Luscious teen minx arranges her butthole fucked

Luscious teen minx arranges her butthole fucked
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Kelly woke to sun cascading over here perfectly rounded size C breasts, She giggled as she pinched he half-inch light pink nipple and sent a shock throughout her body. It was a Saturday which made it all the better. Kelly was 21, lived alone, virgin, not particularly social, but if she was she would have no trouble finding someone to share a bed with.

She had long brown almost red hair, ideal size C breasts, pronounced abs and muscles that looked strong but are more sexy than gross, her legs looked chiseled out of marble, and made for a magazine, the year before she went and got all of her body hair lasered off except for the hair on top of her head, her eyebrows and a neat little light brown diamond just above her pussy, everyday she made sure that she washed her face, brushed her teeth, took a long hot shower to get the rest of her clean, among other things to make sure her body was in top condition hygiene wise.

She also ate well and exercised daily. All this made her body the fit of the fit, clean of the clean, and miraculously she had absolutely no social life.

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She never played any organized sports, which made Kelly's talent in fitness impossible to spot. She rolled out of bed obviously horny.


She did her daily routine of brushing her teeth, washing her face then she slid into the steam of the shower that took all the trouble of her life away. She had a bench in the shower that she bought for one reason, not to rest her feet, or to catch herself if she fell but to mastrabate. She put one leg up and one hanging down spreading her legs to reveal first her diamond shaped hair tuft, then her light pink pussy dripping it's juices.

Her clitoris already showing itself begging to be touched.

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Luck for it she was quick to the spot, first she rubbed her clit in slow small circles, then brought her other index finger and slid it along her pussy lips all the way to the bottom, still wet with pussy juices it made it's way to Kelly's asshole and started fingering that. Breathing hard now, she had enough and her clit sent a jolt from her thighs exploding into her stomach and spread across her body erecting her nipples.

She was satisfied with the warm feeling in her stomach that told her it was Saturday, there was more to come. She stood up making sure she washed her hair completely, she stepped out and made her way to the closet still wet and nude with here perfect tight ass chasing behind. Her closet was a woman's dream world of sexual enhancers that she had collected over the years. Kelly had tank-tops that didn't even cover her nipples, spandex leggings that gave easy access to everything it covered, panties with built in vibrators, and many more items so crazy they can only be described with pure lust.

But before she could have any fun she had to exercise, she put on a simple pink sports bra and navy blue pink and white running short shorts.

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She set off on her seven mile loop with a amazingly fit 7 minute mile pace that only got faster as she went. She ran along the desert road the brought her farther into the country of Pase, a suburb just north of San Diego. As she ran her breasts, a little loose in her bra swayed freely, her sweat made it's way to the most protruded part of her breasts, her erect nipples making the fabric soaked as a result, it was ever so slightly see through.

Her abs flexing with the jogging rhythm, they looked something like a washing board bouncing to her beat. Her ass pronounced in her tight short shorts, two large mounds made of bronze, she had been tanning nude recently. When she turned the corner to run into the forest that would put her onto the California beach, she was greeted by her best and only real friend Lauren.

Lauren was much like Kelly with B size breasts, long flowing blond hair, perfect body, long legs, virgin, not that social, and intelligent. They talk for a minute, then ran into the woods towards the beach.

The path through the forest was 2 miles long. Kelly and Lauren had run it many times, so many it was quite possible for them to run it blindfolded, but recently a storm had knocked down branches and the river they had to cross was swelling so they had to be careful. They ran through, both secretly admiring each-other.

The two were both slightly lesbian but not open about it and longed for a taste of another girls pussy. They had ran to the creek that cut through the forest. Then decided to go swimming to cool off. The water was very cool and refreshing soaking both their sports bras, shorts, and panties, not that their panties need any more soaking.

Then everything went wrong, Kelly slipped, hit Lauren and both tumbled unconscious down through the rapids. They awoke in a dim lit damp cave with the only light from a small hole in the top of the wall. The sun was just setting, and at the end of their moss bed was a small plant.

Kelly was puzzled by the plant, attempted to stand up and realized she couldn't move. Their arms and legs were held down by thick green vines. They panicked and struggled against the vines only to come to the conclusion that, they could not move, all their cloths had disappeared, and that they thought the other looked extremely sexy.

Kelly was raised by the vines 5 feet off the damp moss and face the wall with the hole. Then she panicked as the plant now seen connected to all the vines and was at the center of operations, the plant about the size of a golf ball sprouted a thin stem the thickness of a thin string and slowly grew toward her.

