Lovely girl does a perfect oral job

Lovely girl does a perfect oral job
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection. --- Fucky Friday (F-solo, MF, mf, Mf, mF, con, impreg) by Krosis of the Collective --- Prologue -------- Lindsay moaned, slipping two fingers into the folds of her pussy.

Umm! She arched her back off the bed to get greater penetration from her wet digits. Her other hand massaged her teenage breasts, squeezing the medium-size mounds and tweaking the nipples. She was so close. Jamie moaned, slipping two fingers into the folds of her vagina. Hmm! She arched her back off the bed to get greater penetration from her moist digits. Her other hand massaged her fortysomething-aged tits, massaging the ample pectorals and lightly pinching her sizeable nipples.

She was so close. Uhh UHH! UHH AHH YEAH! OH! The women experienced their mind-shattering orgasms simultaneously. Their free arms flailed about in their orgasmic throes, touching the wall behind them -- the wall that separated their rooms and beds from each other!

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There was a flash and that was the last thing Jamie remembered until morning. Chapter 1 --------- Jamie opened her eyes. Everything seemed oddly clear and sharp. Wait a minute: why was she in her daughter's room? She sat up quickly, throbbing pain in her head making her regret it instantly. She squinted her eyes, which helped a little, stood up, put on a robe and headed to the bathroom. She turned on the bathroom light, closed her eyes a little more to keep out the sudden brightness, and headed over to the sink.

Running some water, she cupped some into her hands and splashed her face. Then she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. "Lindsay, what--?" Her daughter's face was in the mirror staring back at her. She thought Lindsay had come up behind her quietly, but then she realized that her own face was missing from the reflection.


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A scream broke her out of her stunned shock -- it came from her room. She rushed around the corner and saw.herself. "I'm the Crypt Keeper!" 'she' screamed into her armoire mirror, her hands cradling her face as if it might come apart at any moment.

'She' turned as she noticed Jamie enter the room. 'Her' jaw dropped. "Buh.buh." Both women stared at each other, completely flabbergasted.

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Jamie spoke first, tentatively. "Lindsay?" "Mom?" Lindsay-in-her-mother's body came forward slowly, looking down at the nubile 15-year-old body that had been hers until this morning.

Then she looked down at her 'new' nightgown-clad body and exclaimed, "Oh GOD!" Then she collapsed to the floor. Lindsay awoke to see her own face staring back at her, concerned. She was lying in her own bed. Her mother in her body dabbed at her face with a damp washcloth. Her mother continued to stare. "I normally see my face in a mirror. It's weird to see it right-side-round." "Is that all you can say?" Lindsay cried as she swung her legs over the side of the bed to stand up.

Why did this body's joints ache so much? "I'm sorry, honey. I guess I'm still in shock." Jamie stood up. She was clothed in one of Lindsay's knee-length skirts and a dress shirt. Her own clothes were too big for her now-smaller frame.

Her daughter's shoulder-length fiery red hair had been brushed out straight. "Are you.going somewhere?" Lindsay asked. "Work, silly. Someone has to pay the bills." Jamie headed past her daughter for the door. Lindsay rushed forward and stopped her. "They won't know you like that! Are you insane?" Jamie looked down at herself. "Oh, of course. Should I go to school then?" Lindsay couldn't believe what was going on. "MOTHER! We've switched bodies! There's some really freaky shit going down, and you want to go to SCHOOL?!" Her mother put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot, like she usually did when she was losing patience with her daughter.

"Unless you can reverse the polarity of the neutron flow and put everything back the way it was, Lindsay, there's nothing we can do right now, and I need to be at work today. My new supervisor has been evaluating me all week. My job is on the line." Lindsay shook her head. Reverse the what? Still, she was right: without her Mom's steady paycheck they would be on the street within a month! "Fine, I'll go. Your stupid job can't be that hard to do." Jamie was a bit taken aback, but managed to give her daughter a general idea of her job as the younger woman-in-her-mother's body got changed.

When Lindsay came out of her mother's room Jamie was shocked. "You're going to wear THAT?!" Her daughter had picked a black leather miniskirt and tight leopard-print top from her Mom's college days.

