bathroom. She was busily bent over the tub, scouring the tile when Rufus came in behind her.

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She wondered what was up with him these past few days, his behavior had been odd. Just as she was about to stand up, she felt something strange between her legs. She bolted up and turned, feeling between her thighs dumfoundedly. Rufus pushed his nose between her legs and she saw what was causing the sensation.

His long tongue was sliding up along her panties, bathing her inner thighs in his slobbery love. She giggled and watched him tickle her some more. It felt really nice. She wondered if it would tickle even more if she took off her panties, so she slid them off and Rufus dove right in. His tail wagging vigorously. It still tickled, but in a different way. she was a little jolted by the feeling at times. It was like her dog had an electric tongue. Her heart was beginning to race, and her breathing was becoming shallow and quick.

She stumbled backwards and sat hard on the edge of the tub. Gripping the porcelain as she has her first little orgasm. She had no idea what just happened, but she sure felt good.

Rufus was still happily licking at her, but it was too much for her to take all of a sudden, so she pushed his head away, and gave him a kiss on the brow and told him to go outside.

He sat down where he was and wouldn't budge. She shrugged and went back to work. She turned back to scrubbing the tub, and in an instant Rufus was on top of her. He easily pinned her little body under his, and there was no way she could physically remove him. She told him to get down, but he would not. He always obeyed her. What was wrong with him these days, she wondered. Before she could think another thought, she felt something poking at her where he had licked her.


The poking quickly turned into something else entirely, as she felt an invasion so immediate and all encompassing that she surrendered all thought of escape. She felt something inside her. It was large. It was hot. It seemed to be re-entering her over and over, at a rapid pace. It didn't hurt, it actually felt a little nice.

not quite as nice as the tongue tickling. But it did make her feel funny, just in a different way. She was just getting used to the rhythm of his movements when Rufus shifted his grip and pulled her body tighter to his as she felt the intrusion slow and swell. She could feel his body begin to relax over her. His soft fur against her bum.

His grip on her hips lessened, but he stayed over her. She remained under him, pinned, perhaps in shock, but her mind was reeling from all these new sensations. She heard her daddy come in for lunch. She immediately felt worried, because it was her job to prepare it, and she'd been unable to, thanks to the dog.

He walked into the bathroom and to his amazement found his baby girl and Rufus entangled in an unlikely pairing. He scolded the dirty old hound and swatted harshly at his rump. This gave old Rufus a start, and he tried to run, but the poor girl seemed stuck to him. As he tried to make a hasty exit, he was slowed to a crawl, dragging the now cumbersome waif with him. The girl's father turned the shower nozzle on them both. Cold water aimed directly at their ailment, and within seconds the dog was free to scamper off and hide from his angry master.


His daughter seemed no worse for wear, so he asked her about what had happened. She told him everything, unabashedly so. He could feel his cock twitching as she described how her virginity had just been taken, and how it felt. She told him about the tickling and the funny feeling. She told him about how good it all made her feel, and that she hoped she could do it again.

His cock was hard as a rock by the time she was done recounting her morning. She happily trotted off to hang the laundry and fix lunch - as if it were any other chore day. He was so excited he broke his promise from this morning and hauled his cock out right there in the bathroom - door wide open - imagining everything that had transpired and stroked himself to orgasmic bliss.

He even let himself moan loudly as he came. He almost wanted her to catch him in the act. Her innocent acceptance of these events emboldened him, and might just wear down his resolve to be a better daddy.