Girl showing tits on cam

Girl showing tits on cam
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I was trying my darnedest to suck my little sister's tits, but it was proving to be an exercise in futility. She was bouncing wildly on my lap, and I couldn't keep ahold of them. They were small to begin with, perky and pointy, small Bs that looked great on her short-petite frame, but when she got close to climaxing all I could do was sit back and watch.

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"Fuck I'm gonna cum!!" (see? I knew she was close) she yelled, throwing her head back and closing her eyes. "Cindy! Watch your mouth! What did I tell you about that sort of language?" Our mom scolded her from the other end of couch. That's right, our own mother was sitting not more than 6ft away on the same sofa, reading through a cookbook and casually watching Wheel Of Fortune, while her youngest daughter was slamming herself into an orgasm on her son's cock.

"But Abby says it, and so do you!" Cindy pouted back at mom. "Well We're older, and if you want to argue about it I'll ground you from having sex with your brother!" "Nosorry." "Now finish up and go do your homework." Cindy's attention returned to her interrupted orgasm. She closed her eyes and began moving up and down my shaft again.

I took the slower pace as my chance to lock my lips around one of her nipples, but it was short lived, soon she was going full force on me again, and before long she was shaking and grinding through a large climax. She took a few minutes to compose herself before climbing off of me, I saw her juices pooling in my lap. She used a washcloth to wipe up her mess. "Thanks Brantley." She said to me, leaning down to kiss me on the forehead, then she headed off to her room.

"Alright sweetheart, you ready for a bath?" My mom asked me. I nodded. She got up and pushed my wheelchair over to me and helped me into it. Then down the hall to the bathroom where she would help me into the tub. That's right, I was paralyzed. But before your start to feel bad for me, realize that my paralysis was the ONLY reason that I just fucked my younger sister.

or my older sister right before that, or my mom this morning, or my aunt this evening before dinner. And it was the only reason that after she helped me into bed tonight, my mom would undoubtedly give me a BJ (with the aid of a vibrator).

It happened when I was a boy. It almost seemed inevitable. My family were ranchers in Oklahoma, I had been climbing trees, playing on machinery, and of course riding horses, since I was old enough to walk, but funnily enough none of that was the cause.

Instead I became paralyzed in a water sliding accident at a water park a couple hours away. Initially I couldn't move anything, but gradually I began to get feeling back in my arms, and after several months I had full functionality in my upper body. But sadly I never recovered from the waist down.

Shortly afterwards 9/11 happened and my father, a former Army With my medical bills and the lawsuits still pending, he said the signing bonuses were too good to pass up.

He died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan on his first deployment. I couldn't help but feel guilty, like this was somehow my fault, even though everyone told me I shouldn't. He left behind my mother, who was his high school sweetheart, my sister Abby (who was roughly a year and a half older than me), my other sister Cindy (who was roughly a year and a half younger than me), and of course me.

He also had a sister (my aunt Carol) who lived nearby. There was other family too, but they were spread out, and he was very protective of her after she got out of a bad marriage. When he left home he told me to "look after the women, especially your aunt Carol" I guess he didn't have confidence in her ability to be alone. The whole thing sucked, my injury occurred just before I started having a real interest in girls, then my dad died and left me in a house full of them.

He told me to look after them, but here I was the only man on the family's ranch and I was confined to a wheelchair! I couldn't do anything to help! I was finally at an age where I'd like to use my dick, but it didn't work, and when I could finally prove most useful to the family, my legs didn't work either. It really ruins a young man's self confidence. Right after my injury the hospital stay and subsequent doctors visits were all about trying to see if I'd regain use of my legs, but once that was deemed impossible, the focus was on learning how to live my life in my new body.

After a few years, having gone through puberty, the issue of my penis became a topic for the doctors. They talked about how it was unlikely I would ever have a normal sex life, but they tried to reassure me that I could still father children and have a family one day, as if that was supposed to make me feel better! I was a teenager, and a virgin.

I wasn't thinking about having kids, I just wanted to Fuck! I wanted to be able to plow my girlfriend in the backseat of a car! At the very least I wanted to be able to beat my meat like every other guy in school got to! But I couldn't even do that! So here's something that some of you may not know. Many men who get paralyzed can still get erections. Are you surprised? Cuz I was! The first time it happened I freaked out, I thought maybe I was healed from my injury, but no, just my penis.

You see, there's two types of erections, reflex and psychogenic. Reflex means that your body is simply responding to physical stimuli, psychogenic means that your body is responding to mental or visual stimuli. So for you guys out there, have you ever gotten an erection even when you weren't horny? Maybe from your pants rubbing your junk the right way when you run? That's reflex. And when you watch porn and get a boner, even before you've touched it, that's psychogenic.

Well I could still get reflex erections, But I couldn't control them. This proved to be an issue, since I needed help bathing and dressing, especially at first. So my penis brushing against a hand or clothing or my own leg, could cause it to harded, often without me realizing. It happened numerous times in front of family members, medical staff, and even complete strangers.

This almost seems humorous, but the down side was that none of these teenage erections ever resulted in an orgasm, they simply weren't possible.

This meant that if I played with myself, it would get hard, but I wouldn't actually FEEL any pleasure and would ultimately never cum.


All the embarrassment with none of the joy. That was until the embarrassment lead to some joy. My mom sold some of our land, it sucked, but it was simply more land that she could manage. That money coupled with the money from my injury lawsuits and my father's life insurance and savings gave her enough to hire on people to do the actual ranching while she took care of the business side of things. It was still tight, so she asked aunt Carol, her sister in law, to move in.