They still fit, barely. Black nylons, knee-high boots and a stylish leather jacket completed the ensemble. She had tousled her mother's short mop of auburn hair with some mousse and her eyes had WAY too much mascara and eyeliner. Jamie was indignant: " right around and change into something more respectable, young lady!" "Sorry, Mom.going to be late!" She headed to the door at a trot. "Shotgun! Oh, don't have a driver's license -- I do!" With a look of glee that hadn't crossed her Mom's face in 15 years she grabbed the car keys and took off out the door.

Chapter 2 --------- The next 20 minutes were incredibly nerve-wracking as Lindsay sped and screeched to school. She dropped her Mom off and only dinged the fender a little on the rest of the way to her Mom's work.

Jamie was a bit nervous but she already knew the names of most of her daughter's friends from when they came over to visit. She would manage, she told herself, especially since she was already a high school graduate! Lindsay tried to do her Mom's job as best she could, but kept messing up when using the many buttons! A handsome thirtysomething man with wavy brown hair came up to her a little before lunch: "Jamie, we need to talk." She almost didn't respond to her mother's name.

"Okay, uh." she quickly glanced at the nametag on the lapel of his suit jacket: ".Matt." Thank God they all wore nametags at her Mom's work!

He motioned her to follow into an office off to the side of the main area. "Have a seat," he said as he closed the door behind them. Lindsay felt his eyes upon her as he circled his desk and sat down. "Jamie, I've been watching you today, and it's strange. It's like you're a completely different person. Your performance has been sorely lacking." She saw his eyes briefly focus on her legs as she crossed them. He continued, focusing back on her eyes: "Do you have an explanation?" She took a deep breath, causing her tight top to become even tighter.

Matt's eyes flicked down, growing wider in response. If she was going to salvage this she had to pull out all the stops. "Well, Matt, I'd have to agree with you there: I'm not myself today." She stood up, and he looked mystified. She came around the desk and he pushed his chair back a bit, finding it hard not to keep an eye on her sultry form.

She knelt before him and quickly undid his zipper and belt. His eyes grew even wider as she pulled out his satisfactorily erect member. Licking her lips, she engulfed his rod with her mouth." "" He looked perplexed as his mind wrestled with his libido. After a few seconds he just sat back and closed his eyes. Typical, she thought. She had given her boyfriend Rod a few blowjobs and he had reacted in much the same way: 'service me'. She suckled on his manhood, giving little nips with her teeth, then switching to licking it like a lollypop.

Within a few minutes he was ready to pop. He moved his hands down to hold her head as he erupted. "Uhh unhhhh UHHH!" His hot spooge flooded her mouth and she gulped it down.

When the last spurts were done she stood back up. "I'm going to get a good review, Matt, and a big raise." She demanded. He was refastening his belt and pants, and looked up at her indignantly. "What? Just because of a high-school quality blowjob? You're lucky I don't fire your ass for this!" "But Matt, you're forgetting the jizz you just gave me," she said as she headed to the door.

"I still have some in my mouth, and I'm going to put it in a nice safe place, where it'll wait until I hear about my nice big raise. Otherwise in a week your sperm will be specimen #1 at your sexual harassment trial. Seeya!" She closed the door behind her, grabbed her jacket and quickly headed to lunch. SCORE! Chapter 3 --------- Jamie took the bus home after school. She really enjoyed herself! She was able to answer all the teachers' questions correctly, and she loved listening to the gossip her daughter's friends traded in.

Some of it was pretty racy stuff. She had just put her books away when the doorbell rang. Who could that be? She opened the front door to find Rod, Lindsay's boyfriend. Oh, crap. He walked in smoothly. "Hey, Lind, how was school?" Rod, a tall dark-haired teenager with a winning smile, went to the Senior High school a few blocks away while Lindsay was still in Junior High. She admired his trim form as he headed to Lindsay's room. She followed, wondering what she could say to him to make him go away.

She stopped as he opened up a drawer and pulled out a plastic bag. Was that--?


"Bud?" he asked, sitting down on the bed and opening it. Rolling papers and a lighter came out of his pocket and he had a nice fatty ready to go in no time. Jamie was torn. She didn't want to mess with her daughter's relationship by kicking him out, but she hadn't smoked weed in a couple of decades! Well, it's not like she *never* did it. She sat down next to Rod as he lit up.

