Gay finger tgp They take some time intensively smooching before

Gay finger tgp They take some time intensively smooching before
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From that point on I spent a lot of time at Cats place. My roommate told me I was the luckiest guy in the universe to be getting a piece of that and I could only smile and agree with him. We fell into a routine I would get her off three or four times every morning with the occasional fifth time if things got really frisky.

She would text me some days between classes to fix her cock issues for her. Then we would always have lots of fun in the evenings between dinner and studying.

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One day a week I would go game with my buddies and Cat never seemed to mind but the moment I got back to the apartment she would be fucking my throat within minutes of walking in the door. Things were going really well, I was doing well in my classes and so was Cat.

We were happy and there were no complaints. Then one day her sister showed up and things got interesting. It was a Thursday and I had no classes that afternoon and had just got back to the house after taking one of Cats huge loads.

She had gone back to class and would not be back for a few hours and since I was caught up on my studying I was going to sit down and read a new fantasy novel I had just picked up. I unlocked the door and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a woman standing in the middle of the living room. I stood there dumb as a post staring at a woman who was as beautiful as Cat but in a different sort of way.

"Who are you?" I squeaked out. She coolly looked back at me with an amused little smile. "So you must be Keith, Cat can't stop talking about you, and by the way I am Marty, Cats older sister." I gathered my wits, "I can see the resemblance," I said.

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Marty was at least two inches taller and had even bigger tits than her sister. She got an even bigger smile, "In more ways than one my boy in more ways than one." My eyes widened at the implications. "So tell my why haven't you let my sister fuck you in the ass?" Her question startled me with its directness.

I had never really considered the idea. "To tell you the truth I don't know the topic has never come up." "Men are so selfish." "Hey she has never asked or even hinted she wanted to fuck me up the ass. Mind you thought is a bit scary with that monster cock of hers." Marty smiled slightly. "It does run in the family and I can understand you being a bit scared of her cock.

The fact you let her throat fuck you is pretty amazing as it is." I smiled at the thought. Then moved into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Do you want something to drink? We have some different things in the fridge." "A beer would be nice," she said with a smile. I opened the fridge and let her know what we had. She decided on a Sierra Nevada Krystalvise and I went with a Black Butte Porter instead of water. We sat down on the couch to talk when the phone rang and I picked it up.

"Hello." "He baby just calling you between classes. I forgot to tell you my sister Marty is coming into town today. You don't mind if she stays with us do you?" "No not a problem she's here now and were just going to chill." I heard squeal in delight. "Great I'll be back after my last two classes end, but in the meantime if she needs anything can you take care of her?" "Like what?" "Same thing you do for me.

She's got a similar condition. You'll do that for me won't you baby?" "If it comes up I guess I can help out." Another squeal of joy. "I knew there was a reason we met. See you later love ya." "Love you to." I hung up the phone and turned to Marty and said. "Cat will be home in a few hours after she finishes her classes for the day.

What would you like to do there are some good movies on the DVR?" "No, what I want you to do is suck my cock." Her bluntness startled me. "Your not afraid Cat would get mad?" I asked. "Hell no. If I know my sister she asked you to take care of me just like you help her out every day." Seeing me blush she just smiled. "I am right am I not?" I just nodded my head. She stood up and pulled down her skirt and panties revealing a huge cock that was even larger than Cats.

"Well don't just sit there you little cum slut bitch get over here and service me. I have not had a good blow job in months." I obediently got up off the couch, crouched down in front of her and wrapped my lips around the head of the monster between her legs. I heard Marty gasp and then moan. "Fuck yes Cat was right you are a natural cock sucker.

Just to let you know I am fifteen inches long when I get hard." I just nodded my head and worked the shaft with my tongue. I also noticed she was probably thicker than Cat. "As for cumming my little cum bucket whore, I can't cum as many times as my sister but I come more and harder. I can still get three or four out each day." My eyes widened at that when she grabbed my head and forced her took down my throat moaning as my throat muscles milked her cock.

She continued to push deeper and deeper till her balls were slapping my chin. Then she really got aggressive and started to fuck the shit out of my throat. "Oh my fucking god your throat is amazing. Cat wasn't wrong you're a natural born cum slut." She then picked up the temp pulling her cock all the way out of my mouth and then ramming it back in to the hilt. After about five minutes she screamed, "I'm cumming," and she slammed her cock balls deep down my throat.