They worked together to run the family business while also taking care of the family. Carol was my dad's younger sister, so she was also younger than my mom. She was very attractive, and had fallen for a handsome guy who became abusive a little while into their marriage. From what I heard it was because they couldn't have kids. He blamed her even though the doctors said he was the fertility issue in the couple.

All this meant was that after the divorce, she had no one. So my father really looked after her, and she really liked being around us kids. So when my father died, and my mom asked her to move in, she was more than happy to.

One day not long after she moved in, she was tasked with helping me get in and out of the tub. She's seen me get my embarrassing "tents" through my shorts before, but she's never seen me naked, so this was her first time.

She was very nice when she helped get me undressed and into the bath, then asked if needed help bathing. I told her no. Being in a bath made me feel the most normal. Everyone sits and soaks in a tub the same way, so I wasn't weird in here, plus it gave me some alone time and privacy. Which was tough to come by in a house of 5, especially when someone was constantly hovering over me in case I needed anything.

I really did appreciate the help and attention, but I was getting better at doing some things for myself and everyone still saw me as helpless. I just needed a way to show all these ladies that I was still a man and capable of doing SOMETHING to help around the house. Well I relaxed a bit and washed myself. Its still a weird feeling to wash my lower extremities, since I couldn't feel it, I always joked that it was like I was washing someone else.

When I was done, I opened the drain to let the water out and called for aunt Carol. She came in as the water was almost out and I was drying my face and head with a towel. "Oh my Brantley!

Im so sorry, I'll come back." She said. I took the towel off my head and looked at her, confused, why would she come back, I said I was done? I saw her face, her eyes wide, looking shocked and embarrassed. I looked down at myself, and sitting in front of me, dripping wet, was my prick, standing at full attention.

I let out an uncontrollable laugh. "Aunt Carol wait, it's ok, I'm ready to get out." I said before she'd left the bathroom. "Are you sure? Cuz you look like you're still in the middle of something." She replied, not turning back to look at me. "What do I look like I'm in the middle of?" "Well you know…" She was trying to avoid saying it.

I knew she thought I had been masturbating, but it was fun to watch my aunt, who's an adult, squirm around saying something as simple as masturbating. "What?" I insisted. "Well a boy your age, in the bathroom, with a…" She sort of gestured towards my crotch.

"With a what?" I smirked a little. "You know what I'm trying to say don't you??" She asked a little annoyed. "Yep." "And you're going to make me say it aren't you?" She looked a little amused now. "Yep." I said, smiling. "With a boner." She hushed her voice with the last word, obviously concerned someone else might hear such a torrid word.

"I get these all the time" I laughed. "I know you've seen me get them in my chair." "Well ya, you're a teenage boy, of course you're gonna get them, your dad used to, he'd try to hide it, which only made it more obvious!" we both laughed.

"Well ya, I get them, but I can't control it, I honestly had no idea I had one when you came in." "So you weren't masturbating?" again lowering her voice for the last word. "Of course not… I can't." I felt myself blush, ashamed. "What do you mean you can't?" She gestured towards the erection before me, almost implying that all I had to do was reach out and grab it.

"Well I CAN, but it doesn't do anything." "Really?. So if you jerked off you wouldn't cum?" I shook my head. "What about if a woman did it for you? Or if you had sex?" "Well I've never had a woman try" I said in a sort of sarcastic tone, "but the doctors said I'll likely never have an orgasm from sex." I looked down, this embarrassed me more than having my aunt catch me with an unexpected boner. My aunt stood there, looking at me sitting naked in the tub, with legs that didn't work, and an erection that did but served no purpose.

I knew she felt bad for me, which made me feel worse. As the only man in the family I was a crippled little boy on a ranch, USELESS… and a teenaged boy who couldn't even jerk off, PATHETIC. She helped me out of the tub and I got dressed, I spent the rest of the day in my chair sulking around the house. That night after everyone had already gone to bed, I was lying in mine reading, when my aunt walked in. "Hey you're still awake?" She asked, closing the door carefully behind her.

"Ya, Im just reading a bit." "Ok, I just wanted to say g'night." She paused, clearly that's not all she wanted to say. "Listen, about what you said earlier, about never having had a woman try… I was wondering if I could… you know, try and help you cum." She seemed shy all of the sudden.

Aunt Carol wasn't that old, only 30, but as my aunt I always just saw her as an adult. She always seemed grown up, and if she told us to do something, we did it. It wasn't until now that I realized she was an adult, but not to the extent mom and dad were.

She was that cool aunt who would do things for you that your parents wouldn't approve of, like buy you alcohol, only instead of getting me beer, she wanted to give me an orgasm. Or at least try. "Um. Ok." I could barely speak, my throat was suddenly dry, and I realized that I was just as nervous about this proposal. But Carol relaxed, she was probably more nervous about what my response would be, but if I was game then she seemed more confident again.

"I don't want to brag. Or make me seem like I was a bad girl when I was younger. But before I started having sex I was pretty good at taking care of the boys I liked in other ways." She sat on the bed next my legs. I didn't move, partly because I was nervous, but also because I was the most aroused I'd ever been.

This frustrated me when, naturally, my penis never even twitched. My aunt pulled my penis out through the opening in my boxers. Of course I only knew because I was watching. It was limp, but she played with it, gently petting it, and squeezing it. Sure enough it began to swell. I glanced at her face. She was looking at the tool in her hands, and smiled when it stared to stiffen, pleased with herself.