They passed it back and forth. Just like riding a bike, she thought. Unfortunately, pot these days is far stronger than the crap they used to have back in the 80's. After a few hits everything started to feel a little unreal to Jamie. The room seemed blurry and she felt.odd. She lost track of what was going on. She was on her back and Rod was lying next to her, kissing her passionately. What--? How--? Her daughter's body was getting turned on, and her with it. She had to stop.she had to.had

She returned his kisses ravenously and hugged him to her. It had been so long since her husband divorced her -- so long since she had made love! She gasped as his hand slipped under her skirt, rubbing her pubic mound. It felt so good! He pulled her panties down and his hand returned to her crack, lifting her skirt as he went.

"Uhm.uhh." She was lost in the sensations. He climbed on top of her, his pants and underwear now down past his knees and his 7" cock pointing toward her hole. He grabbed her top and bra and pulled them up, exposing her young tits.

His mouth engulfed her right areola and she arched her back in pleasure, her hands pulling his head more tightly to her bosom. His cock nuzzled at the entrance to her cunt. He brought his mouth back to hers, moving his body upwards. His cock pushed into her and they both moaned in pleasure.

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He pulled back a little, then pushed in harder, sinking a couple of inches of himself into her. Jamie briefly wondered about birth control. She had never talked to her daughter about it. Was she on the pill? Rod pushed another couple of inches into her and her thoughts jumbled. Surely he wouldn't be fucking her without a condom if she weren't on the pill, right?

Rod couldn't believe it. Normally by this time Lindsay would be screaming at him to put a condom on. She was incredibly paranoid about getting pregnant. He didn't think about it long as he pulled out and then sunk his prick all the way into her incredibly hot box. God, it felt incredible without that stupid piece of rubber on. He would hold out as long as he could before pulling out. He began to thrust, in and out. Jamie was gasping.

Oh fuck! Fuck! So good! Her young body ached for more, and she thrust her pelvis back at her young lover. The vibrations on her clitoris were bringing her closer.closer.

Rod's thrusts became faster, harder. There was absolutely no way he was going to pull out.

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He knew it, and he didn't care. He was going to spraypaint her insides with his cum and nothing was going to stop him. The pleasure he was feeling was greater than anything he had experienced before, and he didn't want to ruin it by having to pull out. Lindsay was rutting against him, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open -- she wanted his seed! he convinced himself. His thrusts increased dramatically as his nuts started to spasm. His orgasm started there, moved up the length of his shaft and up his spine, exploding in his head and out through the tip of his penis.

"Uh UH UH UHHH!" He buried his face in her neck as his seed exploded into the depths of her cunt. "Oh OH OHHH!" she cried. Her release was triggered as she felt his within her. She pulled him tighter as her vaginal walls undulated around his spewing member, urging his potent cum deeper within her. When their orgasms subsided he rolled off of her. "Fuck, that was good, Lind. Hey, gotta go!" He pulled up his pants and scurried off. Her head was reeling.

She gave him a weak wave as he parted. After a few minutes she readjusted her clothes and headed to the bathroom to let the cum drain out of her. As she sat on the toilet the tickling sensation of the semen trickling out of her was too much and she started to frig herself.

She had another small, quick orgasm, then heard something outside. She went to the bathroom window and saw the neighbor, Tom. He was a fortysomething fellow, semi-retired, and cute. She had admired him puttering about in his yard from her window sometimes when she was in her own body. He was in pretty good shape for his age, kind of like Mark Harmon only more heavyset.

She was still horny and feeling the remainder of the buzz from the reefer. She mused about the kinds of trouble she could get into, having the libido of a fortysomething-year-old woman in a teenage girl's nubile young body. Hmm. Chapter 4 --------- Lindsay returned home at 5:30.

Her supervisor had taken the rest of the day off -- wait 'til Mom heard the news! She dropped the keys by the front door and headed to her Mom's room, then stopped dead in her tracks. Tom, the neighbor, was lying on his back on the bed. Her Mom, in HER BODY, was astride him, and they were both naked.

She was riding his cock for all she was worth, her face ecstatic.


He was massaging her teenage breasts and tweaking her nipples as they bounced energetically. Lindsay couldn't move.

It was bad enough to catch your Mom having sex, but to see 'yourself' fucking somebody when you weren't even in the room was just weird!

Tom's hands moved down to grab her Mom's (Lindsay's!) hips, pulling her down harder onto his cock. Her Mom started to cry out in orgasm as Tom thrust up hard. He was cumming, crying out himself as his cock exploded within Lindsay's co-opted young body.