Her cum exploded down my throat and she just kept cumming. She was right she definitely dropped a larger load than her sister. She finally pulled her cock out of my mouth leaving just the head pushed to my lips so the last bits of cum oozed into my mouth. I still had to swallow twice to get all of it. When she was done cumming she kneeled down in front of me and gave me a deep kiss tasting her cum on my lips.

"Cat was right you are incredible. No one has ever been able to take me like that." I smiled at her while trying to catch my breath. All I could say was, "I'm glad I was able to help." Marty had a wicked smile on her face. "Well my little cum slut it's time for you to eat my pussy out it is in need of some work. So lie down bitch and lets get to work." I lay down on my back as she commanded, and then she positioned herself over my face and lowered her sopping wet snatch unto my mouth.

I immediately started to work my tongue along her slit and flicked in and out of her pussy.


She responded with a gasp and wiggled her ass so my nose was rubbing her clit. As I picked up my pace working her pussy so did her ass wiggle working my nose on her clit. Soon she was humping my face in frenzy. "Yes you are my bitch now you little cunt licking cum whore. Lick my pussy and don't stop for I've got a surprise for you." We kept it up for about ten minutes when I felt her stiffen and start to shake and then she screamed.

"Fuck I'm cumming here you go you little cum slut." She started shaking harder when suddenly cum and pussy juice flooded into my mouth and I don't mean a little bit but as much cum has she pumped down my throat earlier. All of it flowed from her snatch and all I could do was try and swallow it all. She kept grinding her pussy into my face making sure I swallowed every drop.

After a few minutes it slowed to a dribble. Marty then grabbed my head and shoved my face even deeper into her snatch. "Now fucking clean me up bitch and make sure you get it all." I dutifully licked her clean making sure I got every drop of cum and pussy juice up with my tongue. After I finished cleaning her up she noticed my rock hard cock. "We can't have that," then started to stroke it. I was in bliss.

She kept it up until she sensed I was getting close. She then grasped my legs and forced them behind my head. Now my cock was pointed right at my face and only a few inches from my mouth. "Now it's time to eat." She picked up the pace of her hand job and then leaned into my ass, which was sticking straight up in the air forcing my cock even closer to my mouth.

Slowly it got closer and closer as she kept up her pressure on my ass. Soon the head of my cock wash pushing against my lips. Once this happened she picked up the pace. Even though I was a little uncomfortable I knew I was about to cum. "I'm gonna cum," I said around my cock.

Marty just smiled even more and leaned into me even more pushing the head of my cock about three inches into my mouth. Suddenly I spammed and blew my load directly into my mouth. I swallowed rope after rope of thick cum.

I had no choice to take it all and I dropped a larger load than normal. I came so much and since I was upside down I almost chocked trying to get it all down. After a few minutes Marty let up on me and I was able to pull out of my mouth and uncurl. I on the floor flat on my back gasping for breath while looked down on me smiling.

"Well my sister picked a winner. Lets get you cleaned up and out for tonight." She reached down and helped me to my feet.

I was a little wobbly from all the sex and things we had done, but she helped my to the bathroom. Once there she made me get in the shower and start to wash up. A few moments later she stepped in carrying an enema bag and hose. "Time to clean out." She said, "Now bend over," She ordered. At this point I was hers to command. I just bent over and grabbed my ankles letting the water wash over my back.

She then inserted the tip of the hose in to my ass and let the contents fill my rectum. I felt my ass fill with warm water till it felt like I was going to explode. She then pulled the tip out and ordered me hold it in.

At this point it was very uncomfortable. After about five minutes she ordered me out of the shower and to sit on the toilet and let it out.

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She then proceeded to do the same thing three more time till she was satisfied I was all cleaned out. Once this was done she led me out to the living room.

"Why don't you take a rest on the couch while I see what I can make the three of us for dinner." With that she pushed me towards the couch and walked over to the kitchen her ass and cock swaying as she went.

I just followed her instructions and drifted off to sleep the sounds of her moving about the kitchen. I was suddenly startled awake by Marty's cock pushing against my lips.

"Well bitch you have a definite affect on me I usually never come back this fast. Now suck it you little cum whore." With that she started to push the head of her cock into my mouth.