But this was the easy part. When I was fully engorged, she leaned forward, holding my rod with one hand and placing the other on the bed for support. She held her face off the tip, looking directly down at it, and slowly a thick thread of spit came dangling out of her mouth and made contact with the head of my cock.

She closed her mouth and let her saliva run down my shaft. She sat back up and wrapped both hands around my penis. Slowly she started sliding them both up and down together, smearing this lubricant all over my member's soft flesh as she picked up speed. Her hands moved up and down, faster, rhythmically.

She looked focused, like a repair man fixing an appliance. She began turning her wrists in opposite directions, so that her hands spun around the width of my cock as they slid up and down. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever witnessed. I watched intently, ready to see any change that might suddenly induce pleasure, but nothing happened. After a solid 5 minutes of pumping my prick for cum, she looked up at me, hoping to see the face of a boy on the verge of blowing his load, but it was just me watching.

"You know what would help?" She said enthusiastically. "A visual aide." She said, smiling, as she pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing her bare chest. Aunt Carol was a lovely woman, but she dressed like most did in our area. Conservatively. She had a very pretty face, but I never gave much thought to what her body might look like underneath her loose dresses, and work clothes on the ranch.

But as she sat in front of me I saw a truly sexy woman. Her body was perfect, tight, toned, with up-turned tits that were probably a small C. Her stomach was flat, never having had kids, and she boasted the physique of a much younger woman. This might not sound like a compliment, but she looked like she belonged in a Playboy for all men to admire.

She smiled at my expression as I took her all in, I don't know if she realized it, but hers were the first real breasts my post-pubescent eyes had seen. No guy forgets those. She happily resumed her churning motion, confident that my new visual stimuli along with her years of cock pleasing abilities would result in her nephew's first orgasm. But while the sight of her boobs swaying was beyond arousing, my spine simply couldn't relay those urges to my penis She spent another 5 minutes steadily stroking my shaft, while I watched, eagerly wishing my dick would suddenly spray my seed all over my aunts tits.

But once again, nothing. She didn't look up at me, she just stared at my erection in her hands searching for an idea, then one came to her.

Without a word she quickly leaned forward, almost falling face first onto my cock. My eyes widened as I watched the entire length of my penis disappear into her mouth. There was no adjustment period, no starting slowly and building up speed, she just went full speed instantly. Her head was bobbing hungrily, she may have wanted this orgasm as much as I did. Who knows, maybe the frustration of finally finding a dick she couldn't please made her want this even more than me.

But I watched, I prayed, trying to shoot my sperm out of my prick and down my aunt's throat using shear will! But alas, it never came, and after several more fruitless minutes, my aunt sat up, releasing me from between her lips, saliva running down my cock and smeared across her face.

She looked defeated. She grabbed her shirt to wipe her mouth off before speaking. "I'm sorry Brantley, I really did try." I could tell she felt bad. "I know you did, it was super hot!.

It just doesn't happen." "So this still turns you on?" She asked, pointing at her breasts. "Well ya, I'm not gay, I'm aroused, it's just the signals that my brain sends that say 'this is sexy, I like this!' never reach my penis, so it doesn't know to cum." "So what happens now?" She gestured towards my hard wet dick. "It'll get soft again.

It's only gets hard in response to being touched, but that's as far as it goes." "So if it's being played with it'll stay hard, but you'll never cum?" "Yep." "That's such a bummer Brantley, I'm so sorry, I really thought that I could do it." "Well believe me, if I wasn't paralyzed you'd have made me cum multiple times with all that you did!" we both laughed a little.

"Well at least you'll always be able to make your future wife happy." She said. "What do you mean?" "Well. You have a really nice cock, and it can get up and stay up. For as long as needed. A woman could have sex with you for as long as she needs, and multiple times at that! And you'll always be able to preform, and you'll never 'cum too fast' for her to finish, hell you wouldn't even need to be awake!

Since your penis isn't dependant on you being turned on, she could play with it while you're asleep, then hop on and gently ride you and get off whenever she's done. You'll be the perfect lover! Hell, I'm kinda turned on just thinking about it." "OK!" a light bulb turned on in my head. "let's do it!" "What?!" She sounded surprised by my suggestion, but her immediate response wasn't 'no'. "You're my nephew, we shouldn't have even done what we already did." "I'm essentially just a dildo, and it wouldn't really be sex, cuz I wouldn't cum… just close your eyes and imagine I'm a ride-on sex toy!"… she was clearly thinking it over.

"Fuck it." Was all she said. She stood, pulled her pajama bottoms off, exposing her smooth shaven snatch. Without any talking she climbed on top and straddled me, reaching underneath and guiding me inside her. I didn't know I was in until she began moving her body.

I looked down and saw the shadowy shape of my schlong disappearing into her, God I wished I could've felt it. She wasn't bouncing, her up and down movements were slower and more deliberate. Maybe she just fucked slowly, but more than likely she was just avoiding making much noise in a quiet house with 3 other family members. Her hands were on each side of my head, bracing against the mattress. Her boobs swaying inches from my face, almost teasing me.

I was supposed to be nothing more than a dildo, so that implied that playing with my aunt's breasts was off limits. But as a laid there watching them for another couple minutes, I couldn't resist. I reached up and cupped one in each hand carefully, hoping she wouldn't notice, and to my amazement she didn't!

She just kept moving up and down, soft moans of pleasure barely audible. I let her soft flesh slide in the Palms of my hands, her taut nipples occasionally gliding in between my fingers. I don't know what it is that makes men want to suck on a woman's tits, but I really wanted to. So much so that against my better judgment I lifted my head, leaning towards the closest one, and stuck out my tongue. It flicked across the tip of her tit as she moved, I could taste the salt of her skin.