Lindsay looked closer at where the two were joined and her blood ran cold. They weren't using a condom! She leapt into the room: "Mother! What the FUCK do you think you're doing?!" she screamed. Jamie was torn from her orgasmic bliss as she realized she had been caught in the act.

Tom's cum continued to spurt within her as the aftershocks of her own orgasm subsided. "Umm.Honey, I.unh." "I'm not on the pill, mother! Are you trying to get me pregnant?!

Get the fuck off of him!" She grabbed her mother's arm and yanked. Her mother fell to the floor, her butt sticking up. Oh Jesus, look at all the spunk! It ran out of her copiously. Lindsay counted the days from her last period.FUCK! Tom, apologizing continuously, quickly grabbed his clothes and ran out of the house as 'the mother' continued to yell at 'the daughter'. The tirade continued for several minutes until Jamie finally ran out of the room crying.

She had made such a mess of things! Lindsay slumped into a chair and heard the front door slam a few minutes later.


Her mother had gone out, and who knew when she would get back? She hadn't even tried to defend herself, saying nothing in the face of her daughter's rage. Finally, Lindsay's anger simmered and things became very clear. All this, after she had saved her Mom's job! Well, if her mother was going to try to get her body pregnant then there was some hefty payback due!

She made a phone call to a number she knew off by heart. Within 15 minutes the doorbell rang. It was Rod, her boyfriend, looking confused. "Uh, hi, Lindsay's Mom. You needed my help?" "Yes, Rod, come on in.

Do you know how to hang pictures?" She guided him to the living room where she had pulled down a large painting and removed its wall bolt. A stepladder stood invitingly near where the painting had originally hung. "Uh, not really." He stood there awkwardly. She pulled him over to the ladder. "Look at this, Rod." She climbed up the ladder, making sure he was beneath her. She leaned forward to make sure he had a good look up her short skirt.

She heard a soft gasp from beneath her. "Do you see this here?" She was pointing to the hole in the wall where the painting had been attached. "Uh, yeah." he responded dopily.

She knew what he was looking at. Her mother's body was older, but still in pretty good shape, and in this outfit she was a 'yummy mommy'. She climbed back down. "Here," she said, handing him a hammer and some nails, "can you nail something?" His eyes ran over her chest as he took the tools from her. Her nipples were visible as she became aroused.

"Is Lindsay home?" he asked. "No, she went out for a while. Climb on up," she coaxed. "He turned and ascended the step ladder. She admired *his* ass this time. She was a lucky girl to have such a studly boyfriend, and he was going to be rewarded for being a bad boy tonight! "Up here?" He was pointing to where the original hole was. She climbed up the ladder a little behind him, so that her arms were level with his waist. "No, I think a" Her hand went around his waist and caressed his package.

He gasped and froze. "Mmm." She reached around his waist with her other hand and undid his zipper, allowing her first hand to slip into the folds of his underwear. He was hard and ready. He moaned at her touch. "Why don't you come down and nail something else, Rod?" She pulled him down and maneuvered him to the couch. She reached behind her and undid her skirt, letting it drop. His eyes just about bugged out as he saw black garters and NO PANTIES.

Her half-lidded gaze told him he was the luckiest man on Earth as she pulled her top off (NO BRA!). A hot older woman in nothing but nylons and garters was standing over him, ready to fuck his brains out.

They quickly shucked his clothes and she lay down on the couch. She brought one knee up, resting against the back of the couch, and fingered her clit as she gazed wantonly at him. "Come get some, stud," she purred. Rod couldn't believe his luck today: first getting to fuck Lindsay unprotected, and now her mother, whom he had found attractive but never *this* much, was wanting the same. He dove onto her, burying his face in her substantial breasts. "Ooh, Mommy likes that, Rod.

Mmm." She pulled his head to her (mother's!) boobs, finding the feeling more intense than the times he had sucked on her own smaller tits. Her cunt was wet. She reached down and pulled his hard-on to her slit, rubbing it up and down the folds of her labia. Moaning, Rod pushed his pelvis forward. He actually had some trouble getting it in because it had been so long since Jamie's vagina had last had a penis in it. He wasn't complaining, though.

She was tight, almost like a virgin! He pulled out a bit, then pushed back in. Her vaginal secretions were spreading over the tip of his cock, and back over the folds of her hole as he poked in and out, making everything slick and easier for penetration. His next push went halfway in as he hit the 'mother' lode of lubrication within her.