I obliged by opening my mouth to give her easier access and she took full advantage of the opening and pushed it in as far as the angle would allow. She quickly grew tired of this and made me get on my hands and knees so she could ram her fuck stick all the way down my throat.

She then proceeded to slowly fuck my face and throat. She did not seem to be in a hurry this time and just kept up a slow and steady pace. Suddenly the front door opened and Cat stepped in. "Sis, I see Keith has been taking care of you." She said when she saw her sister's cock buried down my throat.

Marty just smiled and kept fucking my throat. "He is a keeper Cat. I've never had any one take me balls deep down their throat. He's a champ. Come on and join in. I've convinced him to let you fuck his ass pussy." Cat squealed with joy, then shut and locked the door.

She rushed over to the couch shedding her cloths. She came up behind me and took some of my pre-cum and used it to work a few fingers into my ass. The multiple enemas had helped loosen up my ass so she was quickly able to get three fingers deep into my ass and start to stretch me out.

After a few minutes she stopped, got some more of my pre-cum and spit on her hand to lube up her cock. I then felt her press the head against my ass pussy and begin to apply pressure.

I could not do anything as Marty had impaled her cock down my throat and chicken winged my so I could not move. As Cat applied more pressure against my ass Marty started to get more aggressive with her face fucking. "What are you waiting for Cat? Shove it in and breed you little sissy slut bitch boy. He needs to have his boy cunt broken in." Cat responded by finally forcing her cock into my ass busting my cherry. There was a sharp pain as she forced about half her monster into my ass.

She then stopped and let my ass get used to her monster of a cock. Then a few moments later she started to slowly fuck my ass getting her cock deeper and deeper into me with each stroke. Tears were running down my face as I was assaulted from both sides. Soon cat had her cock fully buried into my ass.

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She then started to pick up her pace to match Marty's quick savage face fucking. Soon they were both fucking the shit out of me pulling out and then hammering their cocks back into me at the same time. After what seemed like an eternity with neither saying a word just grunting each time they buried their cocks into me I felt both of them stiffen and force their cocks balls deep and start cumming.

Marty started to pump a massive load down my throat and Cat filled my ass with an equally large load. They both pulled out once they finished filling me up and I just collapsed on the floor cum leaking out of my ass and dribbling out of my mouth. Cat came around and fed me her cock. "Clean it off you fucking little slut and make sure you get it all." I complied and used my mouth to clean her cock of all her cum and my ass juice. Both girls then got up to get something to eat. I just lay there waiting for my strength to return and listened to them talking in the kitchen.

"Cat he is awesome. You have the best little cock whore I have ever seen. On top of that his cock is just right, it looks like it's the perfect size I can't wait to fuck it." "Yep he's my little cum slut, and by the way thanks for talking him into letting me fuck his ass that was great.

I'm pretty sure he will have no problem letting you ride is cock he just loves fucking me." Marty gave a throaty laugh and they lowered their voices so I had a hard time catching what they were saying.

All I could make out were the words gathering and take. I finally got up off the floor and staggered to the bathroom holding my hand to my ass to try and keep Cat's cum from dripping all over the floor. I finally made it to the bathroom with out making too much of a mess and sat on the toilet. Cats cum just poured out of me. I just sat there letting it flow out of me. A few minutes later the door opened and Cat walked with an evil grin on her face.

Her cock was getting hard again so she just came up to me, grabbed my head and forced it down my throat. Me being her cum slut I just relaxed and serviced her cock.

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"Yesss she hissed I've got at least two more loads to get rid of and this seemed like the perfect time, so get ready and take my cock you little sissy cum slut." I just looked up at her and tried to smile around her meat and kept using my tongue to help stimulate her shaft. My hands started to play with her nut sack and then her clit which made her moan in pleasure and then shove her cock even deeper down my throat.

I felt Cat glance towards the door and knew that Marty must be watching. With that she picked up the pace and started to really throat fuck me. I was able to catch a glimpse of Marty noticed she was excited and had started playing with her pussy and semi hard cock.

Cat kept the savage pace up for a few minutes then rammed in balls deep and unloaded down my throat. My stomach filled with another huge load of cum as my throat milked her cock dry. She pulled out and dribbled the last bit of cum into my open mouth as I caught my breath.

She then chuckled and said, "I gotta go." She then shoved her softening cock back into my mouth and partway down my throat and proceeded to take a piss.