She saw the same thing was happening to Lauren. It came up to her bellybutton, attached itself and spiraling around her waist as another stem, this one the thickness of a man's penis came up quickly, split into two stems, one the same thickness and the other a thin strand that sprouted a bud that flowered into a beautiful pink and yellow flower that closed on her clitoris and started sucking hard, as the thicker stem caressed her slit and Kelly couldn't help but let out a low moon.

The stem that was spiraling around her waist had completely covering her waist and the plant didn't stop their, it sprout two more thin strands that went straight to her breasts, flowered and closed on her erect nipples and sucked. That was when Lauren lost the battle to hold back her orgasm, screaming, she squirted pussy juices all over the plant that quickly absorbed the juices and grew to the size of a basketball.

Kelly came shortly after her and the plant swelled to the size of a large bolder. Then the plant sprouted one more stem that went to her asshole and thrusted deep in and out repeatedly, the same thing happened to the stem by her pussy, it jammed deep in, taking her virginity, and giving her another amazing orgasm. The vine in her pussy thrusted into her vaginal canal deeper and deeper breaking her cervix, through to her womb, it probed around a little feeling it was fit, a bulge appeared from the plant and rippled toward her.

As it past into her pussy it sent a shiver down her spine and gave her a third orgasm. The bulge blasted up into her womb and sprayed white liquid for a seemingly endless amount of time, her belly expanded to hold all the liquid and when it was finally done they looked 10 months pregnant.

It spit a small seed in each of them, set them down, and contracted all it's vines. The new warm feeling it their wombs made them suddenly tired and they fell asleep. While they were sleeping the seed sprouted and firmly rooted itself in all sides of the womb which doubled in size since that evening making them look and impossible 20 months pregnant, their stomachs 2 feet wide and two feet out.

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When they woke up the next morning realizing what happened they thought they would not be able to get up ever again, but the plant inside of her injected hormones in their bloodstreams that times muscle production by 10 so with every movement their muscles visibly grew.

In five minutes it was easy to stand with their gigantic bellies. The hormones also made the sexual desire 20 times that of a normal female and made them overwhelmed with desire.

Seeing each-other sweating and tan from their standing feat they were attracted and instantly on the ground again rubbing each-others pussy.

Kelly rubbed Lauren's clit furiously then pushed a second finger into her pussy as it contracted as Lauren had the most amazing orgasm she has ever had. It started in her thighs as a warm bubble exploding and sent her screaming as pussy juice squirted all over Kelly.

They could have done that for eternity but then they froze as a little vine crept out of each one of their pussies, up to their physically bigger breasts, split, flowered, and sucked their lactating breasts.

Once their breasts were back to their normal size, and after they had 2 orgasms each the vines detached and contracted to their pussies.

Then inside of them the plant drank the white liquid depleting their womb to look only 4 months pregnant. Then two more stem came out of their naked pussies and wrapped around them making a living pair of panties with a anchor in their pussy and set an anchor in their asshole making them both scream with yet another amazing orgasm, and when their pussy juice dripped out, the plant quickly absorbed it and grew slightly in their wombs.


Then the plant sent a thin vine up their pregnant bellies to their breasts and wove itself into a living strapless deep green pushup bra, sucking on their nipples constantly. The plant also made a series of changes on the inside on their bodies. The first grew a vine through their bodies to their lungs and grew a mat over all their oxygen intakes that started producing oxygen itself making them now able to hold their breath endlessly, making them amazing at blowjobs.

The second change penetrated into their stomachs and was made to inject all the nutrients to live with a perfect body and not depend on eating, also giving them the exact nutrients made them have not waste products.

The third change changed their skin, muscle, bone, and organ makeup, making them have a thin, very strong, transparent layer of plant cells making them indestructible.

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The fourth change grew a thin stem up their spines to their brains and budded a flower that attached to their brain, making a direct connection to their thoughts, hormones and decisions.

Kelly felt all this happening and saw the panties and strapless bra grow she thought they were very sexy. Then she herd a thought in her head that was not hers it told her to find her running clothes in the corner, put them on and run home, tomorrow is a big day.

Oddly Kelly and Lauren did exactly that. They ran home and slept with many hormones and sexual skills getting added and taken away making them into the most sexy, sexually experienced, and strongest girls in the world. More comments, Better rating = Part 2 cums faster ;)