Still she move her body on mine, eyes closed, unaware. But I pressed on, I watched her boobs movements following the rhythm, readying myself to pounce. I darted my head forward, latching on to her teat and sucking it into my mouth. There was no unnoticing this.

She sat up straight pulling her chest away from my face. She looked me in the eyes, a little shocked, but she didn't say anything, perhaps waiting for me to go first and explain myself, but I was too stunned to speak. I just looked up at her, forcing myself to maintain eye contact, when what I really wanted to do was look at her tits. After a long silence, she darted towards my face, kissing me deeply, unlike my aunt, and more like the secret lover she now was.

Her body began to move again, a little harder and a little faster. Our lips were still together, opening only so our tongues could caress one another. My hands slid freely around her body, her legs, her back, her hips. She pulled her lips from mine and buried me in her breasts. I sucked wildly, squeezing them, trying to touch every inch of them at once. "Yes!" The passionate word, quietly pressed through her clenched teeth.

Her movement changed from up and down to more of a back and forth grinding. Pushing down on my lap, my hard numb member pressing deep inside her. She came hard, she looked like she was in pain, wincing as she tried to make it through the intense sensation without making noise.

Her body trembled as she held onto me for support. When the climax had subsided she opened her eyes and looked at me. I could tell she was thinking. Maybe she was already regretting what she'd done? But she smiled at me, and I smiled back. She was debating if she could keep fucking me and not make noise… her hips began to move, she'd decided it was worth the risk. She came 3 more times that night before eventually going back to her room.

But it didn't end there, she came in every night to ride her nephew for as long as she liked. But over the months that followed we fucked other places too. When no one else was home, we'd fuck anywhere in the house we wanted. She'd pull her shorts off, get me hard and grind out a quickie right in my wheelchair. It helped that summer break had began, and I was always around the house, since I couldn't exactly go out and play with my friends that often, I had my aunt to play with.

Sometimes I'd want to get out of the house, so she'd help wheel me around the property a bit, but as soon as we were behind the stables or somewhere out of sight, she'd pull up her dress and sit on my cock.

She would playfully say "hey Brantley, I need to borrow your cock for a minute" and then shove it inside her, bouncing, while I happily watched the show or sucked her tits. More than once she volunteered to be the one to take me to my regular check-ups, just so she could pull over and ride me in the back of my mom's van. This went on for several months without issue. Honestly we probably got careless, not being as careful about noise, that's what got us caught.

As our incestuous affair went on, we got overly confident by our track record of never having a close call.

We never discussed it, but I think we both felt that maybe we had even been too cautious, like maybe the bed didn't creak that loudly after all, or the sound of her ass cheeks slapping my thighs wasn't that noticeable when everyone was asleep.

So one night she let herself be a little louder than normal, riding me a little harder, and moaning a little more when she came. And in came my mom, in the middle of aunt Carol's orgasm. The picture was probably shocking to say the least. Me, her baby boy, laying in bed with his aunt, naked, slamming down on his lap. The unmistakable sound of moist skin slapping moist skin. As usual, my face was buried in aunt Carol's cleavage, sucking and kissing and gnawing away at her wonderful breast meat.

Neither of us saw her come in, or even knew she was there until she spoke… ok yelled… so I don't know how long she watched, but needless to say, it was long enough. She stormed out of the room, and Carol quickly jumped off of me and ran after her, pulling her nightgown on as she darted out of the room.

I waited, expecting to hear a gunshot, or at least some sort of physical altercation taking place. But there was a door slam and that was it. Their muffled voices started off loud, then disappeared, presumably to avoid waking my sister's. I don't know exactly how long they were talking, but eventually aunt Carol returned. "What happened?!" I asked. "Well. I just told her the truth, and explained that, it was your idea, and that Im not trying to take advantage of you.

She's not happy about it, she'll probably want to talk to you about it, but it sounds like she's going to allow us to continue." "Really?!" I said, both shocked and aroused. I couldn't I believe it, but I was relieved. I pulled the sheets aside and exposed my now flaccid penis. "Hahaha! Yes, but we should probably call it a night." She said laughing. She kissed my forehead and left. Carol and I continued to fuck privately when we got the chance, but our sex life had taken quite a hit.

Carol had decided to "take things easy", that didn't mean she no longer wanted afternoon rides in my wheelchair behind the stable, just that we shouldn't do it every afternoon, or at least not 3 times an afternoon.

I figured this was to avoid being caught again, but also out of respect for my mother. My mom may have given her consent, but that didn't mean she approved of the torrid affair. This meant that, whenever possible, she would not let my aunt and I be alone together. My mother sort of avoided me for several days, trying not to make eye contact or talk directly to me if she could help it.

She didn't seem mad, but I got the feeling that she simply didn't want to talk about it yet. But the following week I had a dentist appointment and she decided to take me rather than let my aunt do it. "So, I have to ask, was it really your idea?" She said while driving.

The question threw me since it came out of nowhere, but I realized what she meant. "Ya." I answered from the back of the van. "Why? I mean where did you get that into your head?" "Mom I can't even jerk off!" I exclaimed. Her eyes widened, and she opened her mouth to speak, but I cut her off and continued.

"I can't make myself feel good, and no girl my age is interested in dating a cripple like me!

I'm useless around our ranch, and I'm supposed to be the man of the house after dad died, but I'm not! Aunt Carol tried to be nice, she tried to make me cum out of pity, but of course it didn't work. Then I realized that just because my dick is useless to me doesn't mean that it's useless to women too! So I told her to use it.