My eyes widened with shock but there was nothing I could do as Cat had grasped my head to hold it firmly in place. At this point all I could do was gulp down her piss and try not to choke. Marty seeing this just laughed. "My god he is the perfect little sissy cum slut." "Yes he is and I love him for it. God this feels so good." When she was done she pulled out and shook the last few drops onto my face, chuckled and walked out of the bathroom saying over her shoulder.

"Thanks babe you are the best." Feeling used for the first time, I cleaned my self up and went back into the living room and sat back down on the couch.

Exhausted I quickly nodded off, full of cum and piss. I was awakened when Cat grabbed my hand and said it was time for bed. I knew sleep was not her agenda as she was sporting a massive hard on.

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I got up and groggily followed her as she led me by the hand. In the bedroom she had me lay flat on the bed and started to message my cock. Then Marty moved in and swallowed it whole. I immediately got rock hard then Marty stopped sucking it and quickly slid it into her pussy. She started to ride my cock as her semi hard cock slapped against my stomach.

Cat made her stop so she could reposition me then told her to go for it. Cat then raised my legs letting Marty hook them with her arms and put the head of her cock against my ass hole and went for it. I gasped in pain at first then tried to relax as she proceeded to fill my hole with her fuck stick. Marty just kept grinding my cock with her pussy and began to pinch my nipples while Cat kept a steady fucking motion in and out of my ass.

Soon I was oblivious to everything except the pleasure of my cock and ass being fucked. I closed my eyes and reached for Marty's cock and started to stroke it. I heard her gasp in pleasure when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my nipples. Marty had attached tow powerful nipple clamps to them with chains attached to them so she could pull on them like the reins of a horse.

The pain was intense and wonderful at the same time. Her cock started to get hard when she saw my reaction and felt my cock get even harder. As Cat picked up the pace of her fucking Marty continued to ride me faster pulling sharply on the clamps making me gasp in pleasure and pain. She then pulled my head forward towards her cock and I simply opened my mouth to accept it. She then wrapped the chain for the nipple clamps behind her head.

This forced me to keep my mouth on her cock without her help because if I pulled away the chains would pull and the pain became unbearable.

I tried to get as much of Marty's cock into my mouth and down my throat as she started to jack it into my mouth while riding my cock. Cat was in heaven fucking the shit out of my ass.

"Fuck eat my cock you little cum slut bitch. Eat my cum you little sissy boy." Marty started ordering me. She started to buck on my cock as she started to orgasm and then blew a hue load into my mouth and down my throat. She continued to buck and shudder and fill my mouth with cum.

"Eat it bitch, yes fuck yes eat my cum you fucking slut don't miss a drop you fucking little sissy cunt whore." I just kept swallowing as jet after jet of cum pumped from her monster into my mouth. I hadn't cum yet when she finished so she got off of me and motioned for Cat to stop. "Sis I want to try something." She motioned for me to put my legs behind my head.

I felt empty when Cat pulled her snake out of my ass as I complied with Marty's command. Once I was positioned with my knees sitting beside my head and my cock pointed at my face she rammed her cock back in my ass. This had the designed affect that Marty was looking for as it pushed my raging hard cock into my mouth.

As Cat pounded my ass pussy Marty played with the nipped clamps. "Now suck your cock like the pro you are you little sissy cum bucket." In this position with Cat fucking me I could get about four inches into my mouth so I worked it but good using my tongue and lips to stimulate me as much as possible.

Cat was loving it, "God his ass is so tight and fuck I'm getting harder watching him suck his own cock into that cum loving mouth of his." Cat continued to hammer her cock into my ass pussy harder and harder when suddenly I swelled and blew a huge load into my mouth. I gulped and gulped to get it all down.

Cat saw what was happening and picked up her pace and when she was sure I was done eating my own cum she pulled out and moved over to my mouth and shoved her cock ass slime and all. "Oh yes baby this is what I love fucking that slut mouth of yours and feeding you my seed. Now take it you fucking boy cunt." At the angle my head was positioned she could only get about six inches of her cock into my mouth, but that was enough as she blew a huge load which I greedily swallowed.

Cat then pulled out slumping forward over me. "Lets go shower and get some sleep." She said. All I could do was nod and hear Marty chime in, "Yes lets get some sleep we are going to have a busy day tomorrow."