They both gasped loudly. "Fuck me, Rod! Fuck me hard! I want to feel you shooting in me!" And it was true: she had never had unprotected sex before due to fears of getting pregnant. She had heard from her friends how good it felt but was too embarrassed about approaching her mother to get on the pill. She didn't even know if her mother knew she was having sex yet! Rod's hands flew to her ample bosom, squeezing, as he repeatedly stabbed his "rod" into her.

His tongue wetly wrassled with hers. He wondered if he could break up with Lindsay and go out with her Mom instead. For some reason his sex with his girlfriend earlier, while incredibly pleasurable, had seemed a bit weird, like she had something on her mind, but with her Mom right now he felt comfortable, like he had had sex with her before, though that was crazy.

Lindsay's orgasm was fast approaching. She clamped her stocking-clad legs behind Rod's tight butt and thrust her pelvis at him. The increased vibration on her clit set her off, and she came loudly. Rod felt her pussy undulate around his dick but because of his earlier encounter with (who he thought was) Lindsay he was able to hold off. He slowed down his thrusting as she came down from her orgasmic high. "Turn over," he instructed as he pulled out of her. "Hands and knees." She complied, showing her shapely butt to him and jiggling it invitingly.

"I want that cum, boy. Give it to me." "Yes, ma'am." He dutifully acknowledged, pushing his turgid cock back into her inviting box. He quickly got his rhythm back, and reached around to massage her swinging mammaries. After a couple of minutes he started to feel the familiar tickle in his prostate -- he knew it was going to be a big one. The speed of his thrusts increased, and Lindsay knew it wouldn't be long. Unbeknownst to her, the angle of his thrusting started to hit her (mother's!) G-spot.

Something welled up within her, stronger than she had ever felt before.

She started to gasp. Rod was slamming his meat into her now. His orgasm took off like a rocket from deep in his loins, rushing up his shaft and exploding into the older woman's fertile cunt. Lindsay went right over the top, her entire body convulsing from the vaginal G-spot orgasm. She screamed in pleasure as she felt for the first time a potent ejaculation splash within her (mother's!) unprotected cunt. "Aaaggghhh!

Oh, Rod! Fuck me! CUM IN MEEE! AAGGHHHHH!!!" "Ahghffuck! Take it! Take my cum! OHH FUCK!" They both collapsed onto the sofa. Rod was totally fucked out.

They kissed each other lovingly. They said nothing else, but soon she ushered him out the front door with a tonguey kiss that promised another hot dalliance soon. Jamie came back later after walking around for hours and found Lindsay asleep in her own bed. She went to bed too, though she didn't sleep well. Chapter 5 --------- After they got up in the morning they found they were still in each other's bodies, but since it was Saturday they would discuss what happened without the pressing business of having to go to work or school.

Their sexcapades were not discussed, as it was not constructive for the task at hand and both women were feeling guilty, though when they went over what had happened Thursday night that could have caused this, eventually Lindsay mentioned that she had pleasured herself before she fell asleep.

With this revelation her mother concurred with a recounting of her own masturbatory activities. The switch must have had something to do with their simultaneous orgasms!

They tried to frig themselves to orgasm while lying on a bed and holding hands but they just couldn't get excited enough. After their sexual adventures the previous day there was only one thing that would "push the button". They called Tom and Rod over that afternoon and explained the whole thing to them.

Tom went white and Rod just nodded, the mystery finally explained. The women outlined the plan: they would have group sex, the women holding hands. It was imperative that the women orgasm at the same time, and because Lindsay didn't find Tom attractive he would have sex with Jamie-in-Lindsay's younger body.

Tom, surprisingly, required a little convincing, and Jamie, still unaware of the unprotected "revenge" sex her daughter had subjected her body to the previous night, was surprised when Rod agreed so readily to have sex with her older body. The four of them undressed in Jamie's room. Rod was erect and ready to go, but Tom required some oral ministration.

When he was hard and ready the women clambered onto the bed and pulled out of couple of condoms. Tom put one on but Rod held his disdainfully, obvious disappointment on his face. "But." Lindsay knew he was about to mention their unprotected sex last night, but cut him off: "Mom doesn't want to get pregnant, Rod.

Put it on, please." Jamie nodded emphatically. Grudgingly, he complied. The women laid themselves lengthways across the bed, their heads side-by-side, their legs splayed over the side. This allowed the men to just walk up and start inserting their dicks. The sex started out slow. The women were pensive -- this was important! There was very little vaginal lubrication this time and the guys had trouble getting inside. The women were tense and it started to chafe. Tom pulled out and went down on Jamie, eliciting groans from her and starting up the natural lubricants.