And I liked it. I get to see a real life naked woman and play with real boobs, and that's as close to pleasure as I can get! I finally feel like a man. I found something that I'm useful for, I have a good, young, hard prick that won't cum too fast or get soft at the wrong time. I can make aunt Carol orgasm as many times as she wants, and I like it, I'd make you cum too if you'd let me!

I'm essentially a big dildo, and I know you use one of those!" Admittedly I probably went a little overboard with my little tirade, especially at the end, and the vulgar language didn't help (mom hated that). She was probably gonna ground me for saying it, but once I started I couldn't stop. Plus I knew for a fact that my mom had a dildo, we accidentally found it in her drawer when my sister's and I were snooping for presents last Christmas.

There was no doubt what it was, it looked exactly like a big veiny penis, it was even flesh colored, sitting in her nightstand drawer with a half empty bottle of personal lubricant. Cindy, my younger sister, didn't know what it was at first, but Abby whispered a little explanation in her ear, and she said "gross!" and got the gist.

We laughed and ran around trying to touch each other with it. Good times. But to my surprise, mom's expression was fairly flat, she didn't look upset, which most likely wasn't a good sign, but she didn't say a word for the rest of the drive or even at the dentists office. We made it all the way home in silence and I didn't see her until dinner, where she still didn't say a word to me.

Later in the day I asked Carol if she'd be coming to my room that night. She said no, that my mom had told her not to go see me tonight. So I guess my mom figured out the best way to punished her teenage son… tell his aunt not to fuck him. I went to my room early that night, I wasn't told to, I just figured it was the right thing to do, sort of a self punishment. I laid in bed reading after everyone else had gone to sleep, still hopeful that aunt Carol may disregard my mom's orders and sneak in for a quiet ride.

I patiently hoped and waited, but as it got later and later I gave up and turned off my light. I had barely closed my eyes when my door creaked open. 'Thank God!' I thought. I turned my head, a huge smile on my face to greet my aunt, but it quickly faded, as my mom closed the door behind her and walked towards me.

So I guess she decided to come in and talk to me about what I'd said today, perhaps tell me what my punishment was going to be. But instead she stopped by the side of my bed and undid the front of the robe she was wearing. She let it fall to the floor and stood there naked. Thank God for the near full moon outside that shown in through my window. It threw odd streaks of light and shadows around my room, highlighting parts of her body, and concealing others.

I stared at her, squinting, trying to take her all in as best I could.

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We were both silent, I was stunned, she was probably scared, but if she was, she wasn't going to show it. She bent down and pulled my covers off of the bed and dropped them to the floor. I was laying in a pair of boxers, she pulled those off too. I was more turned on than I'd ever been, even with everything I'd done with my aunt. But regardless of my arousal, my penis lay limp across my lap.

I'd never thought of my mother sexually before, but right now all I could think of was how badly I wished I could fuck her. She was staring at my dick, I'm not sure what she was thinking, maybe regretting this decision, but she just stared at it. Finally she dropped slowly to her knees and lowered her head, sucking my young, soft member into her mouth.

I watched even though I could barely see her. Just faint images of movement in the darkness. She didn't blow me for long though, she lifted her head and stroked me a couple of times. She stood up and climbed onto the bed, placing a knee on each side of my waist.

She wasted no time getting into position, she reached down and lined her snatch up with my rod and lowered herself onto it. There was a pause for several minutes, either she was contemplating what she'd just done, or was simply savoring the feeling of the first real cock she's had inside of her in the last few years.

But I just stared at her. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness, I was able to see her body more clearly. She had bigger boobs than my aunt did, a large D I'd say. Her body was curvier too, definitely a woman who's had kids, but not in a bad way at all. Her tits hung more, but they had great shape and cupping underneath. Her hips were wider, but in the way that gives you something to grab.

She started moving. She slid up and down my shaft slowly, and to my surprise she came within a minute! She cupped her hand over her mouth and muffled herself as her body shuddered on top of me. Holy shit she must've been horny! She spent more time recovering from the orgasm than she needed to get it!

When she was finished she took a deep breath and leaned down. She slid a hand behind my head and pulled me towards her chest, burying my face in more breast meat than I was used to, it was amazing. She removed her hand and I took over, my mouth was all over her tits, and my hands were all over everything else.

Sliding up her legs, around her ass cheeks and up her back. I grabbed her by the hips and started moving her, urging my mother to keep fucking me. She did. She came two more times, both took longer than the first, but her body's response was the same. She rode me very slowly, much slower than I was used to with aunt Carol that's for sure!

After the third orgasm she decided she was done and got up. She put her robe back on and turned to me. "I'll talk to your aunt about this, but no one else can know." These were the first words she'd uttered during the entire interaction, I simply nodded back. She leaned down and kissed me on the head, "g'night sweetheart." And left. The next morning after breakfast, my mom told my sisters that they should go take their horses for a ride, they did.

And while they were gone my mother and aunt took me for rides of their own. They took turns on my cock, bouncing wildly on my lap as I sat on the couch.

It turns out my mom only went slowly last night because she didn't want to risk my sister's hearing us. But with them out of the house she had no reason to hold back. She rode me as hard as she could, moaning loudly when she came, then she'd get up and my aunt would take her place, didn't even bother to wipe my mother's juices off of me first. She'd fuck me hard and fast, and then they'd switch places again.