Rod looked a little green, but did so as well. The smell of sex began to fill the room, raising the sexual energy level. Finally, Tom stood back up and was going to put his condom-covered dick back in Jamie-in-Lindsay's body when she reached down and pulled the condom off! He paused for a second, then sank his now-uncovered prick into her well-lubricated hole. Rod's vantage point over Lindsay's pubic mound enabled him to see this sudden change in plan.

Well, fuck it, he thought, and pulled his condom off too. He discontinued his cunt-lapping, quickly stood up and slid home in Lindsay-in-Jamie's warm, moist cunt before she had the chance to notice the missing prophylactic.

Both women were primed from the cunnilingus, and the invading penises felt so much better now, though only Lindsay didn't know the reason for that. The women held each other's hands tightly. This had to work! Jamie and Lindsay's breathing increased, as did Tom and Rod's. This was going to be close! The speed of the coupling (quadrupling?) increased, and the women were almost there.

The men could feel the familiar tickle sensations as they got close, too. Suddenly both men grunted, their cocks spewing their dangerous inseminate into the fertile holes of the transposed women. Both women went over the edge into orgasm as they were filled with hot cum. Lindsay's eyes opened wide in shock as she realized from the wet feeling that there was no condom protecting her mother's womb from Rod's baby juice.

"Uhhh! AHHH! Oh take it! FUCK!" screamed Rod. "Unhhh! UNHHH! Oh, Jamie! I love you!" screamed Tom. "UH! UH! UH! Fucking cum in me! OH YEAH!" screamed Jamie-in-Lindsay's body. "UNHHH! OHH! You fucking bastard! I can feel you cumming in me! OHHHH!" screamed Lindsay-in-Jamie's body. Suddenly there was a flash, and that's the last thing that Jamie remembered.

Jamie opened her eyes. Her bedroom's ceiling was all she saw. Her head hurt again. She spoke: "Lindsay." That was her voice! She was back in her own body again! Someone was on top of her, a dead weight. She pushed Rod to the side, and his penis popped out of her. "Lindsay?" she repeated, rising to her elbows and looking around. Her daughter was still lying on the bed, Tom on top of her. Jamie got up and went around the side of the bed, suddenly noticing that cum was running down her legs.

Rod had removed his condom! The little bastard! She hoped she wasn't pregnant. She pulled Tom off of Lindsay and rolled him to the side. She pulled Lindsay up to a sitting position. "Honey?" Lindsay blinked, focused on her Mom's face, then smiled. "Hey, Lindsay's Mom." She paused, a supremely confused look on her face. "What the fuck--?" She looked down and saw her runny quim. "HOLY FUCK! WHERE'S MY DICK?!" "Rod?" Jamie asked, already knowing the answer: he had jumped into Lindsay's body!

But then where was Lindsay? "Mom? What--?" 'Tom' rose to 'his' feet, also looking extremely confused. Lindsay had jumped into Tom's body! Then that meant. 'Rod' rolled over with a huge smile on his face. "I don't know about you," Tom-in-Rod's body said cheerily, "but I think I got the best deal out of this." Epilogue -------- The four never got the chance to attempt another bodyswap. Jamie was back in her own body, Tom was perfectly happy with his new body, and Lindsay-in-Tom's body and Rod-in-Lindsay's body just could not get comfortable enough with their new bodies to be able to orgasm simultaneously.

Both Jamie and Lindsay's bodies were pregnant, and they gave birth 9 months later. It was certainly an eye-opener for Rod-in-Lindsay's body, and served him right, too, as he was the father of the baby he pushed out, screaming like a baby 'herself' all the while. Jamie and Tom-in-Rod's body got married and raised her baby as their own. The baby *was* actually Rod's since Jamie's body and Tom's body had never had sex throughout the adventure, so it worked out well. Rod-in-Lindsay's body stayed with them and they were one happy family.

Well, except for Lindsay-in-Tom's body: though she doted on the baby that came from her body, she was perpetually depressed about the sex change and shortened lifespan.

She became an alcoholic and a few years later drunkenly wrapped her car around a telephone pole. She's a quadriplegic now, confined to a wheelchair that she has to control with her mouth.