I gathered that this was all about speed, each cumming as fast as she could so that the other could go again, maximizing the number of orgasms that they could each have in a reasonable amount of time before they decided we should all get presentable again. Luckily no one goes for a ride for less than an hour or two, which meant that I spent a sold 65 minutes sucking and caressing two sets of tits. This began a three-way affair between my mother, aunt and I. After no more than a couple weeks, the two of them even began playing with each other.

Kissing, fondling, caressing and going down on each other. I even learned how to do it. They'd have me lay down flat on my back and while one sat on my dick, the other sat on my face. It was great, it went on for the entire school year leading up to the following summer. They always found time to take turns with me, and both coming in at night together, but we were always discreet and quiet when we needed to be.

So how did my sisters come into play? I'll tell you. It started with my older sister Abby, and it began at the very end of the school year.

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I had now been fucking my aunt for a year, and my mom for a few months less. Then just before we got out of school for the summer, my mom had to go visit her parents to help take care of her mother, who was sick. It wasn't life threatening thank God, but it was bad enough that she needed more attention than my grandfather could give while still maintaining their farm. She was going to be gone 3 weeks, which was fine, because aunt Carol was still home to watch over us.

Everything was going fine for the first few days until Abby broke up with her boyfriend and turned into a drama queen. I always felt bad about this, but I've checked Abby out ever since I first stared noticing girls. She was a total fox! She was the epitome of the 'hot cowgirl'. She had a killer body, with a great rack on top of a thin waist and a round, shapely ass that she got from years of horseback riding. It was accentuated by her everyday apparel of tight jeans, or cut off shorts. She was the most beautiful girl in her grade, which lead to her being the most popular, so it was no surprise that her boyfriend was equally as attractive and popular as she was.

They had been going out for a few years now, there was no doubt that they were having sex, Im certain my mom knew, but they were the prefect couple, and her was a nice guy so mom allowed it. But it turns out that when you're that handsome in a small town, girls are constantly throwing themselves at you, and even though he had one of the prettiest girls in the county, it's hard to resist the abundance of easy country pussy that was coming his way.

Apparently he'd been cheating for awhile, but my sister never caught wind of it until he knocked some girl up… it's hard to keep teenage pregnancy secret in the Bible-belt. So naturally Abby dumped him and was completely torn up about it. Aunt Carol, the 'cool aunt' who wanted to be there for her niece decided that they'd have a little girls night. She arranged for my younger sister to sleepover at a friend's and went and bought some alcoholic beverages for the two of them.

They were just a bunch of wine coolers, but since Abby was still under age anyways, she was a bit of a lightweight and they did the trick. I tried to sneak one for myself, but it's hard to be stealthy in a wheelchair, and my aunt wouldn't let me have one. There was a bunch of laughing and some crying, I played video games and tried to ignore them, but when they started telling stories I couldn't help but eavesdrop.

I was in the living room, and they were at the dining room table, but in these old houses with wood floors, voices carry surprisingly well. I turned the volume down on my game, not so far down that they'd realize I was trying to listen, but of course I was. Abby was talking about meeting and falling in love with Cole (her ex), how he was her first love, and how he's the only guy she's ever had sex with.

Aunt Carol started talking about meeting her ex husband and how he was so handsome and seemed perfect, but that he changed and became abusive. They both started guy-bashing for a little bit, and then Abby got all emotional-drunk and said she'd never get over this.

"Oh brother. All you need to get over Cole is to get on top of somebody else." Carol chimed in, sounding a little drunk herself.

"Now I'm not talking about another boyfriend, God knows the last think you need right now is to get into another relationship, you just need a guy who can make you feel better, with no strings attached." "Who?? If I hookup with anyone now everyone will know it's a rebound, and I don't want to screw some guy who's gonna tell everyone that I'm easy." Abby protested.

"Then you have to find someone who you know won't say anything." "Like who? Cole is friends with every guy in school." "Brantley." Carol stated, as if it was the obvious choice. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head, I can't believe our aunt just suggested to my sister that she Fuck me! I mean sure, she was fucking me herself, and so was my mom, but still the suggestion was ludicrous! "My brother?!" Abby exclaimed, then quickly lowered her voice. I continued to play as if I'd heard nothing.

"That's disgusting!" "Ok first of all, it's not disgusting. I was fucking your father since we were younger than you are now. And Brantley has a great dick." Carol threw that in there so nonchalantly. But I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

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My father used to screw his own sister?! "Oh my God! You screwed your own brother?!" said Abby, as if she was reading my thoughts. "It's a long story, but yes. He was my first, and we had sex all the time, up until he deployed. Your mom knew, she accepted it. She's been fucking Brantley too." "What?!" Abby's drunk head was going to explode.

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Then again, so was mine, I couldn't believe Carol was admitting all this. "Look at it this way… your brother is sitting in there with a nice sized cock that stays hard as long as you want.

He doesn't go limp, or get tired, he won't cum too fast, in fact he went cum at all, so there's no worry about getting pregnant. You live together, so you can have it whenever you want, and he's not gonna go out and tell people that he's been fucking all the women in his family. It's actually a pretty awesome arrangement." Just then Abby stormed out of the dining room and went into hers and slammed the door.

Carol got up and followed, I heard her open and close Abby's door, and then I couldn't hear anything. I just sat in the living room staring at the TV screen, no longer really playing my game, just in a daze about what had transpired. I barely even blinked for 20 minutes until I heard the door open and break me from my trance.

In walked Abby and Carol. Abby looked a little sheepish, avoiding eye contact, but Carol looked fine, she even had a little bit of a smile. I just looked at them, trying to look normal, since I was supposed to not have heard their conversation, I don't think I was succeeding.

I turned off the TV and looked up at them. "Brantley." Carol began, "we were wondering if Abby could use your penis too, you know, the way your mother and I do." Her voice was casual, but she shot me one of those looks that adults give kids when they're trying to tell them 'you better say the right thing!', I took the hint.

"Um, ya, sure, that'd be great." I said, also trying to sound casual. Abby looked up at me. She had an expression that was a mixture of shy, embarrassed and surprised. I found it funny that she'd be at all surprised that any guy, even her own brother, would turn down the chance to fuck her… I mean she was a total fucking fox!

The rest of the night was a sexual blur. None of us slept, and with no one else home to be concerned with, we weren't quite. We never left the living room, we all just stripped right there and began. Carol rode me first while Abby watched and undressed. I guess she was just trying to show her that it wasn't weird. But once Abby impaled herself on my rod, she needed no further encouragement. It was dawn before we rested, still in the living room. By now we were all laying on the floor asleep. Still naked, aunt Carol on one side of me, Abby on the other.

I was awoken by movement, Abby was now kneeling at my side, jerking me off. My eyes opened and I looked down at her, she looked over at me and smiled.

"I'm just waking him up." She whispered, so not to disturb Carol. I looked at the window, it was daylight, but still morning, so we must've only been out for a couple hours. When I'd become fully-erect, Abby stood and straddled me, then lowered herself onto my pole.

She started slowly, but quickly built up speed. I was still very tired, and since my dick would stay hard if I was awake or not, I contemplated going back to sleep and letting my sister have her fun. It was hard to close my eyes given the sight that was bouncing before me, but eventually the weight of my eyelids proved too much for me, and I began to drift off, almost soothed by the rhythm of my sister's body on mine.

I don't know how long I was out, it couldn't have been that long since Abby was still on my cock, but I was woken up by a scream. My eyes shot open and I sat up. Carol, too, was woken up by the scream and sat up, still naked at my side. Standing in the doorway was my little sister Cindy, staring at the sight of her big sitter fucking her brother, with our naked aunt clearly a party to it all.

No one said anything, we just looked at her and she looked at us. Then Carol began to speak, but Cindy darted out of the room. The two of them jumped up and quickly pulled on some clothing, and ran after her to do some damage control. I was left sitting on the floor of the living room. My dick was still hard, my sister's juices running down the shaft. I thought about trying to slide over to my clothes and getting dressed, but I decided against it, I was still tired so I laid back down.

I figured when one of them came back they'd help me out. So I went ahead and closed my eyes and drifted back off. "Brantley?" a voice woke me back up, it was Carol. "Huh? What? How long have I been asleep?" I was still groggy, slowly opening my eyes. "Not long. We've been talking for a little while, and we were wondering if Cindy could use your penis too?" My eyes shot open. All three of them were standing over me, I sat up.

"But we need to be gentle, it's her first time." "Um, ya, sure…" was all I needed to say, and clothes started dropping. From what aunt Carol told me later, was that Cindy obviously already knew about sex, she was just shy, didn't have a boyfriend and never had the chance to try it.

So when they explained why they were having sex with me, and the benefits of her using my dick as the plaything for her sexual experimentation, she was surprisingly receptive to the idea. Something about THEM fucking ME made it seem not as wrong, and the fact that I wouldn't cum somehow meant that it wasn't really incest… hey whatever floats their boats.

I didn't care how they justified it, or that I didn't cum. I was still sliding in both my sisters and my aunt, a whole hell of a lot, and when my mom got home I'd be back inside her too. The next two weeks, while mom was gone, was pretty much just an orgy. School was now out for the summer, so us three kids were home all day. We decided not to tell her about our new family dynamic.

Aunt Carol figured she could explain things better in person. You might think 'hey, she's fucking her own son, why would she get upset that her daughters are too??' Well let's face it parents just get more protective of their daughters. So when mom finally did come back, we made sure that we were all dressed and looked innocent while Carol took her into the bedroom and told her what's been going on.

The three of us tried to listen, mom's voice was loud at first, then she calmed down. Carol essentially told her that my sisters wanted to have sex, and wasn't their brother a safer option than some horny teenage boy who would blow his load after two pumps and risk knocking them up?

Plus, if the sex was staying in the household, then no one was getting any STDs either. Mom still didn't like the idea, but Carol asked "would you let these girls use a dildo if they wanted to, rather than have sex with guys from school?" Mom of course said "yes", and Carol pointed out that I was just a much better dildo. Mom then talked to my sisters privately, asking them if they actually wanted to fuck their brother, they said yes, so she ultimately agreed.

The rest of the summer was pretty good, we ended up getting into a groove. Working out when each of them would get to fuck me. It really was necessary, at first they just used me whenever they wanted, which seemed fine, but when there's FOUR of them, it took up my entire day!

This was my summer vacation too, I wanted to go hang out with my friends sometimes, and relax and play video games! So my free time, as well as time to sleep was all worked out and things went pretty smoothly. Then one night in bed, mom had been fucking me, when she stopped in the middle and looked down at me. "Are you OK sweetie?" She asked. "Ya, why?" "You just don't look like you're enjoying yourself." "No, I…" I was about to brush off her concerns, but the truth is, I wasn't really enjoying myself.

"I really like having sex with all of you, but it gets a little old for me… I never feel satisfied afterwards the way you guys do. It's not your fault, I just get so horny and excited but never get the release." I was, of course, referring to an orgasm.

Imagine if you could get turned on, but never cum, it's a frustrating feeling… especially when you're constantly having sex!

"I'm sorry honey." She just looked at me sadly, not knowing how to help her baby boy. "It's late anyways, you get some sleep." She climbed off of dick, pulled on her robe, and kissed me goodnight. She didn't come to me for sex for the next two days. I thought about asking her why, but I knew it was her way of trying to help, by not contributing to my sexual frustrations.

I was going to tell her that it was fine, that I'd like to keep having sex with her, even if I didn't cum, it was still nice. But that evening she came to me anyways. "Hi mom!" a big grin on my face, she had the biggest tits in the house and I'd missed them. "Hey, sweetie, I wanted to talk to you about something. I was doing a little research and ended up calling a doctor in Chicago. He gave me a suggestion for helping you have an orgasm." She paused and looked at me, maybe waiting for a response, but my expression clearly said 'get on with it'.

"Well he said that we should try a vibrator." "Why do you need a vibrator when you have me?" I said. "Not for me, for you&hellip. Do you know what your prostate is?" She asked, I shook my head.

"Well it's a gland.

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Sort of a tiny muscle inside you, that plays a part in men's orgasms. He says that by using a vibrator on your prostate, along with stimulating your penis, you could possibly have an orgasm.

He also said that you should be turned on too, it can help, and if you do cum, it'll make the sensation better." "So how do you use the vibrator on my prostate?" "Well I take this" She pulled a small purple plastic rod, about the size of a finger, out of her pocket, "and I push it up against your prostate. Which is located inside your butt." My eyes widened in fear, and she laughed a little, "But I can just press it against the spot under your testicles." I watched her touch a finger to my taint.

"He recommended a blow job while I do it, specifically focusing on the head where there's the most nerves… want to try it?" "Sure! I mean, what have I got to lose? " I smiled sort of awkwardly. "Great! So first let's get you turned on. What would you like?" "I'd like your tits in my face!" I gave a devilish grin. She smiled back.

"You've got it!" She completely undressed and sat next to me. She placed her hand on the back of my head and urged me towards her bare breasts.

I had my way with them, sucking and biting at the nipples. She moaned, running her fingers through my hair and down my back. My hands wandered all over her body, squeezing the sides of her butt cheeks, and rubbing her clit. We played like this for awhile, I'd missed her body these last couple days.

We finally broke our embrace and I laid back on the bed, signaling to her that I was ready to try this plan. She stood up and removed my boxers. She knelt between my legs and stroked my penis, it quickly swelled in her hands.

She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. Of course I felt nothing, but the visual of my naked mother eagerly sucking on my dick was still very arousing. She did this for a minute or two, before sitting up and grabbing the vibrator. She twisted the bottom, turning it on, I could hear the humming sound of it vibrating. She placed it underneath my crotch where I could no longer see it, but I could now feel the vibrations faintly through the mattress, it felt nice.

She then leaned down again and sucked me back into her mouth.


She focused exclusively on the tip of my cock. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the head as she ate it like a sucker. I just laid there looking down at her, I was beginning to think this technique wasn't gong to work. But as soon as I started to lose hope, something happened. I started to feel something. Feel isn't the right word, but there was a sensation in the pit of my stomach, at the bottom, near my crotch. I probably should've said something, but I wasn't sure what it was that was happening, and it was so fast.

Within minutes of her starting, I began to tremble a bit, and I cringed, but in a good way. I grabbed at the sheets, and my body jerked as a rush of euphoria flowed through me.

I heard my mom grunt, and saw her head move as she began catching my warm shots of jizz. I fell back on the bed, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling, It lasted for a few minutes. She must've felt that she'd gotten it all, because my mom released my prick from her mouth and sat up. "Oh my God honey, it worked!" She said, beaming.

"Ya it did!" I was just staring up at the ceiling smiling. "Hold on, let me go get your aunt!" She ran out of the room naked. Returning a second later with aunt Carol in tow. "How was it?!" She asked when she came in. "I want it again!" was all I could say. "Oh, Um yes, you got it!" Carol said, picking up the vibrator and taking the place of mom on the bed. Mom sat down and fed me her tits while aunt Carol serviced me in the exact same way she had.

I came again, it took maybe a minute longer than the first time, but still rather quick by normal male-orgasm standards. Apparently massaging the prostate is almost like on-demand for ejaculations. The whole next day was just me sitting on the couch while all the girls in the house took turns giving me orgasms.

Sure I took breaks to recuperate and let my fluids refill, but by the end of the day each of them had swallowed at least two loads a piece (Carol had three). That brings us to where we are now, it's been a few months and things are going great. Mom just left, having ridden me for two orgasms of her own before swallowing mine. We've had to limit me to one ejaculation a day (two for special occasions), because I felt like I was having a heart attack one day, so I was rushed to the hospital and it turns out that paralyzed men can get really high blood pressure from orgasms.

So I was told to limit myself, but no complaints though. We've even managed to make me cum from intercourse! Anal intercourse actually, with my mom and aunt Carol (my sisters are still squeamish about the idea). It still requires the vibrator, so it's usually me sitting up holding it in place while one of them is on top with my cock shoved up their ass… it's pretty cool.

I don't know how long this sex life will last. Abby is moving out after this year, and possibly me the year after. She's started dating again, but she's not getting serious since she knows she's leaving, it also means that she can still Fuck her little brother without feeling like it's cheating.

Carol has already said she plans to stay living with us as long as my mom will have her, and given the way those two go to town on each other, I doubt mom will be kicking her out anytime soon. So for now I'm enjoying finally feeling like a real man, and realizing that I'm legless not dickless!